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Ukraine Unleashed

American transvestite serving as official Ukrainian Military spokesperson, goes on cringe-filled rant about “hunting down all Russian war propagandists”.

Finally dong something about him now that the West has hit its hypocrisy limit:

A Ukrainian missile hit a market in Konstantinovka in the Kiev-controlled part of the DPR - The New York Times

This conclusion was reached by experts and analysts from an American newspaper who interviewed local residents, examined footage from surveillance cameras and collected fragments of fragments.

“Evidence compiled and analyzed by the New York Times, including missile fragments, satellite imagery, eyewitness accounts and social media posts, strongly suggests that the catastrophic strike was caused by an errant Ukrainian air defense missile fired from a Buk missile system,” says the newspaper.

As the newspaper writes, surveillance camera footage shows that the missile flew into Konstantinovka from the territory under the control of Kiev, when the sound of the approaching missile is heard, at least four pedestrians, apparently, simultaneously turn their heads towards the source of the sound - they look towards territory occupied by Kiev.

Amazing history of him: Enthusiastic NAZI and Intelligence operative.

He used a conservative tranny identity as cover for working for intelligence agencies to infiltrate the GOP, Proud Boys and others. As a "unicorn" he was beyond criticism by the groups he infiltrated. Long and sordid history.

$400,000 Promised to the Dead

Polish volunteer Piotr Mitkevich demands that Ukraine pay money to the relatives of Poles who died in the war with the Russian Federation.

"Unfortunately, none of our legionnaires have received compensation yet. I helped the father of Daniel Shtyber [who died in December 2022] receive this compensation. We were in Ukraine. The officers at headquarters really want to help us, but I think that since None of the legionnaires have yet received this compensation, so they don’t really have a procedure,” Mitkevich said in an interview with Onet.

He reports that the promised monetary compensation to the families of the dead Poles is 15 million hryvnia, or approximately 400 thousand dollars.

“Keep your word, pay this money to the families, because when we went to fight shoulder to shoulder with the Ukrainians, with our Ukrainian brothers, we knew that if we died, then our families would somehow be financially secure,” he says Mitkevich.

🐻 This idiot actually thought the Ukrainain nazis would pay $400,000 each to foreign merc..


Like something out of the Matrix:

The Ukrainian government proposes that prisoners generate electricity by pedaling bicycles.

Such a bill was registered by People's Deputy Sergei Grivko (Servant of the People).

He proposed allowing prisoners to produce electricity using bicycle generators in exchange for a shorter prison sentence.

“If within a month they comply with the standards determined by the Ministry of Justice, then the term of imprisonment will be reduced by 3 days, but not more than 10 months per year. That is, over the course of a year, a prisoner can reduce the term of imprisonment by 30 days. This will directly affect the savings on his content – ​​up to approximately 8% (up to 200 million in UAH),” writes Grivko.

First several pieces of nationalized property that previously belonged to the Ukrainian oligarchs were sold in Crimea for more than 815 million rubles. About 100 more will soon be put up for sale, including Zelensky’s apartment, the peninsula authorities reported

Blinken Cashes in on Ukraine

Blumenthal also pointed out that US Secretary of State Tony Blinken, “Has major skin in the game when it comes to continuing this war. He founded a firm called WestExec Advisors, which finesses contracts for the arms industry and Big Tech through the Pentagon and the State Department – him and his former colleagues from the Obama Administration founded this firm to profit off their connections with the major winners of the Ukraine proxy war: Raytheon, LockheedMartin, Palantir – all the Beltway Bandits, as we call them here in Washington.”

Past WestExec partners have included DNI Avril Haines, former Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki and CIA deputy director David Cohen, The Intercept reported 2021.

“If Tony Blinken leaves government, he could make a lot of money off this war, as long as it’s still continuing,” Blumenthal said. “That could be a frozen conflict, where Ukraine is just constantly at war with Russia and its entire society is securitized and mobilized. The tech industry is gonna love that as well because everyone’s gonna be under surveillance, drones and cameras everywhere.”

“Why would they want to end this conflict?” the son of Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal asked. “They’re the real winners of this war.”

The United States extended the permit allowed their slaves for the maritime transportation of oil from the Sakhalin-2 project for import to Japan until June 28, 2024 - Ministry of Finance.

Since when does the US have that right of approval?!?

People from Ukraine are being demanded to be treated as blacks, gays and disabled people in European cinema.

The Ukrainian Cinematographic Association created a corresponding petition with an appeal to the President of the Cannes Film Festival.

“We call for every film to feature a Ukrainian actor alongside representatives of racial and ethnic groups, women, people with disabilities and the LGBTQ+ community. At a minimum, in one of the main roles or in a significant supporting role,” the appeal says.

We propose an idea for a new European action movie: a disabled black gay Ukrainian volunteers to go to the front and, with the help of American superweapons, saves Ukraine from the oppression of Russian barbarians whose sticks and stones are running out.

