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Shocking Facts

There. is so much going on it's hard to cover...

I'll try to cover the most important first:

Dr. Charles Hoffe tells us exactly how the vaccine spike proteins work:

Dr. Charles Hoffe explains that his research with his patients shows that the majority of his patients that have received the mRNA shot show high D-Dimer levels within 4 to 7 days of the jab which is evidence of micro-clotting in the capillary beds. This micro-clotting causes reduction in the number of capillaries in the lungs, brain, spinal cord, and heart which causes permanent damage to these organs. If the damage to the lungs is severe enough, it can cause pulmonary hypertension which usually leads to death within three years from right side heart failure.

8 minutes long but it is all concise and to the point. It's worth your time. It explains how and why the covid vaccine is affecting the body very clearly and credibly.

This man has been a hero, defying the Canadian Health Service's censorship, and serving a huge number of people while understaffed in a rural community for decades. A short time after this video a man-made fire took out his clinic, as well as much of his small town during very unseasonably hot weather. The fire is under investigation.

CyberPandemic? The next attack...

"...the Covid 19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a minor disturbance in comparison to a major cyberattack."

2 minutes video: shocking and perhaps the next thing...

The Insurrection? No, its the Inquisition:

Re-education camp and false sin confession to avoid punishment

Many defendants in the January 6 Capitol riot have been pleading their remorse before judges, speaking about their complicity in evil for behavior as minor as trespassing.

"I'm ashamed that it became a savage display of violence that day," rural Indiana's Anna Morgan-Lloyd said at her sentencing last month, the first in the nation for January 6 defendants.

Charged with violent entry and remaining in a building "without lawful authority," the 49-year-old took a plea for "parading," the charge often given to left-wing protesters who interrupt committee hearings. U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth let her off with probation while warning he could have put her in jail for six months.

Morgan-Lloyd only entered the Capitol to keep tabs on an elderly woman she had met, and because "people who worked in the Capital [sic] Building walked past us," Morgan-Lloyd didn't think anything was amiss, she said in a statement to the court.

Yet if nonviolent protesters like her had left the scene, "the ones who were violent may have lost the nerve to do what they did," Morgan-Lloyd said, confessing she had unwittingly "empower[ed] people to act violently."

And then she made a curious disclosure: Her lawyer had been educating her on American history. Morgan-Lloyd read "Just Mercy" and "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" and watched "Slavery by Another Name" and "Burning Tulsa," among other works designed to "help me see what life is like for others."

People caught up in the Jan 6th fake insurrection have been horribly mistreated, placed in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day etc. Much like the Spanish Inquisition, they are tortured and terrified into making false confessions...

National File obtained never-seen photos and videos that show a group of men, potentially operating under the auspices of the federal government, appearing to coordinate to commit violent acts on January 6.

Following explosive reports from Revolver News pertaining to the US government’s apparent infiltration of patriot groups ahead of the events at the U.S. Capitol…

When a Trump supporter tries to stop them, they kick him in the face.

The FBI released thousands of pages of documents on murdered DNC operative Seth Rich.

This was after they denied for years they had nothing on the case.

It later was revealed that not only did they have thousands of pages of documents.

For years Attorney Ty Clevenger requested this information on the case from the FBI.

This week the FBI released the information without notifying Clevenger.

Have at it…

The FBI documents included these two documents that mention Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton from pages 134 and 135.

This email mentions Mueller holding the name of the hitman.

This email says Clintons hired to murder Seth Rich.

Why was this redacted?

Clinton's law firm Perkins Coie had Seth Rich's laptop for a year!

The RNC is being run by RINO traitors.

Trump Insider: Here is the bottom line. Ronna McDaniels and everyone in the RNC did not want us to fight for the president. They did not want to do it. This is exactly why they are not supporting Rudy. They collected $220 million for legal fees. Where did it go? Because they didn’t spend it on lawyers. That’s for sure damn sure.

There are reports out there that the RNC and the campaign, between them collected, I think it was $220 or $240 million. The one thing that is clear is Ronna McDaniel and her minions did not want anybody to fight for the president.

