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War in the Courts

30 seconds.

Bannon arrives at the courthouse:

I want you guys to stay focussed. Stay on message. Remember: Signal not noise. This is all noise. That's signal. Thank you very much.

DISGUSTING: Being told that Steve Bannon is being kept in handcuffs by the

@USMarshalsHQ while he awaits his pretrial conference on a MISDEMEANOR. This is political persecution and an absolute miscarriage of justice. Hope @USMarshalsHQ correct this injustice immediately.

And after the arraignment:

33 seconds. Worthy!!

I'm telling you right now.

This is gonna be the misdemeanor from hell for Merrick Garland, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden....

How to explain Rittenhouse to a leftie in 45 seconds: LOL!

The racist false narrative being pushed is being destroyed:

Vile threats to the Rittenhouse judge and his children. I won't repeat them,. but you can read them here:

How can you get justice under this threat?

In a video shared on Twitter on Saturday, a man reported to be Cortez Rice, a close friend of George Floyd’s, said that Rittenhouse jury members were being watched and that he expected a guilty verdict.

“I ain’t even gonna name the people that I know that’s up in the Kenosha trial. But it’s cameras in there. It’s definitely cameras up in there. There’s definitely people taking pictures of the juries and everything like that,” Rice said in a menacing tone of voice.

“We know what’s going on, so we need the same results, man. We need the same results,” he said, referencing former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s April murder conviction in Floyd’s death. The fatal encounter between Floyd, who was black, and the white officer on May 25, 2020, spawned a summer of anti-police riots and demonstrations across the country.

basically demanding pictures of the juries? — oak_tree_upheaval (@oaktreeupheaval) November 7, 2021

Even if these seemingly direct threats were not present in the Rittenhouse trial, Black Lives Matter protesters and activists — by giving cover to violent rioters and looters — have already set a precedent of fear and intimidation.

One alternate juror in the Chauvin trial admitted as much in interviews with “CBS This Morning” and KARE-TV.

The juror — Lisa Christensen — said she and others on the jury were concerned for their safety throughout the trial.

Christensen said she did not know if she wanted to serve on the jury because she did not want to “disappoint one group or the other” and “did not want to go through rioting and destruction again.”

She also said she was “concerned about people coming to my house if they were not happy with the verdict.”

This is the environment far-left racial justice rioters have created.

Anytime a trial doesn’t go the way they want, anytime a white man goes free — even if he was clearly defending himself — jurors can expect violence and destruction to follow shortly thereafter.

More illegal bribing of a witness in the Kyle Rittenhouse prosecution:

Gaige Grosskreutz, the prosecution’s star witness in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, had charged dropped by the prosecutor in the days before being a witness in the case.

Grosskreutz injured his arm after Kyle Rittenhouse shot at him after he threatened to murder Kyle. For unexplained reasons, Grosskreutz has not been charged as a felon in possession of a firearm and attempting to kill Kyle Rittenhouse, even though at the time of the attempted murder, Grosskreutz was a felon.

But what we have found is that in his long list of violations, Grosskreutz was arrested with his second OWI (operating while intoxicated) and a case was filed on January 21, 2021. This was only a couple of months after he attempted to kill Kyle Rittenhouse.

The unusual coincidence is that this case was dismissed only a couple of days before Grosskreutz gave his testimony in the Rittenhouse case on October 28, 2021. Along with the above charge, another charge for refusing to take a blood-alcohol test was also dismissed on October 28, 2021. Again, this was only a couple of days before Grosskreutz testified in the Rittenhouse case.

See case data below:

Not too surprised:

He pointed it at the jury. Threat? I'd say so.

They idolized George Floyd too. Remember what a sociopath druggie he was...

CNN lies so large that it is mind boggling:

November 9, 2021

All in-person ballot images are MISSING in Fulton County, GA

VoterGA today announced that their ballot image analysis team determined 74 Georgia counties have been unable to produce all the original ballot images from the November 2020 election. The team obtained admissions from 56 counties that most or all of the images created automatically by the Dominion voting system for results tabulation have been destroyed. VoterGA volunteers made the determinations by submitting Open Records Requests (ORR) for the images to each county.

