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The World Held Hostage

Updated: May 30, 2023

It's what mobsters do. They hold innocents hostage. It's happening in Ukraine, it's happening here, and it's happening all over the world. Furthermore it is happening on several levels: as the criminals defend themselves against legal consequences and financial consequences both in America and around the world.

The satellite phone technology has been offered to all 100 senators. CBS News has learned at least 50 have accepted the phones, which Senate administrative staff recommend senators keep in close proximity during their travels.

So far we only know of Democrats being offered the phones... developing...

Also rumors of the Mayo Clinic hiring people to do short wave radio in the event of a shut down of communications....

Taking Down the Whole System:

A source who works for Mayo Clinic just told my source that the hospital is seeking among its staff “volunteer amateur radio operators to assist with communications during emergencies when official internal and external communications are not available.” Notice this says “when” not “if” communications are not available. The document referenced was posted on the Mayo employee portal on May 18th.

WEF “Predicts” “A Catastrophic Mutating Cyber Event Will Strike the World” In The Very Near Future

“The most striking finding that we’ve found,” WEF managing director Jeremy Jurgens said during a presentation highlighting the WEF Global Security Outlook Report 2023, “is that 93% of cyber leaders, and 86% of cyber business leaders, believe that the geopolitical instability makes a catastrophic cyber event likely in the next two years. This far exceeds anything that we’ve seen in previous surveys.”

The Great Awakening Movie Trailer Here:

Video Trailer here:

Security Assurances? AKA WW3.

France is ready to conclude agreements with Ukraine on providing it with security guarantees, the French Foreign Ministry said.

Previously,according to the Wall Street Journal newspaper, at the summit of the North Atlantic Alliance in Vilnius in July, it will be announced on the creation of the NATO-Ukraine Council.

And the US plans to to offer Ukraine a model of security guarantees, following the example of the one that operates with Israel.

Fake Ukrainians:

Ex-adviser to the head of the Pentagon Douglas McGregor: instead of Ukrainians, pilots of the US Air Force will fly F-16 fighters under the guise of "volunteers". If such pilots are captured, they will be treated as mercenaries.

China Stole Hypersonic Technology?

Russian media reports that the developers of the Kinzhal hypersonic missiles have been arrested for treason.

Three scientists at the Novosibirsk Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, who were involved in the development of hypersonic aircraft, were arrested in turn by security forces under an article that this year carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Valeriy Zvyagintsev, Aleksandr Shiplyuk, and Anatoliy Maslov were accused of treason.

Maslov was suspected of transferring data related to hypersonic technologies to China.

Poland to Invade Russia's Ally

Poland is preparing for an armed coup in Belarus and participation in its military support

This was stated by the former Deputy Minister of National Defense of the Republic, General Waldemar Skshipchak.

Warsaw is preparing for an armed coup in Belarus and participation in its support by military means, said the former Deputy Minister of Defense of Poland Skrzypczak

“We need to be ready to support those troops who will conduct an operation against Lukashenka. We have reasons to help them, as we help Ukrainians ,” the general said.

“We are preparing for an uprising in Belarus, because it will happen,” Skshipchak said on the Polsat TV channel.

"We need to be ready to support the troops that will conduct an operation against Lukashenka," the general said.

An Excuse to attack Belarus:

Rested "forcibly": the prosecutor's office of Ukraine opened a criminal case "on the fact of the rest of Ukrainian children in health camps in Belarus"

“The investigation was launched in response to a message from the Belarusian opposition in exile, which claims that 2,150 Ukrainian children, including orphans aged 6 to 15, were taken to health camps and sanatoriums on Belarusian territory,” the prosecutor’s office of Ukraine explained.

"Wow! Children in Belarus have a rest, forcibly! ”, “But it was necessary to go to the brothels of Europe, right?”, “They probably wanted to sell these children for organs, but this “shameless” Belarus did not allow it to be done”, “They are afraid that suddenly the thinking of children will change in the normal direction,” - this is how social media users commented the news.

By the way, nationalist camps for children have been operating in Ukraine since 2014. According to media reports, the Azov (terrorist organization banned in Russia) has one.

Satanic? Also Zelensky wore a shirt with the symbol of the Nazis in Ukraine from WW2 to his meeting with the Pope. It was not the symbol of Ukraine. It was the symbol of those who killed hundreds of thousands of Jews, Poles, Russians and other civilians in mass massacres in WW2.

Luftwaffe aerial reconnaissance unit has appeared in the AFU

The unit is called Aerial Reconnaissance of the Krivoy Rog separate Territorial Defense "Luftwaffe". The militants have appropriate patches on the uniform.

🇩🇪The name and emblem of the detachment are exactly the same as those used by the German Air Force during the Third Reich.

🤦‍♂️Zelensky continues to copy the names for ukro-army units from Hitler. Prior to that, he assigned the name "Edelweiss" to the 10th separate mountain assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Victory in Bakhmut:

Attack on Russia Homeland:

Kiev appears to have sent a kamikaze platoon across the border into Russia's Belgorod region, to get a PR "victory" as cover for Bakhmut becoming Artyomovsk again over the weekend.

