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Theft of a Nation

This is how safe & secure the 2020 election was in Georgia

Six sworn affidavits alleged Fulton County counted counterfeit ballots; (10s of thousands estimated.) The lawsuit is still ongoing.

Dropbox video surveillance representing 181,507 ballots destroyed in 102 counties

Improper Chain of Custody forms for 107,000 ballots statewide

Estimated Chain of Custody forms missing for 355,000 ballots statewide (Georgia Star)

86,860 voters in 2020 have false registration dates prior to 2017 but were not on the 2017 history file

Over 1.7 million original ballot images are lost or destroyed in 70 counties despite state, federal law

Just a few of the things @VoterGa found in Georgia

Going on now:

BREAKING: Late last night, Donald Trump and 18 other defendants were charged in Georgia in a sweeping 41-count indictment after they allegedly engaged in a "criminal enterprise" and "knowingly and willfully joined a conspiracy to unlawfully change the outcome of the election in favor of Trump."1

The indictment—which includes racketeering charges—also names Rudy Giuliani and Mark Meadows, Trump's former White House chief of staff, as criminal defendants.

-MoveOn in a plea for money to run ads about it...

That's why MoveOn is preparing to launch ads exposing Trump and his MAGA marionettes for attempting to undermine our democracy. And it's why MoveOn is running a campaign to disqualify Trump from running for office in 2024.

Critical information for investigating the Muskegon Michigan voter fraud in 2020 is being illegally withheld from public review. Investigating systemic voter fraud in the 2020 election in Muskegon requires examining the 8,000-12,000 likely-fraudulent voter applications submitted by Biden campaign-financed GBI Strategies in October 2020, but those files have been withheld from public review on the argument that they are part of an ‘ongoing investigation’ by law enforcement.

December 3rd, 2020 Brian Kemp went onto the Laura Ingraham show and called for a signature verification audit after a video surfaced showing people pulling boxes of ballets from underneath tables and counting them after hours with no election supervisors present which is illegal.

December 4th, 2020: Brian Kemp's family suffers tragedy as his daughter's boyfriend dies in a fiery car accident.

December 5th, 2020: Trump holds a rally in Georgia claiming that the election was stolen.

August 15, 2023: Kemp says the 2020 election was not stolen and there was no evidence of fraud.

So Kemp was on the verge of actually looking into fraud as damning videotapes basically forced him to consider it and then right as he was about to do so, this tragedy strikes…

“I called early on for a signature audit. Obviously, the Secretary of State, per the laws of the Constitution, would have to order that. He has not done that. I think it should be done. Especially after what we saw today. There needs to be transparency on that. Hopefully, in the next 24 hours, we’ll see a lot more.”

Comments in the Pooler Police Department social media page showed many citizens alleging that they heard a loud explosion.. Now what could that have been? This post has now been deleted.. I wonder why?

Here is the indictment:

Remember Ruby Freeman and her Suitcases and Confession in Georgia?

Georgia - 2020 President Election - Was it Stolen? Now that they’re going after Trump for “trying to Overturn the 2020… who is Ruby Freeman?

I heard Ruby Freeman & her daughter (her boss), were reportedly seen on videos that circulated with activity that was described as “scanning the same ballots” multiple times… Did this really happen? I don’t know. Here’s the video, you be the judge.

I heard There were also suitcases that were reportedly pulled out from under the tables once the other poll workers left during the 2020 presidential election. Is it real? I don’t know. Here’s the video, you be the judge.

I heard It was also reported that Ruby Freeman was heard on Cobb County Police Body Cam saying some pretty interesting stuff… is it true? I don’t know. Here’s the video, you be the judge.

I heard Ruby Also apparently posted videos of herself showing some interesting things. Why show this? I don’t know. Here’s the video, you be the judge. Is it true? I don’t know.

Here’s the video, you be the judge. [Ruby?] “And they was saying the count was low…BOOM under the table. Cut the zip ties to scan them so the number would go up, so that’s how the number was created.” “It is serious. It is deep. It is so real...the USB ports, I really would love to go live with that because the ballots is history...Now it’s the USB ports. So I need an attorney. I want to go live, I’ll go live on every platform because it is going to blow your mind.”

Part 1 Ruby Freeman on Police Body Cam?

Part 2 Ruby Freeman on Police Body Cam?

Ruby Freeman & Suitcases?

FYI, apparently in Michigan under AG Dana Nessel, you can turn in 10,000 fraudulent voter registrations and never be charged with a crime!

But dare to send an alternate slate of electors and you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

Michigan’s Lawless AG Dana Nessel’s Office FINALLY Responds To Cover-Up of MI State Police Report About Semi-Automatic Rifles and Guns with Silencers…But We Found These BIG HOLES in Her Response

The investigative piece published by the Gateway Pundit exposed the reality of how easily bombshell voter fraud investigations can be hidden from the public. It was entirely based on a Michigan State Police report that was FOIA’d by a concerned citizen after speaking with a friend who interviewed the lead investigator in the case, Michigan State Police Lieutenant Mike Anderson.

The stunning article can be found HERE.

