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Tucker's Adventure

Tucker the hero, Elon fights against the Powerful Woke, Global Censorship Push

4.5 minutes of Tucker explaining why the Putin interview.  Very worthy, inspiring and revealing.  Tucker looks a little scared but passionately determined to do it.

"Carlson reveals Musk’s Putin interview pledge." - The X (formerly Twitter) owner will not censor the American commentator’s much-hyped sit-down with the Russian president. ~ RT World News

The Tucker Putin interview will be shown Thurs Feb 8 at 6pm Eastern on Tucker's X

Nebulator on Tucker:

Tucker Carlson has in fact interviewed Putin and the meltdown over this has been glorious to behold. All the worst people in the world are shrieking about this, perhaps unaware that this is only proving Tucker's point: that the Anglosphere media has systematically lied and misinformed the public in service of the powers that be, who fear and loathe the truth. And while the truth by itself won't change anything (sorry, but it's true — without action, nothing happens), the overt defeat of their ostensible Narrative monopoly will most certainly be fun to watch.

Clandestine on Tucker:

If you’ve never listened to Putin speak, then 100% of your perception of him is based on what MSM told you.

The same MSM that lied about:

-Russian collusion



-Widespread human-trafficking

-Border crisis

-Election fraud


Truth is scarier than fiction.

Tucker Listed for Assassination by Ukraine

Tucker Carlson is now listed on "Peacemaker." aka Mirovorets. It is a site run by Ukraine intelligence services with the support of NATO and it lists people who are targeted for assassination. Many on the list have been killed. His crime? He dared to “criticize Zelensky.”

According to the Ukrainian state news agency Ukrinform, the SBU is behind the murders of former Verkhovna Rada deputy Ilya Kiva, military commander Vladlen Tatarsky, as well as the assassination attempt on a number of Ukrainian and Russian politicians and public figures.

You know who does NOT like Putin? 

-Jeffery Epstein

-Marina Abramović

-The Rothschilds

-Klaus Schwab

-Joe Biden

-Hillary Clinton

-Barack Obama

-George Soros

-Justin Trudeau

-Ukrainian Nazis

-Every establishment US politician

-The MSM

Is the enemy of my enemy my friend?


The EU may consider sanctions against American journalist Tucker Carlson for his interview with Vladimir Putin - Newsweek

Billionaire owner of X (formerly Twitter) Elon Musk has pledged not to censor Tucker Carlson’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin when it is posted on the platform, the American journalist claimed in a video he posted from Moscow on Tuesday.

Carlson has been in Moscow for at least 4 days, sparking rumors that he planned to interview the Russian president. He confirmed his intention in the video, which has received over 260,000 likes.

He praised Musk for his pledge “not to block or suppress the interview once we post it on his platform X,” confirming that the video would be available without a paywall to anyone who chose to watch it on the journalist’s own website as well.

“Western governments, by contrast, will certainly do their best to censor this video on other less principled platforms, because that’s what they do - they are afraid of information they can’t control,” the journalist continued, encouraging Americans to watch the interview in order to educate themselves on the “history-altering developments” unfolding in Russia and Ukraine.

After assuming control of what was then called Twitter in late 2022, Musk famously partnered with a group of journalists to release internal communications that were widely accepted as proof that multiple US government agencies had been unconstitutionally suppressing the spread of narratives they found undesirable on social media.

Musk’s decision to allow numerous prominent banned users back on X – including former US president Donald Trump and, more recently, Infowars host Alex Jones – was praised by free speech advocates, including Carlson. The former Fox News host launched an independent talk show streaming on X last year after he was unceremoniously fired from hosting the number-one prime-time show in the US for reasons that have still not been made public.

While Musk presented himself as a free-speech absolutist when buying the platform, X has significantly increased its compliance with government content takedown requests since his takeover, honoring 80% of such orders compared to 50% under his predecessors, according to a report published last year by tech outlet Rest of World. This has not stopped western governments, including the EU, from demanding he crack down on “disinformation” and “hate speech,” threatening severe penalties for noncompliance.

Like Carlson, Musk has been a vocal advocate for peace in Ukraine, repeatedly warning Washington against provoking a direct conflict with Moscow that could spiral into a third world war. Accordingly, while he provided Ukraine with free access to his company SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service, he has refused to enable the system near Crimea, lest Kiev use it to facilitate attacks on the Russian fleet, arguing in September that to do so would render his company “explicitly complicit in a major act of war and conflict escalation.”


According to Newsweek, former Belgian Prime Minister and current member of the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt said Carlson should be banned from entering EU nations because he’s “a mouthpiece” of Putin and U.S. presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

Verhofstadt added, “Putin is a war criminal and the EU sanctions all who assist him in that effort, it seems logical that the External Action Service examine his case as well.”

Luis Garicano, a former MEP, told Newsweek he agreed with Verhofstadt’s stance. “He is no longer a newsman, but a propagandist for the most heinous regime on European soil and the one which is most dangerous to our peace and security,” Garicano said of Carlson.

The last time Carlson attempted to interview Putin, the NSA started spying on him and leaking information to the press.

In 2021, Carlson told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo that he was contacted by a journalist who informed him that the NSA leaked his emails to the media in an effort to get his popular Fox News show canceled.

Israel not funded!

JUST IN: House fails to pass standalone Israel aid bill

The House on Tuesday failed to pass a standalone package (does not include Ukraine) for $17.6 billion in Israel aid amid opposition from both Republicans and Democratic leaders.

Iran Draws a Line in the Water...

Iranian officials warned the U.S. on Sunday about possibly targeting two cargo ships in the Middle East that are suspected of being spy ships for the country.