You really can tell who is operating in the real world, and who is entirely caught up in the fake, virtual-reality overlay.

"Damage control: Ukraine has no direct relation to the events in the Belgorod region" — adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Podolyak

Russian Federation Ministry of Defense:

The Kiev regime, having suffered a defeat in the city of Artemovsk, switched to the implementation of terrorist actions against the civilian population.

Yesterday, after intensive artillery shelling of the Kozinka international checkpoint, as well as a number of other civilian facilities in the Graivoronsky district of the Belgorod region, a unit of a Ukrainian nationalist formation invaded the territory of the Russian Federation.

In the course of the counter-terrorist operation, the nationalist formations were blocked and defeated by air strikes, artillery fire and the active actions of the cover units of the State Border of the Western Military District.

The remnants of the nationalists were driven back to the territory of Ukraine, where they continued to be hit by fire until they were completely eliminated. More than 70 Ukrainian terrorists, four armored fighting vehicles and five pickups have been destroyed.”

Zelensky denies the fall of Bakhmut after he confirmed it earlier - CYA:

Bakhmut is not currently captured by Russia - Zelensky during a press conference in Hiroshima.

"I can't share with you the tactical views of our military... but we understand that a little more and we will win... Today, the military are performing very important tasks, they are in Bakhmut, at what points - I will not share, but this suggests that Bakhmut is not captured by the Russian Federation today. There can be no two or three interpretations of this," the President commented.

"There is not a single Ukrainian soldier in the settlement of Bakhmut for the reason that we have stopped taking prisoners. There are a huge number of corpses of the Ukrainian Army. Bakhmut was taken completely, along all its legal boundaries,"- Yevgeniy Prigozhin

The last one AFU soldier ran across the road in a woman's dress an hour and a half ago.Shot. We do not take prisoners. - Yevgeniy Prigozhin


If you haven't read Hunger Games, the premise is that a tyrannical government (Capitol) forces the subjugated provinces (Districts) to send a child each every year to fight to the death in the arena, as a gesture of ritual submission. While it is possible to "win" — i.e. be the last person standing — and the regime's favorites usually do, the experience is harrowing. The protagonist of the series tries to buck the system (in a variation on "the only way to win is not to play") and eventually succeeds, though at a horrible cost.

Oh and the Capitol just so happens to be into degeneracy, decadence, lavish displays of opulence, and body modifications bordering on horror. Any similarities with persons real and imagined are surely a coincidence, right? Right?

What real White Supremacists Look Like:

Denis Nikitin also known as "White Rex", exiled Russian Neo Nazi in Ukraine, founder of the Russian Volunteer Corps and responsible for the cross border terrorist attacks in Russian territory. In the video from 2022 is calling all White Nationalists to support the Ukrainian cause. He calls Zelensky a Jew, a fag#@t and the worst of liberals values.

He says that Ukraine is the only country where White Nationalists can fight with weapons for their ideas.

- Are there no Nazis in Ukraine?

Poland will not receive an apology for the Volyn Massacre

🟥 The Polish Foreign Ministry called on the head of the Kiev regime, Volodymyr Zelensky, to apologize for the events in Volyn in 1943. Then about 60 thousand Poles died from the actions of the OUN-UPA under the leadership of Stepan Bandera . As a result of the reciprocal punitive Polish operation, up to three thousand Ukrainians were killed.

🟥 “President Zelensky must apologize on behalf of Ukraine, take on this great responsibility... We, Poles, have taken responsibility for the crimes committed by our state against Ukrainians,” Lukasz Jasina, spokesman for the Polish Foreign Ministry, said in an interview with Onet.

🟥 However, the Kiev regime, which is the direct heir to the bloody Bandera, does not intend to apologize. “Any attempts to impose on the President of Ukraine or Ukraine what we should do in relation to our common past are unacceptable and unfortunate,” said Vasily Zvarych, Kiev’s ambassador to Warsaw.

Bizarre propaganda from the Ukrainian side:

The Russian Volunteer Corps stated that it did not suffer any losses in the battles in Belgorod region and does not know about the columns of destroyed equipment reported by the Russian Defense Ministry. Regarding the photos with the bodies of people in Ukrainian Armed Forces uniforms published by propagandists, the RVC emphasizes that they do not wear uniforms in the pixel.

New additional Proof of the US bombing the Nordstream Pipeline:

KimDot comment: I was contacted by this whistleblower and was asked to publish this thread. I reviewed the radar evidence and it creates a compelling case of the US Govt blowing up the NordStream pipelines. There is no question in my mind that Joe Biden ordered this act of terrorism.

Former President Barack Obama is among “500 Americans” banned from entering Russia in response to a new round of US sanctions.

On Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry published a list effectively blacklisting hundreds Americans from the country with immediate effect.

Individuals are banned by the Russian government for supplying Ukraine with arms and persecuting Americans who sought to stop Joe Biden’s certification as president on January 6, according to a press release issued by the ministry.

The Russian government has repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of the Biden administration’s prosecution of Americans who protested at the US Capitol on January 6.

