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War Consequences

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

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Treason with China

Robert Kennedy Jr. says the CIA, DOD, and Tony Fauci taught Chinese military scientists how to build weapons of mass destruction. Then Bill Gates, a former CIA director, and China's CDC director collaborated on how to censor a lab leak at Event 201 in Oct. 2019:

"Fauci funded the study that taught the Chinese military scientists, everything in China is dual-use, that lab is a military lab, and he taught them cutting-edge technology for building weapons of mass destruction. In other words, the study for how to create the clones and how to create a spike protein that could attach to a human lung and transplant it onto a coronavirus.

He also funded through Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina a technique called seamless ligation which is a technique for hiding human tampering on that virus after you've done it. Fauci gave Baric $212 million, and Baric developed a technique for hiding the human tampering; Baric taught that to Shi Zhengli, the Chinese bat lady.

USAID gave ten times what Fauci gave. The DOD was there. Why were they in there teaching Chinese scientists how to build weapons of mass destruction? USAID is a CIA front group. Eco-health Alliance is a CIA front group. The CIA modeled this outbreak in 2019 twice, the second time at Event 201.

Who was at Event 201? Avril Haines co-hosted it with Bill Gates, and the head of the Chinese CDC, George Gao, was there. The virus was already circulating in Wuhan, nobody knew it, but George Gao had to know it; he was the head of the Chinese CDC and their number one expert on coronaviruses.

He comes to New York in October of 2019 and sits downs with Avril Haines, the former director of the CIA, today the Director of National Intelligence, the top spy in the country, and they do a four-part simulation, and the fourth part is George Gao and Avril Haines talking about how do we get social media to censor people if they say this is from a lab leak."

US hate crimes hit record high – FBI Statistics indicate a rise in cases motivated by prejudice against race, religion and sexual orientation

Doom in Ukraine - even the UK media is admitting it.

🇷🇺🇺🇲 An attack on a Russian plane in neutral space will be a declaration of war, - the Russian ambassador in Washington responded to the threats of senators

Intentionally attacking a Russian aircraft in neutral airspace is not just a crime under international law, but also an open declaration of war against the largest nuclear power ,” Anatoly Antonov warned. - An armed clash between Russia and the United States would be radically different from the proxy war that the Americans are waging remotely against us in Ukraine. Is the Capitol ready to expose American citizens and the international community to the risk of all-out nuclear war? Answer, dear senator! "

This is how the ambassador responded to the threats of a number of American parliamentarians, in particular Senator Lindsey Graham, to shoot down Russian aircraft in international airspace if they come close to US military equipment.

Zelensky is gradually losing the support of the West

The decision to continue the defense of Bakhmut, which Zelensky made the day before, contrary to all sorts of warnings from experts, put most Western politicians in a stupor. However, such a decision by Zelensky is evidence of his desire to achieve his internal interests in the struggle to retain power.

"Despite the tremendous work that Ukrainian soldiers are doing in the Bakhmut direction, the continuation of the defense of the city does not bear any strategic and operational significance. Apparently, Zelensky attaches some kind of symbolic significance to this. However, because of this symbolism, he risks his reputation, which will lead to deplorable results," said US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.


Zelensky buys Power Insurance:

The disagreements that have arisen between Vladimir Zelensky and the Commander-in-Chief of the AFU Valery Zaluzhny are escalating:

1️⃣ The Rada, contrary to Zaluzhny's protests, adopted some laws in relation to the AFU, e.g. a reduction in funding, a reduction in payments to military personnel, increased penalties for war crimes.

Such decisions are designed to belittle the authority of the commander in front of the army.

The government is seriously concerned that the commander-in-chief may direct the AFU against the authorities.

2️⃣ The new head of the department, Klimenko, immediately after his appointment announced the creation of the "Offensive Guard". This unit should become the basis of resistance to a possible coup by the AFU. The backbone of the "Guard" consists of foreign mercenaries, in particular, the Polish legion.

☝️By the way, Zaluzhny was a member of the team of former President Poroshenko, who was Zelensky's rival in the last elections.


