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The Sound of Silence

As you probably have heard - the Leftists have been colluding to silence any thoughts different from theirs. Classic Totalitarians!

Last week Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Shopify, Twitch, etc. banned the President of the United States from using their platforms.

Twitter says you are no longer allowed to question the regime. Questioning the fraudulent election will not be tolerated. So what if Pennsylvania had 200,000 more votes than voters. You are not allowed to question results. Dissent is not allowed. Twitter bans tweet questioning fraud in the election.

Twitter has now banned 4.5 million accounts.

Facebook is now taking down any content with the phrase “Stop the steal” from their platform. However, the anti-Trump group “Not My President” is still active after four years.

Twitter banished millions of accounts, people switched to Parler, and then Parler was taken down by Amazon since they use Amazon servers. Parler is working hard to set up their own servers asap.

Parler is also suing Amazon for breach of contract.

Parler on Monday filed a lawsuit against Amazon for anti-trust violations, breach of contract and unlawful business interferences and asked a federal judge to immediately reinstate their platform.

“AWS’s decision to effectively terminate Parler’s account is apparently motivated by political animus,” the lawsuit reads. “It is also apparently designed to reduce competition in the microblogging services market to the benefit of Twitter.”

Cumulus Media, one of America's largest talk-radio companies, tells its hosts - including conservatives Mark Levin and Dan Bongino - they will be fired if they don't stop claiming election fraud.

Cumulus Media is the second-largest radio station operator in America

The company owns Westwood One, which hosts prominent talk radio programs

Conservative hosts at Cumulus include Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, Dan Bongino

There are reports of censorship are too numerous to mention but can be found here:

Meanwhile Pompeo tested out Voice of America as a Leftist-jam-proof means to contact people. His speech boiled down to the sauce was:

If people know the truth then President Trump will remain President,

Shining the light into the dark,

China is the enemy, and

China has done terrible things to its own people.

Andrew Torba the Heroic CEO of Gab gabs:

"Legacy media: you told us to "build our own platform."

We did.

You spent 4 years calling us "nazis" for doing it.

Now you want to talk?

I don't think so.

We have our own blog.

We have our own YouTube for video.

We have our own platform for distribution.

Enjoy the show."

If you are a Trump supporter these communists are coming for you online.

This is a digital holocaust of conservatives, Christians, and anyone who dares dissent from the communist oligarch regime.

Remember the Holodomor because that is what comes next.

Keep the faith.

In the coming weeks the press will dig up old tweets and Gab posts of mine. So I’ll just say this in advance: I apologize for absolutely nothing and regret none of it. I own it all and this is the right response when these demons do digging. Who I was years ago made me who I am today. I’ve learned, loved, and grown.

I won’t apologize for that.

Join Gab at

They are also making a Gab-phone so that Android (Google) and iPhones (Apple) can't silence you. They also have a browser called Dissenter.

Gab’s Statement on Apple and Google’s Tyranny:

If your business is built on the backs of Silicon Valley tyrants (Apple, Google, et al) they can and will attempt to destroy you if and when you become a threat to their interests.

They did this to Gab. Then Fortnite. Now Parler.

Terrible content of all kinds is available on Twitter and Facebook. Everyone on the planet knows this fact. Yet both companies are on both App Stores.

Apple banning Parler is not the neutral implementation of some objective standard, but rather a cynical, politically motivated gesture and evidence of Silicon Valley elites’ disdain for ordinary Americans.

The solution, as always, is not government. It is to build your own. People mock this meme, but Gab lives it. While others whine, we build.

Note: Rumor as of tonight is that Cloudflare had taken down Gab, but they should manage a workaround. Gab also has been struggling to get more servers online.

More people were probably there than they admitted:

"3 million of us. Gathered with about 3 weeks notice. Such a turnout in such a short period of time is literally unheard of. And he did it with a tweet. That's why Twitter is panicking."

"So, I had the great fortune of running into a rally organizer while I was in DC on the 6th. While he was not running this particular rally, he had ran many events over the past 20 years, and did have friends that were organizing this event. He was literally texting with them back and forth while we were waiting for Trump to come out (before the cell signal got spotty).

He was an older gentleman, and offered me a lot of insight. One way that they count the attendance of an event is based on how many blocks it fills in DC. When we were at the Capitol building, he told me that that front lawn could hold 75,000 people. He also told me that from the end of the reflecting pool, if it filled all the way back to the monument, that was 1-2 million people. And each block beyond that is another 500,000. He estimated, based on crowd size, that there was at least 3 million people there.

While he was not running the event, he said that one of the reasons he came out is because he wanted to analyze this new strategy of crowd deployment. Utilizing social media to reach viewers never thought possible.

He told me to get a crowd of about a million people typically takes about 18 months of planning, and that he was amazed that such a massive crowd was drawn to DC in such a short period of time.

He also stated that in all of his years working in DC, he has never seen this many people.

