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The Edge of Civil War

30 second message from Trump:

"Biden is not only stupid and incompetent, I think he's completely crazy. He is a raving madman with his extremely dangerous open border policies, using federal agencies as political weapons. He is a mental disaster that is leading our country to hell. Because of him, World War III will begin. For no reason."

Coincidence: The storm over Iowa looked a lot like Trump hair on a Pepe frog.

Short and worth a listen:

Lynn Rothchild exposed:

Worth a listen as Dershowitz tells how Rothchild was apparently behind Epstein:

To mark this tragic anniversary, The Gateway Pundit spoke with Jake and obtained exclusive statements from inside the ‘freezing’ DC Jail solitary confinement cell, aka ‘The Hole’ where Jake has been for 4 months.

Jake told TGP, “It’s bitterly cold today in Washington DC, and for some reason, the sadists who run the Gulag have decided to pump freezing cold air into our cells in the hole. Yes – the AC is on for some cruel reason. It reminds me of 4 Januarys ago, when I had my last walk as a free man, on that cold January morning when I was surrounded by the FBI at gunpoint, walking back from Church – before Joe Biden was even installed as President.”

TRUMP: "China had a crash yesterday in their stock market.  You know why? Because I won Iowa."


Outrageous facts have come to light about the murder of journalist Gonzalo Lira: The American, who was tortured to death in SIZO, a Kiev pre-trial detention center in a special wing controlled by the SBU, was the victim of extortionists. SIZO employees and an SBU agent extorted $250,000 from Gonzalo for a change of preventive treatment. The vice-consul of the US embassy, who dealt with the problems of Lira, knew about the blackmail and twice wrote a statement to the SBU and the OP. As a result, the extortionists began demanding $500,000 for Lira’s transfer at his own expense.

The money was to be transferred in cryptocurrency to the SBU agent’s bank.

Three days after the increase in rates, Gonzalo called his lawyer, but before the lawyer got there, he was killed. An ambulance crew found that he had died of cardiac arrest, with multiple burns from stun guns. The US embassy is silent, Zelensky’s office is silent, the Ukrainian security service is ready to pay for the delivery of the body to Poland, and that’s it. Curtain closed.

This is an epic blast at the daughter of John McCain - who was guilty of all the things mentioned...

John McCain also consorted with ISIS. He spend his birthday on the yacht of a organized crime mobster. He was a really bad guy, yet was the Republican nominee to be president.

Putin has called out The Most Legitimatest Election Ever (TM) as "falsified" due to mail-in ballots, answering a question about the legitimacy of in-person voting in Russia.

“It’s probably possible to falsify anything. Just like the previous elections in the US were falsified through voting by mail. Well, it’s clear what voting by mail is. They bought ballots for $10, wrote them in, and without any supervision from observers, tossed them into mailboxes. And there you go,” he told a gathering of municipal educators in Moscow. 

He also defined democracy as "when people express their will." 

But of course, in Our Democracy, the people's will is whatever the Party says it is, and a “well-funded cabal of powerful people” needs to “fortify” the election by “working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information” (per that TIME magazine article written by Nancy Pelosi's biographer in February 2021). 

But that's totally different, and you wouldn't understand (wink-wink, nudge-nudge).

Scientists in China have created a new mutant COVID-19 strain unleashing a 100% kill streak in "humanized" mice. All infected mice died within eight days, a death rate the researchers described as surprisingly fast.

Gain of function continues in China and most likely funded by your tax dollars. 

Is this “Disease X?”

More from the New York Post:

In a Wuhan-esque study, Chinese scientists are experimenting with a mutant COVID-19 strain that has a 100% kill streak in “humanized” mice.The deadly virus — known as GX_P2V — attacked the brains of mice that were engineered to reflect similar genetic makeup to people, according to a study shared last week out of Beijing.“This underscores a spillover risk of GX_P2V into humans and provides a unique model for understanding the pathogenic mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2-related viruses,” the authors wrote.The deadly virus is a mutated version of GX/2017, a coronavirus cousin that was reportedly discovered in Malaysian pangolins in 2017 — three years before the pandemic.All the mice that were infected with the virus died within just eight days, which researchers noted was a “surprisingly” rapid death rate.

