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Testing the Limits of the Law

On Jan. 6, officers on the West Side of the Capitol building were heard saying, “We’re hurting innocent people!”. Other officers were overheard shouting, “They set us up!”. If Jan. 6 wasn’t a setup, then why did so many of the officers on the ground that day seem to think it was? (

Megyn Kelly Issues Dire Warning: “America Will Burn if They Put Trump in Jail Before the Next Election”

Scary Scary!

Civil War Trailer

🇺🇸 An interesting movie will hit the theaters in the U.S. just months before the Presidential Elections.


Mary McCord was behind General Flynn’s ambush and his removal from the Trump White House.  She is a Deep State attack dog.

Mary McCord was the architect of all Trump targeting efforts. The FISA on Carter Page, the weaponization of the DOJ-NSD, the installation of Michael Atkinson as Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG), the companion to Sally Yates in the Flynn targeting, lead staff for the Schiff/Nadler impeachment effort, later appointment by FISA Presiding Judge Boasberg to be amicus to the FISC, in combination with Chief Justice John Roberts holding authority over the FISC, and the discovery that Sheldon Snook, McCord’s husband works in Robert’s office as “special assistant to Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.’s counselor. The counselor’s office advises the chief justice not only on the management and budget of the Supreme Court but also on his interactions with the executive and legislative branches, along with numerous other public roles in which Roberts serves.” (link)

During a press conference, he said he welcomed questions from the House Oversight Committee regarding their investigations into his criminal family. But there’s a catch: Hunter insists he will NOT testify behind closed doors for his deposition as required by the House Oversight Subpoena. Instead, he said he would only welcome inquiries in public.

“What are they afraid of?” Hunter asked. “I’m here. I’m ready.”

By this standard Hunter has set, he must be held in contempt of Congress.

The Babylon Bee has it right again...




The Georgia State Farm Center Election Night Report Is Proof that Chris Wray’s FBI Was in on the Election Fraud Cover-Up and More

Chris Wray’s FBI, along with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office, released a report in June 2023 where they announced that they “did not uncover any violations” during their investigation of the late-night ballot counting at The State Farm Center in Atlanta, Georgia on Election Day November 3, 2020.

According to the report, “Teams of investigators from the FBI, GBI, and Georgia SOS conducted independent and simultaneous interviews of Fulton County elections workers who were involved in the processing and scanning of absentee ballots at State Farm Arena on Election Night on November 3, 2020. Investigators from the three law enforcement agencies also reviewed the entire unedited security video footage of the events in question at State Farm Arena. SOS investigators independently interviewed party observers who were present at State Farm Arena that evening.”

They say they did not uncover any violations or evidence of wrongdoing. That’s because they hid it from their report.

Huddleston v. Federal Bureau of Investigation (Seth Rich Laptop case) On November 28th, the Court ORDERED the FBI “to recommend to the court a timeline for the disclosure of information on Seth Rich’s personal laptop, Seth Rich’s work laptop, the DVD, and tape drive within 14 days following the issuance [of the] Memorandum Opinion and Order.” Meaning it was due tomorrow. Three days after that ORDER was issued, the AUSA handling this matter, Andrea Parker, left the U.S. Attorney's Office. A new AUSA has been assigned - James Gillingham. Yesterday, the FBI filed an unopposed motion for an extension of time to file the Joint Status Report, asking for 30 days.… Today the Judge GRANTED that motion.… Eyes on January 12th, 2024 now.

Tik Tok Is being Run by Hires from Our Own Three Letter Agencies People!

For quite some time, TikTok has been recruiting former State Department officials to run its operations. The company’s head of data public policy for Europe, for example, is Jade Nester. Before being recruited for that influential role, Nester was a senior official in Washington, serving for four years as the State Department’s director of Internet public policy.

Mariola Janik, meanwhile, left a long and fruitful career in the government to work for TikTok. Starting out at the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Janik became a career diplomat in the State Department before moving to the Department of Homeland Security. In September, however, she left the government to immediately take up the position of TikTok’s trust and safety program manager, a job that will inevitably include removing content and reshaping algorithms.