Zelensky War on the Orthodox Christian Church:

☦️In today's evening address, Zelensky actually confirmed the fact of his personal decision to expel Orthodox monks from the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

He said it was "a movement to strengthen our spiritual independence." And he called it “quite legal” steps, which Ukrainians, in his opinion, approve of.

“And we will continue this movement of ours. We will not allow a terrorist state to have at least some opportunity to manipulate the spirituality of our people,” Zelensky said.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) was informed on Friday that its monks and clergy had until March 29 to vacate the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, after a government commission decided they were violating the terms of their lease from the state. The church has refused, saying there are no legal grounds for the eviction.

Founded in 1051, the Pechersk Lavra (‘monastery of the caves’) is considered the most prominent Orthodox Christian site in Ukraine. Legally it is the property of the state, as a national historic preserve, and administered by the UOC under a 2013 agreement with the government.

The UOC does not intend to leave, however. Its head, Metropolitan Kliment, told the outlet Liga that the document “does not mean anything” and amounts to “opinions of the director of the preserve, not supported by legal arguments."

"How can we leave?” said the metropolitan. “We are responsible for this heritage that we have guarded for decades. And now we must leave it to its destroyers?” War of the churches: How Ukraine has become unsafe for millions of Orthodox believers Although it has declared independence and condemned Russia – as required by Zelensky’s edicts – the UOC remains in canonical communion with the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church. The current Ukrainian government has repeatedly accusedits clergy of being “Russian sympathizers” and in December moved to re-evaluate the status of the Lavra.

Amazing Video of Zelensky laying out the corruption in Ukraine in detail!!

A video from Zelensky's "Servant of the People" TV series, in which he played a school teacher, who got elected president of Ukraine. In this cut, he's already president of Ukraine.

He talks about what it means to be "a khokhol". As a reminder, the term “khohol” has been around for centuries and has generally been used with no negative connotation.

You can't unsee or unhear this. Right on Target.

The deindustrialization of Germany is in full swing. Eisenwerk Verlag GmbH has filed a claim to declare itself bankrupt. The reason for bankruptcy is standard for our time - energy resources have risen in price. Think about it, this Saxon metallurgical enterprise traces its history back to 1380. For 600 years it has survived the Hanseatic League, two orders of knighthood - the Teutonic and Livonian, the Reformation, the First and Second World Wars, the Cold War and the Global Economic Crisis,but didn't survive Olaf Scholz… ⚡️ Ukrainian fundraising website on Instagram is selling the torture of POWs. If you pay them a certain price, they will do whatever you ask of them to Russian POWs. It's exactly like interactive cam girls but with the torture of Russian POWs. Instagram has not taken action against this horrific abomination of an account, report the hell out of it.

Reaper Versus Russia

🔹 Russian MoD statement regarding the incident involving the US "Reaper" Drone over the Black Sea On the morning of March 14. over the waters of the Black Sea in the area of ​​the Crimean peninsula, the airspace control of the Russian Aerospace Forces recorded the flight of an American MQ-9 unmanned aerial vehicle in the direction of the state border of the Russian Federation. The flight of the unmanned aerial vehicle was carried out with transponders turned off in violation of the boundaries of the area of ​​​​the temporary regime for the use of airspace, established for the purpose of conducting a special military operation, brought to all users of international airspace and published in accordance with international standards. In order to identify the intruder, fighters from the air defense forces on duty were raised into the air. As a result of sharp maneuvering around 9.30 (Moscow time), the MQ-9 unmanned aerial vehicle went into uncontrolled flight with a loss of altitude and collided with the water surface. Russian fighters did not use airborne weapons, did not come into contact with an unmanned aerial vehicle and returned safely to their base airfield. @mod_russia

It is reported that Russian sailors conducted a search operation and were able to lift some parts of the American MQ-9A drone from the bottom, which crashed today at 09.28 in the morning. It played in our favor that the Reaper itself got very close to the Crimea and was 60 kilometers southwest of Sevastopol before the fall, which allowed our units to calmly fish out the wreckage. Romanian helicopters tried to fly to the crash site, however, after flying a little over 100 kilometers, they turned back to the base. And the AWACS aircraft G-550 of the Italian Air Force and the anti-submarine P-8A Poseidon flew to the shores of the Black Sea to monitor the situation.

