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Russian intel - some clarity in the fog of War

"It's a mess and it's a trap!" This guy sounds absolutely genuine. Listen and understand what is going on...

"World's Best Sniper"

To publicly announce his arrival in multiple newspapers, have his name AND picture revealed and disclose where he'll be deployed? I know he's a lib, but no one is THAT retarded, particularly a good sniper.

For those that don't know the backstory:

March 9th he announces he arrived to Ukraine from Canada.

March 14th - 'I WON'T HESITATE:' Canadian sniper in Ukraine ready to pull trigger

Now today we hear he was "killed within 20 minutes".


Russia is being framed daily by violent acts against non-military targets.

Common sense tells us that Russia does't want to target civilians. After all, what military benefit is hitting civilians? It provides PR for the enemy, enrages citizens, and it doesn't have any military value whatsoever. Think before you attribute any validity to the MSM story demonizing the Russian soldiers.

On the Russian side everyone is a military professional. No one is drafted. They are doing a professional job of destroying military targets. Putin himself thanked volunteers showing up to go, but told them they were not needed.

This is the real world. Ukraine is royally messed up and their war is based on fantasy with a fantasy president.

Think further: Who benefits if citizens are used as human shields? Ukraine.

In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

Play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

🇧🇷🇷🇺🇺🇦 A video of a Brazilian mercenary in Ukraine was filmed in a car heading for Poland: “I don’t know what to say, special forces from all over the world, from France, from all over Europe, from South Korea, Chile, America, Canada. Guys, the whole world is there, there are special forces from all over the world. And then very simply, all I know is that they are all dead. They are all destroyed. You just can't understand one thing, how the plane shoots missiles at you. You can't understand. It's all over, it's all over. The whole part is destroyed."

Fake visit by Zelensky to hospital:

Zelensky published a video in which he allegedly visited a hospital with wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine today.

But on the footage, a physician, Inna Derusova, was seen, who died on February 26. The death of the woman was confirmed by her relatives. Then Zelensky himself awarded her the title of Hero of Ukraine posthumously.

It turns out that the published video of the meeting of the President of Ukraine with wounded soldiers on March 13 is a fake. The video was recorded back in February, before the death of Inna Derusova.

Meanwhile in Ukraine:

American missile system "Javelin" in the Donetsk region.

Governments representing more than half the world’s population voted to investigate US biolabs in Ukraine.

Wow! Ukraine programming in the media for years...... short video and rather shocking.

Russian Orcs.

Officers of the Special Forces unit of the Russian Guard help a local resident. The guys give away their medicines and their rations. People have confusion on their faces. They were told by Ukrainian propaganda for 8 years that orcs live in Russia. And then back to reality. This is the Kyiv region.

He closed with an English-language plea to President Joe Biden.

“I am addressing President Biden. You are the leader of the nation, your nation. I wish you to be the leader of the world. Being the leader of the world means to be the leader of peace,” Zelenskyy concluded.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has said the Biden administration opposes a no-fly zone or helping Ukraine acquire more fighter jets from neighboring nations.

“I would note that [the Pentagon] said that adding aircrafts to the Ukrainian inventory is not likely to significantly change the effectiveness of the Ukrainian Air Force, relative to Russian capabilities,” Psaki said Tuesday, CNN reported. “And the assessment was that the transfer of these planes may be mistaken as escalatory, as we said, and could result in a significant Russian reaction, but that is the risk assessment that was done. That risk assessment hasn’t changed.”

Putin talks about the EVIL CABAL luciferian plans. That they must stop now. (Video one minute 19 seconds.)

Economic warfare too:


Putin explains the military situation and why Ukraine might lose its future

Putin spoke at length with a group of Russian flight attendants. In this exchange, Putin spells out in quite some details WHAT Russia is doing and WHY she is doing it. The entire thing is worth reading if you would like to understand Putin and his reasoning, but here are some excerpts:

Denazification – what does this mean? I have spoken with my Western colleagues about this. They say:” What is the problem? You also have the radical nationalists”. Yes, we do. But we do not have them in the government, but everybody agrees that they (the Ukrainians) do. Perhaps, we have some idiots running around with swastika, but do we support that at the government level? Do thousands of people march with torches and swastikas on the streets of our capital or other cities in Russia, like it happened in 1930s in Nazi Germany? Is something like that happening in Russia? But it happens in Ukraine, and it is supported. Do we support those who killed the Russians, Jews, or the Poles during the war? Do we hail them as heroes? But in Ukraine, they do.

