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Shift From War to Terrorism

Updated: Jun 26

Looks like Assange will be stepping back into the fray eventually.

His wife, Stella, spoke to reporters this morning when Julian arrived in Australia, and said that Julian will need some time to recover before talking to the public.

Yet he remains “principled and unafraid”, implying that he doesn’t plan on shying away from the mission.

Stella also said they will be fighting for a pardon at some point in the near future, but right now, the focus is just getting Julian acclimated to freedom, and spending time with his family.


See Heartwarming hugs for Assange in Australia:

Julian Assange:

The purpose of war is not the victory of one of the sides. The purpose of war is an eternal war to absorb huge amounts of budget money. This has not changed over time. When the Afghan war ended and the Americans fled the country in disgrace, I said, that a new war should begin immediately. It doesn’t matter for what reason, but it must!

The Russian Nuclear Triad:

Dmitry Medvedev:

"Americans continue to treat everyone as complete idiots.

Just imagine if Nazi Germany during World War II turned to the USSR with a proposal to include in a separate negotiation track the issue of restrictions on the production of any weapons (tanks, airplanes or BM-13 Katyusha). Absurdity, madness, delirium of a madman? 

But the United States quite seriously proposes that we negotiate on a new treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive weapons. We, they say, will supply the neo-Nazis with all types of weapons, including long-range missiles and aircraft, and discuss the new START Treaty with you. 

What impudent, cynical creatures! No, it is only possible after they refuse to supply weapons to the Bandera regime and block its admission to NATO.

Otherwise, everything should develop according to a completely different scenario. So that, as in the 50s and 60s of the 20th century, a total psychosis sets in in the United States with the construction of bunkers from Russian bombs and missiles throughout the territory. Let their entire elite worry! Let them tremble and shake, you bastards! And let one of them jump out of the window with the words: “The Russians are coming!” As former US Secretary of Defense James Forrestal did on May 22, 1949, while in a psychiatric hospital".

Budanov ruled out the possibility of freezing the war along the front line

“Neither the Korean, nor the Moldavian, nor the German scenarios are possible here - none of this will work. This must be settled once and for all.”

Budanov did not specify at what stage this must be settled 😏

Western MSM are very upset about this interview.

Why? Because Farage is calling out the foundational lie that is keeping NATO’s entire narrative afloat.

Once the broader public realize that “NATO/EU expansionism” started the conflict in Ukraine, the charade is over.

Losing the War so shifting to Terrorism:

🇷🇺🇺🇸❗️The US Ambassador to Moscow was summoned to the Foreign Ministry due to the terrorist attack in Sevastopol, she was given a demarche, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported.

The US Ambassador was told that the United States bears equal responsibility with the Kyiv regime for the terrorist attack in Crimea.

The Russian Federation will take retaliatory measures due to US encouragement of Kyiv’s strikes on Russian territory.

The American ambassador was told that the United States had actually become a party to the conflict, supplying the Ukrainian Armed Forces with weapons that were used to attack Russia.


"If, heaven forbid, it comes to some sort of strike, everyone should understand that Russia has an early warning system, a missile attack warning system. The US has it. There is no such developed system anywhere else in the world. We have it. Europe lacks such a developed system; in this regard, they are more or less defenceless. That is the first point. The second issue is the power of the strikes. Our tactical nuclear weapons are four times more powerful than the bombs the Americans used against Hiroshima and Nagasaki, by three to four times.

We possess significantly more of them – both across the European continent and even if the Americans were to deploy theirs from the US – we still maintain a substantial advantage. If, God forbid, it comes to that – which we sincerely hope it does not, then, instead of what you said about 'minimising the victims,' in reality, casualties could potentially escalate indefinitely. That’s the first point. Second, the Europeans must also consider: if those with whom we engage in such conflicts cease to exist, will the Americans participate in this conflict at the level of strategic weapons or not? I have serious doubts about it, and Europeans should reflect on this as well.