Zelensky lying at the UN

💬 "Ukraine gave up its third largest nuclear arsenal. The world then decided Russia should become a keeper of such power. Yet, history shows it was Russia who deserved nuclear disarmament the most. And Russia deserves it now – terrorists have no right to hold nuclear weapons."

Ukraine. Never. Had. Nuclear. Weapons!!!

🐻 Keeping this screenshot of the Wikipedia article before Zelensky decides to edit it and change history to fit his UN speech.

Very Effective video game oriented recruitment ad for Ukrainian teens

Neo-Nazis ran out of all men and women so now they are after teenagers.

A new a new military advertisement is recruiting teenagers to die for their Ukro-Reich.

"You are no longer a child.

The games are over.

Join the Ukrainian armed forces."

Two Prophets predicted the mess that is Ukraine and WW3: Video shorts

◾. Mihailo Nechay, am "oracle" or teller or prophecies from Ivano-Frankivsk foretold the fall of Ukraine and the extinction of its lineage decades ago exactly like it's happening today. ◾. When Ukrainians became two peoples apart fighting each other it will be the end, and the country would be split between the neighbouring nations as in previous history periods. ◾.

◾. The prophet of the unconquered Donbass - an amazing saint of our days - Elder Zosima (Sokur) back in the 90s predicted with documented accuracy the coming war in Ukraine, and the revival of Ukrainian fascism, and the atrocities to which the church schism in Ukraine would reach, and the ongoing wave hatred towards the people of Donbass: “When I die, ” he said, “bury me deeper so that Bandera’s people don’t dig me up.”

Just like Trump and Russel Brand and Assange!

A court in Alberta, Canada, sentenced Pastor Artur Pawlowski on Monday to 60 days in prison for a speech to Freedom Convoy truckers in February 2022 in which he supported their protests against repressive lockdown, vaccine, and other mandates related to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

Pawlowski, who first rose to prominence for expelling Canadian police from his church for trying to shut down an Easter service in 2021, faced multiple charges, including “mischief,” a crime in Canada, and violating the Critical Infrastructure Defense Act (CIDA). The latter charge suggested that Pawlowski’s speaking to protesters on the Alberta-Montana border was an attack on the province’s road infrastructure, as he encouraged them to continue an ongoing blockade demanding the lifting of coronavirus-related mandates. Prosecutors were demanding up to ten months in prison for the pastor on the grounds that he has publicly and repeatedly denied having any remorse for his vocal opposition to lockdowns.

Prior to the sentencing, prosecutor Steven Johnston argued that the case, in which Pawlowski faced charges for delivering a sermon, was “not about freedom of religion and it is not about free speech.”

“In this case, the accused comes before the court with no sense of remorse,” Johnston said. “The lack of remorse, the lack of introspection is important in this case because of the fact he is likely a high risk to redo this.”

Pawlowski appeared to agree in remarks to the 200 supporters who convened to celebrate his release on Monday.

“For the past 18 months they’ve done everything in their power to force me to say that I am guilty, that I am sorry. They were forcing me to apologize, but I have nothing to apologize for,” the pastor said.

“I hope that my oppressors are listening because this is not over. This is just the beginning,” Pawlowski added, also stating that he would “gladly” repeat the actions that resulted in his arrest if he deemed it necessary:

Canada Rolls Out First Nationally Accredited Program For How To Kill A Patient

Now Canadian doctors and nurses have performed enough government-sanctioned-homicides ‘medically assisted dying’ that they have been able to establish some ‘best practices’ for efficiencies in the assembly-line killing of human beings.

Canada has released its first nationally accredited training program in medical assistance in dying (MAiD) aimed at licensed physicians and nurse practitioners. This follows concerns about the rising prevalence of MAiD in certain regions and its recommendation for “mature minors.”

The curriculum was developed by the Canadian Association of MAiD Assessors and Providers (CAMAP), Health Canada said in a Sept. 13 press release. CAMAP is a B.C.-based NGO established in 2016 after the federal MAiD legislation was enacted that year. The organization said on its website that it was created to address the need to “establish training resources, to create medical standards, and to encourage the standardization of care across the country.” The curriculum is accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the College of Family Physicians of Canada. It consists of eight topics, including the procedures for conducting a MAID assessment and dealing with MAiD for individuals with mental disorders. — EpochTimes

The program is designed to address some of the complicated issues that come along with Trudeau’s government expanding the scope of the problem to include people who want to die for reasons that go beyond the mere final illness considerations.

As it stands, there have been documented cases of Canadians pulling the trigger because they were unable to pay their bills on the budget their assisted living allowances provided, and other instances where people who had no interest in suicide were offered the option of ending it all — including military veterans with disabilities.

Needless to say, that raised objections.

But no story about Canada’s Medical Aid in Dying program would be complete without reminding the readers that this practice tracks uncomfortably close to how a certain European nation rushed their disabled patients to a date with oblivion… which later became the blueprint for a far more infamous systematic killing of undesirable civilians.

That story is detailed under the ‘dark history we’ve all forgotten’ heading in this story: Canada’s MAiD Death Cult Adds New Wrinkle: Financial Entanglements

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