The current events are also very important. Look, the foreign citizens have been taken hostages in Sumy and Kharkov – over 6,000 young people, students. They have been driven together into a railway station and kept there for 3 days. Listen, they have been held there for the third day. We have told everybody about this and informed the current Ukrainian authorities. They said: “Yes, yes, of course, we will deal this this right now”. We have informed the leaders of the major European countries, I personally talked to them. “Yes, yes, we will put pressure on Ukraine right now”. We informed the UN Secretary-General: “Yes, yes, we will solve the problem right away”. Nobody is doing anything.

People who are considered the citizens of Ukraine are treated even worse. They are simply used as a human shield. Right now, in this very moment, this is happening in Mariupol. The Kiev government called our military: ”Provide humanitarian corridors so people could leave”. Naturally, our people instantly responded, even suspended the military activities, and were observing what was happening. But no one was allowed to leave. You understand, no one was allowed out. They do not anybody leave but instead use the people as a human shield. Who are they? The neo-Nazis, of course.

We already observe the presence of the militants from the Middle East and some European countries. We know about them; we can hear them speak on the radio. They are using so-called jihad-mobiles, i.e. cars stuffed with explosives, which they drive towards the Russian troops. But they do not achieve anything, and they will fail in the end. Who are they, then, if not neo-Nazis? By such actions, they are destroying their own country and their own statehood.


Only professional military personnel are taking part in this operation, officers and contract servicemen. Not a single drafted soldier is participating, and we are not planning to send them to Ukraine, and we will not. I repeat only men who have made a voluntary responsible decision in their lives – to defend their country – are in Ukraine, and they are doing their duty with honor. Why this is the case, why we have the right to say these words, I have just explained to you. This also applied to reserve personnel undergoing periodic military training – we are not planning to deploy them to Ukraine. They are summoned to the military training on the regular basis – this happens now and will be happening in the future – but we will not enlist these people for the active military service, and they will not participate in this conflict. We have sufficient resources to achieve our objectives employing only our professional army.

I would like to comment on the military operation itself. I know many rumors and stories are being circulating. I do not have much time to learn about this, but I have been informed that people talk a lot about what is happening and how the operation is proceeding. All analysts know what is going on, so I am not going to reveal any secrets here. We could have acted in many different ways. We could have helped the Donbass republics directly on the separation line, i.e. on the front, using our Russian army to support them. But in such case, considering the unconditional support by the West of the radical nationalists, the Ukrainian side would have received constant support by weapons, material, ammunition, and all.

That is why our General Staff and the Ministry of Defense decided on a different strategy. First that was done is the elimination of the military infrastructure. Not entirely, but largely. The weapon depots, ammunition depots, aviation, air defense systems. The destruction of the air defense systems requires certain time. You are civilians but you do work in aviation. You understand that these systems need to be uncovered and then destroyed; by now this work is largely done. That is what brings about the demands for a no fly zone. However, an attempt to put this into effect would lead to enormous and catastrophic consequences not only for Europe, but also for the entire world. I do believe that the people on the other side do understand that. That is why we have chosen this path, correctly, as it turned out. Our military is working responsibly doing everything possible to protect the civilians. Unfortunately, those neo-Nazi bandits do not have any consideration for the people. They even shoot their own servicemen who do not want to continue fighting – we do have evidence of that. Yes, those nationalists, neo-Nazis shoot their own servicemen. The nationalists are embedded in practically every Ukrainian military unit, several dozens of them in each, and they act in such a cruel way.

I repeat one more time: we will not deploy draftees or reservists to Ukraine to participate in this military operation. I am convinced that our army will achieve all our objectives. I do not doubt that for a second. This is evident from the way the operation is proceeding, which is strictly according to the plan, to the schedule; all is happening the way it had been planned by the General Staff. Oh, regarding volunteers, the young people who come to the recruiting stations – we are grateful to them for their patriotic sentiments, the desire to support their country and its army in this time. The very fact that they come is significant. However, their help is not required at this time. And I am convinced will not be needed. Now I am turning towards the camera. They will see me and hear what I am saying – thank you.

Today’s war cannot be understood without first understanding the U.S. government’s role in Ukraine's Maidan Coup.

Victoria Nuland has been caught on audio tape saying who they will install in Ukraine govt. Jewish oligarch Kolomoisky financed the Azov thugs after steeling $4.7 billion of our Aid $.

