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The Twilight Zone

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Pleased to present, for your consideration, an illusion of the world intentionally created to be the exact opposite of what it really is:

In a world of trusting and basically good souls the goal of the fraudster or con artist is to make things appear to be very different from the reality. Good appears bad, honest appears crooked, and love appears hate. This allows the con artist to control his mark like a puppet - hating the intended thing and ultimately attacking against the wrong thing.

While con artists have been doing this to mankind for centuries, it is only now that it is being supercharged by information technology giving rise to the Tech Tyrants and myriad others.

Some paradox cases in point:

Anti-Women Feminists

Women in sports strive to become the most physically successful people they can be and are celebrated for it - until the left pushed "transexual rights" into women's sports. The result is that nearly no biological woman can henceforth win any physical sports contest. All sports awards in the future are not for biological women, but are reserved for men masquerading as women, assuring a physical glass ceiling few real women can pass. The civil rights establishment who has been trusted to fight for the advancement and celebration of women has assured the ignominious defeat of women.

Losing the Election by Winning the Election

The illusory President of the Untied States, Joe Biden, who supposedly won a record number of votes, is in reality a feeble old man who has a long and well known history of child and women molestation as well as accepting bribes from foreign adversaries. He is a dirty old man who was unable even to campaign, instead largely hiding in his basement during the campaign because his feeble mindedness caused him to say embarassiong things every time he was allowed to talk to the press. They want us to believe this guy won the election with record numbers.

A Leader who Follows

In a video appearance Joe Biden, supposed leader of the free world humbly admits he doesn't know what he is supposed to do and says he will do whatever he is told he is supposed to do from some unseen woman off stage. The ultimate dominant leader of the free world is in reality the ultimate meek, mindless, and submissive follower.

Unjust Justice

The Supreme Court was trusted to be the ultimate guardian of the Constitution and the rule of law. Yet in reality when the ultimate challenge to the rule of law arose - massive voter fraud allowing the criminal takeover of the federal government - they refused to act. The ultimate defenders of the Constitution turned out to be the ultimate executioners of it.

Malign Medicine

The medical establishment, tasked with protecting, preserving and promoting human survival through humane care of the sick, the young, and the elderly has been trusted for centuries. People in white coats with important medical degrees have been relied upon to give advice and people were supposed to do as "doctors recommend". In reality it was the American medical establishment that funded the dangerous creation of the COVID virus. When the virus was released causing a pandemic, the safe, inexpensive, and effective medicines (HCQ and Ivermectin with antibiotic and Zn) were disparaged, and even banned from use resulting in literally hundreds of thousands of deaths, massive disruption of the economic systems that sustain human life, and massive misery for mankind. This is the exact opposite of that the medical establishment was trusted to do.

Unscientific Science

The academic scientific establishment has been trusted to discover and tell the truth about how the world actually works - advancing the frontier of knowledge for all mankind. For decades the scientific establishment backed the hoax theory of anthropogenic global warming. The scientific method is an inherently error correcting way to go about science, yet the scientific method itself was not followed. The scientific establishment rejected any evidence or theories contradicting the global warming doctrine. The scientific process was replaced by something resembling The Inquisition with dissenters labeled heretics and "deniers", and their work was ruthlessly censored. Thus the ultimate standard of scientific truth was made into the ultimate betrayer and faker of scientific truth.

Fake News

The Evening News from dominant media, who were relied upon to report the truth to the world fulfilling the trustworthy image and promise of Walter Cronkite, ended up presenting blatant lies as fact repeatedly and were unable to be corrected by any evidence. When challenged they engaged in massive censorship. Thus the source of truth became not only a source of lies, but an active censor and killer of truth.

Immoral Morality

The Catholic Church that presented itself as God's word on Earth and the ultimate standard and source of morality in the world turned out to in reality be populated by an army of child molesters and homosexuals. Its leader, the Pope, pushed for communism in every possible way - fighting against America and freedom itself. A global institution of morality was in reality a global institution engaged in massive immorality.

Criminal Law Enforcement

We have relied on law enforcement and federal agencies to investigate crimes and reveal "the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth". The FBI has been run by directors that brazenly lie, cover up wrong doing, and act as protection for criminal organizations. The federal agencies entrusted with protecting the public from criminals has itself become criminal.

Evil Niceness

The ultimate Mr. Nice of Hollywood, Tom Hanks, who has played a slew of nice guys including the ultimate nice guy Mr. Rodgers is in reality a child molester, and possibly much worse.