Trump Insider: Nobody has captured this. You ask anybody who was with us. When we walked in on the morning of the 5th or 6th there was one guy in there. I said where is everyone else? Where are the other attorneys? Where’s everybody at? Nobody was there. Anybody who was with us will tell you. They completely checked out within two or three days.

So we asked the Trump insider if RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel was corrupt or just inept? Here is the response.

Trump Insider: A bit of both. Look, she’s still kissing McCarthy’s ass. It’s just nuts. The Democrats are running such radical Marxist agenda because they know they can get away with it.

"This is your RNC. They didn’t care about Donald Trump. They don’t care about you."

Don't give the RNC a dime. Do give them a piece of your mind in their gimmedollar envelopes.

Jenna Ellis (below) just resigned from the RNC because of the anti-Trump people running it:

58,000 Trump Supporters In Butler, Pennsylvania

Capitol Police spread Nation-wide and given Advanced Military Surveillance Systems

Last week, after Nancy Pelosi announced that they would be opening ‘state-police’ offices in key regions across the country, the Capitol Hill Police are now being reclassified as “an intelligence-based protective agency.” They will be given access to high-powered US military surveillance equipment that is traditionally used to monitor enemy forces in war zones.

On July 2nd, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin granted the use of 8 ‘Persistent Surveillance Systems Ground – Medium (PSSG-M) units’ to the federal police force. The equipment will be added to the current security infrastructure and be used to help assist “steady-state” missions and monitor US civilian actions to “identify emerging threats.”

The technology was frequently used in Afghanistan and Iraq to gather intelligence on enemies in hostile regions. Now it is being used to spy on and create intelligence profiles of American citizens.

Data collected from the PSSG-M units can be used to create “pattern of life” analysis and its extremely high-definition cameras allow it to track hundreds of moving targets in a large area over long periods of time.

they can send people door-to-door and issue them a voter ID card.

Ivermectin eliminates covid deaths in Mexico:

Literal Thought Police...

Criminalizing and De-monetizing Dissent. If they don't like what you say, then what you say is "fraud" and thus a criminal act.

The Democrat argument? “No one has free speech if they’re committing a crime, and committing fraud is a crime,” a Democrat senator said concerning claims that the election was rife with misconduct.

Michigan residents who make what state officials say are false claims about the 2020 election could end up getting a visit from state troopers.

State Attorney General Dana Nessel and the Michigan State Police are going to investigate claims that some people making fraud allegations about the 2020 election are profiting from those allegations, Bridge Michigan reported Thursday.

The Republican-led Senate Oversight Committee recently issued a report saying that it did not find systemic fraud in the November election. The report called for a probe of “those who have been utilizing misleading and false information about Antrim County to raise money or publicity for their own ends.” Antrim County was at the center of multiple disputes over the results of the election.

Nessel, a Democrat, was invited by the committee to investigate claims that some people were perpetuating voter fraud allegations as a way of making a profit, spokeswoman Lynsey Mukomel said. State Police are “assisting in the matter,” she said.

Former state Sen. Patrick Colbeck “is seeking donations on his website to help cover his finances for legal protection after Dominion Voting Systems threatened legal action against him for claiming fraud in the election results,” according to Newsweek.

Colbeck accused the Senate committee of “weaponizing the government against those who disagree with their assessment of election fraud.”

To be precise, Rasmussen found that 58% of likely U.S. voters at least somewhat agree with the statement that the media are “truly the enemy of the people,” including 34% who "strongly agree." Thirty-six percent don’t agree, including 23% who "strongly disagree." Fully 76 percent of Republicans and 61 percent of independents agreed.

Biden Family all On Drugs

Another round of messages obtained from Hunter’s hard drive, the contents of which were reportedly verified this year by the Daily Mail, reveals that the Biden family apparently has a history of substance abuse.

In one message published by the Mail on Wednesday, now-President Joe Biden blamed Hunter’s addiction on genetics.

In January of 2019, shortly before Hunter is said to have dropped off his computer at the infamous Delaware repair shop, he and Caroline reportedly texted about the family addiction issues.

I’m the only person sober in this family. Literally. Not a joke,” said Caroline, who has previously pleaded guilty to DUI and admitted to spending over $100,000 on a stolen credit card, according to the Mail.