If the American people knew the truth about how Obama and Biden helped Neo-Nazi factions overthrow the elected government of Ukraine they might not be so eager to start World War III. Today’s crisis in Ukraine cannot be understood without first understanding the U.S. government’s role in the Ukrainian Maidan Coup.

In 2013, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych rejected an IMF loan and EU association agreement because he claimed the loan would hand over control of Ukraine’s natural resources and increase the cost of living for the Ukrainian people.

In response, a highly organized western-backed color revolution led by U.S. government officials was immediately deployed against Yanukovych.

U.S. organizations such as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), an infamous CIA-front, trained activist journalists to utilize social media, funded television stations supporting the protest, and bussed in large numbers of protestors from out of town.

NED recently deleted its records of funding projects in Ukraine, but the archived web pages can be found here.

This link will take you to a site that has Oliver Stones scholarly and terribly relevant documentary on the overthrow of Ukraines duly elected President:

Russia being framed with a hospital bombing?

Dmitry Polyanskiy, Russia’s first deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, said reports that Russian forces had bombed the maternity hospital in Mariupol were “fake news” and accused Ukraine of having set up the hospital as a combat site.

On Thursday, the Russian Ministry of Defense claims that the hospital building, “due to its favorable tactical location close to the city center, was re-equipped into a stronghold of the Azov National Battalion,” an insurgent group with strong allegiance to neo-Nazi ideology that has been battling Russian forces or forces aligned with Russia. There were “two separate staged explosions near the hospital”—more specifically, “[a]n underground explosion and another of minor power, aimed at the hospital building,” the ministry claims.

Statement from Russia's Ministry of Defense:

I will dwell separately on the informational provocation of Kiev regime about alleged “strike” by Russian aircraft on Mariupol hospital No. 3 yesterday.

First of all, I note that the Russian Defence Ministry yesterday established cease-fire for safe evacuation of civilians in the city.

Russian aviation had no missions of hitting targets on the ground in the Mariupol area.

The analysis of the statements of representatives of Kiev nationalist regime and photos from the hospital, leaves no doubt.

The "air strike” that took place is a completely staged provocation to maintain the anti-Russian stir among the Western audience.

We have repeatedly stated earlier that the medical institutions of Mariupol, including Hospital No. 3, stopped their full-time work at the end of February. All staff and patients dispersed by the nationalists.

The hospital building, due to its favorable tactical location close to the city center, was re-equipped into a stronghold of the Azov National Battalion.

This is reported by residents of the city, who moved both to the areas controlled by Kiev and controlled by the Donetsk People's Republic.

Photos of the hospital grounds contain evidence of two separate staged explosions near the hospital. An underground explosion and another of minor power, aimed at the hospital building.

The nature of the external and internal damage to the building can mislead non-professional audience of Europe and the United States. For whom this was made.

But not experts. Comparing to the staged explosion of the Ukrainian Nazis, even less power high-explosive aviation bomb would destroy the outer walls of the building.

I emphasize that all these and other war crimes in Mariupol are committed by nationalist locked in the city. We have repeatedly warned that as the ring shrinks, the number of Nazi provocations will increase. There is no way for them to escape.

These are the Nazis of the Azov battalion who had been eliminating the civilian population in Donetsk and Lugansk republics for eight years.

In recent days, attacks by Ukrainian nationalists and mercenaries who arrived in Ukraine from the United States, Great Britain and Europe on Russian medics and special medical vehicles have become more frequent.

▪ The Nazis deliberately ambush ambulances with a red cross symbol. Snipers fire from long distances at medics evacuating wounded Russian servicemen in combat areas. Even at medics providing assistance to local residents in settlements.

All this once again confirms the Nazi essence of the Kiev regime, which calls for the killing of any Russians without exception, in violation of international humanitarian law.

We warn again, the best thing that awaits foreign mercenaries detained in combat areas is criminal prosecution.

Thus, the ceasefire is used by nationalists only to improve their positions. The Ukrainian side in every possible way prevents the evacuation of civilians and foreign citizens intimidated by neo-Nazis by physical violence of people, firstly, no one notifies about the presence of humanitarian corridors, and secondly, those who find out about these corridors cannot physically get there, due to the mass terror organized by the Kiev authorities. And this is evidenced by the order of the Minister of Defence of Ukraine on the categorical prohibition of the exit of civilians from the blocked settlements, primarily towards the Russian Federation. ▪ Only individual citizens and single cars manage to escape from the settlements blocked by the nationalists. During the day there were 117 such lucky cases, these are the people who escaped to the territory of the Russian Federation by private cars, as well as on foot, knowing the terrain well, along the so-called "partisan trails". As a result, 341 people were able to escape in this way. Today, at the personal request of the head of the Vatican's diplomatic service, Paul Richard Gallagher, to the leadership of the Russian Federation, unprecedented security measures were taken and a successful humanitarian operation was carried out in the Kiev direction to evacuate orphaned children from an orphanage. 52 children and 23 people from among the accompanying staff were evacuated to a safe place.