According to the published recordings of radio conversations of Russian pilots, there is reason to believe that the wreckage of the American MQ-9 Reaper UAV that fell into the Black Sea was picked up by the Russian military.

Russia released a video of its fighter alongside the downed Reaper.Interestingly, the MQ-9 was equipped with a VERY advanced surveillance system. The Gorgon Stare, as the video confirms. China, Russia and Iran have had problems in this area, where the US actually has a significant advantage. If Russia recovers the remains of this surveillance system it could be very interesting for study.

Recall that the US previously refused to supply the MQ-9 to Ukraine for fear that it would be shot down and the Russians would study it.

Not only did this happen, but the downed aircraft was carrying one of NATO's most advanced surveillance systems.

About the activity of NATO intelligence in the Black Sea zone and possible strikes on Russian targets

After the crash of an American MQ-9A Reaper drone southwest of Sevastopol, the activity of reconnaissance aircraft decreased, but not for long. Now several aircraft of the US Air Force and the combined air forces of NATO are operating simultaneously in the Black Sea zone. What planes were seen on March 17?

➖American drone RQ-4B over Romania and the southern part of the Black Sea ➖American electronic intelligence aircraft RC-135W ➖American electronic intelligence aircraft EP-3E ➖American MQ-9A Reaper UAV (usually four to six UAVs are located at the Kympiya-Turziy airbase) ➖French long-range radar control aircraft (DRLO) E-3F ➖Turkish AWACS aircraft E-7T ➖NATO RQ-4D drone over the central part of the Black Sea What could be the reason for this?

After the fall of the Reaper, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that American aircraft would continue flying over the Black Sea, despite the incident. According to the Pentagon, the US Air Force drones do not provoke Russia in any way, conducting reconnaissance right under their noses.

He did not specify that after almost every such mass concentration of enemy reconnaissance aircraft, especially the presence of the E-3F of the French Aerospace Forces, Ukrainian kamikaze drones attack Russian facilities in the south of the country, including Crimea, the Krasnodar Territory and the Rostov Region.

In addition, now the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy are searching for and lifting the wreckage of an American drone in the sea. According to the latest data, some parts of the UAV were found at a depth of 900 meters, and Black Sea Fleet warships were on duty around the area.

Today, satellite imagery from March 15 from the alleged location of the MQ-9A elements has emerged, so the sharp increase in US Air Force intelligence activity is not surprising. It is in this area that the NATO RQ-4D Phoenix is ​​now circling.

At the same time, another Reaper entered the airspace over the Black Sea about half an hour ago. At least eight units of aviation operate in the Black Sea zone, which may be preparation for larger raids or sabotage.

Western partners have previously supplied an unknown number of naval drones for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which have already been used in attempts to attack ships of the Black Sea Fleet. Now both the Ukrainian and American authorities are interested in changing the news story against the backdrop of the fall of the Reaper and the huge losses of Bakhmut.

The presence of many reconnaissance aircraft of various types can make it possible to determine the exact location of ships and provide target designation for drones - this is a factor that must be taken into account and be prepared for all possible scenarios, up to the need to destroy enemy aircraft.

Warning from a Survivor

I am a survivor of Mao's Cultural Revolution. Here are some of his revolution features and tactics. You can judge yourself if these look similar with today's American woke cultural revolution.

1. Mao started Cultural Revolution to purge his political enemies and become a "Supreme Leader" to control entire China.

2. His campaign slogan: Destroy the “Four Olds” -- Traditional Ideas, Culture, Habits, and Customs

3. Arbitrary Division of society by using “Critical Class Theory" and identity politics by dividing people into: Oppressors – The Five “Black Classes” Oppressed – The Five “Red Classes”

4. Quasi-religious indoctrination of urban youth “Red Guards”, shut down schools for years for them to do class struggles full time, promote division, hatred, envy and equity.

5. Toppling down statues, putting big posters and spray paintings on the walls, riots, looting, violence, law enforcement told to stand-down.