New Medicare data makes it clear that the COVID vaccines have killed millions of people worldwide -- (Also Flu jabs) --

How can the CDC ignore their own gold-standard data? The data shows the COVID vaccines were a huge failure and increased all-cause mortality. -(Steve Kirsch)-

This is yet another hard-hitting piece from Kirsch, using the government's own data, showing that the COVID shots are killing people while showing no benefit. Further, COVID itself hasn't been killing people in significant numbers since early 2022, so there is NO rationale for the shots even if they worked. Charts, graphs, analysis. In a sane world, this article alone would be enough to stop the COVID jab money-grab in its tracks.

Speaking of useless and deadly injections, the FLU VACCINES are also ineffective and deadly, although far less dangerous than the COVID jabs:

The flu vaccines have a “Day 0” mortality rate that exceeds the “1 excess death per M doses” criteria for a safe vaccine. The flu vaccines are clearly unsafe and should be immediately pulled from the market. Flu vaccines also have no hospitalization benefit whatsoever as was pointed out in a JAMA paper published in April 2023. The flu shots simply kill people for no benefit. The data is in plain sight for all to see.

This is all you need to know about the "unexplained" surge in sudden deaths:

"If the sudden deaths we're seeing were occurring in the unvaccinated, this would be on every news channel 24/7. But it's not."

"The employed of our country are dropping dead and getting disabled at a rate that is beyond the general population. I blame the vaccines. If it's not that, then what is it? And why aren't we talking about it?"

— Edward Dowd

So most kids have had measles vaccines. Kids coming over the border for decades brought measles and scabies etc when I lived in Commiefornia. No one in school got it because kids were vaccinated. Who wants to bet no one in DC will get it?

But isn't everyone vaccinated with MMR?  dosen't that mean that we are completely protected against the measles?

We truly couldn't have made up a worse script if we tried

Farmers Strike back:

Farmers from many neighboring countries joined strikes, demonstrations and road blockades in Germany

It is reported that at least a hundred tractors and trucks from Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Holland arrived this weekend...

Rabbi Yosef Rosenberg delivered a poignant message.

Addressing the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza, he condemned Israel's military operations, which have led to over 23,210 civilian casualties, predominantly women and children.

Israeli soldiers make jokes while filming the destruction caused in Gaza by 3 months of bombardments.

More crazy talk from Zelensky:

Ukraine will never have enough people to mobilize - Zelensky

"We are fighting against Russia, which does not count people. And it can mobilize its people because it mobilizes corpses. You see, they know that they mobilize corpses. They mobilize meat. They don’t care whether this person returns or not. But we do care".

Kissing up to Raytheon:

Effusive praise here:

The American Peregrine spacecraft, which was supposed to deliver the Ukrainian flag to the Moon, is heading towards Earth and will burn up in the atmosphere, the manufacturing company Asrobotic reported.


“Ukraine will lose, and who will be purged? The Nazis and Banderites. The rest will live the same as before” - Arestovich continues to follow the path of truth.

Firstly, he openly says that in Ukraine there are Nazis and Banderites, and secondly, he admits that all the horror stories about “Russia’s goal is to grind Ukraine into powder” are nonsense invented by these same Nazis and Banderites. Some of which are on powder🤫

See link for more...

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard deployed in Yemen

Commanders and advisors from Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are on the ground in Yemen and playing a direct role in Houthi rebel attacks on commercial traffic in the Red Sea.

The IRGC has stationed missile and drone trainers and operators in Yemen, as well as personnel providing tactical intelligence support to the Houthis, U.S. and Middle East officials told Semafor. The IRGC, through its overseas Qods Force, has also overseen the transfer to the Houthis of the attack drones, cruise missiles, and medium-range ballistic missiles used in a string of strikes on Red Sea and Israeli targets in recent weeks, these officials said.

After arriving in Idlib at the militant camp. Iranian sources say that the missile launched from southwest Iran traveled 1,200 kilometers and hit the target.

