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Ukraine, Vaccine, and Trafficking

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Reality on Weapons Production

To replenish its own stocks, the U.S. Army placed an order for 1700 new Stinger launcher units back in May 2022. However, the Pentagon reported that it would take as long as 30 months (or two and a half years) for the completed MANPADS to start rolling off the assembly line. The reason behind this lengthy timeframe is quite straightforward—several components for these MANPADS are no longer in production, necessitating the exploration of new methods and possibly novel technological improvements to resume production and increase its rates in the nearest time. As an example, American engineers have encountered difficulties in manufacturing the homing heads for these MANPADS, so this component will potentially require conducting research and developing replacement modules.

Similar shortcomings in being able to supply Javelins, M77 artillery and 155 mm artillery shells. Is Blinken not talking to President Sleepy Joe Biden? Two weeks ago Biden let slip that the U.S. did not have enough 155 mm conventional shells for Ukraine, which is why he opted to approve sending cluster munitions:

“This is a war relating to munitions. And they’re running out of that ammunition, and we’re low on it,” Biden told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria. “And so, what I finally did, I took the recommendation of the Defense Department to – not permanently – but to allow for this transition period while we get more 155 weapons, these shells, for the Ukrainians.”

Lindsey Graham back when he disapproved of cluster bombs:

◾Western media manipulation, what a headline says Vs what the article actually says:

- any detonation of the mines, which were facing away from the plant and located between its internal and external perimeter barriers, “should not affect the site’s nuclear safety and security systems,” the statement of Grossi the head of the IAEA said.

Dmitry Medvedev calls for the elimination of the top leadership of Ukraine and their relatives:

"Terrorists cannot be fought with international sanctions, intimidation or exhortations.

They only understand the language of power.

Only personal and completely inhumane methods.

It is necessary to blow up their own houses and the houses of their relatives. Look for and eliminate their accomplices, abandoning the insipid idea of a trial against them. But the main thing is to destroy the top leadership of terrorist groups , no matter in what cracks these insects hide.

It's difficult, but possible"

Why are the COVID vaccines leading to all this sudden “turbo” late-stage cancer in every age group?

Well, because the COVID vaccines contain what’s known as “Simian Virus 40” which promotes cancer. According to a well-known genome scientist: “This is an oncogenic virus piece. It’s not the entire virus. However, the small piece is known to drive very aggressive gene expression. And the concern that people, even at the FDA, have noted in the past whenever injecting double-stranded DNA is that these things can then integrate into the genome.”

What’s the next shoe to drop? — you ask.

Well, if too many women in our nation were injected with “a patented DNA sequence via a plasmid containing an SV40 nuclear importer that accumulated in the ovaries” then it’s possible that any children born to these women have the SV40 promoter from birth.

Move On Covid? The Monsters...

Many people want to "Move On" from Covid, and I get it - I do too. The thing is, We can't. There's no going back. We learned some things about Ordinary People, and we must discuss it. Some people were scared, and some people were not. Those who were scared were willing to do to terrible things to those who were not. Ordinary people called for the health insurance of other ordinary people to be canceled. Ordinary people silenced some of the most highly trained and qualified physicians in the world, and other ordinary people championed the censorship. Ordinary people were glad other ordinary people could not eat inside with them. Ordinary people eagerly explained to other ordinary people that their child would not be receiving a life saving transplant due to their vaccination status. Ordinary people cheered as Doctors, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Radiologists, and many other Healthcare Workers were fired, when they were called hero's months before. Ordinary people cheered as blue color state employees were fired, when they were called "Essential" months before. Ordinary people were angry when The Supreme Court stepped in and saved the jobs of many unvaccinated workers in the private sector. Ordinary people shunned family members, and un-friended life long friends. Ordinary people were un-invited from trips and kicked out of groups, clubs, and communities. Ordinary people kept ordinary student athletes from competing due to vaccination status. Probably the worst of all, ordinary people were coerced into injecting themselves with an unknown substance, that they didn't want, all under false pretenses, many of which had terrible or deadly reactions. The list goes on an on, and so do the crimes against humanity. Ordinary people became monsters, all because of fear. Are you ordinary? Do you live in fear? Did you become a monster?

Ukraine in top 3 nations for child porn creation

The Ukraine govt admits it:

"According to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), among the surveyed minors aged 14 to 18, every tenth child showed his naked body, and every 14th had sex for a fee. A few years ago, Ukraine was one of the five countries producing child pornography and one of the ten leaders in its distribution, and now Ukraine is among the top 3 suppliers of child pornography in the world.",child%20pornography%20in%20the%20world

U.S. states massively introduce bans on gender reassignment for children

Protecting children from harm used to be the obvious thing to do. Now the LGBTQ social contagion is sweeping the country, and states have to pass laws regulating medications and sex reassignment surgeries for children. European countries are already introducing bans on gender reassignment for children. What's the situation in the U.S.?

