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Vax, Nazis, and Freedom of Speech

A lot of the truth about the vax has been revealed. You might consider sending this to people you care about in case they are are succumbing to the pro-vax propaganda:

Government of Canada data is truly terrifying; suggesting the Triple Vaccinated have developed “AIDS” & are now 5.1x more likely to die of Covid-19 than the Unvaccinated

The latest official Covid-19 figures from the Government of Canada are truly terrifying. They show that the double vaccinated population across Canada have now lost on average 74% of their immune system capability, and the triple vaccinated population across Canada have now lost on average 73% of their immune system capability compared to the natural immune system of unvaccinated people.

So much damage has now been done that the figures show the double vaccinated population are on average 3.8 times more likely to be infected with Covid-19 and 3.3 times more likely to die of Covid-19 than the unvaccinated population.

But it’s even worse for the triple vaccinated population in terms of their risk of death. The official figures show that they are on average 3.7 times more likely to be infected with Covid-19 but 5.1 times more likely to die of Covid-19 than the unvaccinated population.

These figures therefore suggest that both the double and triple vaccinated population in Canada have now had so much damage caused to their immune systems by the Covid-19 injections that they have now developed Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now states in its newest datasets that "per million doses in 12-17-year-olds over 6 months, 0-1 deaths have been prevented." In other words, it is entirely likely that zero out of every one million people jabbed for the Fauci Flu skips death – but for the sake of arguing in favor of the shots doing anything other than killing people, we will go with one out of every one million, which is still dismal.

VAERS is reporting that so far about 35,000 have died from the shot. Considering < 1% is reported, the real number is 3,500,000 DEAD.

Experts are seeing a puzzling rise in cancer in people younger than 50 that appears biologically different from late-onset cancers. While some claim that cancer rates have been rising for decades and attribute the increase to sugary drinks, lifestyle, and sleep disruptions, others say mRNA COVID-19 vaccines have caused an emergence of “turbo cancers.”

Although there's no official medical definition for what doctors are calling “turbo cancers,” the term is commonly used to define aggressive, rapid-onset cancers resistant to treatment—primarily in young, healthy individuals following COVID-19 vaccination. These cases often present in a late stage with metastasis and quickly turn fatal.

“What’s happening is these cancers we're used to seeing, their growth patterns and their behavior are completely out of character. ... So ‘turbo cancer’ is something that wasn’t there and, all of a sudden, it’s everywhere,” Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist and CEO of Cole Diagnostics, said in an interview on EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders.”

Excess cardiovascular Deaths

Using official government data for deaths in England and Wales between 2010 and 2022, former BlackRock portfolio manager Ed Dowd and his partners at Phinance Technologies found that excess death rates from cardiovascular diseases were up 13% in 2020, 30% in 2021, and 44% in 2022, which "point to a worrying picture of an even greater acceleration in coming years of deaths & disabilities."

What's more, they found that "deaths per year from cardiovascular diseases had been trending lower from 2010 to 2019, with a significant downward slope," until 2020, when the trend reversed. They also found that in 2022, men began outpacing women in cardiovascular diseases. The analysis also found that disabilities are skyrocketing.

Details, data sources etc. are here:

Striking data set that shows that the jab caused thousands of stillbirths and miscarriages: The top right graph shows that the vast majority of these stillbirths/miscarriages happened the same day as the jab.

This week the World Council for Health (WCH) issued an official caution against all vaccines on the childhood vaccination schedule. I’ve re-published the statement below in case you missed it.

The following images have been taken from WCH General Assembly Meeting #101 in which Prof. Brian Hooker presented the latest research:

A Common-sense Approach to Childhood Vaccines is Now Needed

By World Council for Health September 5, 2023

The number of vaccines given to babies and children has increased dramatically without the necessary due diligence by regulatory authorities. Parents are urged to adopt a common-sense, ‘Safer to Wait” approach.