Iranian missiles need to cover approximately the same distance to strike Israel.

So here is also a clear demonstration of the possibilities.

This is odd.... What does it mean?

The People's Audit identified nearly a million undeliverable as addressed (UAA) registrants since we started tracking them in 2022.

We ranked the counties best vs worst by their volume of UAA voters and sent every county official in FL a list of their UAA registrations.

We then disseminated that information to patriots in those counties and they found even more suspicious registrants packed into RV camps, yacht clubs and Government buildings.

But the best is the latest report that finds Red Belly Rd address flippers the moment they happen. 

Last month was the first time we saw ZERO address flips state wide. Funny how that stopped the moment the counties found out we had a report tracking it.


The People's Audit has already analyzed the 18 MILLION registrants there and we are fixin to do some cleaning there too.

If you want to support the cause directly for Texas, you can donate here and get your funds earmarked to help there.

She goes on with this a long time...

CBS News reports Johnson County Iowa Caucus precinct “ran out” of party-switch forms after Democrats overwhelmed precinct to vote as “Republicans” for Nikki Haley, causing Haley to win by ONE vote.

Clandestine on the Primary:

Why did it all go wrong for DeSantis?

Because the DeSantis campaign was not about what RDS can do, it was about attacking Trump and being the only alternative.

They never spent any time building DeSantis up. They allocated all their resources to smearing Trump, attacking his supporters, and being downright insufferable. An astonishing level of unjustified hubris.

They were banking on Trump being pulled off the ballot, thrown in jail, assassinated, etc. They never stood on the merit of their candidate.

This strategy doesn’t instill hope or motivate people to climb aboard. It’s the same strategy the Dems use. Nobody is a Biden fan, they just hate Trump. Same with DeSantis. His supporters don’t know a single thing DeSantis brings to the table, other than the fact that he’s NOT Trump.

Sooner or later, these people will have to realize, Trump is not just a candidate. He is the face of a revolutionary movement against a failed and corrupt system. He is the manifestation of The People’s resistance to tyranny.

Trump instills hope. DeSantis, Haley, and the Dems, only instill hatred and vitriol. This is the difference between us. This is the difference between another election and a revolution.

Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same.

Rep. Dean Phillips, Elon Musk, and Bill Ackman discuss the Democrat Party not allowing other Democrats to run against President Biden in the primary election. The Democrat Party has declared President Biden the winner without any debates or votes cast.


: "Democrats in the State of Florida and North Carolina have literally decided that Joe Biden won the primary. There need not be a competition. And they will submit his name and all the delegates to the convention in Chicago next year without even an election. Democrats have no chance to vote."


: "I'm against anything that undermines the democratic process, and certainly, getting viable candidates removed from ballots is taking that decision away from the public, which is fundamentally anti-democratic."


: "It's an embarrassment to our country, and I'm ashamed... As Biden falls further and further behind in the polls as his health and cognitive health obviously deteriorate, I think there's got to be grave concern. No one wants to say the emperor has no clothes."


: "The coronation of a candidate, in this case Joe Biden, who is unelectable. Every single poll. His approval number, intuition, we all know why. The coronation of a candidate is exactly the opposite, is antithetical to what this country was founded on." The Democrat Party is taking out the top Republican candidate and refusing to allow other Democrats to run for president. All while the corporate media claims the Democrat Party is "defending democracy."

Timely movie or Movie Time:

Science as Religion

“The intentions of the cybernetic totalist tribe are good. They are simply following a path that was blazed in earlier times by well-meaning Freudians and Marxists - and I don't mean that in a pejorative way. I'm thinking of the earliest incarnations of Marxism, for instance, before Stalinism and Maoism killed millions.

Movements associated with Freud and Marx both claimed foundations in rationality and the scientific understanding of the world. Both perceived themselves to be at war with the weird, manipulative fantasies of religions. And yet both invented their own fantasies that were just as weird.