Nevertheless, I firmly believe that such a scenario will never materialise, as we do not foresee such a necessity. Our Armed Forces continue to gain experience and enhance their efficiency, while our defence sector consistently demonstrates its effectiveness. I have stated this multiple times, and I will say it again: our ammunition production has increased by over 20 times, our capabilities in aviation technology far surpass those of our adversaries, and our superiority in armoured vehicles is significant. There is no need to dwell on this matter. Therefore, I kindly ask everyone not to mention such things unnecessarily."

From Clandestine:

Africa shift for the biological weapons labs:

🦠☣️Ukraine Bio Update☣️🦠

New report from Russian MIL, alleging that the Pentagon relocated their bioweapon operation to Africa, due to Russia’s liberation of the labs in Ukraine.

Kirillov alleges that Biden-owned Metabiota, and other intermediary NGOs, are running cover for the US State Dept and DoD, posing as a humanitarian operation, to conceal their true objective of pathogen production for Big Pharma.

Kirillov also points out that Biden-owned Metabiota, have been forced to stop operating in many countries in Africa, due to awareness of their nefarious biological activity and agenda.

Also keep in mind, the founder of Biden-owned Metabiota is Ghislaine Maxwell and Clinton affiliate, Virologist Nathan Wolfe.

Later in the briefing, Kirillov also alleges the US are planning to spread disease via migratory birds. This comes after Kirillov previously alleged that the US plan to manufacture ANOTHER pandemic for the 2024 election like they did in 2020. Bird Flu comes to mind.

This is how Russia is dealing with the shift from conventional warfare to terrorism by Ukraine:

🇷🇺“ We will kill everyone - father, brother, uncle,”

Kadyrov called for punishing the entire family of terrorists with blood feud. Every family should know what their relatives are doing, Kadyrov added.

“ If the suspect is connected with the shaitans, his entire family must be punished, and the one who encroaches on the policeman’s brother must understand that through blood feud we will kill everyone - father, brother, uncle. Excuses like “I didn’t know” will not be accepted. How is it that you don’t know where your children are? Always, at any time, I know where each of my children is.”

▪️Kiev promises to pay huge compensation for the death of a Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier, writes Myśl Polska.

Its amount is shocking in its unreality. For the death of an AFU soldier, his family is promised 15 million hryvnia. For this money, theoretically, you can buy five apartments in the center of Kiev, the author of the material notes.

However, the Kiev authorities do not have the ability to pay such amounts. For half a million dead soldiers, Kiev must pay $40 billion a year, which is half of the country’s current budget.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to see empires and autocracies back in Europe, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told the European Economic Congress in Katowice.Speaking alongside Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, von der Leyen insisted that she stands for a European Union that is ready to do whatever it takes to protect Europe, and especially Ukraine.“Putin’s war is about redrawing the map of Europe, but it is also a war on our Union and on the entire global rules-based system,” she said.”

Now ReSelected and not Elected Ursula von der Leyen

Documents on the crimes and acquittal of Erich Gustav Scharfetter, the Nazi mass murderer sentenced to 18 life terms and pardoned by Ursula von der Leyen’s father, have been published in Russia for the first time.

On February 1, 1980, the Land Court of Stade sentenced Nazi criminal Erich Gustav Scharfetter to 18 life terms for 18 murders committed in a concentration camp in the occupied territory of the USSR. Ten years later, in February 1990, Minister-President of the state of Lower Saxony Ernst Albrecht (CDU), father of the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen (CDU, in 1976-1999 headed the state government of Lower Saxony), pardoned him due to his hoary age and deteriorating health. Scharfetter was set free on March 30, 1990. He died in 1998 at the age of 90.

