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War Beyond Rules


🇷🇺🇺🇲 The United States and its f***ing allies have declared war on us without rules - Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Medvedev

He also called for the transfer of all types of weapons to the Russian allies, but so far except nuclear ones, and said that it is necessary to turn the life of the enemies of the Russian Federation into “a complete crazy nightmare”, using fakes to incite social explosions

The G7 show in Italy was scheduled months in advance, obviously, but it came at the worst possible time for the "rules-based-world-order" gang. 

Joe Biden is about as popular as smallpox, and even his central bankers admit the White House is cooking the books. Emmanuel Macron lost so badly in the European Parliament, he panicked and called a snap election in France, which he may well lose to Le Pen's nationalists. Olaf Scholz may soon be replaced as German chancellor for the same reason, if his "traffic light coalition" fractures. Rishi Sunak is headed for "zero seats" in the UK, after his Tories out-woked Labour for something like 15 years (and went full Nazi on Ukraine). Justin Trudeau... well, the less said of him, the better. Brussels is busy eating itself and licking Washington's boot. 

Fumio Kishida may actually be doing good things for Japan, for all I know — but he's a total vassal of Washington anyway, so it doesn't matter. And poor Giorgia Meloni, bless her heart, did her best to mother everyone into line — including wrangling Biden and getting her hair sniffed awkwardly for the trouble — but that doesn't change the fact that she betrayed her voters on immigration. 

Not once, I guarantee it, did any of them wonder "are we the baddies" or think about any of their actions that got them, and their countries, to their current situation. To compare them to the hapless crew of the Titanic would be inappropriate; Captain Smith only grazed the iceberg. These idiots smashed right into it, then backed up and kept hitting it over and over again, believing that to be the right thing to do.


Serbia president Vucic:  World War in 3-4 months or less.

It’s the Ukraine. Not at any time before all this war nonsense had I heard anyone just call it “Ukraine”, it was always referred to as the Ukraine. It means Little Russia.

Kiev is also correct.

ZeroDeltaTango 1 point 12 minutes ago +1 / -0

Ukraine: by 1670s, from Russian or Polish Ukraina, a specific use of ukraina "border, frontier," from Old Russian oukraina, from ou "by, at" + kraj region. The territory was so called because it was the borderland or 'frontier zone' of medieval Russia at the time of the Tatar invasion in the 13th century.

Ukraine was formerly also known as Little Russia, so called by contrast with Great Russia, when the medieval principality here became separated from 'mainstream' czarist Russia as a result of the Mongol invasion. [Room, 2006]

the emphasis is mine

Strelnieks 1 point 9 minutes ago +1 / -0

Another reason why it was always referred to as "the" Ukraine is when translated, Ukraine = border region. So it's always been known & referred to as "the border region" recognizing everything to West of the region as Europe and everything East as Russia & Eurasia.

No it wasn’t just a wave.  It was a military salute. See the short video.

According to the Financial Times, back in April of 2023, Chinese President Xi told EU President Ursula Von Der Leyen, that the US tried to bait China into attacking Taiwan.

Frankly, I believe Xi.

This is the same playbook the US used for Ukraine. The Casus Belli. The US put military forces all around their enemy’s border, and then cry victim when they get attacked. This way, the US can justify the war they wanted, and garner public support by making it look like they are acting in “defense”, when the US are the ones who brought their armies/weapons to Russia and China’s borders.

The Deep State are trying to initiate full-scale WW3, but make it seem like it’s Russia and China’s fault…

Canada is in the same boat as the USA:

  • Rigged election system that "elects" a VERY unpopular Prime Minister

  • Evil, globalist puppet leader (pedophile)

  • Sponsors of bioterror research, lockdowns, mask mandates, vax mandates

  • Open border, massive immigration of Muslims, Chinese and other 3rd world countries

  • LBGTQ agenda in schools, rainbows flags everywhere

  • Censorship of news, state funded propaganda organizations

  • Billions to Ukraine

  • and much more

Meanwhile, the meaningless international conference on Ukraine in Switzerland has come to an end.