Growing international concerns about vaccine regulatory processes and vaccine safety have emerged following the widespread regulatory failure of Covid-19 vaccines. The Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated that regulatory bodies, once public watchdogs, are now at best incompetent and at worst have been deeply corrupted by pharmaceutical industry interests.

In the context of emerging revelations of regulatory body incompetence and corruption, e.g. The Perseus Report, the WCH Health and Science Committee notes that:

  • Several research studies now indicate that vaccinated children have far worse health outcomes with higher rates of many chronic diseases than non-vaccinated children.

  • The integrity of scientific research and the regulatory process of childhood vaccines, including the new nasal ‘flu’ vaccine, now being administered en massein schools is in question.

  • Pharmaceutical corporations have a long-standing history of misrepresenting products that cause injuries and deaths. Pfizer, for instance, has paid the largest criminal settlement in history for drug fraud. The childhood vaccination schedule provides these unscrupulous corporations with unregulated access to the bodies of our children.

  • Modern society is experiencing unprecedented rates of autism, asthma, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, obesity, depression and more, for which the root cause/s have not been established.

  • Much of what we have been told about the success of early vaccines, including smallpox and polio vaccines is emerging as untrue. Clean water, modern plumbing, hygiene, refrigeration, and improved nutrition are real factors that have correlated with the dramatic reduction in many infectious diseases over the past century.

  • National regulatory agencies have never done the necessary evaluation to determine whether vaccines given to children alone or together according to the ever-expanding childhood vaccination schedules are associated with poor health outcomes compared with children who are not vaccinated.

  • National regulatory agencies have been turning a blind eye to the mounting evidence linking childhood vaccination with autism that has emerged since a possible link was first suggested in 1998.

  • National regulatory agencies have also been turning a blind eye to the mounting evidence linking childhood vaccination with other diseases, including asthma, allergies, and bowel disease.

  • The vast majority of children find vaccination with needles painful and long-term psychological harms, including disruption to breastfeeding and maternal bonding, have not been properly evaluated.

  • There are serious concerns among experts that existing childhood vaccines will be converted to mRNA technology, which has never been proven safe for use in vaccines for adults let alone children, and that this will be done without public awareness, consent and a robust research and regulatory process.

  • With regard to Covid-19 vaccination, evidence from independent experts and official international databases show that the Covid-19 vaccines are not effective and are not safe, raising serious questions around the authorisation of the Covid-19 vaccines for babies and children.

In addition to these specific considerations, the burgeoning vaccination schedule for children needs to be viewed in the context of the following supranational developments in global health policy:

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) and its private and state stakeholders have financial and ideological interests in the provision of vaccines and has committed to providing 500 vaccines by 2030.

  • The WHO and its stakeholders are working for the pharmaceutical industry and creating legislation that would give them the power to mandate injections by force for you and your children.

  • The WHO supports gain-of-function research, facilitating the creation of dangerous pathogens as well as the vaccines to combat newly created pathogens, thus creating a self-perpetuating vaccine industry based on fear.

In the current circumstances, the World Council for Health urges parents to consider childhood vaccination very carefully and adopt a common-sense, “Safer to Wait” approach to the vaccination of your boys and girls.

According to recent research, there may be no off switch for spike protein production in some individuals who got the COVID jab Recombinant spike protein was detectable in half the blood samples of jabbed individuals for at least 69 days, and up to 187 days (about six months, which was the end of the study period) The authors present three “likely” mechanisms behind the persistent spike production: mRNA may be integrated into cells; the spike protein may remain constitutively active; or the mRNA may be integrated into bacteria present in the blood, which then continuously produce spike protein. All three mechanisms could result in never-ending spike production (or spike activity) In-vitro research published in 2022 found the mRNA in Pzer’s COVID jab could integrate into human cellular DNA by reverse transcription By producing spike protein for months and perhaps years on end, your body starts to view the SARS-CoV-2 virus as an environmental irritant rather than the potentially lethal invader that it is. This is called immune tolerance. Your body basically ignores the irritant. However, this can become deadly when your body is assaulted by replicating pathogens.