California Law seeks to silence critics at School Board


Speaking to Tucker Carlson, Democratic Presidential challenger Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discussed the CIA involvement in the assassination of his uncle, John F. Kennedy, revealing names and details of the plot to kill the US President 1963.

The Cuba Station was “angry at my uncle for not sending in air cover during the Bay of Pigs invasion”, Kennedy said. “After the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, my uncle developed this friendship with Khrushchev, and he shut down all the attacks on Cuba by Alpha 66 and other groups who were harassing Cuba and sinking Russian ships. They were operating flotillas out of South Florida, and doing raids. My uncle (JFK) and father (RFK) sent the Coast Guard to confiscate their ships and weaponry and arrest those that kept doing it.” “Why not just admit it now? Why would Biden not declassify the documents?” related to the JFK assassination, Tucker asked. Tucker asked. “And why wouldn’t Trump” declassify the documents, RFK asked. “Because he was convinced by Mike Pompeo not to”, Tucker said.

“The JFK Assassinations Law required that all documents be released by 2017. Yet they refused. There are about 4000 (classified documents) left,” RFK said. “That suggests that there’s something big”, Tucker said. “It’s a fair assumption they’re not protecting individuals, they’re protecting institutional interests.”

“The dispute at that time was between the mob and the CIA”, Kennedy noted. “There was a lot of mob involvement. Johnny Roselli, Chicago boss Sam Giancana, Tampa boss Santo Trafficante and New Orleans boss Carlos Marcello were all involved. They all had casinos in Havana, and were working with the CIA to assassinate Castro. They had hitmen at their disposal and were training Cubans who were sharpshooters for (Cuban President Fulgencio) Batista.”

Kennedy had “talked to some of the hitmen involved”, he said, including Antonio Veciana, whose handler was David Atlee Phillips, who was also Lee Harvey Oswald’s handler. “So Veciana met Oswald in Dallas in September 1963. I’ve talked to the people who were working for the CIA and the mob at that time to kill Castro, and some of them were pivoted to this new project” of assassinating President John F. Kennedy, RFK Jr. said.

Twitter Defies Jack Smith

Newly released court documents reveal Special Counsel Jack Smith obtained a search warrant for former president Donald Trump’s Twitter account in January.

Twitter delayed compliance and did not fully produce the information requested on the “@realDonaldTrump” account until three days after the court’s deadline, leading a federal judge to hold Twitter in contempt and issue a $350,000 sanction, according to document revealed Tuesday.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia upheld the lower court’s decision in July.

The district court initially issued a nondisclosure order barring Twitter from notifying anyone about the warrant, which Twitter contested as a violation of the First Amendment and the Stored Communications Act.

Regarding the Hunter Special Prosecutor:

How stupid would I have to be to believe that Weiss is going to prosecute Hunter for the very crimes he just tried to give him blanket immunity from 2 weeks ago?

Talking about the works in an interview with New York magazine in 2012, Wiley said, “It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing.”

Maui Fires, Hawaii

  • Hawaii Government states their goal is to rebuild the entire island of Maui the first Smart Island

  • They want the entire island governed by AI, it’s outlined in the Hawaii digital summer of 2023

  • They plan to host this summer next month September 25, 2023 in Maui (what a coincidence!)

  • Last year in Maui there was a convention pushing Maui to go All Electric & pushing 15 Minute Smart Cities

  • Contact made last year to build high rise condo complex and business in Lahaina which is a historic town and couldn’t have any new development in this area BUT NOW ITS DEMOLISHED!! So now they have to rebuild… WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!

  • Now there’s a 12 MILE "MEDIA FREE ZONE" around Lahaina, Maui where the "wildfires" struck

  • The Maui Police Chief John Pelletier was also the Incident Commander during the Las Vegas mass shooting

  • Maui has the largest emergency alert siren system in the entire world, it didn’t activate the alarms

  • Schools were closed

  • The water system completely failed so people couldn’t keep the fires away from their homes (Water systems always fail when they burn down document storage facilities housing Wall Street court documents all the time)

  • Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carry, Will Smith, Julia Roberts & Billionaire Larry Ellison all didn’t have their mansions touched!


A strange series of fires have destroyed a historic town in Maui, Hawaii over the weekend, killing at least 96 people (with another 1,000+ still missing... ) and the Emperor simply said "no comment" as he cavorted on a Delaware beach. I'm shocked that anyone is still surprised by this. I mean, it's not like Hawaii is Ukraine, right?

Because of course, the Emperor (or his court, whatever) just asked Congress to rubber-stamp another $24 billion for the Nazis of Kiev. And they'll do it, because he tied it to pennies in relief for Maui and East Palestine, Ohio (what, you've forgotten about that one? The globalist media doing its job, heh). And that's the closest I'll get to commenting on US "politics," which is getting more kinetic by the day.

An economist at Heritage has calculated that the money Washington has so far sent to Kiev (just since February 2022, not counting the billions before) amounts to $900 out of every US household. As Ron Paul put it, "How many Americans would rather have those $900 dollars back in their pocket rather than in the pockets of Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, and Ukraine’s oligarchs?"

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