The same thing is happening again. A self-proclaimed materialist movement that attempts to base itself on science starts to look like a religion rather quickly. It soon presents its own eschatology and its own revelations about what is really going on - portentous events that no one but the initiated can appreciate. The Singularity and the noosphere, the idea that a collective consciousness emerges from all the users on the web, echo Marxist social determinism and Freud's calculus of perversions. We rush ahead of skeptical, scientific inquiry at our peril, just like the Marxists and Freudians.” 

― Jaron Lanier, You Are Not a Gadget

Big List of Lies

Courtesy of 'BigCumulusClouds' over on ZeroHedge:-

  1. They lied about Russia Collusion

  2. They lied to start the Ukraine War

2.1) They lied about US role in carrying out 2014 Ukraine coup d’etat while Putin/Russia was hosting Winter Games

  1. They lied about LHO killing JFK — see Judyth Baker, “Me and Lee” and James Douglas, “Unspeakable”

  2. They lied about Covid 19 being contagious and harmful

  3. They lied to get lockdowns

  4. They lied about reason for wearing face masks and their effectiveness

  5. They lied about vaccine safety and autism

8- They lied about Ivermectin

  1. They lied about Hydroxychloroquine

  2. They lied FBI role in about Twitter Censorship

  3. They lied about the Steele’s (now fake) Dossier

  4. They lied about the 2020 Election results in numerous states

  5. They lied about polio being contagious — see Maready, “The Moth and the Iron Lung”

  6. They lied about Hunter's Laptop

  7. They lied about Hillary's Emails

  8. They lied about the FBI/CIA spying on your social media

  9. They lied about Operation Fast & Furious

  10. They lied about school shootings like Sandy Hook — see Fetzer, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”; “From Orlando to Dallas and Beyond”; “The Parkland Puzzle”

  11. They lied about Al queda doing 9/11

  12. They lied about Iraq having WMDs

  13. They lied about PizzaGate

  14. They lied about Child sex Trafficking

  15. They lied about Epstein’s pedo Island

  16. They lied about The Patriot Act

  17. They lied about Global War on Terror

  18. They lied about Southern Border

  19. They lied about Fed’s role in Jan. 6th event

  20. They lied about Tonkin Gulf incident to start Vietnam war

  21. They lied about Watergate (it was orchestrated by CIA — see Phil Stanford, “White House Call Girl”

  22. They lied about Mary Pinchot Meyer’s killer (CIA murdered her 11 months after JFK — see Janey, “Mary’s Mosaic”)

  23. They lied about killing RFK

  24. They lied about killing MLK, Jr.

  25. They lied about Benghazi

  26. They lied about not restoring drug trade in Afghanistan

  27. They lied about The War on Drugs and CIA drug smuggling role

  28. They lied about HIV virus causing AIDS

  29. They lied about Cancer being linked to genetics

  30. They lied about CO2 causing global warming aka Climate Change

  31. They lied about The Green New Deal being an economic boon

  32. They lied about fluorinated chemicals preventing tooth decay

  33. They lied about The Federal Reserve and it not being THE sole cause of (a) inflation and (b) the boom-bust routines

  34. They lied about President Lincoln’s Assassination — see McCarty, “The Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln” (1922)

  35. They lie yet again about mass shootings like LAX, Orlando, Parkland, San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Columbine, Aurora, , Charleston, Nashville — see Fetzer, “From Orlando to Dallas and Beyond”; see also item 18

43.1) They lie about their oaths to support and defend our Constitution, particularly its 2nd Amendment

  1. They lied about The Great Reset

  2. They lied cop killings like George Floyd and Philando Castile

  3. They lied about Patriot Act

  4. They lied about the Anthony Weiner Laptop

  5. They lied about Wikileaks and Julian Assange

  6. They lied about Waco

  7. They lied about Ruby Ridge

  8. They lied about Nashville bombing

  9. They lied about Las Vegas

  10. They lied about Hollywood

  11. They lied about the OKC Bombing

  12. They lied about income tax and Obamacare and their Constitutionality — see Schiff, “The Income Tax Hoax”

  13. They lied about gold and silver price manipulation

  14. They lied about Michelle Obama’s gender

  15. They lied about Obama's kids

  16. They lied about Margaret Sanger

  17. They lied about Joan Rivers' Death

60.1) They lied about Vince Foster committing suicide

  1. They lied about killing General Patton— see, Wilcox, “Target Patton”

  2. They lied about moon landing — see Van Allen Radiation belts; see also documentary “Something Happened on Way to Moon” and Pat Shannon, “Everything They Ever Told Me Was a Lie”

