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They had to admit it was real...

The New York Times admits there really is a Deep State and not a conspiracy theory after all...

So the New York Times admit the Deep State is real… but that it’s actually a good thing!

2016: “There is no crisis at the border!”

2024: “Okay maybe there is a crisis at the border… BUT IT’S TRUMP’S FAULT!”

2016: “The Deep State is a far-right QAnon conspiracy theory!” 

2024: “Okay maybe the Deep State is real… BUT IT’S ACTUALLY A GOOD THING!”

2016: “Epstein island is not real and human-trafficking/pedophilia is a conspiracy theory!”

2024: “Okay maybe Epstein island and human-trafficking/pedophilia is real… BUT IT’S TRUMP’S FAULT!”

2016: “The media is not fake news! That’s a far-right conspiracy theory!” 

2024: “Okay maybe we lied about some stuff… BUT WE DID IT TO STOP TRUMP!”

I could do this forever.

New York Times Declares MAGA is ‘Winning The War’ Over Election Fraud Narrative

The New York Times has published a feature article complaining about how Donald Trump and his movement are “winning the war over disinformation,” another of way of saying that Americans still believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

The piece begins by noting that conservatives have “unquestionably prevailed” in their efforts to expose the censorship of the liberal establishment and the widespread evidence of voter fraud that continues to taint American politics:

Brave New world Author short video clip is prescient:

This evidence is 


See it for yourself at


 Excerpt from Page 13: Dominion left vulnerable decryption keys in plain sight with just a windows password for protection!

What appears today in all its evidence is the subversive plan of a global coup d’état, aimed at the decimation of the world population and the enslavement of the survivors. The pressure for the approval of the WHO Pandemic Treaty and for the health passport – accompanied by the activation of the digital wallet – demonstrate that the authors of this coup have no intention of giving up their criminal intentions, and will not do so unless they are faced with firm and determined opposition from the population and those few of its representatives who are not sold out to the World Economic Forum, by those who courageously do not fail in their duties.

More here:

Biden Apparently Bribes Witnesses:

Two aides that likely knew that Biden was holding onto classified documents he wasn’t supposed to have were promoted within 24 hours of the release of Hur’s report.

President Joe Biden wasted no time rewarding his top aides who helped in his mishandling of documents after Special Counsel Robert Hur issued his report on the matter, promoting many of them within a day of its release.

As reported by the New York Post, Annie Tomasini was promoted to a deputy White House chief of staff position on Feb. 8 after serving the sitting president since his time in the Senate.

The next day, Richard Ruffner was promoted to fill the vacant position of director of Oval Office operations left by Tomasini.

Following the report from Hur, Tomasini was directly cited by the House Oversight Committee for previously visiting the Penn Biden Center “to take inventory of President Biden’s documents and materials.”

Great article that details the mechanisms by which vaccines cause various diseases.

The toxic adjuvants are a big part of the problem.

Article discusses some promising treatments.

2,036,041 ballots were touched by anomalies… 923 fact witnesses. No election contest in American history has had 923 witnesses who signed affidavits under penalty of perjury… Over 50 courts blocked evidentiary hearings regarding lawsuits filed after the 2020 election… Every other election contest in the past 25 years resulted in evidentiary hearings presented to a court of law… So don’t tell us 2020 was a perfect election and don’t tell us “you all lost every court case.” Both of those statements are bold face lies.

Byron Donalds has the Details and Literal Receipts! Worthy!! Amazing man.

Listen here:

Ten minutes of evidence that we have been in an undeclared war...

They arrested her and then after a while they let her go again because she hadn't actually broken any laws.

Now look at how absolutely ***ing silent Conservative Inc., the RNC, and GOP was on Lambert’s arrest. 

All petrified of Dominion, and the DHS spooks that did this.  Or even worse, they are part of it.

We both enjoyed massive hit pieces from Reuters.  Not a peep from anyone in Con. Inc.


-The Professor’s Record

BYRNE: Lambert Released As No Arrest Warrant Per Law In Michigan For Misdemeanors

Nolte: ‘Burglary Tourists’ Fly in from South America to Rob Dem-Run Los Angeles

LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton told the far-left and slowly dying Los Angeles Timesthat “South American theft groups are not new in L.A., but they have become more active in recent months.”

The Times adds: “He cautioned that it’s difficult to know for certain how many robberies can be attributed to foreign burglars, but said evidence indicates they are behind scores of break-ins.” In one area, north of the 118 freeway, he estimates there “were 94 burglaries, many probably committed by these crews.”

He explained that they target wealthy neighborhoods and look for jewelry, which is easy to fence for cash. Most are unarmed. “They don’t want to get gun charges,” Hamilton said. “They sometimes carry jamming devices to disable home security systems.”

LAPD Chief Dominic Choi said there has been a ”significant” increase in these crimes.

“I can tell you that we have a significant increase in burglaries from organized groups that are outside this country, that are coming into the country,” he said at a Police Commission meeting Tuesday.