Vaccination caused 17 million deaths

A bombshell scientific report claimed that instead of saving lives, the experimental COVID vaccines were causally linked to a drastic increase in all-cause mortality in 17 countries, ultimately resulting in 17 million deaths.

The report, published by the Correlation Research in the Public Interest on Sept. 17 – which has not yet been peer-reviewed – quantified the vaccine-dose fatality rate (vDFR) across all ages, which measures the ratio of vaccine-induced deaths to the total number of vaccines administered to the population.

The researchers found that the mean of all-ages fatal toxicity by injection of the vDFR of 1 death per 800 injections across all ages and countries.

In other words, of the 13.25 billion injections delivered as of Sept. 2, 2023, 17 million died from vaccine-related deaths.

“We quantify the overall all-ages vDFR for the 17 countries to be (0.126 ± 0.004) %, which would imply 17.0 ± 0.5 million COVID-19 vaccine deaths worldwide, from 13.50 billion injections up to 2 September 2023. This would correspond to a mass iatrogenic event that killed (0.213 ± 0.006) % of the world population (1 death per 470 living persons, in less than 3 years), and did not measurably prevent any deaths,” the researchers wrote.

The researchers analyzed the World Mortality Dataset for 17 equatorial and Southern Hemisphere countries, including Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Malaysia, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Suriname, Thailand, and Uruguay.

These countries comprise 9.1 percent of the global population and 10.3 percent of worldwide COVID-19 injections—with a vaccination rate of 1.91 injections per person of all ages—and include nearly every COVID-19 vaccine product and manufacturer across four continents.
Key findings from the 180-page report include:
– In all countries included in the analysis, all-cause mortality increased when COVID-19 vaccines were deployed.
– Nine of 17 countries had no detectable excess deaths following the World Health Organization’s March 11, 2020, declaration of the pandemic until the beginning of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.
– Unprecedented peaks in all-cause mortality were observed in January and February 2022, during the summer season of Southern Hemisphere countries coinciding with or following the rollout of boosters in 15 of 17 countries studied.
– Excess all-cause mortality during the vaccination period beginning January 2021 was 1.74 million deaths, or one death per 800 injections, in the 17 countries studied.
– The vDFR increased exponentially with age, reaching almost 5 percent among those 90 years and older who received a fourth vaccine dose.

The researchers also noted that if the vaccines worked as advertised by Big Pharma and world governments, then all-cause mortality should actually have decreased.

“If vaccines prevented transmission, infection or serious illness, then there should be decreases in mortality following vaccine rollouts, not increases, as in every observed elderly age group subjected to rapid booster rollouts. And, mortality would not increase solely when vaccines are rolled out, where no excess mortality occurs before vaccine rollouts, as we have documented here, in nine countries across three continents,” researchers concluded.

Even more damning, Denis Rancourt, co-director of the Correlation Research in the Public Interest, told The Epoch Times that their report found no evidence the vaccines actually saved lives at all.

“There is no evidence in the hard data of all-cause mortality of a beneficial effect from the COVID-19 vaccine rollouts. No lives were saved,” Rancourt said in an email. “On the contrary, the evidence can be understood in terms of being subjected to a toxic substance. The risk of death per injection increases exponentially with age. The policy of prioritizing the elderly for injection must be ended immediately.”

The authors added that data from countries such as India, Australia, Canada, Israel, and the United States show a similar phenomenon of a spike in all-cause mortality when the boosters were rolled out.

See it here:

The Band of Debunkers Busting Bad Scientists

QUOTE: An award-winning Harvard Business School professor and researcher spent years exploring the reasons people lie and cheat. A trio of behavioral scientists examining a handful of her academic papers concluded her own findings were drawn from falsified data. It was a routine takedown for the three scientists—Joe Simmons, Leif Nelson and Uri Simonsohn—who have gained academic renown for debunking published studies built on faulty or fraudulent data. They use tips, number crunching and gut instincts to uncover deception. Over the past decade, they have come to their own finding: Numbers don't lie but people do.