I note that this effective humanitarian operation was carried out with the assistance of the Ukrainian side. ...

We hope that these humanitarian operations will also be completed successfully, now in the territories controlled by Kiev. The Russian Armed Forces have already fully fulfilled their humanitarian mission in these areas. ▪ Unfortunately, in other areas, today's operation to open humanitarian corridors has not brought any significant positive results solely due to the fault of the Kiev authorities once again. Despite this, we officially declare that humanitarian corridors towards the Russian Federation will be opened unilaterally, without any coordination, every day from 10 o'clock in the morning, and in other directions in agreement with the Ukrainian side. We guarantee total security in territories under the control of the Russian Armed Forces. ▪ We ask the International Committee of the Red Cross and the UN on the ground to work closely with the Ukrainian authorities to inform the Ukrainian population about this Russian initiative. Unfortunately, the overall humanitarian situation across Ukraine continues to deteriorate.

Hunter Biden’s firm Rosemont Seneca invested in the firms who were building these Bio-labs.

Hunter Biden’s company Rosemont Seneca invested in Metabiota which in turn collaborated in the building of the Ukrainian labs with building contractor Black & Veach under a US Defense contract.


The UN Security Council met at Russia's request on Friday to discuss what Moscow claims are "the military biological activities of the U.S. on the territory of Ukraine."

U.S. intelligence analysts last week were alarmed when they obtained intelligence showing that Russian Chemical and Biological Weapons units were activated and moving into Ukraine. These analysts knew nothing of what the Department of Defense had been doing in Ukraine in terms of funding military bioweapons laboratories in Ukraine. Without that knowledge, they concluded that Russia was preparing to use chemical and/or biological weapons. Understandable, but wrong.

The Russian units were deployed to secure those bioweapons labs. And in the process of securing them they have recovered a treasure trove of documents showing the United States has violated the international accord governing Chemical and Biological Weapons.



Notice how no country is able to disprove Russian claims. They simply quote US media outlets 😂😂😂 as their source for Russia pushing “disinformation”.

Do you have any idea how massive that just was? Of course the US and other deep state controlled nations would deny everything, because they are implicated in crimes with the ultimate consequences.

What we did accomplish, is on the highest diplomatic channel on the planet, Russia presenting their case, and China, Brazil, Mexico, India, Gabon, calling for a cease fire and investigation immediately.

The US CLEARLY doesn’t want that investigation. If the US were concerned at all with transparency, and truly did nothing wrong, they would be more than willing to cooperate and confirm the allegations are false. Instead, they deny and project.

But look at the big picture and look at the population of the countries calling for an investigation. China: 1.4 billion India: 1.3 billion Brazil: 212 million Russia: 144 million Mexico: 128 million Gabon: 2 million.

That’s 3.2 BILLION people. Representatives for nearly half of the world population are calling for an investigation into the United States for bioweapons production. This is as good as we could have hoped for.

This is just the beginning. There is much more to come. These UN talks will continue. More deliberation will be had and there will be mountains of more denial from the US.

Russia knew this is how this emergency meeting would go, as stated by the representative. They have a plan. This is far from over. These allegations are now on the forefront of the world stage.

Specifics on the bio-labs:

Here are some of the documents reportedly captured from the bio-weapons labs. I looked at some of them and the portions in English appear to back up the Russian statements. They certainly look real.:

Evidence of biological weapons research designed to target Russians with genocide:

Throwing money at the Ukraine laundering operation:

The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to pass a $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill that includes $13.6 billion in aid for Ukraine and European allies, and would fund the federal government through to Sept. 30.

There is plenty of raw video on the Russian side:

Who would be willing to go to war with these US generals in charge?

Russia sends a message to Europe:

Part of a key pipeline transporting natural gas from Russia to Europe suddenly reversed its flow direction Tuesday, Reuters reported.

Flows in the Yamal-Europe pipeline, which sends natural gas to Germany via Poland, were recorded going eastward away from Europe on Tuesday morning, data from the European firm Gascade showed, Reuters reported, citing data from German network operator Gascade. Flows leaving Germany were moving at a whopping 4.3 million kilowatt-hours per hour at one section of the pipeline.