I had a couple of female, divorced, democrat relatives that I had to see a few times a year. They were, by all accounts, bitter, lonely, and were generally unpleasant to be around for as long as I can remember. They blamed men in general for their woes. You know the type.

The happiest I have ever seen them, by far, was the few times I interacted with them during the "pandemic" in 2020. They were practically elated at the idea of lockdowns and the ensuing despair of other people. It was unsettling.

The only thing that brought them happiness was the suffering of others, because in some sick way, it mirrored their own shitty lives and it brought some satisfaction to see otherwise happy people brought down to their level.

They are now both dead from vaccine related medical shit, although that side of the family would never admit that sucking Fauci's fauci was their cause of death.

My point is that I'm not surprised that most democrats still believe that the pandemic is still around. They don't want to let it go, because that was the happiest they'd been in their whole miserable lives. They actually miss it.

The Biden regime just got caught outsourcing its censorship campaign against American citizens to a UK-based cabal called: the Center for Countering Digital Hate.

This evidence was uncovered by America First Legal. CCDH is operated by a Muslim British fruitcake named Imran Ahmed. Why would a British Muslim political operative live in Washington DC while pretending to be a social media expert? And why would he try to deplatform America citizens from American social media companies?

And what about one programmed to push for profit?  These very likely exist… -Dagny

If you ask a blue-voter why they are voting for Biden, they will say:


-2SLGBTQIA+ rights

Their entire political ideology revolves around murdering babies, and mutilating their genitalia if they happen to make it past the abortions.

Sounds kinda demonic… just sayin’.


Cognitive ability and party identity in the United States


Individuals who identify as Republican have greater probability knowledge

Individuals who identify as Republican have higher verbal reasoning ability

Individuals who identify as Republican have better question comprehension

Cognitive ability’s effect on party identity works through socio-economic position

While several states have dropped ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information Center formerly led by Democrat activist David Becker, the state of MI continues to pay ERIC, which is now chaired by Michigan’s Director of Elections Jonathan Brater, who was handpicked for the position by Jocelyn Benson, to “clean” its voter rolls. So far, ERIC has [intentionally?] failed miserably at that task, leaving all-volunteer groups like Check My Vote to find fake addresses, fake voters, dead voters, and voters who no longer live in the state and fighting to get them removed from the voter rolls.

The lawsuit states that MI SOS Benson and BOE Director Brater/ERIC chair have failed to meet the requirements outlined in section 8 of the NRVA, or National Voter Registration Act, which requires the states to maintain clean and accurate voter registration records.

In the prophecies by Julie Green, she has 2 prophecies regarding Benson (and Whitmer) in 2022.

"American phones were geolocated and TikTok users were locked out of the platform until they called their members of Congress. ByteDance weaponized the app against America, and that is exactly why the Congressman supports this measure."

When contacted about those allegations by the BBC, TikTok provided the statement: "With regards to users being locked out of the app until they called, that is false. All users had two methods for dismissing the notifications." 

US congressional offices have told the BBC they are being deluged with calls from TikTok users about legislation that could see the popular app banned.

Callers range from teenagers to the elderly, and most are "really confused and are calling because 'TikTok told me to'", one Republican staffer revealed.

A Democratic staffer said the most aggressive and threatening calls their office received came from adult women.

So far, TikTok's big mobilization appears to be backfiring.

Lawmakers and their staff say that the lobbying campaign has actually worsened the concerns they have about the app and its parent company ByteDance, and strengthened their resolve to pass the legislation.

TikTok is a Tailored, Mass Psychosis Delivery Platform

TikTok helps collect, learn, and improve the psychological profile of all users – their likes, dislikes, and can learn more through positive and negative reinforcement to fine tune the content flow to the TikTok user.  TikTok knows the trigger points of users.  What can send them into a frenzy, rage, and perhaps even violent action.  Personalities that are experiencing dysphoria on who they are is a prime target group for TikTok.  Those that can be triggered, with conditioning can become hyper triggered.  Social Justice Warriors, public school teachers, Non-Profits focused on grievance are a target rich environment for TikTok.  If someone is obsessed with ruminating over issues, TikTok knows how to spin them into the ceiling and over the edge.

Boeing Whistleblower Who Died Suspiciously Said This to His Friend Before His Death: ‘If Anything Happens to Me, It’s Not Suicide’ (VIDEO)

A former Boeing manager and whistleblower, John Barnett, had told a close friend days before his untimely death that if anything happened to him, it would not be suicide.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Barnett was found dead from what appeared to be a self-inflicted wound inside his car in a hotel parking lot shortly after testifying against the aerospace company.

Barnett had accused Boeing of neglecting safety concerns and retaliating against him for his disclosures.

The 62-year-old, who had a 32-year tenure with the company until his retirement in 2017, died on March 9 during a break from depositions in a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit.

...During a break from depositions in a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit.

Amazing. He got whacked while taking a break. The media did not widely report this detail since it would make the suicide determination not believable to normies. Charleston police apparently didn't believe it since they dusted his car for prints.

Remember back in 2020 there was a leaked list of 2 million CCP agents living in the US. 287 thousand of them were working at Boeing.

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