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Surprising Truth about Voter ID and more

Shocking facts about voter id:

As the MLB decides Georgia's voter-id laws are "racist," CNN reports that only 1.8% of Georgians lack voter IDs, meaning a staggeringly high 98.2% already have voter IDs. This flies in the face of the "new Jim Crow" narrative by the Democrats.

And studies in other states appear to show that Georgia's voter ID situation is likely on the worst side. In Texas, Journalist's Resource reports that 99.82% of Texas's 9 million voters have voter IDs, and of that 0.18% who didn't, most of them had identification and simply forgot it.

In Michigan, a state that does not require voter ID, official surveys show that between 99.4 - 99.9% of voters already have voter IDs. Meaning, even in a state where voter identification isn't necessary, the overwhelming majority of citizens still manage to get an ID.

The narrative in Georgia falls apart when people realize it is completely free to get an ID in Georgia. Unlike other states, such as Virginia, Georgia gives away state identification for free to all residents.

How could voter ID id be racist if virtually everyone has it?

Voter integrity leads to higher voter turnout by a whole lot!!

Major League Baseball is pro-China and anti-American voters.

Coca Cola is also anti-American voters, as well as bad for you. It's practically a drug:

Vaccination ID good. Voter ID bad?

The FBI is assuming that a lot of people will be making fake Vaccination Cards, and using other people's images to fill in the information:

It sounds like they know there will be a wave of unverifiable ID cards and are trying to minimize it by pleading with people not to post images of their cards. Like this one:

Increases in Coronavirus Cases Are Happening Mainly in States With Stricter COVID-19 Rules

A month after Abbott made those decisions, newly identified infections and daily deaths continue to decline in Texas. According to Worldometer's numbers, the seven-day average of daily new cases in Texas fell by 56 percent from March 1 to yesterday. Daily deaths fell by 64 percent during the same period.

New cases are on the rise in some states, prompting warnings that we are about to see a "fourth wave" as prematurely relaxed precautions allow the coronavirus to run wild in places where the population remains largely unvaccinated. Yet the states where cases are rising generally have stricter COVID-19 policies than Texas does.

"In the Midwest and Plains, Nebraska, Minnesota and Pennsylvania are among the states that have reported large increases," The Washington Post reports. "In the Northeast, states such as Delaware, Vermont and Maine have witnessed a similar incline."

The Post's inclusion of Nebraska, the one state with relatively loose policies, is rather puzzling, since cases there have been falling or essentially flat since early January. Yesterday the seven-day average of daily new cases in Nebraska, per Worldometer, was actually a bit lower than it was at the beginning of March.

Except for Nebraska, all of the states mentioned by the Post still legally require people to cover their faces in public. And except for Nebraska, all of these states continue to restrict indoor dining in restaurants. Minnesota allows restaurants to operate at 75 percent of their capacities. The same rule took effect yesterday in Pennsylvania, which previously had a 50 percent occupancy cap, a limit that still applies in Delaware, Maine, and Vermont.

The "criteria" to house a Foster Child, is being DRAMATICALLY lowered. No experience, no home check/supervision, no background check. Making room for the new illegals. Do a basic search for "hosting immigrant child from the border". They require I.D. but you can basically

Sign up, pick the age/sex/group of your "sponsored child" and drive off🙏🙏🙏

There are reports of children wondering the streets or gathering in small groups in california, arizona, texas. Turned loose, dumped, once their job of pretending to be a family to get across the border, was done.

Easy prey🙏

These are "untraceable children".

To be used and disposed of as the predators see fit.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

It's horrendous, the more you think about the worse it is. If one of these children are snatched off the street there isn't even anyone to report them missing, it's like they never existed.

They're not even being issued paperwork of any kind at the border when they come across

And that was only if they went through one of the approved "immigration centers" many of them are just walking across the border and other locations. 😔😔😔🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Hunter Biden, Hunter declares in an email from his infamous laptop that his ex implies that he began a relationship with his late brother’s widow when his brother was still alive and sick with cancer.

In a long text message Hunter wrote to his child, he shares the story. Hunter begins by sharing his thoughts about his father’s actions related to the family:

She must be finding it hard to compete for Joe with little kids. Sad.

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