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The Battle Rages

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy failed to win the first six rounds.

This was the first time in 100 years that Speakership was not decided in the first vote.

Trump endorsed McCarthy and called for the Republican caucus to come together and support the California lawmaker.

McCarthy lost the 6th vote.

The House will likely adjourn after the 6th vote.

Elon Musk Tweeted this:

I agree.

Try critical thinking and analysis on this:

Wow! Japan sets record for most deaths per capita from C19. And this in spite of universal mask wearing and 82% vax rate.

Versus this:

This is an alternative view that perhaps should be considered: Military Defeat as a Financial Collapse Trigger

Final paragraph from the article: To describe the situation in the simplest terms possible: the function of the US military is to intimidate other countries into letting the US buy whatever it wants by printing US dollars as needed, essentially robbing the rest of the world at gunpoint. Once their ability to intimidate the world into submission is gone so will be their ability to endlessly fleece the planet. And once that ability is gone all that will remain of the “richest country in the world” is a pile of worthless paper. When precisely that moment arrives is anyone’s guess, but you shouldn’t need to time it exactly provided you can plan for it. I recommend that you do so—if you haven’t already.

"Unselect Committee of Political Thugs" gives up on Trump subpoena Trump suggests recent Musk's Twitter document dumps illuminating FBI involvement may have decided the issue for them. Why balloon the possibility of more daylight on leftist machinations?

Boomerang again on the Democrats...

Fauci exposed is coming this week from Twitter:

Normalizing Pedophilia is a priority for the Elites:

The World Economic Forum is now calling for the decriminalization of sex with children, arguing that laws against “age gap love,” more commonly known as pedophilia, “violate human rights.”

According to a research paper presented at the WEF in Davos, the pedophile phenomenon represents nature’s attempt to cleanse the earth and “save humanity” from itself. Minor attracted people are far less likely to produce large numbers of offspring, according to academic data, and the so-called “underage people” they have so-called “relationships” with are statistically less likely to go on and become heads of large families themselves.

The New York Times, always at the forefront of the globalist agenda, ran an op-ed arguing that pedophilia is not a crime.

According to the Times, civil rights protections must be extended to pedophiles. “Without legal protection, a pedophile cannot risk seeking treatment or disclosing his status to anyone for support.”

CNN followed up this article with an even more explicit call for sympathy. Rather than considering child molesters the lowest of the low, we should reach out to them and seek to understand them, according to CNN because, they claim, “One cannot choose not to be a pedophile.”

This week in Jacinda Ardern’s far-left New Zealand, a judge declared that 12-year-old children can consent to sex with adults. You heard me correctly. The case in question featured a 45-year-old man whose defense centered on the claim that his 12-year-old victim “wanted it.”According to the middle-aged man, the 12-year-old girl pressured him for sex. “I know she was a child but the way she came to me was like a mature woman. I refused her but she kept coming back to me. She truly wanted to do this,” the 45-year-old said of the child who was 12 at the time.

In the final days of the trial, Judge Earwaker addressed the issue of consent for a person under 16 years, according to a New Zealand Herald report:

Legally, a person under 16 cannot give consent for charges of indecent acts, therefore as a jury, all you need to decide is if the indecent acts took place,” he said.

Then came the kicker. The judge told the jury:

But as for sexual intercourse, a person under 16 can give consent. You need to consider whether or not the consent was given based on the evidence you have.”

President Macron’s government voted against having an age of consent in France in 2018, becoming one of the first nations to give in to pressure from an international cabal determined to decriminalize sex with children across the world.

This means federal law in France has no legal age of consent, and adults who have sex with children of any age will not be prosecuted for rape if the child victim is unable to prove “violence, threat, duress, or surprise.”

The draft bill against sexual and gender-based violence, known as the Schiappa law, was signed into law by the French Parliament on 3 August, sparking outrage in France as parents and children’s rights groups accused Macron’s government of betraying the nation’s children.

The lack of an age of consent places millions of children in serious danger of sexual abuse in France, according to child protection officials.