Simmons and his two colleagues are among a growing number of scientists in various fields around the world who moonlight as data detectives, sifting through studies published in scholarly journals for evidence of fraud.

At least 5,500 faulty papers were retracted in 2022, compared with 119 in 2002, according to Retraction Watch, a website that keeps a tally. The jump largely reflects the investigative work of the Data Colada scientists and many other academic volunteers, said Dr. Ivan Oransky, the site's co-founder. Their discoveries have led to embarrassing retractions, upended careers and retaliatory lawsuits.

The hunt for misleading studies is more than academic. Flawed social-science research can lead to faulty corporate decisions about consumer behavior or misguided government rules and policies. Errant medical research risks harm to patients. Researchers in all fields can waste years and millions of dollars in grants trying to advance what turn out to be fraudulent findings.

Proteolytic Targets for SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Degradation: Hope for Systemic Detoxification

Biden Regime Sues Tesla For Racial Harassment and Retaliation Against Black Employees

The Biden Regime has been harassing Elon Musk ever since he publicly announced he would be purchasing Twitter.

Last month the DOJ filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, claiming their hiring policies discriminate against refugees and asylees.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) targeted Elon Musk’s Twitter.

In April 2022 it was revealed Elon Musk’s initial Twitter stock buy was under FTC ‘scrutiny’ over possible failure to report the purchases to antitrust regulators.

It was also recently reported that the DOJ expanded its investigation into Tesla for funding Elon Musk’s glass house.

The Biden Regime once again targeted Elon Musk and sued Tesla alleging retaliation and discrimination against black employees.

The federal lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California. “The EEOC investigated Tesla after EEOC Chair Charlotte A. Burrows filed a commissioner’s charge alleging that Tesla violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by subjecting Black employees to an unlawful hostile work environment and retaliating against employees for opposing harassment. Title VII prohibits racial harassment and requires employers who receive harassment complaints to take prompt and appropriate action to investigate and stop it.” The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said in a statement on Thursday.

In Chernigov region a pensioner was sentenced to 5 years in prison for three “likes” on “Odnoklassniki” She was accused of "glorifying Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine." By liking the posts in support of the war, the woman automatically spread them on the social network. She received a term that, in some cases, in Ukraine is given for theft, murder or rape. BBC Ukraine reported that the pensioner's lawyer Oleksandr Basenko is shocked by the severity of the sentence, and is filing an appeal. "If it was a public person who has an influence on society, I might still understand (the sentence), but considering the fact that this is an ordinary, old, very sick and slightly deaf woman, I don't know why decision. I don't understand it," Basenko told BBC Ukraine. This is far from the first such case in Ukraine, and in some cases the verdict cannot be appealed even in the Supreme Court. The "Platform of Human Rights" reports that the accused are often unemployed or retired people who previously had no problems with the law. Mostly they spend time on Odnoklassniki, less often - VKontakte, there are also offenses on Facebook and occasionally on Instagram and TikTok.

Remember the American Tranny who was the Spokesman for the Ukraine Armed Forces? She said this last week about silencing critics:

Sara Ashton-Cirillo slandered Daria Dugina and stated that Maria Zakharova Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation should be a legitimate target for a terrorist murder: - Dugin's daughter was an evil creature who died and death she deserved... (Note: Daria was a journalist killed by a car bomb in Moscow last year. An obvious terrorist act.) + it doesn't mean we don't have to target Maria Zakharova too... (Maria Zakharova is the CEO of the news channel Russia Today aka RT.)

Sara Ashton-Cirillo once again said Russians are non-humans and that the west of fighting for "civilization" against Asian hordes.

- Russians are not European are Asians, ultimately they come from the Mongols, people who want to be slaves. Europe ends at Ukraine, we are defending European values... these people are not human are enemies of humanity in fact.

- "While I defend them in public, in private I know many of them have very far-right leanings, there’s some Nazi groups".

◾Ashton-Cirillo spreads "Russian propaganda" after been pranked by Russian comedians Vovan and Lexus.