The result of a meeting of representatives of dozens of countries was the idea that trying to achieve peace without Russia’s participation would not work. A completely unexpected conclusion - who would have thought that negotiating an end to the conflict without one of the participants in this conflict would be an unpromising activity.

And yet, the process of signing the final declaration itself turned out to be interesting, in which the participants called, among other things, for the return of all prisoners to Ukraine, control over the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant and ports in the Sea of Azov.

Putin’s Peace Proposal Breakdown!

Putin outlined his proposal for peace in Ukraine, and it sounds pretty reasonable.

-Ukraine must maintain neutral status

-Ukraine must remain nuclear-free

-Full demilitarization/denazification

-Russian territories acknowledged

-Formal international agreements

-All sanctions against Russia lifted

Putin only wants to liberate the Russian-speaking parts of Ukraine, as has always been the case. He does not have any intentions of conquering Europe like NATO claim. Putin will stop advancing West, if NATO stop advancing East.

Putin just doesn’t want NATO’s armies and weapons on his border. This has always been a red line, and NATO crossed it, despite endless warnings from Russia.

If Russia tried to put nuclear missiles and armies on our border, every American would be concerned, and would approve of eliminating the threat. In fact, this already happened, see Cuban Missile Crisis 1962.

Putin is not going to sit back and let NATO build a proxy army of literal Nazis on his border. Russia have been invaded by Nazis multiple times in their history, and don’t intend on letting it happen again. The West can either try to negotiate with Putin, or he is going to completely demilitarize and denazify Ukraine himself, in order to ensure the current and future safety of the Russian People.

Putin is offering the West an off-ramp from their colossal failure in Ukraine, but yet, they refuse. The West’s only definition of victory includes the complete defeat of Russia, which is only possible with direct NATO intervention and thus WW3 and likely nuclear war.

Our only hope is for Trump to win, and negotiate an end to this conflict with Putin, before the warmongering Biden regime and NATO get us all killed.

(Map shows currently held Russian territory in yellow, and the additional land Putin wants in the proposal in red).

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Russia's conditions for concluding peace, not freezing the conflict.

1. Ukrainian troops must be completely withdrawn from the territory of the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions; The status of regions must be fixed in international treaties.

2. Ukraine's commitment not to join NATO;

3. Neutral, non-aligned, nuclear-free status of Ukraine.

4. Demilitarization based on the Istanbul Agreements.

5. Protection of the rights of Russians in Ukraine.

If these conditions are rejected, responsibility for further bloodshed will lie with the West.

If they are not accepted, the conditions will be different in the future.

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Today we are making another real peace proposal , but if the West and Kiev refuse, it is their responsibility for the bloodshed - Putin

🇷🇺🇺🇦 “Ukrainian troops must be COMPLETELY withdrawn from all territories of the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. Then negotiations are possible" (c) Putin

And here are the basic conditions for starting negotiations. Nobody forgets about Kherson, Zaporozhye, Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. For the Russian Federation, these are Russian cities by default.

Medvedev on Zelensky

❗️Medvedev: Zelensky is a nobody. He has no real authority, and his orders are not supposed to be followed by anyone. 

The officials Zelensky appointed after his powers had expired have no right to make any decisions whatsoever. 

These persons are illegitimate, and their decisions are illegal. Therefore, any Ukrainian soldier commits a felony by following the illegal orders issued by officials appointed by illegitimate authorities. 

He is an usurper, who seized power in the country, took the entire population of Ukraine hostage. And he keeps sending soldiers forth to die day in, day out, while having no right to do so. He will either face trial or be torn apart by a mob, and the f. Ukraine will have to surrender.