Must see! Genuine: Zelensky tells all:

A joke or one of those "funny because its true" things.

Here is Zelensky in 2019 as President, getting defied and bossed around by a Nazi group:

Depressed? In Canada the government has an answer:

Canada's Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) law was passed in 2016, initially for the terminally ill or those facing imminent death.

Critics warned legalizing physician-assisted suicide was a slippery slope that would not stop at the terminally ill. It turns out they were right!

In March 2023, MAID will expand to allow the mentally ill and the chronically ill who are dissatisfied with their care to undergo this "treatment."

I was curious about why the government is so liberal about killing off its citizens. It just so happens the feds estimated they'd save $149 million in the health-care system by dispatching people early.

AB-2098 - Government COVID 'Truth' Only

AB-2098 has officially gone into effect. The bill allows the state’s medical board to “take action” against doctors who spread misinformation or disinformation related to COVID-19. Calling it “unprofessional conduct.” Disinformation like recommending ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine or simply disagreeing with the CDC regarding the efficacy of the vaccine is now “unprofessional conduct.”

Two doctors attempted to stop the law but a Biden-appointed Judge denied a request to halt the law citing it was “within the longstanding tradition of regulations on the practice of medical treatments." Another lawsuit is pending in Federal Court. This needs to be successful.

Former Lobbyist: Soda Companies Paid NAACP And Other Groups To Call Opponents “Racist”

Calley Means, a former lobbyist, says that Coke paid the NAACP to call Coke’s opponents racist.

The first step in playbook was paying the NAACP + other civil rights groups to call opponents racist Coke gave millions to the NAACP and the Hispanic Federation – both directly and through front groups like the American Beverage Association. The conversations inside these rooms was depressingly transactional:

“We (Coke) will give you money. You need to paint opponents of us as racist.” The effort was successful, and the message was carried in thousands of articles between 2011-2013. Coke’s position was clear: soda is one of the cheapest ways to get calories – a flagrantly inaccurate statement when factoring in the health consequences. I watched as the FDA funneled money to professors at leading universities – as well as think tanks on the left and right – to create studies showing soda taxes hurt the poor. They also paid for studies that say drinking soda DIDN’T cause obesity.

Ray Epps J6 Committee Testimony Released: Admitted "I Was in the Front ... I Also Orchestrated It" - Is Still a Free Man and Was Ignored in Final Report

Sidney Powell Testimony before the J6. Show Trial Committee: Excerpts

I remember that one of the things Mark said at some point was "you can't show an actual vote was flipped. Which I found at the time to be a remarkable assertion. Because you don't have to have the gun to see the body lying on the floor bleeding out with five bullet holes in it, was killed by a gun. It's - I mean, I was a Federal prosecutor for 10 years. I represented the United States of America in more than 350 federal appeals. We had more evidence that this election was stolen than most people are sitting in prison right now on the basis of. It's - the fact that people ae just saying there's no evidence or it didn't happen is a abject refusal to look at reality with any objectivity and study the evidence. And, frankly, it indicates to me some level at which they are either too ... too uninformed or too corrupt to be serving in public office. As I said at the beginning, this crosses party lines. It goes back to the year 2000 when apparently the Republicans came up with this creative way of using computers to affect voting outcome, and then the Democrats caught on in time to use it with Dominion. And now nobody wants to upset the applecart. They want to control the applecart. And, as a citizen of the United States of America, I find that more than offensive.

... I hope you all realize that not a single judge in a single court heard one of our actual witnesses on the mathematical impossibilities, any of the data, any of the statistics, any of the eye witnesses testimony, any of the experts' opinions. The only judge that ever heard a witness talk about any of these things was Amy Totenberg in the Curling versus Raffensperger case in which she said it's not a matter of if it happens, but when. And everything she lays out in Curling versus Raffensperger happened in the election of 2020. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. And people had been warned about it for 20 years. So it's not an accident that what happened in November 2020 happened. And we've got to fix this for the sake of our children and our grandchildren.

The Dem elite really hate Q and the Anons: From the Twitter files...

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