Ballot images are a critical aspect of election records that have long been required to be retained by federal and state law. Federal law requires a 22-month retention period for election records while state law requires a 24-month retention period for election documents which are generally considered to include those that are electronic. [USC 52 20701, O.C.G.A. 21-2-73]

Monty Python Star Blacklists Himself to save Cambridge the Trouble.

John Cleese has pulled the plug on a talk at Cambridge University as he told students who want to see him to “find a venue where woke rules don’t apply”.

It came after the union's president banned another speaker for impersonating Adolf Hitler.

The Monty Python star said he had done a similar impression on the famous sketch show.

He said on Twitter: “I was looking forward to talking to students at the Cambridge Union this Friday, but I hear that someone there has been blacklisted for doing an impersonation of Hitler. I regret that I did the same on a Monty Python show, so I am blacklisting myself before someone else does.

I apologise to anyone at Cambridge who was hoping to talk with me, but perhaps some of you can find a venue where woke rules do not apply.”

Yes the rich and famous use doubles...

Use of doubles to hide Ghislaine Maxwell:

Matt Hellyer knew. A friend of Ghislaine’s brother Kevin, Hellyer was hired within hours of Epstein’s alleged suicide.

“We went to an agency in France. A security collaborating agency,” Hellyer said. “They found us two people who resembled Ghislaine and her brother Kevin. They strolled in Paris for a couple of days, and we leaked it to a newspaper. That is how we distracted the attention away from where Ghislaine really was. She was in the U.S. at all times.”

Hellyer also claimed, “She was constantly on the move, from one ‘safe house’ to another, as she tried to outrun the media,” the Daily Mail reported.

Gavin Newsome too...


Catturd: The Democrat party can't control inflation, gas prices, or even figure out how to unload cargo ships - but their brilliant voters think they can actually lower the temperature of planet earth by giving them money.

NYC is looking pretty dead. They killed the Golden Goose:

Kathryn Wylde, who heads Partnership for New York City, told WABC, "Of Manhattan's 1 million office workers, 28% are back. And of those, only 8% are back full time."That means 72% of those jobs are gone for now. The survey showed 43% of the jobs are gone permanently.

More damage to the people of NY than 9-11.

Biden nominee for Comptroller of the Currency Saule Omarova on the oil, gas, and coal industries: "We want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change”

Omarova spoke at the Law and Political Economy Project’s “Law & Political Economy: Democracy Beyond Neoliberalism” conference in March. In the virtual conference, she called for the elimination of all private bank accounts and deposits. Her writings promote transferring all bank deposits to “Fed Accounts” at the Federal Reserve AND floated the idea of how the Federal Reserve could take money from Americans during an inflationary environment.

Imagine that, with inflation running at its highest level in 31 years, per last week’s Producer Price Index (PPI) and Consumer Price Index (CPI) data, the notion of Americans seeing Omarova instruct the Fed Bank to seize funds from private citizens’ bank accounts to pay for the inept policy handling of inflationary expectations would be at her and her financial gulag’s discretion.

A Brit analyzes Civil War in America with IRA Perspective - Excerpts:

Historically speaking, empires on average last for around 250 years, after which they tend to either slowly — or very, very quickly — fall apart due to overreach and internal conflict. Somewhat ominously, the 250th birthday of America is coming up in 2026.

The U.S. armed forces are also at least an order of magnitude too small to do the job effectively. During Operation Banner, the British military deployed at most 20,000 soldiers in Northern Ireland to keep a lid on that wayward province. The U.S. armed forces consist of about 1.3 million active duty personnel, but this is spread out over five branches (Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard), and only a small minority of military personnel are actually combat troops. It is thus very unlikely that the armed forces could scramble more than 100,000 regulars willing to do the job of holding an M4 carbine and patrolling down the main street of Anytown, Texas. To put that into perspective, Northern Ireland is about 2% the size of Texas.