The court dealt with the events in the camps of Kuremea (500-1000 prisoners), Joehvi (150 prisoners) and Ereda (up to 1000 prisoners). The first charge was the murder of a group of Jews in Kuremea. According to witnesses, in the winter of 1943-1944 (they had no calendar), Scharfetter arrived at the camp and requested a list of sick and incapacitated prisoners from the camp medic (who was also a local prisoner). Initially he planned to kill these people by injection, for which he prepared a syringe and drugs. With the help of camp commandant Engst, the prisoners on the list – there were 15-22 of them, witness accounts differ – were taken one by one into the barracks, where they were to receive a lethal injection.

But something went wrong: either the victims were in no hurry to die, or the syringe broke, but Scharfetter suddenly started killing them with a pickaxe, and then slit each one’s throat. One victim (a witness said it was a girl) managed to escape from the barracks, but the commandant pushed her back in and Sharfetter shot her. The bodies of those killed were handed over to a team of prisoners to be burned. A member of that team remembered that one of the victims was still giving signs of life, but Sharfetter pushed that person into the fire alive.

News of the incident spread throughout the neighboring camps, and the murderer gained a nickname “Kirkenik,” that is, “the man with the pickaxe.” His atrocities seemed monstrous even for those living in concentration camps, so many prisoners remembered him and were later able to identify him. Scharfetter denied all the accusationa, but the court found him guilty, emphasizing that he had no orders to kill these people and acted out of his own intentions. The minimum of 15 victims was taken as the number of victims from all the testimonies.

The second proven charge against Scharfetter was the murder of three sick prisoners in Joehvi in November-December 1943. Scharfetter arrived at the camp after the outbreak of typhus. The sick prisoners were sent by cars to Vaivara, after which Scharfetter disinfected some rooms and checked the temperature of the remaining prisoners. Identifying three more sick persons, he led them to the camp toilet. One witness heard gunshots and saw a sled with the bodies of the murdered men, whose throats had also been slit. Scharfetter was removing the bodies. The court found him guilty of the murder of the three prisoners.

Other episodes the court was never able to prove:

  • 1. The murder of a young Estonian Jewish woman at the beginning of 1944 in Ereda. According to testimony of a witness, Scharfetter, together with another SS man, beat prisoners with rubber truncheons, after they received a few potatoes from some of the Germans, then shot one of them.

  • 2. Shooting of a prisoner in Ereda, January-February 1944: according to a witness, Scharfetter shot a 16-year-old prisoner named Rubinstein for not reaching the toilet when he had severe diarrhea.

  • 3 Another shooting in Ereda in 1944: according to a witness, Scharfetter shot an inmate on the spot because he could not reach the toilet due to diarrhea and urinated on the spot.

The court gave the Nazi sadist one life sentence for each murder committed. This was an uncommon case in German legal practice. Five years after the verdict, Scharfetter’s daughter began writing petitions for clemency on the grounds of her father’s age and poor health. After two unsuccessful attempts, she turned to Stille Hilfe, an organization founded in 1951 dedicated to alleviating the plight of sentenced Nazis, including through petitions for pardons or reduced sentences.

The EU is doubling down, giving Ursula von der Incompetent Leyen another mandate as president while replacing Josep "Gardener" Borrell with Kaja "Nazi" Kallas, according to multiple outlets citing diplomatic sources. This was reportedly arranged by Scholz, Macron, Tusk, Sanchez, Mitsotakis and Rutte — representing the three major blocks in the European Parliament, the EPP, the Socialists and liberals.

🇮🇱🇵🇸🇱🇧 | Reserve General in the occupation army, "Yitzhak Brik":

The political and military level, which on October 7 brought Israel the greatest failure and disaster since its founding, wants to repeat the failure in a more serious manner.

- The initiative put forward by the Chief of Staff and the Minister of Defense, with Netanyahu’s approval, to launch a comprehensive attack on Hezbollah, which will bring upon us a comprehensive regional war in 6 arenas and will destroy “Israel.”

- Thousands of rockets, shells and drones will be fired at us every day.

- This initiative is a collective suicide led by (Netanyahu, Gallant, and Halevy) who no longer have anything to lose, so they are betting on the fate of “Israel” and will take it all with them into the abyss.

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