  3. They lied about killing Malcom X

  4. They lied about controlled demolition of WTC buildings on 9-11 — see

  5. They lied about a commercial airliner hitting the Pentagon on 9-11— see

  6. They lied about FLT 93 crashing in Shanksville, PA — see film “Loose Change” by Avery and Bermas

  7. They lied about finding a highjacker’s passport in ruble pile on 9-11

  8. They lied about Freemasons, Jesuits, Knights of Malta, their satanic oaths, and their presence (or lack of) throughout our governments and major corporations

  9. They lied about Operation Mockingbird and CIA media control

  10. They lied about MK Ultra

  11. They lied about Jonestown massacre

  12. They lied about Israel’s deliberate attack on USS Liberty ship and cover-up on Malta island — see Tourney, “Erasing the Liberty”

  13. They lied about CIA persons not being in Dallas, like George H.W. Bush, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, David Atlee Philips, and Edward Lansdale — see Mellon, “Farewell to Justice”; see also Prouty interview and Prouty, “the Secret Team”; Prouty, “JFK”; see also E. Howard Hunt confession and Mark Lane, “Plausible Denial”

  14. They lied about LBJ, Richard Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover, and George H.W. Bush not being in Dallas on 11-22-63 — see Ventura, “They Killed Our President”; see also Madeline Brown interview entitled “LBJ’s Mistress Blows Whistle on JFK Assassination”; see also, Shannon, “Everything They Ever Told Me Was a Lie”

  15. They lied about high ranking secret society members Earl Warren, Allen Dulles, Gerald Ford, J. Edgar Hoover, LBJ, Richard Nixon, George Bush, and Lee Iacocca, not being involved in JFK cover up — see Hughes, “Secret Terrorists” and Madeline Brown, “Texas in the Morning”

  16. They lied about their burning of Apollo 1 astronauts alive on launch pad to silence Gus Grissom and others — see interview of Gus Grissom’s son

  17. They lied about Senator Wellstone’s plane crash (there were numerous FBI agents in the small town the day before the “crash” and lined up on airport road at time it happened) — see “Wellstone: They Killed Him” and

  18. They lied about the reason we went to Vietnam — see Manhattan, “Vietnam: Why Did We Go?”

  19. They lied about the bullet holes in the JFK limo and how Lee Iacocca covered it up — see Hughes, “Secret Terrorists”

  20. They lied about the JFK autopsy and Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman’s collecting all photographic evidence and notes, never be seen again — see Hornberger, “The Kennedy Autopsy”

  21. They lied about the witness to and dispatcher call in the shooting of Trayvon Martin — see Gilbert, “The Travon Hoax”

81.1) They lied about the sinking of the Titanic (they sank the Olympic and killed off opposition to Federal Reserve Act)— see “Father Browne’s Titanic Album”; see also Hughes, “Secret Terrorists” and photographic images of Olympic at bottom of ocean, particularly in reference to port hole window spacing

  1. They lied about the fatal shot to JFK’s head — see Crenshaw, “Trama Room One”

  2. They lied about the odd deaths of so many witnesses to the JFK assassination — see Roberts et al., “JFK: The Dead Witnesses”

  3. They lied about Captain Smith of the Titanic (Olympic) going down with the ship — see

  4. They regularly lie about the real cause of inflation — see Rothbard, “The Case Against the Fed”; Schiff, “The Kingdom of Moltz”

  5. They lied about why the Federal Reserve Act was implemented — see Mullins, “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”; see also, Griffin, “Creature from Jekyll Island” and Vooris, “Out of Debt, Out of Danger”

  6. George H.W. Bush lied when he said he couldn’t remember where he was on 11-22-1963

Let me end with this truism:

“The first panacea of a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permeant ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists."

Ernest Hemingway

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