🔻While at the beginning of 2021 no U.S. state had such a law, by mid-2023 already 20 states (17 of them in 2023 alone) have passed full or partial bans on sex reassignment for minors. This shows how quickly concern over this issue is growing.

Most of these laws ban the use of cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers for minors or ban sex reassignment surgeries. Some states (Florida, Oklahoma, Alabama, etc.) make it a criminal offense for health care providers to help children undergo sex reassignment.

Some states faced difficulties as proposed bills were either vetoed or temporarily suspended. These include Alabama, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

The number is expected to grow as 14 other states are considering or have introduced bills that would similarly restrict sex reassignment for children.

🔻Liberal states that actively promote the LGBT agenda have rushed to pass laws "protecting" sex reassignment. Among them, of course, are California, New Jersey, and D.C. California became the first "sanctuary state" for transgender children. Parents' rights, meanwhile, are minimized.

LGBT advocates deliberately use terms such as "gender-affirming care" when talking about sex reassignment for children in order to create a positive image of procedures that in reality mutilate children.

Now many young adults who went through gender reassignment as teenagers are speaking out about the difficulties they faced and the regrets they have about their transition. New independent research shows the irreversible damage caused by taking cross-sex hormones or cutting off body parts.

🔻Hopefully, more states will pass stricter laws banning sex reassignment for children to truly keep them safe and healthy.

Paying for Politicians

Freedom of the press, and freedom of expression, are ‘guaranteed’ in the U.S. Constitution, but if the controlling owners of the press are a small group of people who benefit from the fact that the wealthiest 1% of the wealthiest 1% of Americans — the wealthiest ten-thousandth of Americans — donate 57.16% of all the money that funds U.S. political campaigns, and that the “Top 400 Donors” (all of whom are multi-billionaires, not merely billionaires) donate 29.86%, or virtually 30%, of all political money, in the U.S., then how likely will the ‘news’-media be to accept for publication or to broadcast news reports that threaten this status-quo from which all of them have made and keep their enormous wealth? Not only do those billionaires own or control virtually all of the ‘news’-media, but the other corporations that they also own or control advertise in them; and, so, they select to hire editors and producers who will reject job-applicants who would report the types of things that those controllers want the public not to know — things such as these. The most-important realities are thus effectively censored-out.

QUOTE: Fox News' viewership has historically leaned right and favored Republican causes. While the company wears a conservative face on air, it appears that behind closed doors, Fox is willing to lean left or in whatever other direction the wind is blowing. Insiders have revealed to Blaze Media that Fox will subsidize some of the very activist groups that despise and seek the ruin of the network's viewers, evidencing a "complete disregard and hatred" for its core audience. "Fox Giving" is an app in the company portal that facilitates charitable donations via the Canadian-based donation management platform Benevity. Fox will apparently match donations up to $1,000 to various organizations that satisfy the company's criteria. While on its face, this appears to be little more than an attempt at corporate beneficence, the company is willing to match donations to the Satanic Temple, the Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood (and local Planned Parenthood branches), and the Southern Poverty Law Center – radical leftist groups antipathetic to conservatives and the values they hold most dear. The Satanic Temple is an atheistic leftist organization that has distributed satanic literature to children; publicly performed "unbaptisms"; sought to ensure that women can legally have their unborn children killed by way of their "religious abortion ritual"; and erected statues of Baphomet on government property. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a leftist grievance organization that tends to characterize conservatives, parental rights groups, constitutionalists, and those critical of big government as extremists and bigots. The Trevor Project is an activist group that purportedly seeks to "end suicide among LGBTQ young people," but actively promotes gender ideology and woke propaganda. Planned Parenthood is not just in the business of exterminating the unborn, having executed nearly 9 million babies in its abattoirs since 1970, but is among the second-largest provider of cross-sex hormone therapy in the nation

Regarding Elon's X:

Read it here:

Excerpt: " Somebody in the “Joe Biden” White House apparently thinks that the operations already underway are not enough to destroy our country fast enough, so a little extra push, such as nuclear annihilation, might get’er done. By operations underway I mean things like mRNA vaccines stealthily deleting kin, friends, and public figures from the scene… decriminalizing crime… undermining the oil industry by a thousand cuts… liquidating small business… making little children insane over sex… flooding the land with illegal immigrants… devaluing the currency… queering elections — all of these things done on purpose, by the way. And if you complain about any of it, here comes the FBI or the IRS knocking on your door. So, to make sure that a collapse of the USA comes on-schedule, there is the useful fracas created by our government geniuses over in Ukraine that creeps day-by-day toward a quick American assisted suicide. Just to remind you, here’s how that started: In 2014, the US fomented a coup against Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. In short order, the Russian language was banned (despite the fact that Most Ukrainians speak Russian). A piqued Russia re-po’d the Crimean Peninsula. When ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine (the Donbas provinces) tried to go their own way, Ukraine shelled and rocketed them for eight years. That was the setup." ----------------------------------------- NIFO. It's the only way to be sure.

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