The pipeline is operated by the Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom and is one of three routes the company uses to export natural gas to western Europe. The Yamal-Europe pipeline is responsible for 10% of the region’s natural gas supplies, meaning a substantial flow shift could lead to much higher energy prices for many European consumers.

The Ukrainian government's Institute of National Remembrance on Monday issued a now-deleted statement hailing their people's Slavic racial purity and contrasting them with mongrel Russian hordes formed "through mixing" of various tribes.

In a thread titled, "9 Arguments Why Ukrainians and Russians Are Not Fraternal Nations," the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance claimed it's a "myth" that Russians and Ukrainians are "one people."

"Ukrainians originate from the Slavic tribes," the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance said. "The Russian nation was formed to a large extent through mixing also the Slavic nations with Ugro-Finnish tribes: Muroma, Mernia, Wes, Meshchera, Moksha, Perm, Narova, and others. What is there to say."

The Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance deleted the last post in the thread on Tuesday (probably in response to an angry call from the US State Department).

NATO on International Women's Day:

A planetary perspective:

“…This is not a war with Ukraine. It’s a contrast with globalism as a whole planetary phenomenon. It’s a contrast on all levels, geopolitical and ideological. Russia rejects everything in globalism: unipolarism, Atlanticism, on the one hand; and liberalism, anti-tradition, technocracy, in a word the Great Reset, on the other. It is clear that all European leaders are part of the Atlantic liberal elite.

“And we’re at war with exactly this. Here’s their fair reaction: Russia is now excluded from the globalist networks. She has no choice anymore: either build her own world or disappear. Russia has set a path to building its own world, its own civilization. And now the first step has been done. But sovereignty in the face of globalism can only be a large space, a continent-state, a civilization-state. No country can withstand a complete disconnect for long.

“Russia is building a global resistance camp. Her victory would be a victory for all the alternative forces, both the right and the left, and for all the people. As always, we are starting the most difficult and dangerous processes.

“But when we win, everybody takes advantage of it. That's how it should be. We are creating the assumptions for a real multipolarity. And those who are ready to kill us now will be the first to take advantage of our business tomorrow. I almost always write things that come true. This too will come true.”

And again: “What does it mean for Russia to break up with the West? It is salvation. The modern West, where Rothschild, Soros, Schwab, Bill Gates and Zuckerberg triumph, is the most disgusting thing in the history of the world. It is no longer the West of Greco-Roman Mediterranean culture, nor the Christian Middle Ages, nor the violent and contradictory 20th century. It’s a cemetery of toxic waste of civilization, it’s anti-civilization. And the sooner and more completely Russia is getting rid of it, the sooner it returns to its roots. For what? Christian, Greco-Roman, Mediterranean…European… that is, to the roots common to the real West. These roots—theirs!—the modern West cut them off. And they stayed in Russia.

“Only now Eurasia is raising its head. Only now is liberalism in Russia losing its ground under its feet.

“Russia is not Western Europe. Russia followed the Greeks, Byzantines, and Eastern Christianity. And she’s still following this road. Yes, with zigzags and deviations. Sometimes in a blind alley. But she’s moving.

“Russia is out to defend traditional values against the modern world. It’s precisely the ‘restoration against the modern world’. Didn’t you learn?

“And Europe must break up with the West, and the United States must also follow those who reject globalism. Then everyone will understand the meaning of the modern war in Ukraine.

“A lot of people in Ukraine understood this. But the terrible liberal-nazist rabid propaganda has left nothing to do in the minds of the Ukrainians. They will return to themselves and fight together with us for the kingdom of light, for tradition and a true European Christian identity. Ukrainians are our brothers. They were, they are and they will be.

“A break with the West is not a break with Europe. It’s a breakdown with death, degeneration and suicide. It’s the key to recovery. And Europe itself—the European peoples—should follow our example: topple the anti-national globalist council. And build a real European house, a European building, a European cathedral”.

—Alexander Dugin

In case you wondered what the V or Z thing is: It's from Russia:

🇷🇺 🇺🇦 We live in different countries, but we share the same values. The life and well-being of our families and our countries. Support what is right!

Our guns are for protection ONLY!

🇷🇺 We fight for the rights of civilian population.

Russia is hope. It is compassion. It is excellence. It is valor.

Definitely propaganda, but I think they believe it...

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