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Time to Retake America

Remember we are in the vast majority now, no matter what the MSM says.

Every night at 9 p.m., according to a relative of one of the detainees, they sing the national anthem followed by USA USA USA!

This is a way to keep spirits up among men who have been in jail for months and may not have their day in court until sometime next year.

Listen to the audio here:

Calling us Nazis etc is right out of the Communist Playbook from way back.

Looks like the storm is upon us now.

A Lib Member of the UK Parliament posted this:

(Dogs and Cats living together! Mass Hysteria!) - from Ghostbusters...

You know the message is getting through when the libs start to quote Ayn Rand...

Majority of MDs decline the Covid shot:

Of the 700 physicians responding to an internet survey by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), nearly 60 percent said they were not “fully vaccinated” against COVID.

This contrasts with the claim by the American Medical Association that 96 percent of practicing physicians are fully vaccinated. This was based on 300 respondents.

Neither survey represents a random sample of all American physicians, but the AAPS survey shows that physician support for the mass injection campaign is far from unanimous.

The AAPS survey also showed that 54 percent of physician respondents were aware of patients suffering a “significant adverse reaction.”

Of the unvaccinated physicians, 80 percent said “I believe risk of shots exceeds risk of disease,” and 30% said “I already had COVID.” Other reasons for declining the shot included unknown long-term effects, use of aborted fetal tissue, “it’s experimental,” availability of effective early treatment, and reports of deaths and blood clots.

Of 560 practicing physicians, 56 percent said they offered early treatment for COVID.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has represented physicians in all specialties since 1943. Its motto is omnia pro aegroto, everything for the patient.

France in Crisis:

Shot across the bow at China:

Rarely seen...

This is the wider view of the Tiannamen Square defiance:

China deserves some of the credit too:


Trump finds Speakership "so interesting". Dems try to pass a bill so Speaker has to be a member. Remember Pelosi is #3 in line for Presidency.

A new bill introduced on Monday by Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-Pa.) would allow only an elected House member to serve as Speaker after former President Trump called the suggestion that he seek the gavel "so interesting."

The Constitution does not directly state that the House Speaker must be a member of the chamber, but to date, the role has never been filled by an outsider.

Boyle argued that the statute should be made clear, even if electing someone outside of Congress to serve as Speaker remains a long shot. His bill, titled the Mandating That Being an Elected Member Be an Essential Requirement for Speakership Act, would explicitly limit eligibility to current House lawmakers.

"The Speaker of the U.S. House is second in the United States presidential line of succession. That Donald Trump's name would even be tossed around as a potential speaker in the people's house, should serve as an alarm bell that our current requirements need to be amended in the name of protecting our nation and our democracy,"

Any lawmaker can nominate whomever they wish during the roll call at the start of each session of Congress to elect the chamber's top-ranking leader.

In recent years, some lawmakers who didn't want to vote for their party's leader have opted to nominate outsiders. In January 2019, for example, two Democrats voted for Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.), another voted for now-President Biden, and yet another voted for voting rights activist and 2018 Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Hurray for The Pillow King! (I just bought some products from him because I like what he does with his money!). Bravo!

Perhaps it is a coincidence but there is a national alert test scheduled for the 11th.

Don't think they would have bogus lethal vaccines, hide cures that would have saved millions, or try to pervert our children's minds with CRT etc.? Check this out:

About Pegasus!

Pegasus can turn your phone into a surveillance device without you even clicking on anything. It has been apparently used to spy on prime ministers, several presidents of various countries and even a king.

The surveillance of people in positions of power is now revealed.

Criminal Referral for Fauci!

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky said Tuesday that he will seek a criminal referral against Dr. Anthony Fauci following a brutal jousting session between the two during a Senate hearing.

Paul made his comment during an appearance on the Fox News show “Hannity.”

“You kicked off your questioning of Dr. Fauci emphasizing federal law makes lying to Congress a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. Is it your belief based on the evidence, senator, that he lied before Congress and broke the law?” host Sean Hannity asked.

Yes, and I will be sending a letter to the Department of Justice asking for a criminal referral because he has lied to Congress. We have scientists that will line up by the dozens to say that the research he was funding was gain of function,” Paul said.

“There will be responsibility for those who funded the lab, including yourself.” Rand Paul said.

“I totally resent the lie that you are now propagating, Senator.” Fauci responded.

Dr. Fauci refuted the claims under oath despite the fact that there are documents that prove the US was funding the Wuhan lab under his direction.

Back on January 29, 2018, Dr. Fauci announced, “NIH Lifts Funding Pause on Gain-Of-Function Research" and Dr. Fauci defended its use. Here he is doing so on video:

and here:

Fauci refers to the COVID-19 variants before Delta as "the previous prototype viruses".

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