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The Big Picture Comes Into Focus

Trump calls for SCOTUS to intercede:

This guy in support of Trump: "Give me liberty or give YOU death!"

Worthy short video!:

Brilliant Sarcasm:

Obvious timing:

Since when is election validity denial a crime?

Congressional Immunity:

Rep. Gaetz revealed a plan to fight back against Jack Smith’s abuse.

First, House Republicans should immediately demand that Jack Smith present himself for a transcribed interview before the Judiciary Committee in the next 15 days,” Gaetz said on Newsmax. “If he does not do that, we should send a subpoena. If he ignores the subpoena, we should hold him in criminal contempt of Congress….”

We can utilize Congressional immunities to immunize President Trump. 18 U.S. Code § 6002 – 3 – gives any Committee or Subcommittee of the Congress the ability to subpoena a witness, bring them in, and functionally immunize them,” Gaetz said.

This is why they indicted again now:

Devon Archer, Hunter's business partner Testified. Here is his transcript:

Also this interview:

Here is part 2:

This is why Tucker was fired from Fox. to prevent or delay this coming out:

QUOTE: Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund told then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson that events surrounding the January 6th riots at the U.S. Capitol appear to have been a "cover up," in never-seen-before footage published exclusively by The National Pulse.
In the hour-long interview, Sund laments the behaviors of then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as well as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, who he says had intelligence to suggest problems on Capitol Hill, which they failed to communicate with Sund and his cops on the ground. "If I was allowed to do my job as the chief we wouldn't be here, this didn't have to happen," Sund begins, around 19 minutes into the conversation, during which he describes himself as "pissed off" about being "lambasted in public" over the events. Sund has written a book, Courage Under Fire, about his experiences. Having served as a police officer for over 30 years, including taking over as Chief of the United States Capitol Police in 2019, Sund explains the events leading up to January 6th, including prior to the incident at the Capitol itself, and the aftermath, appeared to be a "cover up." "Everything appears to be a cover up," says the decorated police chief, explaining that most things to do with his department were political, specifically because he reported to politicians including then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. "Like I said, I'm not a conspiracy theorist," Sund explains, "...but when you look at the information and intelligence they had, the military had, it's all watered down. I'm not getting intelligence, I'm denied any support from National Guard in advance. I'm denied National Guard while we're under attack, for 71 minutes..." The full interview has thus far been hidden from the public at the behest of Rupert Murdoch's increasingly left-wing Fox News channel, which unceremoniously fired its prime time host Tucker Carlson. "It sounds like they were hiding the intelligence," Carlson quizzed, to which Sund stunningly responds: "Could there possibly be actually... they kind of wanted something to happen? It's not a far stretch to begin to think that. It's sad when you start putting everything together and thinking about the way this played out... what was their end goal?"

“I Think There’s Coordinated Efforts to Make Sure That Certain People Get Elected” – Joe Rogan Says There Was “Real Fraud” in Kari Lake’s Election

More here:

EXPLOSIVE VIDEO: Former Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin Responds to Biden’s Corruption Accusations and Reveals Shocking Details about His Dismissal and Burisma Investigation

Former Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin Was Poisoned in Late 2019 Just Months After Joe Biden Entered 2020 Presidential Race – Accuses Biden of Involvement

Even more conflict of interest:

Military involvement?

We already knew Stephen King is a bad guy and Ukraine toady. This clenched it. He's dirty:


Schwab thinks they can control what people think and how they will vote so why bother with actually voting:

This could get interesting....

Propaganda Tool Wikipedia:

“No encyclopedia to my knowledge has been as biased as Wikipedia has been”

— Larry Sanger, Co-Founder Wikipedia

"Wikipedia is one of many tools used by the US liberal establishment and its allies in the intelligence community to wage “information warfare,” the site’s co-founder,Larry Sanger, has told journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Sanger lamented how the site he helped found in 2001 has become an instrument of “control” in the hands of the left-liberal establishment, among which he counts the CIA, FBI, and other US intelligence agencies.

“We do have evidence that, as early as 2008, that CIA and FBI computers were used to edit Wikipedia,” he said. “Do you think that they stopped doing that back then?”