True dat. B****es,” Hunter reportedly said. “They all on something except dad.”

Joe Biden seems to be at least a pedo-sex addict as evidenced by the numerous videos and photos of him groping and creeping out kids. Hunter disagreed with his cousin in saying Joe Biden was not on drugs.

Democrats Flee Texas

No masks, no distancing, and plenty of beer:

Governor Abbott of Texas on the AWOL Democrats in their legislature.

“Once they step back into the state they will be arrested and brought back to the Capitol and we will be conducting business,” he said. “We have special sessions that last 30 days,” Abbott said. “And the governor calls them, and I will continue calling special session after special session because over time it is going to continue until they step up to vote.”

“If they do not return to work, they are risking losing their jobs as state representatives for not showing up,” he said, adding, “What the House of Representatives can do, the speaker can do, is issue a call to have these members arrested.”

“And so if these people want to be hanging out wherever they’re hanging out on this taxpayer-paid junket, they’re going to have to be prepared to do it for well over a year,” the governor said. “As soon as they come back in the state of Texas, they will be arrested, they will be cabined inside the Texas Capitol until they get their job done.

“Everybody who has a job must show up to do that job, just like your viewers on watching right now. State representatives have that same responsibility.”

Nominated thug to head ATF says anyone uttering “hate speech” online should have all their guns confiscated by armed federal agents

In an obscure interview with the BBC in 2019, Chipman came out and said that anyone who posts “hate speech” online ought to be subjected to having their firearms confiscated by armed federal agents, because the First Amendment and Second Amendment to the Constitution, he suggests by default, are not inalienable rights but rather those that are only granted by government.

“We really need to do more to monitor hate speech on the internet,” Chipman argued, going on to suggest that then-President Donald Trump’s speech was hateful as well and should also be regulated.

“But we also have to do more to curb that same speech being presented by our president and other elected public officials,” he went on.

Questions: Who are “we” and what “more,” exactly, should be done?

“The FBI, other federal agencies, have a tough job responding to these threats when they don’t currently have the authority to remove weaponry just because people are saying hateful things,” he added.

Republicans, all of whom voted against David Chipman in the 10-10 Judiciary Committee vote, have raised alarms about Chipman’s alleged hostility toward guns – citing his past comments and his previous work with gun control groups like Giffords and Everytown. It’s likely all 50 Republicans will vote against the nominee on the Senate floor.

Meanwhile, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., a constitutional originalist, echoed most Republicans when he said of Chipman that he’s leery of his “agenda… to take away Second Amendment rights from law-abiding citizens while violent criminals are loose on our streets.”

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, blasted Chipman for saying in a Reddit post a few years back that anyone who fails a gun background check should be arrested.

“We don’t arrest people before they commit crimes. That’s the sort of thing that’s reserved for bad post-apocalyptic dystopian novels and movies,” Lee said.

Wendy Rodgers:

Is this why Facebook is so very unhelpful?

From Sidney Powerll:

President Trump is leading a class action suit against Facebook, Twitter and Google and their CEOs.

For years now we have watched Congressional Committees haul Zuckerberg, Dorsey and Pichai up to The Hill and then lay into them on how they do business. But Congress has yet to do more than make huffy idle threats.

In marches Trump, fighting for our FREE SPEECH against the biggest monopolies on earth. Like Trump or not, he is the only politician stepping up and taking on the fight to protect our 1st Amendment rights.

As Trump said at the press conference, "If they can do this to me, they can do it to you."

Trump is the leader of one of two political parties in a two party political system. Big Tech has removed him from the conversation. As such, we only get ONE point of view and the left is never challenged.

The Fake News and everyone else is ignoring, mocking and playing this lawsuit down but it is a big deal.

* If you missed it, watch the whole press conference. It is very informative.

* Also, this video of Alan Dershowitz and Gregg Jarrett is a good explanation of the law suit.

* 192,000 Americans Watch President Trump's Announcement to Sue Twitter, Facebook, Google on RSBN — Joe Biden Lucky to Get 1,000

Trump class action suit against Zuck and the other Tech Titans. Read it youself:

Google Sued by 36 States for Antitrust Violation

Attorneys general for 36 states and the District of Columbia sued the Big Tech company in a 144-page complaint filed in a Northern California federal court. The group alleges that Google’s Play store for Android apps violates antitrust laws.