Homicidal Russian Killer:

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny today met with British Admiral Radakin. Apparently, his uniform had already been confiscated, so he decided to dress up in a T-shirt with the Nazi inscription “Ukraine. Making Muscovites good.” It's a reference to Banderites’ saying that the only good Russian is a dead one.

Human Trafficker in Ukraine Makes Shocking Confession: Children are Being Targeted for Organ Harvesting

In a video confession by a child trafficker apprehended at the Ukraine-Slovakian border, the human smuggler admits that children are being targeted for organ harvesting. Denys Varodi, a former teacher turned child trafficker at the age of 43, reportedly provided a $1000 initial payment for an 11-month-old baby. He was apprehended at the Ukraine-Slovakian border and subsequently incarcerated. In a video recorded by his cellmate, obtained by journalist Vitaliy Glagola, Varodi admits and reveals additional instances of child trafficking he was implicated in during his tenure at the school where he taught.

This is a short but fascinating interview with Soros very current that describes his scheme:

Ukraine is the largest recipient of US financial assistance, writes The Washington Post.

Washington supports Kiev more than any other ally, including Israel, Jordan and Egypt combined.

Dmitry Medvedev:

"The number of idiot leaders in the NATO countries is growing.

One newly minted cretin - the British Secretary of Defense - decided to move English training courses for the Ukrainian soldiers to the territory of Ukraine itself. That is, turn his instructors into legal targets for our Armed Forces. Knowing full well that they will be mercilessly destroyed. And no longer as mercenaries, but precisely as British NATO specialists.

Another fool - the head of the German Defense Committee with an unpronounceable surname - demands that Taurus missiles be immediately supplied to the Khokhlobanderites so that the Kiev regime can strike at the Russian territory to weaken the supply of our army. They say this is in accordance with international law. Well, in this case, attacks on the German factories where these missiles are made will be fully consistent with international law.

Still, these idiots are actively pushing us towards WW3..."

Update: The Prime Minister of England and his Defense Minister backtracked quickly after Medvedev said this.

Dmitry Medvedev:

“Today is the Day of reunification of new regions with Russia.

A year ago at the referendums, their residents made a fateful decision - to be with their Fatherland. This choice became a symbol not only of the restoration of historical justice, but also of the unity of the Russian people, their colossal will and dedication.

The special military operation will continue until the Nazi Kiev regime is completely destroyed, and the originally Russian territories are liberated from the enemy.

Victory will be ours.

And there will be more new regions within Russia.

Happy holiday!”

Remember that Glory to Urine greeting in NYC for Zelensky?

Some Banksy style art has sprung up inspired by it:

We present you a new "children's ambassador" in Ukraine Marina Abramovych, who is also a well-known Satanist and BDSM addicted person. Information that Zelensky was going to appoint Marina Abramovych to this position was announced by the British MSM The Telegraph a week ago. Later The Telegraph removed the article, but the web archive remembers all...

We have no other Ukraine left for you. Enjoy the real tolerance!

A Little History: 100,000 executions in two days in Ukraine by the Banderites

Let me remind you that after the capture of Kiev by Nazi troops on September 19, 1941, the occupiers immediately began to decide the so-called "Jewish Question"

And already on September 29 in Kiev, in the Babi Yar tract, mass executions of city residents began.

Moreover, the occupiers were helped by collaborators from the hastily created auxiliary police, whose members were recruited from among local residents - i.e. Ukrainians themselves.

What is characteristic is that even Wikipedia, which has recently become openly Russophobic and supports Ukraine, even it does not hide these facts. Those interested can see for themselves.

And I will allow myself an excerpt from the article:

Over two days on September 29 and 30, 1941, Sonderkommando 4a under the command of Standartenführer Paul Blobel (part of Einsatzgruppe C under the command of SS-Brigadeführer and Police Major General Otto Rasch) with the participation of the 45th and 303rd German police battalions of the police regiment "South" and the Ukrainian auxiliary police shot 33,771 people in this ravine (this number does not include children under 3 years old, who were also killed on these two days).

