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Will Pence do the Right Thing?

If they can get you to accept absurdities, then they can get you to accept atrocities.

-Thomas Sayre

Accepting a fake election is an absurdity and it eventually becomes an atrocity.

The Coup involving Pence that almost happened to Trump in 2016:

While Trump was in the debate in 2016 there was behind the scenes scheming going on to replace Trump with Pence and Paul Ryan. We now know Paul Ryan is the Deepest of Deep State RINOs. Pence was cc'd on an email chain where they planned getting rid of Trump and then throwing his supporters a bone...

Here is the email chain proving this:


Pence himself didn't comment so there is no way to know if he condoned it, but he was cc'd and his cooperation was needed for the plot to succeed.

...and even more shocking - here is the website they made to sell out Trump when they thought he would lose the debate: See the links there (gun control etc.) where they offer up exactly what we would have wanted to hear. We know now that Paul Ryan meant absolutely none of it.

Included in the link is discussion of the "Cleveland Deal" which may have saddled Trump with RINOs, globalists, etc not of his choosing in his cabinet from the very start as part of a vile bargain. If you ever wondered why he hired these slime balls - this may be why.

Overview of the fraud scale for those who don't think it's "significant":

These are just a few of the states that may have fake balloting - but they are the ones being focussed on now.

According to official PENNSYLVANIA records, 200,000+ MORE VOTES were counted than there are VOTERS statewide. Pennsylvania should have never been certified if their books didn't balance. DECERTIFY!!!

Lin Wood's view:

If DonaldTrump appointed SidneyPowell special prosecutor to investigate election fraud, Sidney would have answers on President’s desk within 7-10 days. Sidney has already spent 2+ months focused on fraud. She is a warrior for truth. We The People must be told TRUTH. My lawsuit to enjoin GA Senate runoff was not heard by SCOTUS in time to stop the steal. I choose not to knowingly vote in a fraudulent election. On 11/3, @KLoeffler did not beat @RepDougCollins. She was picked by Communists of both parties who rigged election. Maybe I will be proven wrong but I think GA runoff is rigged for Loeffler & @ossoff to win. Claim will be made Loeffler win shows no fraud. Nonsense. More fraud in GA now than on 11/3. Republican & Democrat labels mean nothing now. GA will have elected 2 Communists to US Senate. GA & America have been played. Communists have taken over without firing a shot. We The People must take our country back from the enemy.

Ron CodeMonkey:

Hope everyone is staying safe out there in DC. Am currently working on the biggest drop of my life. Not sure if I will be able to get it out tonight or not, but doing my best to stay the course. If I get it out tonight, the earth may just shatter from the magnitude of the info.

Have a feeling many people are going to be FURIOUS after seeing the big drop i have planned for tonight.

Secretary of State Pompeo:

“We took our eye off this enormous threat and now it’s now upon us. It’s now inside the gates, the Chinese Communist Party is here in America, and the Trump administration has begun in every dimension to turn the ship in the right direction, to get America to once again do the right thing and protect itself from this communist threat in China.” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said.

“You go back all the way to Tiananmen Square. We’ve known the nature of this regime, and frankly, freedom-loving people across the world who have known the nature of authoritarian regimes throughout history. And yet we ignored it,” Pompeo answered.

Pompeo explained that the reason for the disregard of the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) grave human rights violations was a great extent due to the existence of a belief that if the United States engaged in fair and reciprocal trade and engagement, the situation would ameliorate. However, reality showed that the idea was clearly “false all the way through.”

Pompeo was then asked why he has been more focused on religious freedom than any other secretary of state.

“It’s at the center of every civilization, this idea that human beings have inherent dignity because of their humanness. And if you get that piece wrong, bad things flow from that.”

Pompeo said that under Trump’s leadership, they have focused on religious freedom not just in China but particularly with the CCP.

“We’ve seen what they’re doing to the Uyghurs in the western part of the country. We’ve seen what they’ve done to Tibetans. We now see them doing the same thing to other ethnic minorities, including the people in Mongolia and the north part of China. And then Christians throughout the entire country,” Pompeo said.

“These things that are fundamental affronts to human dignity are something that is a hallmark of authoritarian regimes and General Secretary Xi Jinping is no different. He knows that he has to extend ever-increasing power and control in order to maintain his capacity to rule. And that shuts out the important space that religious freedom should have for every human being in the world,” he continued.

Sign of the Q:

At the end of President Trump's speech in Dalton Georgia, he clapped exactly 17 times to one side of the stage, and then turned and clapped another 17 times to the other side of the stage.

Yet another sign of the Q... one of many over the last few years...:

Mitt Romney was met with a plane full of angry patriots who chanted “traitor” as he boarded a flight to DC.

Airplanes heading to DC from across the nation are currently packed with Trump supporters ahead of the massive Stop the Steal rally on Tuesday. As Romney got on the plane, a chant of “traitor” broke out after a woman yelled for the passengers to let him know what they think. As it dissipated, people began grilling him about why he is betraying his voters. “We want to know your connection to Burisma and Joe Biden, Mitt Romney,” a woman shouted. “You don’t listen to your constituents!”

Romney has said that efforts to challenge the election results are an “egregious ploy to reject electors may enhance the political ambition of some,” and said that it “dangerously threatens our Democratic Republic.” “The congressional power to reject electors is reserved for the most extreme and unusual circumstances. These are far from it,” Romney claimed.

Romney also said that the election being stolen is a “false rumor.”

Video here:


Antifa is a Terrorist Organization, stay out of Washington. Law enforcement is watching you very closely!

Terrorist Threat deemed not credible, could have been anybody

Multiple air traffic controllers in New York heard a chilling threat Monday in audio obtained exclusively by CBS News: "We are flying a plane into the Capitol on Wednesday. Soleimani will be avenged."

The threat refers to Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian general killed last year in a U.S. drone strike ordered by President Trump. It was made on the one-year anniversary of Soleimani's death, for which Iranian officials have long vowed revenge.

It's unclear who sent the threat. While the government does not believe the warning of an attack is credible, it is being investigated as a breach of aviation frequencies, CBS News has learned.

Sources told CBS News that the Pentagon and other agencies were briefed Tuesday about the digitized voice recording. The sources said they believe the threat was designed to suggest hitting the Capitol on the same day Congress is set to count the Electoral College results.

Experts said the intrusion is concerning because it could affect the instructions pilots get about how and where planes fly.

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