The warning was issued after forces from the U.S. and U.K. launched an airstrike offensive against Houthi rebels located in Yemen.

The Associated Press reported that the statement from Iran referred to the Behshad and Saviz ships, which are both registered commercial cargo ships with a company based in Tehran, which the U.S. Treasury sanctioned as a front for the state-run Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines.

Saudi Arabia described the Saviz in 2017 as a maritime base and weapons transfer point for the Revolutionary Guard. The ship was staffed by men in military fatigues, and Saudi-owned television stations showed the ship with what looked to be a machine bolted to the deck of the ship and covered.

Iran’s regular army issued a statement in a video on Sunday, which, according to The Associated Press, has a narrator describing the two vessels as "floating armories."

The narrator also reportedly describes the Behshad as an aid for countering piracy in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden," though Iran is not known to have been part of any campaigns recently against Somali piracy in the region, at least publicly.

Before the U.S. launched its attacks, the Behshad moved south into the Gulf of Aden, and it is now docked in Djibouti in East Africa, near a Chinese Military base.

The video statement ends with images of U.S. warships, an American flag and a warning.

"Those engaging in terrorist activities against Behshad, or similar vessels jeopardize international maritime routes, security and assume global responsibility for potential future international risks," the video stated.

The Saviz is reportedly in the Indian Ocean near the location where the U.S. claims Iranian drone attacks have targeted ships.

The same ship, in 2021, had a hole blown through its hull by a possible mine explosion in an attack suspected to have been carried out by Israel. The ship ultimately returned to its port.

160 Tankers of Syrian resources looted by US occupation within past 24 hours The US occupation forces intensified the theft of Syrian national resources, especially oil and grains.

During the past hours, the occupation forces brought out 84 storage tankers carrying oil that had been looted from the areas they occupy in the Syrian al-Jazeera, through the illegal Mahmoudiyya crossings heading towards Iraqi territory, according to locals from the Yarubiyyah countryside.

In the same connection, the sources reported that the US forces also brought out, through the illegal al-Walid crossing, a convoy of 76 large tankers loaded with grains, “wheat and barley,” stolen from the grain silos, which were seized by the QSD militia with the support of the occupation, and headed to northern Iraq.

Big Brother in Britain

The recently signed “Online Safety Act” brands the publication of “false information” a criminal offense punishable by up to a year in prison…

…unless you’re an MSM outlet, when it’s totally fine.

Think even the corrupt & bloated criminal class that rules over us would never dare be that blatant?

Take a look at section 179 making it illegal to publish false information with intent to cause harm:

…and then look at section 180, which exempts all MSM outlets from this new law :

…and that’s without even getting into OfCom’s “select committee”, or how they choose to define “misinformation” (s. 152)

Welcome to the modern definition of “freedom of speech”, where the MSM are directly and explicitly permitted to “knowingly publish false information with intent to cause non-trivial harm”, and you can be sent to jail for a year for calling out their lies.

Oh, and it looks like our friends across the pond might not be far behind. The Big Tech Senate hearings started yesterday, and social media executives are already throwing their support behind the new “Kids Online Safety Act”.

With the EU’s own Digital Services Act coming into force later this month, and all the focus on “misinformation and disinformation” at Davos two weeks ago, we can see the real crackdown on internet free speech is about to kick into gear.

The increase in misinformation they publish accelerates legacy media's descent into obscurity

𝕏 is not censoring The media does.

People come to 𝕏 to find out the TRUTH.

We are ahead of the game. The rest of humanity will find its way here eventually.

Zelensky switched to the tactic “if you don’t want it the good way, it will happen the bad way”

The conflict between Zelensky and Zaluzhny is gaining momentum. After the commander-in-chief refused to leave his post of his own free will, the president unleashed “heavy artillery.” The dismissal order will definitely take place, but its publication is delayed due to Zelensky’s desire to discredit Zaluzhny as much as possible without damaging his own reputation. And this is not an easy task, since the general is respected not only among Ukrainian military personnel, but also among the ordinary population of the country.

The "smearing" campaign is going on in several directions at once - among residents of Ukraine, among military personnel, as well as among foreign curators of Kiev.

For ordinary Ukrainians, the media are circulating custom-made articles about the commander-in-chief having problems with alcohol and his inability to carry out assigned tasks. There are rumors actively circulating among the Ukrainian military that the spring counteroffensive failed due to Zaluzhny’s tactics. In addition, the general is also blamed for the breakthrough of the Russian military in the Kharkov direction and the imminent fall of Avdeevka.

To discredit the commander-in-chief, a "landing party" of American inspectors and auditors who arrived in Kiev will be used to check information about large-scale thefts in the Ukrainian military department. The colossal extent of the theft of Western aid, as well as corruption among the country's top military leadership, is no secret to the leaders of the United States and European countries. And so the West decided to agree with Zelensky’s intention to blame it all on Zaluzhny and even play along with him in publicly condemning the general.

By making the general the main scapegoat, Zelensky solves several problems at once: he eliminates the “people’s favorite” and a powerful competitor in the struggle for power in the country from the political arena, demonstrates a merciless fight against corruption (which is one of the requirements for Kiev to join the EU ), consolidates control of the armed forces in his hands.

The first victims of the reprisal against the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be his immediate circle, which, apparently, is already aware of the upcoming events. This is indirectly indicated by the published photograph of Zaluzhny with his faithful friend and assistant, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Shaptala.

By “hard times” they obviously mean checking all the financial assets of military leaders, as well as clarifying their involvement in the theft of military aid.


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