In total, over the years of occupation, over 100 thousand people were shot at Babi Yar, according to various estimates. Jews, Soviet prisoners of war, gypsies...

100 thousand people were killed by the Nazis and their Ukrainian collaborators.

156 Canadian prisoners of war were massacred by soldiers of the 12th SS Panzer Division during the Battle of Normandy.

One out of every seven Canadians killed between June 6–11 1944 were murdered by the same SS honored by Trudeau and Zelensky in the Canadian parliament

"Yaroslav Hunka received a Medal of Merit from the Canadian Congress of Ukrainians in 2007! -> This organisation is directly connected to Trudeau and Freeland! They knew everything! The Ukrainian Canadian Congress has access to the government of Canada. Canada's Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland and Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal pose with a delegation of UCC in April 11, 2023. And Trudeau posing with the (now former) president of UCC!..."

A Little More History:

The largely unknown story of the first Ukrainian refugees in Britain - an entire SS division composed largely of Ukrainians who arrived in 1947, with many later emigrating to Canada - the 14th SS Galizien. ◾By Dr. Mark Felton, British historian.

Canada's Dark Secret": 60 Minutes Exposed Ottawa's Policy of Accepting Nazi SS Veterans. The program in 1997 outlines how Pierre Trudeau hid Nazi criminals and allowed Ukrainian & Baltic immigrants in if they showed Nazi tattoos - because it proved they were anti-communist.

By the way, do you think America will be paid back?

Another revelation about the role of Ukrainians was made by US presidential candidate Tim Scott. In general, he did not say anything new, but confirmed the theses already voiced earlier, including by Zelensky himself.

“90% of the resources we send to Ukraine are loans. Our national vital interest lies in the degradation of the Russian armed forces. By weakening the Russian army, we are actually keeping our homeland safe. We are keeping our troops at home,” Scott said.

In the West, no one is hiding the true purpose of the Ukrainian conflict. That's just the lives of Ukrainians themselves do not bother anyone. For them, it's just a consumable.


Maria Zakharova:

“Canadian television reached out to the “veteran” of the SS “Galicia”: “All I wanted was to quietly leave this world with my family by my side, and now I will be forced to go to my friends in South America.” Let me remind you. In total, up to 10-15 thousand Nazis settled in South America at the end of the 1940s. These are only those who were ideologists and implementers of the ideas of National Socialism. The collaborators were not even counted. Among the most famous: - killer doctor Joseph Mengele was hiding in Brazil; - "architect of the Holocaust" Adolf Eichmann. Israeli intelligence services brought him in May 1960 from Buenos Aires for trial in Jerusalem; - Klaus Barbie, nicknamed the “Butcher of Lyon,” led the Gestapo in Lyon. French justice has found the executioner of the Resistance in Bolivia. The Nazis fled to South America, by the way, through a route specially developed for that purpose in Spain.

During the campaign before being elected Zelenskiy pretended to be the peacemaker, the saviour of peoples, to the point he wanted all Ukrainians to understand each other in the same language (Russian).

See it here:

Trudeau, who called honoring a Nazi from the SS division "Galicia" in the Canadian parliament a monstrous outrage on the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, does not know that stamps are issued in their honor in Ukraine.

David Attenborough Style commentary on Michelle/Michael Obama

Hilarious and very clear.... Worthy.

BREAKING: A gay prostitute and drag queen from Washington DC has come forward saying he has evidence of a years-long affair with former Vice President and current presidential candidate Mike Pence, including photographs and videos.

Pence, the self-proclaimed God-fearing Christian, apparently has a homosexual streak that is the worst-kept secret in Washington that includes frequent trips to gay bars and strip clubs. He is living a double life… and Republican voters deserve to know about his hypocrisy. This individual is expected to go fully public, with all of the evidence to be revealed in the coming weeks. Not only is Mike Pence's campaign over… His political career and public image as a moral Christian leader is toast.

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