While there is no suggestion that Janik is anything other than a model employee, the fact that a U.S. government agent walked into such an influential position at the social media giant should be cause for concern. If, for instance, a high Chinese official was hired to influence what the U.S. public saw in their social media feeds, it would likely be the centerpiece of the TikTok furor currently gripping Washington.

Janik is not the only former security official working on TikTok’s trust and safety team, however. Between 2008 and 2021, Christian Cardona enjoyed a distinguished career at the State Department, serving in Poland, Turkey and Oman, and was in the thick of U.S. interventionism in the Middle East. Between 2012 and 2013, he was an assistant to the U.S. ambassador in Kabul. He later left that role to become the political and military affairs manager for Iran.

Another influential individual at TikTok is recruiting coordinator Katrina Villacisneros. Yet before she was choosing whom the company hires, Villacisneros worked at the State Department’s Office of Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs. And until 2021, she was part of Army Cyber Command, the U.S. military unit that oversees cyberattacks and information warfare online.

Other TikTok employees with long histories in the U.S. national security state include: Brad Earman, global lead of criminal and civil investigations, who spent 21 years as a special agent in the Air Force Office of Special Investigation and also worked as a program manager for antiterrorism at the State Department; and Ryan Walsh, escalations management lead for trust and safety at TikTok, who, until 2020, was the government’s senior advisor for digital strategy. A central part of Walsh’s State Department job, his own résumé notes, was “advanc[ing] supportive narratives” for the U.S. and NATO online.

The influx of State Department officials into TikTok’s upper ranks is a consequence of “Project Texas,” an initiative the company began in 2020 in the hopes of avoiding being banned altogether in the United States. During his time in office, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo led the charge to shut the platform down, frequently labeling it a “spying app” and a “propaganda tool for the Chinese Communist Party.”

It was widely reported that the U.S. government had forced the sale of TikTok to Walmart and then Microsoft. But in late 2020, as Project Texas began, those deals mysteriously fell through, and the rhetoric about the dangers of TikTok from officials evaporated.

Project Texas is a $1.5 billion security operation to move the company’s data to Austin. In doing so, it announced that it was partnering with tech giant Oracle, a corporation that, as MintPress has reported on, is the CIA in all but name.

Evidently, Project Texas also secretly included hiring all manner of U.S. national security state personnel to oversee the company’s operations – and not just from the State Department. Rebecca Pober, for instance, moved straight from her post in strategy and policy at the Pentagon to become a U.S. policy manager at TikTok.

A number of influential TikTok employees are former longtime CIA agents. Alex S., the company’s former trust and safety/global content integrity policy lead, was previously a leadership analyst at agency headquarters in Langley, VA, for almost nine years. Before the CIA, she worked for the State Department and U.S. Pacific Command.

Casey Getz, meanwhile, spent nearly 11 years at the CIA, rising to become branch chief, before later being hired by TikTok to work on data security and security integration. He was also previously a director for cybersecurity at the National Security Council at the White House.

And according to the résumé of TikTok trust and safety manager Beau Patteson, not only was he a CIA targeting analyst until 2020, he is also a currently serving military intelligence officer in the U.S. Army while moonlighting at the social media behemoth.

Indeed, virtually every branch of the national security state is present at TikTok. Before becoming the company’s trust and safety manager, Kathryn Grant spent more than three years working at the White House before moving to the National Security Council and then the Department of Energy. Her TikTok trust and safety colleague Victoria McCullough has a similarly state-heavy background, working two years at the Department of Homeland Security before joining Grant at the White House, where she was an associate director in the Office of Public Engagement. And TikTok crisis manager Jim Ammons served for more than 21 years as a unit chief in the FBI.

Meanwhile, a 2022 MintPress study described what it called a “NATO-to-TikTok-pipeline” whereby dozens of officials from the military alliance had also been given jobs in key fields within the company. Perhaps the most startling of these hires were Greg Andersen, whose own LinkedIn profile noted that he worked on “psychological operations” for NATO immediately before moving to work in social media.

The more these cases come up, the more information is revealed. Information is power.