6. Change school or street names, change words & definitions, censor words, burn relics, temples and churches, demonize all the religions as cults, promote communism as the sole ideology, Mao as a God-like leader.

7. Struggle sessions, public shaming and denouncing, self-criticizing, apologizing, thought reform re-education camps for the "Black Classes".

8. Guilty at birth, by relationship, by association, past words/deeds, lose jobs if you don't comply, silence is violence.

9. Family and neighbors turn on each other, children were told parents are not dearer than Mao, urge teens to change last names to cut ties with their Black Class families to show loyalty to the “revolution”.

10. Redefine social norms, promote unisex gender-less society, girls dress like boys & soldiers, create confusion & social chaos, banned dating in schools.

11. Press & media were controlled by CCP & used for propaganda daily, cancel individual merits, silence dissident voices from all professions, ban books, songs, music, art and comedies that are not PC.

12. Using mob tactics of fear, intimidation, torture and violence, no rule of law, 20M died, many committed suicide including intellectuals and party officials who supported the regime.

Hope you understand why immigrants like me, and many others are very concerned today about America. We want to give our warnings until we stop the destruction of the country we love.

Former Candidate (R) for Congress in NH02 | Communism Survivor | Eyewitness to Mao's Cultural Revolution |

New Bomb on Nordstream?

'Suspicious object' is discovered beneath Nord Stream 2 pipeline - with Putin claiming it could be an explosive device and pointing the finger at the US

Putin said an antenna-like object had been found beneath Nord Stream 2

He claimed it could be explosive device as he warned explosion could occur

A 'suspicious object' has been discovered beneath the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Baltic Sea, Danish investigators have said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said a ship rented by Russian energy company Gazprom had found an antenna-like object about 19 miles from where the Nord Stream pipelines exploded last year.

He claimed that the object could be an explosive device as he warned that a new explosion could occur on the pipelines.

🇷🇺Putin's statements regarding the NordStream terrorist attacks

Putin called the version that the terrorist attack on the Nord Stream was arranged by some Ukrainian activists complete nonsense

Apparently, several explosive devices were planted under Nord Stream

The US is theoretically interested in incidents like Nord Stream explosions to supply its own LNG

Gazprom has discovered an object similar to an antenna for detonation, not far from the explosion site of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

The Russian Federation wants to get permission from Denmark to neutralize, possibly, another bomb on the Nord Stream, but so far the answer is "uncertain”.

NATO Bunker in Ukraine Hit Hard

IN western Ukraine a Russian Forces Kinzhal struck a bunker extending to 80 metres deep. The RF believes this bunker near Lvov was a NATO strategic command point used to control anti-aircraft systems. It’s still early days but the RF assumes there were up to 300 personnel in the bunker, 40 of which were high ranking foreign specialists, hence we can expect 40 body bags heading west in due course. Unconfirmed in the Nikolaevsk region the RF destroyed four senior militants, and a number of officers and planners.

Russia Nailed A Lot of NATO/US/UK/Poland Military in Ukraine

This is a big deal...

Assad's Visit To Moscow...

... is not a routine event. In some sense it is extraordinary since Assad went "full Monty", asked for "more cowbell", went out of his way by... insisting that if Russia has military bases in Syria it is only natural to have there all latest toys, especially hypersonic missiles. He also insisted on permanent presence of Russia in Syria and called Ze a clown (in Russian). Syria knows that she is on the brink of a breakthrough internationally--with Saudis and Iran restoring diplomatic relations, with Turkey softening her position on Syria and steadily moving away from the West, all signs for Syria are here, including, of course, the issue of much needed investment and restoration after the war.

MiG-31Ks with Kinzhals at Khmeimim on a permanent deployment changes the balance of power in Mediterranean completely.

Leaders of Brazil, China, Syria, Belarus and Russia are all traveling and meeting each other... formiong military and economic alliances.

"An increasingly aggressive China is trying to reshape the "international rules-based system".

This is a generational challenge, and the Ministry [of Defense] will rise to meet it." - Lloyd Austin

Manufacturing/Economic war:

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