I've yet to see any reports on the crowd size. Other than some articles saying a few 100 thousand were at the Capitol."

From Patrick Byrne:

This is the “Italian Job” And it is real. There’s already someone sitting in prison in Italy having pled guilty to doing precisely what Americans are now told is a thoughtcrime to believe. BREAKING: Video of Supreme Court of Italy legal counsel testifying under oath about interference in 2020 election. Further to my earlier tweet of the Prof D’urso Affidavit, the following verbal statement has just been uploaded:

Update on Georgia ballots: DHS had been trying to move forward this week. Two days ago FBI jumped in claiming jurisdiction. Yesterday 3 PM FBI took control of shredding truck and materials, directed they be returned to shredding operation and the shredding job completed.

Re-tweet: In less than 12 months they closed our businesses, forced us to wear muzzles, kept us from our families, killed off our sports, burned down our cities, forcibly seized power, and shut down our speech. Then they accused *us* of the coup.

A BLM leader was next to the woman who was shot and killed. He was flown in and also had busses of BLM thugs sent to crash the Stop the Steal DC rally. Caught red handed, but he was never charged.

Earlier this week CNN interviewed John Sullivan from Utah after the shooting death of Ashli Babbit by Capitol Hill police. John Sullivan, a noted leftist leader from Utah, stormed the US Capitol with fellow activists on Wednesday. He was near Ashli Babbit when she was killed by Capitol police.

In August John Sullivan threatened to “rip President Trump from the White House” during violence in Washington DC. Sullivan was flown to DC for the protests.

On Friday investigative journalist Millie Weaver ran into John Sullivan in Washington DC.

She overheard him say he was not being charged.

As we reported earlier — and from Millie Weaver — John Sullivan organized a BLM-Antifa event at the Washington Memorial on Wednesday, January 6th.— then he was seen storming the US Capitol!

John Sullivan tweeted about BLM buses in DC during the “Stop the Steal” rally. So BLM sent in busses of radicals for the Stop the Steal rally.

Alternatives to Totalitarian Media

With the current media purge of conservative, libertarian, independent, and non-establishment voices in high gear, we thought it would be beneficial to list some of the alternatives to each globalist media platform. This does not constitute official endorsements and this list is by no means exhaustive.


Gab. https://gab.comNote their servers are struggling to keep up. Their servers are struggling to keep up. It will improve.

Parler: Parler is a Twitter clone run by free-speech advocates. Last night, Amazon removed Parler from its servers. They are now being sued by Parler who claims their decision to remove the free speech company from their servers was politically motivated. Dan Bongino, an investor in Parler, says it will be up again within a day on different servers.



Clouthub: It is owned by a conservative. According to its website, CloutHub is a non-biased platform. We support free speech and protect your privacy. We don’t data-mine, track, or sell user data. We don’t suppress your reach or manipulate what you get to see. We empower our members to influence the issues they care about.


Signal: Signal is highly recommended and is considered the safest texting app. Signal is encrypted with other Signal users. In addition, it has some other functionality and seems to allow larger file transfers than normal texts. It also has a desktop version to make texting easy from pc to phone.

Signal also can encrypt your texts and your phone calls, including video!

Dagny here: We use Signal. Snowden and Elon Musk also recommend Signal.

Telegram Messenger: Telegram offers end-to-end encryption of chats and a range of features beyond that of Facebook Messenger that foster community growth and large file uploads. However, it must be noted that some people believe it has connections to Russia. Also, Telegram’s best encryption is opt-in and not automatic, meaning you must specifically select ‘secret encrypted chat’ in order to get the most secure communication. It also has a desktop version to make texting easy from pc to phone.

Discord: Is not especially encrypted, but offers communities and servers that are not part of Facebook. It also has a desktop version to make texting easy from pc to phone.







Duck Duck Go: A search engine that does not seem to censor or manipulate search engine results like Google. Unlike Google, it also says it doesn’t store your data, as Google does. Try searching for political stories on DuckDuckGo vs. Google. You will see a difference in them, as well as non-political stories which are also manipulated by google.


Brave Browser: Brave boasts that it is “three times faster than Chrome. Better privacy by default than Firefox. Uses 35% less battery on mobile.” It also supports Tor browser on its desktop app, which helps protect you from the prying eyes of the sites you visit. Its Brave content community is funded via Basic Attention crypto tokens and opt-in ads. These tokens can be purchased on crypto exchanges or gained by choosing to view ads. This is what sustains the Brave business rather than harvesting and theft of all your user data. These tokens can also be given, if the user chooses, to content creators on websites they like. Unlike Google, Brave also says it doesn’t store any of your data.


One America News

New Tang Dynasty

Right Side Broadcasting Network

Epoch Times (Semi-Paid)

Blaze TV (Paid)

Real America’s Voice/War Room Pandemic

(Newsmax is controlled opposition and have been part of the Clinton protection system for many years. The give good info until they don't. Not to be trusted.)

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