Texas Joins Federalist, Daily Wire In Suing Censorship Complex

QUOTE: The U.S. State Department is violating the U.S. Constitution by funding technology to silence Americans who question government claims, says a lawsuit filed Tuesday by The Federalist, The Daily Wire, and the state of Texas.The three are suing to stop "one of the most audacious, manipulative, secretive, and gravest abuses of power and infringements of First Amendment rights by the federal government in American history," says the lawsuit. It exposes federal censorship activities even beyond the dramatic discoveries in a pending U.S. Supreme Court case, Murthy v. Missouri (also known as Missouri v. Biden).This lawsuit alleges the State Department is illegally using a counterterrorism center intended to fight foreign "disinformation" instead to stop American citizens from speaking and listening to information government officials dislike. Other recent investigations have also found government counterterrorism resources and tactics being used to shape American public opinion and policy.Congressional investigations in November revealed that federal officials have specifically targeted The Federalist's reporting for internet censorship.

Portland Public Schools to Determine Disciplinary Measures on the Basis of Race and Gender

Furthermore, the document also requires that all staff submit to “implicit bias, antiracism, and culturally responsive practices training.”

Both students and parents have expressed strong reservations about the policy, which was negotiated on November 26. “How do they know what to intervene with?” Lincoln High School senior Casey Marotta asked in an interview with Portland’s KGW8 News. Rebecca Heinrichs, a parent, argued that the policy “takes away the dignity of the child and the choice in autonomy,” referring to the new policy as being full of “implied racism" and “completely backwards.”

It appears that, in the interest of racial and social equity, Portland Public Schools is ironically choosing to treat students differently on the basis of their skin color and sex.

Federal Civil Rights Complaint Filed Against IBM for Racial Discrimination and Unlawful Hiring Practices Targeting White and Asian American Executives

O’Keefe Media Group on Monday evening released a leaked video of IBM CEO Arvind Krishna admitting to using coercion to fire people and take away their bonuses unless they discriminate in the hiring process, as reported by The Gateway Pundit.

IBM, or International Business Machines, is a multinational technology company that specializes in producing and selling computer hardware, middleware, and software.

“You got to move both forward by a percentage that leads to a plus on your bonus,” Krishna said about hiring Hispanics, “and by the way if you lose, you lose part of your bonus.”

James O’Keege pointed out that after pulling ads from X for ‘racism,’ IBM chief Arvind Krishna says he will fire, demote, or strip bonuses from execs who don’t hire enough blacks and Hispanics — or hire too many Asians.

“Asians are not an underrepresented minority in tech in America…I’m not going to finess this, for blacks we should try to get towards 13 percent,” says Krishna.

O’Keefe: Paul Cormier, the chairman of Red Hat, a subsidiary of IBM, says in the leaked recording that Red Hat has terminated people because they weren’t willing to engage in racial discrimination through hiring and promotion.

“Title VII of the Civil Rights Act makes it illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of race in the workplace,” James O’Keefe said.

“A Federal civil rights complaint filed today against IBM for racial discrimination against white and Asian Americans and promising to fire, demote and deny bonuses to execs who fail to meet their illegal race, sex-based hiring decisions.”

“The group [America First Legal] filed the letter with the [U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission] EEOC. O’Keefe Media has been overwhelmed with people saying they were fired from IBM and Red Hat. Our tip lines have been inundated with responses from current and former employees who say it’s worse than we reported,” he added.

ITALY - A man Shot dead 2 of 3 robbers to defend his shop and wife and daughter who had both been tied up. He’s been ordered to pay €280,000 to the criminals families and imprisoned for 17 YEARS!!! The court decided he was a vigilante and the liberals called him a fascist.

New Mexico sues Meta, Mark Zuckerberg for facilitating child sex trafficking

SANTA FE, New Mexico (LifeSiteNews) — New Mexico’s attorney general filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, for facilitating child sex trafficking as well as the distribution of child sex abuse material. 

Attorney General Raúl Torrez, a prosecutor who has specialized in internet crimes against children, concluded after his office’s months-long investigation that Meta’s social media platforms are “not safe spaces for children, but rather prime locations for predators to trade child pornography and solicit minors for sex.”