Activity by the CIA and FBI on Wikipedia was first made public by a programming student named Virgil Griffith in 2007. Griffith developed a program called WikiScanner that could trace the location of computers used to edit Wikipedia articles, and found that the CIA, FBI, and a host of large corporations and government agencies were scrubbing the online encyclopedia of incriminating information.

CIA computers were used to remove casualty counts from the Iraq War, while an FBI machine was used to remove aerial and satellite images of the US prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. CIA computers were used to edit hundreds of articles, including entries on then Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, China’s nuclear program, and the Argentine navy.

Some edits were more petty, with former CIA chief William Colby apparently editing his own entry to expand his list of accomplishments.

“[The intelligence agencies] pay off the most influential people to push their agendas, which they’re already mostly in line with, or they just develop their own talent within the [intelligence] community, learn the Wikipedia game, and then push what they want to say with their own people,” Sanger told Greenwald.

“A great part of intelligence and information warfare is conducted online,” he continued, “on websites like Wikipedia..."

The Ghost in the Machine

See it here: 3 minutes.

Brave New World:

"Here we go! this is a video of the security guard that was patrolling the parking lot at the Best Western we stayed at this last weekend in, Vancouver Washington."

<iframe src="" height="702" width="504" frameborder="0" title="Nextdoor"></iframe>

What NASA and the European Space Agency are admitting but the media are failing to report about our current heat wave

By Thomas Lifson American Thinker

The current heat wave is being relentlessly blamed on increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but there is a much more plausible explanation, one that is virtually endorsed by two of the world's leading scientific organizations. It turns out that levels of water vapor in the atmosphere have dramatically increased over the last year and a half, and water vapor is well recognized as a greenhouse gas, whose heightened presence leads to higher temperatures, a mechanism that dwarfs any effect CO2 may have.

So why has atmospheric water vapor increased so dramatically? Because of a historic, gigantic volcanic eruption last year that I — probably along with you — had never heard of. The mass media ignored it because it took place 490 feet underwater in the South Pacific. Don't take it from me; take it from NASA (and please do follow the link to see time-lapse satellite imagery of the underwater eruption and subsequent plume of gases and water injected into the atmosphere):

Still from the time-lapse photos.

When the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano erupted on Jan. 15, it sent a tsunami racing around the world and set off a sonic boom that circled the globe twice. The underwater eruption in the South Pacific Ocean also blasted an enormous plume of water vapor into Earth's stratosphere — enough to fill more than 58,000 Olympic-size swimming pools. The sheer amount of water vapor could be enough to temporarily affect Earth's global average temperature.

"We've never seen anything like it," said Luis Millán, an atmospheric scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. He led a new study examining the amount of water vapor that the Tonga volcano injected into the stratosphere, the layer of the atmosphere between about 8 and 33 miles (12 and 53 kilometers) above Earth's surface. In the study, published in Geophysical Research Letters, Millán and his colleagues estimate that the Tonga eruption sent around 146 teragrams (1 teragram equals a trillion grams) of water vapor into Earth's stratosphere — equal to 10% of the water already present in that atmospheric layer. That's nearly four times the amount of water vapor that scientists estimate the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines lofted into the stratosphere. [emphases added]

NASA published the above in August 2022. Half a year later, a newer study increased the estimate of the water vapor addition to the atmosphere by 30%. From the European Space Agency:

In a recent paper published in Nature, a team of scientists showed the unprecedented increase in the global stratospheric water mass by 13% (relative to climatological levels) and a five-fold increase of stratospheric aerosol load — the highest in the last three decades. Using a combination of satellite data, including data from ESA's Aeolus satellite, and ground-based observations, the team found that due to the extreme altitude, the volcanic plume circumnavigated the Earth in just one week and dispersed nearly pole-to-pole in three months. [emphasis added]

Another scientific paper explains the "net warming of the climate system" on a delayed basis. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory further explains:

Volcanic eruptions rarely inject much water into the stratosphere. In the 18 years that NASA has been taking measurements, only two other eruptions — the 2008 Kasatochi event in Alaska and the 2015 Calbuco eruption in Chile — sent appreciable amounts of water vapor to such high altitudes. But those were mere blips compared to the Tonga event, and the water vapor from both previous eruptions dissipated quickly. The excess water vapor injected by the Tonga volcano, on the other hand, could remain in the stratosphere for several years. This extra water vapor could influence atmospheric chemistry, boosting certain chemical reactions that could temporarily worsen depletion of the ozone layer. It could also influence surface temperatures. Massive volcanic eruptions like Krakatoa and Mount Pinatubo typically cool Earth's surface by ejecting gases, dust, and ash that reflect sunlight back into space. In contrast, the Tonga volcano didn't inject large amounts of aerosols into the stratosphere, and the huge amounts of water vapor from the eruption may have a small, temporary warming effect, since water vapor traps heat. The effect would dissipate when the extra water vapor cycles out of the stratosphere [Emphases added]

So there you have it: we are in for extra atmospheric heat "for several years" until the extra water vapor injected by this largest-ever-recorded underwater volcano eruption dissipates.


5 years for Tonga warmer

Water will likely stick around for at least 5 years—and potentially longer Millán thinks.

On 15 January, Tonga’s Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano erupted under the sea, rocking the South Pacific nation and sending tsunamis racing around the world. The eruption was the most powerful ever recorded, causing an atmospheric shock wave that circled the globe four times, and sending a plume of debris more than 50 kilometers into the atmosphere. But it didn’t stop there.

The ash and gasses punching into the sky also shot billions of kilograms of water into the atmosphere, a new study concludes. That water will likely remain there for years, where it could eat away at the ozone layer and perhaps even warm Earth.

In the study, published in Geophysical Research Letters, Millán and his colleagues estimate that the Tonga eruption sent around 146 teragrams (1 teragram equals a trillion grams) of water vapor into Earth’s stratosphere – equal to 10% of the water already present in that atmospheric layer. That’s nearly four times the amount of water vapor that scientists estimate the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines lofted into the stratosphere.

How Idaho deals with the homeless.

How Idaho deals with the homeless. At fist word that there is a homeless person any of their cities a task force is deployed. This task force consists of a Mental Health councilor, drug and alcohol councilor l, a Police Officer, a Housing Coucil member, DHS, and a NP. The homeless individual/s are then taken to half way house to be evaluated over a week. Once they figure out what help the person needs a plan is set in motion. If the person/s are arrested for drugs they are in jail for 30 days with forced treatment. They will be placed on a years probation and watched. They will need to find a job and sustain housing with in the first 30 days of their probation. If they relapse or cause issues again it's then 60 days in jail with forced Rehab and 2 years probation. Watched and closely evaluated. If they cause issues again. Well its big time 2 years in prison with forced Rehab. If I person has Mental health issues they places in a facility where they are evaluated for 30 days going to counciling. (we have a place here in GP but its only for a week). If they were arrested they get a probation officer who comes the facility and makes sure the person is getting the help they need. If they are arrested again they then put into a permanent facility. If they health issues they are put into what they call Health Rehab center. (Like our rehab centers here. Higlnad House is one aka skilled nursing facilities). They are there for as long as they need to be. DHS makes sure they get food stamps and know of other programs they can access they work with them in the fist halfway house and the others mentioned above. If they are on drugs they don't get a choice they are put into a drug Rehab center for 30 days. If they relapse it's 60. If they relapse again they are considered a habitual user and they will be recomend prison time with the courts. If is just simply housing like they were evecited the housing council works with them to get into what they call stepping stone. Once rhe person has a job and can matain a place for a year they are then put into something more permanent. The police officer runs wants and warents. Now if they refuse any of this they make it hard on them until they leave at their own accord they will not ship them anywhere. They make them accountable for everything. In Idhao it's a felony to camp on public and private land. If your caught littering you are jailed for 30 days no questions asked. Every dug is is illegal and comes with a felony charge. They have work crews where a person can work off fines and other thing. We as a city and state need to crack down on these things. Montana has similar ways of handling the homeless situations. But Idaho is one of the toughest states and the most conservative state in the union. They don't play and that is how it should be.

The Facebook Files

Trudeau gets divorced. And here's a rumor: Figures.

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