Racist Anti-racism

The ultimate friendly black guy Barack Obama was made President for two terms. It was logically presumed that this proves the voters are not racist. In spite of this implicit promise of racial absolution for the white voters, they were given an ever increasing damnation of "the white man's burden" repeatedly pushing "restitution" and formally establishing systemic racial discrimination. The cure for racism and the proof racism is dead actually moved America toward more racism.

The Male Lady

The First Lady, Michelle Obama, a role model for women and the feminine side of the presidency, is in realty a transexual who was born Michael Robinson, and who still has the male genitalia. Glamorized in every major publication as the ultimate woman, this person is in private making a mockery of womanhood - even faking motherhood and pretending to have given birth twice. In contrast the gracious and beautiful genuine woman Melania Trump is disparaged by the press almost uniformly. A man must be called a woman if he calls himself a woman. A woman must be called a man if she calls herself a man. In short - anyone can "identify" as anything and must be treated as such no matter how absurd or out of touch with physical reality.

There are other examples. The common thread in all of these is the execution of a con game on the public - pretending to be one thing, actually being the opposite, and using that position of control of the illusion to gain power over the public and the public purse.

The con is camouflage. Much like viruses that coat them selves in a cloak of inert lipids to evade detection by the immune system, the con men and women camouflage themselves ro appear to be exactly the opposite from what they really are.

These do not apply to everyone, but they do apply to those that have taken control of the establishment:

The medical establishment promotes illness and misery.

The law enforcement agencies violate the law and protect only the criminals.

The science academics lie about the scientific truth and persecute those scientists who dissent.

The establishment church provides a facade of morality to shield and absolve the guilty.

The Supreme Court abolishes the Constitution.

The legacy news provides false information.

The person we are pressured to treat as president didn't win the election.

A person's gender is whatever a person claims it is.

A person is racist if anyone claims they are racist.

Our First Lady Michelle wasn't even a lady.

The current "leader of the free world" is the ultimate follower: a submissive and perverted dirty old man.

Every institution we have trusted the most has been co-opted and used as a tool of fraud. Black is white, up is down and in is out.

Why does virtually everything appear to be the opposite of what it really is?

The con jobs transcend political parties, cross national borders, and it is the ultimate cause of this strange Twilight Zone of inversion we are living in.

If we wish to be freed from these cons, we must first recognize the roots of the con and expose it for what it is. It is a criminal enterprise - a confidence racket run by con men and women.

If they can take away your connection to reality and substitute it with their own - their narrative - then they can essentially be a puppeteer of your reality and of you. Whatever they want, your self respect, your honor, your ability to work and create, your life, your very sexuality and relationships, become pawns in their hands.

For this reason it is important to keep in touch with reality - the physical things in life. Growing food, making things, real genuine friends as opposed to the synthetic ones in a glowing rectangle... Hold fast to what is real and physical and personal.

There are honest good people in the world. There are good doctors and good scientists and real reporters of real news.

There are also con artists who weave illusions to ensnare people. Hollywood and the Tech Tyrants are clearly in the second group. They are not your friends. They seek to be your masters.

Over the centuries the con games have gone on but only now are the illusions created and supercharged with the assistance of information technology.

It is a general rule that every malign entity presents the seeds of its own destruction. Thus the same information technology that has been wielded to create global scale con-jobs can also be used to expose and fight the con-jobs.

How do you stop a con? There are two ways to stop it just as there are two ways to steal and enslave people:

Physical Force and Information Force

AKA first

By using information technology to recognize the con, call it what it is, and deal with the cons as criminal acts of fraud, we can fight it.

This world of illusions has been an inevitable consequence of the development of information technology. It is a stage in the Ascent of Man (as Jacob Bronowski would put it).

The demise of the great cons may also be an inevitable consequence of this technology as we use it to fight and expose the cons. 1 st amendment

The other approach is to use physical force to shut down the apparatus of deception: Seize, silence and sequester the perpetrators and their apparatus of communication.

It is ironic that the conservatives are primarily the ones who have been collecting guns and ammunition, yet conservatives are also the ones who value law and order, the military, and law enforcement (back the blue). We expect the law enforcement to do its job and maintain order. We are not mobs like some liberal groups are - who harm innocent people's homes and lives in riots. That's not us and it's not what we do.

If law enforcement completely fails then we are the ones who do it ourselves - guarding our homes and businesses with our second amendment.

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