The New Mexico Office of the Attorney General found that Meta “directs harmful and inappropriate material” at minors and “allows unconnected adults to have unfettered access to them,” despite the fact that Meta is capable of both identifying these users as minors and “providing warnings or other protections against” the harmful material. Worse, such material “poses substantial dangers of solicitation and trafficking.”

According to the lawsuit, the investigation found that, “[s]pecifically, with accounts clearly belonging to children,” Meta has:

Proactively served and directed them to a stream of egregious, sexually explicit images through recommended users and posts – even where the child has expressed no interest in this content;Enabled adults to find, message, and groom minors, soliciting them to sell pictures or participate in pornographic videos;Fostered unmoderated user groups devoted to or facilitating Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC);Allowed users to search for, like, share, and sell a crushing volume of child sexual abuse material (CSAM); Allowed, and failed to detect, a fictional mother offering her 13-year old for trafficking, and solicited the 13-year old to create her own professional page and sell advertising.

Sueing them out of business is a good option. 

Surge of detransition lawsuits pose threat to booming gender-transition business

QUOTE: The biggest threat to "gender-affirming care" might come not from conservative states banning procedures for minors but from scarred young women like Soren Aldaco, Chloe Cole and Prisha Mosley.The three are among a growing number who have detransitioned. They were prescribed drugs and underwent breast removals in their teens to adopt an opposite-sex identity and later realized they identified with their sex assigned at birth.Now they are suing the medical professionals who signed off on the puberty blockers, hormone therapies and surgeries. They accuse the physicians of rushing them into treatment as a fix for their mental health problems without adequate screenings or warnings about the long-term physical and psychological risks."These lawsuits are rightfully a huge threat to the 'gender-affirming care industry' because they are exposing the dark side of a dangerous agenda that is hurting an untold number of vulnerable teens," said Charles LiMandri, whose San Diego County law firm, in partnership with the Center for American Liberty, represents three people who have detransitioned.Mr. LiMandri said about a dozen such lawsuits are percolating nationwide and predicted that "we're going to see more and more of these cases. The more that come out, the more that will likely have the courage to come out," he told The Washington Times. "This is going to start having a cascading effect."The billion-dollar U.S. sex-reassignment business is booming among people younger than 25. 

The Walt Disney Company is facing an impending lawsuit from 9,000 women who allege the company engaged in widespread gender-based pay discrimination. And no, that number is not a typo.

A  Los Angeles Superior Court judge rejected Disney’s attempt to have the complaint tossed on Friday, allowing the proposed class action suit to proceed, according to a Varietyreport.

“Disney has been gaslighting these women for four years,” Lori Andrus, the plaintiffs’ attorney, reportedly said following the ruling. “They love their jobs. They love the brand. But they want to be respected and treated the way they should be in the workplace.”

Disney reportedly denied the accusations, claiming the plaintiffs’ comparisons of salaries are inaccurate because they reflect the decisions of thousands of managers and not a centralized policy.

In recent years, Disney has championed itself as a force for inclusivity, diversity, and other left-wing so-called virtues. The company’s embrace of woke social justice activism has alienated loyal customers, resulting in an unprecedented financial crisis for the company that recently resulted in the layoff of 7000 employees.

Michael Cohen's bid for early termination of supervised release encounters a roadblock - 

His attorneys made up cases in support of Cohen's release.

The Judge noticed: "As far as the Court can tell, none of these cases exist."

"the Court contacted the Clerk of the Court for the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, who found no record of any of the three decisions"

Cohen's attorney now must explain why he doesn't deserve sanctions.


Is Jenna Ellis Hiding Who She Really is? Laura Loomer Posts Shocking Account Of Potential Forgery, Fraud And Bigamy

According to Laura Loomer Ms. Ellis may have forged her husbands signature on annulment documents in 2015.

Recall that at one time she actually represented Trump and now may be a witness against him after taking a Fani Willis plea deal.   How does this latest finding affect Ellis' standing as a potential witness? 

Loomer reports that Ellis has been able to raise $216k to fund her defense efforts and then on 10/24/23 plead guilty to lesser charges and then read a statement in Court essentially apologizing to the Court and the people of Georgia. 

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