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Warm and Fuzzy? Christmas News

2.46 minutes of well done music for Christmas...

Putin - "The persecution of President Trump 45 has exposed the US political system as "Rotten". Putin said, "They cannot pretend to teach anyone about Democracy. Everything that is happening with Donald Trump in front of the whole world. The whole world sees except Democrat Voters!" (

Showing his true colors:

The AI election is here

Heading into the 2024 presidential elections, mailers and robocalls seem so quaint. This battle for the White House, Congress and countless state and local offices will almost surely be the first to feature the use of artificial intelligence (AI) on a large scale to sway voters and power campaigns.

Here are three dispatches highlighting the various ways that candidates — and crucially, third parties — seem ready to use AI as America chooses its next president.

Pranshu Verma chronicled the way AI is fueling an explosion in internet sites that look like news portals but actually spread “false information about elections, wars and natural disasters.”

“Since May, websites hosting AI-created false articles have increased by more than 1,000 percent, ballooning from 49 sites to more than 600, according to NewsGuard, an organization that tracks misinformation,” Pranshu reported.

One tactic appears to be seeding the sites with normal, authentic content, making it harder for the public to discern which pieces are fake. Some appear designed to influence voters, or generally create chaos. Others seem built to generate ad revenue. It’s unclear whether intelligence agencies have harnessed AI for influence operations. One concern centers on “deepfakes,” using AI to generate images and sound that can fool people into thinking someone has said or done something they haven’t.

“Well-dressed AI-generated news anchors are spewing pro-Chinese propaganda, amplified by bot networks sympathetic to Beijing. In Slovakia, politicians up for election found their voices had been cloned to say controversial things they never uttered, days before voters went to the polls. A growing number of websites, with generic names such as iBusiness Day or Ireland Top News, are delivering fake news made to look genuine, in dozens of languages from Arabic to Thai,” Pranshu reported.

ARE YOU THERE, VOTER? IT’S ME, ASHLEY. Over at Reuters, Anna Tong and Helen Coster recently reported on Democrat Shamaine Daniels, seeking a rematch with Rep. Scott Perry (R) after losing to him by fewer than 10 points in 2022, and turning to Ashley, an AI campaign volunteer.

Ashley is not your typical robocaller; none of her responses are canned or pre-recorded. Her creators, who intend to mainly work with Democratic campaigns and candidates, say she is the first political phone banker powered by generative AI technology similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT. She is capable of having an infinite number of customized one-on-one conversations at the same time,” Tong and Coster reported.

Earlier this month, Ashley called thousands of Pennsylvania voters.

Like a seasoned campaign volunteer, Ashley analyzes voters' profiles to tailor conversations around their key issues,” according to Tong and Coster. “Unlike a human, Ashley always shows up for the job, has perfect recall of all of Daniels’ positions, and does not feel dejected when she's hung up on,” they reported. Ashley is fluent in over 20 languages. She’s not perfect, though, as Ali Swenson of the Associated Press noted in her piece last week about Ashley.

“[W]hen asked off-topic questions, the tool sometimes got tripped up and shared false information. In a conversation about snacks, it said Cheetos were ‘known for being both delicious and health-conscious.’” “That’s an example of an AI ‘hallucination’ — a problem with still-evolving generative AI technology in which large language models tend to make statements that sound convincing but are false or made up,” Swenson wrote

AI WRITES. YOU DECIDE. Rachel Curry at CNBC recently looked at how AI is already shaping the politics of 2024, citing an expert as saying ChatGPT “is already producing first drafts of speeches and campaign marketing materials, as well as being used in fundraising emails and texts.”

Curry also took note of the possible role for deepfakes.

“During Chicago’s February 2023 mayoral primary election, a deepfaked video surfaced of candidate Paul Vallas appearing to approve of police brutality. Vallas ultimately lost the race.

It’s impossible to say how much of an impact this video had,” Curry wrote.

On the positive side of the ledger, AI can produce extremely personal content and deliver it in a more approachable way than a candidate’s “issue page” on their website. (The way Ashley does, for instance.)

And it could be better attuned to shades of meaning in non-English languages.

“In-booth translation and transcreation, the latter of which considers the nuances of the messaging in translation as a whole rather than just individual words being accurate, could also benefit from AI usage,” Curry wrote.

This is from the guy who was the MAGA Shaman. He's actually quite eloquent and gets it:

Is Extortionist Jack Smith Being Extorted to Pursue Trump?

It started off as a typical DeepCapture intrigue, this one set in Europe with whistleblowers whispering in the backs of airport hotel bars, stakeouts in obscure Swiss hamlets, and back-alley brush-passes in Eastern European capitals. It ended with proof that is a liver-punch to Garland’s politicized Department of Justice.

The superb 151-page whistleblower complaint (attached) speaks for itself. Three allegations to take from it:

Read more here:

The Washington Post presented a scathing report [SEE HERE] outlining details provided by 22 people in the DeSantis campaign and Super PAC.   Within hours of that report being posted, Jeff Roe  chief strategist Jeff Roe resigns.

It is stunning to contemplate the starting point of $269,000,000.00 [and more since] has essentially done nothing except destroy the public image and brand of Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis.   No presidential campaign has ever amassed such a proactive funding war chest and blown it to smithereens before the first votes have even taken place.

Never Back Down Super PAC Chief Strategist, Jeff Roe, delivered the following statement via Twitterstatement via Twitter

A judge ordered them to stop:

Conservatives, present parenting (termed as an “authoritative personal style”) leads to children with better mental health than the far-left “do whatever you want whenever you want it”-style.

But in case anyone needed any extra evidence, a Nov. 30 Institute for Family Studies report — which cited a June 2023 Gallup study of 6,643 parents and 1,580 adolescents — confirmed that, as the book of Proverbs 13:24 told us thousands of years ago, “He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.”

The study showed that 77 percent of teens with conservative/very conservative parents reported positive mental health compared to only 55 percent with liberal parents or very liberal parents, per the IFS.

“Income doesn’t buy better parenting, and more highly educated parents do not score better, either. Parenting style and relationship quality also do not meaningfully vary by race and ethnicity,” Rothwell wrote. 

There were a couple of factors that, according to the research, did predict a higher probability of having a child with good mental health — politics and marriage.

Conservative and very conservative parents were most likely to employ effective parenting strategies tied to better mental health outcomes for teens. These parents tended to enforce discipline while also expressing affection and meeting their children’s needs.

“As it happens, being raised by liberal parents is a much larger risk factor for mental health problems in adolescence than being raised in a low-income household with parents who did not attend college,” Rothwell concluded in the November report.

Rothwell wrote in his blog post that in contrast to liberal parents, “conservative parents enjoy higher quality relationships with their children, characterized by fewer arguments, more warmth, and a stronger bond, according to both parent and child reporting.”

The second contributing factor to the good mental health of a child was, no surprise, marriage.

Parents with more positive perspectives on marriage as an institution, who felt it improves commitment in relationships and wished for their own children to someday wed, were more effective parents overall. Embracing traditional marital values across those factors was linked to superior parenting and higher-quality parent-teen relationships.

This interview is something you would want to see.  Very Important!!

This may be the most important and useful thing I have seen in many years.  It explains so much and provides useful approaches.

I'm not exaggerating when I say your very soul and freedom of you and your family are at stake, and this vile technology that has been pushed on us. Learn about it and how to defend yourself.

It was amazingly useful and It is likely to be well worth your time:

The power of how we see things:

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