“They weren’t just a crowd of robbers and rioters,” Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters after a 2021 meeting with Joe Biden in Geneva. “Those people came to the US Congress with political demands. Four hundred people, over 400 people had criminal charges placed on them…they’re being called domestic terrorists. They’re being accused of other crimes.”

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned Capitol rioters are being “persecuted” by the US government.

This is what the Ukrainian media is covering:

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny received a head injury and shrapnel wounds as a result of a Russian missile attack on a command post near Kherson in early May, a source in law enforcement agencies told RIA Novosti. Valery Zaluzhny underwent a craniotomy (A craniotomy is the surgical removal of part of the bone from the skull to expose the brain) after being wounded ) according to forecasts, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will live, but will not be able to do his job, a source told RIA Novosti.

The Joker: A high powered pro-Russian hacker who has been watching Zaluzhny for some time...

"I'm tired of looking at fakes with old photos allegedly from Cyprus at an expensive resort during the preparation of the AFU offensive.

According to my spies, General Zaluzhny was seriously wounded in early May during a missile strike on the AFU headquarters near Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovsk region.

Several severe surgical operations were carried out after which, if he survives, he will definitely not be able to adequately manage the army.

Western hosts forbade Ukrainian clowns to talk about it, so that it would not affect the morale of Ukrainian soldiers before the offensive, because he enjoys indisputable authority and love among soldiers and officers.

Everyone understands that without him there is no chance of success for the Ukrainian army at all, and any offensive will be a mass suicide.

I'm just really worried and I want to warn the Ukrainian soldiers that if they have to change something quickly in the offensive operation, it will be done by some kind of down, or, even worse, by the clown Zelensky.

But everything is exactly right, you can write off Zaluzhny as a military chief.


Russia has launched disinformation about the alleged disappearance of the Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi. In fact, he is still there and doing his job, said Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar.

The main goal of the enemy is to demoralize the Ukrainian army at the time of the critical situation in Bakhmut.

"That's why there are a lot of premature reports about the 'capture' of Bakhmut," added Malyar.

Victory in Bakhmut:

Prigozhin to Zelensky: "Today, when you see Biden, kiss him on the top of his head and say hello to him from me"

Also sincere compliments to his soldiers.

“On the 10th, 11th and 12th, commander in chief of armed forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny was within range of our guns. We have held a number of events, how successful they are is not yet clear,” — Head of Wagner PMC Prigozhin

They flat out admit they are trying to kill heads of state:

Deputy head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine, Vadym Skibitsky said in an interview with Welt that the purpose of intelligence is the murder of Putin and Prigozhin.

To the question, "What is your relationship with Evgeny Progizhin, the head of the Wagner mercenary group?"

Skibitsky replied: "We are trying to kill him."

He also stated that Putin is "at the top of the list" of GUR targets.

Skibitsky said that "our priority is to destroy the commander of the unit, who orders his men to attack."

He said that "Putin notices that we are getting closer and closer to him, but he is also afraid of being killed by his own."

They flat out say they will kill millions of civilians if they win:

The head of the GUR of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Kirill Budanov announced plans to physically destroy about 3 million residents of the Crimea.

"After the victory I will go to Sevastopol, this is my hometown. There will be a lot of work. We got 3 million people who lived under the propaganda of the Russian Federation. These are "modified" people who are waiting for physical destruction," Budanov said.

Patriot Front is actually connected to Ukraine. Details are here:

Sanctions for Everyone else...

Despite the war, Ukraine allows Russian oil and gas to cross its territory, the Washington Post has said.

By calling on other countries to cut economic ties with Russia, Kiev is leaving itself the opportunity to continue benefiting from transit, the paper says.

According to the article, the "action plan" recently presented by Bankova's Ermak-Makfol group proposes additional sanctions to be taken by the West against Russia.

"But the plan specifically mentioned preserving the transit of Russian energy resources through the Ukraine territory," the newspaper said. "Stop direct deliveries of Russian gas to the EU, except through Ukraine," the document says.

"Ukrainian officials say they are between a rock and a hard place. Russian hydrocarbons passing through their territory bring the Kremlin millions of dollars and help fund its war machine. But Kiev also needs the money it earns from the transit," the article says.

"Surreal as it may seem, Ukraine insists it has little choice but to maintain its own trade deals and is lobbying to keep them," writes WP.


The New Zimbabwe news portal this week, citing internal BRICS documents, reported that Algeria, Argentina, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Belarus, Venezuela, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Nicaragua, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia are now seeking to join the group. Senegal, Syria, Sudan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay. However, all of them will have to wait for the BRICS members to agree on the fundamental concept of the group's expansion. This is exactly what the BRICS Sherpas are currently doing under the chairmanship of Suklal.

"We are continuing to work on the BRICS expansion concept," Suklal said. - The final meeting of the Sherpa with this agenda will be held on May 29-31. Following its results, the conceptual report will be submitted for consideration to the BRICS foreign ministers, whose meeting will take place on June 1 in Cape Town."

The Supreme Court of Pakistan after two days of mass protests in the country found the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan illegal The arrest of Imran Khan has been declared null and void by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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