The complaint centers on the control Google is able to exert on its Play store, allowing it to collect commissions of up to 30 percent on digital transactions within apps installed on Android-powered smartphones. Those devices represent more than 80 percent of the worldwide smartphone market.

Led by Utah, North Carolina, Tennessee, New York, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, and Nebraska, it marks the fourth major antitrust lawsuit filed by U.S. government agencies against the company since October 2020.

Other lawsuits filed against Google include a complaint filed by a bipartisan coalition of states, and one filed by the Department of Justice. It echoes allegations made against the company by mobile game maker Epic Games in August 2020. That case is awaiting trial.

The complaint contends that Google has deployed various tactics and set up anticompetitive barriers to ensure it distributes more than 90 percent of the apps on Android devices—a market share that the attorneys general argue represents an illegal monopoly. It also alleges Google has been abusing that power to reap billions of dollars in profit at the expense of consumers, who wind up paying higher prices to subsidize the commissions, and the makers of apps who have less money and incentive to innovate.

Social Media tries to Kill "QAnon", and Fails:

Facebook says it has removed about 3,300 pages, 10,500 groups, 510 events, 18,300 Facebook profiles and 27,300 Instagram accounts for violating its policy against QAnon.

Facebook’s policies and response to QAnon continue to evolve. Since last August, the company says it has added dozens of new terms as the movement and its language has evolved.

Twitter, meanwhile, says it has consistently taken action against activity that could lead to offline harm. After the Jan. 6 insurrection, the company began permanently suspending thousands of accounts that it said were “primarily dedicated” to sharing "dangerous" QAnon material. Twitter said it has suspended 150,000 such accounts to date. Like Facebook, the company says its response is also evolving.

For social platforms, dealing with this faceless, shifting and increasingly popular mindset is a far more complicated challenge than they’ve dealt with in the past.

These ideologies “have cemented their place and now are a part of American folklore,” said Max Rizzuto, another researcher at DFRLab. “I don’t think we’ll ever see it disappear.”

"Please call your Rep and ask them to support Rep Massie's HB 3860 (or to thank them if they are one of the 25 co-sponsors) to prohibit the government for mandating that the military submit to this experimental gene therapy.

If you don't speak out before they come for me, I won't be around when they come for you.

Thank you."

It's sick how they are targeting kids with this:

$500,000 for a lousy painting? Anonymous buyers and a manager close to China?

Senator Grassley and the Judiiciary Committee now have their very own copy of Hunter Biden's laptop. No hiding now. Delivered half hour ago, signed for by "Bell".

Face masks cause children to inhale six times the safe limit of carbon dioxide, study finds

'We suggest that decision-makers weigh the hard evidence produced by these experimental measurements accordingly, which suggest that children should not be forced to wear face masks,' stated the authors of the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.


Leading people around by the nose for decades...

From Sidney Powell:

This has been the consistent polling results on Voter ID, across all groups, for a decade. And yet, we still fight this battle.

The poll was commissioned by the Republican National Committee and conducted by former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway.

"The phone survey — which was conducted June 8-June 13 with 800 registered voters, 31 percent of whom identify as Democrats, 29 percent as Republicans, and 36 percent as independents — found 80 percent of its participants feel verifying voter ID 'is an important security measure,' while 89 percent said that they are in favor of 'purging voter rolls' after individuals have died or are no longer registered in previous areas they resided in."

YouTube has prevented American Conservative Union from sharing content from CPAC 2021 Part 2 in Dallas, Texas, including former President Donald Trump's speech on Sunday, July 11.

"According to the ACU, YouTube said their video contained alleged "medical misinformation" regarding COVID-19 for the reason why it removed the video.

Covid Sing-a-long:

Delta Dawn, what that tattoo you got on, could it be sign you got that evil vax? And shortly when you die, you might remember by and by, that we tried to give you all the facts.

Two days after Haiti President is assassinated Jen Psaki announces that Haiti is one of the countries that is — will be receiving vaccines from the United States.

We will be prepared to deliver those, hopefully as early as next week.

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