🤡P.S. The narcoclown has already rejected Putin's plan. Don't be offended - to them"

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Ukrainian President Zelensky called Putin's peace proposals for Ukraine an "ultimatum" - Reuters

🇺🇲🇺🇦🇷🇺 The US and its allies need to step up efforts to supply weapons to Kiev as the Ukrainian conflict has entered a “key stage” - Pentagon chief

🌐🇺🇦🇷🇺 NATO Secretary General said that he does not consider Putin’s proposal for Ukraine to be peaceful, the alliance countries will continue to provide military support to Kiev

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Medvedev said that Zelensky now “ is no one’s name ,” and his orders should not be carried out by anyone.

According to the deputy chairman of the Security Council, Zelensky will face trial or massacre, and Ukraine will face capitulation.

🇷🇺 Moscow will wait for a reaction to Putin’s new proposals; Russia is not going to run after any country — Lavrov

Bizarre Difference of World View in Ukraine

60% of Ukrainians believe that Russia’s main goal in war is genocide and destruction of nation

The Kyiv International Institute of Sociology released a poll showing that 60% of Ukrainians believe that Russia’s goal in the war in Ukraine is genocide and the destruction of the Ukrainian nation. 

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Russians have been shelling Ukrainian towns and villages every day with various types of weapons. Since February 2022, Russia has killed more than 10,582 Ukrainian civilians.

According to the polls, 6% of Ukrainians believe that Russia wants to occupy all the territories, although it wants to leave [Ukraine] some cultural autonomy within Russia.

According to 12% of Ukrainians, Russia seeks to change the government and create a puppet state that will obey Russia.

Only 7% of Ukrainians believe that the aggressor seeks to retain the already occupied territories and does not claim all or most of Ukraine’s territories

The institute interviewed 1,067 respondents aged 18 and older living in all regions of the government-controlled territory of Ukraine.


🇭🇺🇺🇦 NATO wants to create military bases in Poland, Romania and Slovakia as part of a mission in Ukraine to coordinate arms supplies to Kiev, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban said

Wild! Russian protesters in Moscow talk about nuclear bombing of Washington and the United States

❗️🇷🇺🇰🇵 The agreement signed by Russia and the DPRK provides for the provision of mutual assistance in the event of aggression against one of the parties to the agreement, Putin said.

🇦🇫🇦🇫 🇮🇷🇱🇧 The Taliban promised Tehran to send support in the event of a war with Israel in Lebanon

And this despite the fact that in the 1990s, Afghanistan under the Taliban was a kind of ideological rival of Iran. Iran even provided the US military with information about targets to strike.

Now relations, as I said yesterday, are better, quite working... But periodic attacks by the Taliban on the borders of Iran with the seizure of checkpoints and border guards (according to experts, this is connected with drug trafficking) still do not add vigor.

Gay Ukraine Parade

◾This weekend Zelenskiy regime organized a LGBTQ parade in Kiev in a show of Western values. The march had to be called off shortly after it started and the participants were advised to hide all LGBTQ signs and flags before being escorted by the police to the subway.

◾ Hundreds of far right militants, veterans and active duty members of the Ukrainian army staged a counter protest carrying flags of different Ukrainian Nazi organisations, including dozens of red and black UPA flags. The Nazis called for Zelenskiy's government to ban the "LGBTQ Sabbath and groups of deviated that pose a security threat to Ukraine". They were led by the infamous Russian Nazi traitor Dennis Nikitin, glorified by western media for his cross border attacks in Belgorod region using NATO equipment and tanks.

◾Only a week after Biden lifted the ban on weapons to the infamous Nazi Azov Battalion, this are the peaceful Ukrainians the Western world wants to integrate in the European Union.

Kiev wants to sell about 20 large state-owned companies to finance the Armed Forces of Ukraine and stabilize the economy

According to The New York Times, hotels, shopping centers, as well as mining and chemical plants are up for auction. From this, Ukraine plans to earn at least $100 million in 2024.

At the moment, the state owns 3,100 companies, and they only plan to keep 100.

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg twice misspoke in one phrase when speaking about the transfer of F-16 fighters to Kiev: he called the Ukrainian air force “NATO Air Force” and said that “NATO pilots” would fly F-16s in Ukraine.

However, in both cases he immediately corrected himself.

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