Then there's the fact that the most significant political split in America is between rural areas and coastal metropoles, and the armed forces are reliant on the very areas it would be tasked with policing as far as recruiting soldiers goes. Red America is overrepresented within the armed forces, and this won't change. As such, the U.S. doesn't just have too few soldiers, it has potentially unreliable ones, and the more brutality is used against recalcitrant red states, the more these soldiers will be ordered to fight and kill their own friends and family — a recipe for serious mutiny and disobedience.

Finally, there is an even greater elephant in the room. In the case of an American drone pilot accidentally blowing up a wedding in Afghanistan, the Afghan relatives of the slain have very little recourse. If an American drone pilot blows up an American wedding, however, that drone pilot and his or her family lives in the United States. Given the likely unreliability of some significant parts of the armed forces, the names and addresses of the most hated butchers are unlikely to stay a secret for long.

In Northern Ireland, for example, the provisional IRA not only attacked soldiers; they made a habit of assassinating the officers, commanders and politicians both for revenge and as a display of might. From Lord Mountbatten to a near-miss against Margaret Thatcher herself, to a score of less well-known targets, the IRA illustrates just how difficult it is to protect against an enemy that can simply choose to not wear a uniform before their enemies visit.

The legitimacy of its elite has been shaken repeatedly, and faith in the electoral process itself is now rapidly declining among large segments of the electorate. America is currently a malarial swamp of strange new faiths, creeds, soothsayers and itinerant prophets; from Q to vaccine scientism to various forms of psuedo-gnosticism centered around trans people.

To a student of history, this should also be a familiar — and quite ominous — sign: France in the 1780s had its own scientism and mesmerism, and Russia in the 1910s and 1980s was rife with soothsayers and itinerant preachers of new strange faiths.

Most ominously of all, however, looms the growing supply crisis. This crisis would be tolerable if it merely implied a lack of variety at the grocery store. In such a case, 2020s America might just have ushered in a new golden age of Soviet-style political jokes. But it is also creating havoc in the productive economy itself, denying farmers the spare parts to run their harvesters and car manufacturers the metals they need to make cars. The longer the crisis goes on, the more broken the economy will become, and the more painful the necessary reforms will be, once America's elites truly wake up to the danger.

Trump sending his ambassador to broker a peace deal? How presidential.

Hmm. what does he know that we don't about property values in DC?

The Big Picture of Money Laundering our Tax Dollars:

More presidential:

Veterans's Day CNN Style:

Not in the news?

Embassy in Yemen taken by terrorists. 25 hostages. Nobody seems to care...

Houthi rebels breached the compound in Yemen that housed the American Embassy, which has been closed during the country’s civil war, taking Yemeni employees of the U.S. government hostage.

According to the State Department, the U.S. Ambassador to Yemen and his main staff have been working from the American Embassy in Saudi Arabia since February 2015 due to the ongoing conflict. However, there are still some Yemeni staff that worked from home or as security guards at the compound, Bloomberg reports.

While the State Department said Thursday that a "majority" of hostages that had been detained were released, there are still embassy staff that "continue to be detained without explanation."

The Biden administration in February reversed a Trump-era decision to designate the Houthis as a Foreign Terrorist Organization and a Specially Designated Global Terrorist group.

Magic Words:

We have been trained to respond to these words by the left and the propaganda media. They are intellectual weapons which they have built up for decades.

We can use them. Here are the words:

"claim without evidence"

"baseless claims of"

"debunked claims of"

"false claims of"

Examples of true statements with more penetrating power:

Democrats claim without evidence the vaccine is safe and effective.

Claims that Biden won the election have been debunked.

Democrats make baseless claims of a valid election.

Fauci made false claims of mask effectiveness."

See how your mind reacts to these key phrases? Feel the difference?

This is a psychological weapon to be used in a psychological war. Now it is yours.

Try them on your leftie friends and family, and use them freely in social media.

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