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Revolution in Europe

Elon Musk: The “right-wing” agenda today is just the centrist agenda of 20 years ago. The left has become an extinctionist movement.

At least it's 'hard Right' now, which is closer to the truth. Apparently, even though RN looks like a case study in 'moderation theory' (whittling down its harder-edged policies to climb to power) Bardella does discuss Great Replacement issues. Not good enough, but it's what comes up behind it, as certain perspectives are normalised. First a Kerensky, then..

🇫🇷French President Emmanuel Macron has announced the dissolution of the parliament, with the first round of elections to be held on June 30

Today, the country held elections to the European Parliament. According to preliminary results, the right-wing radical National Rally party of Marine Le Pen won (31.5%). Macron's party received half as many votes.

Against this background, the far right demanded that Macron dissolve the National Assembly.

In brown are the districts where "far-right" parties were the most voted in the EU elections in France.

Clearly the real France has spoken loud and clear.

We can assume something like this will be repeated in 3 weeks time in the French elections. Macron knew that and called an election anyway despite having 3 years left in his Presidential term.


1) Does he think he will be able to control Le Pen? The French system does give enormous power to the President versus the PM and/or Legislature.

2) Having never really exercised power is he hoping that Le Pen will make a mess of things and Macron can blame her and her party for any problems?

3) Does he know something very bad is coming and wants to have a scapegoat?  

Compared to most other European leaders, he is actually a clever man (a low bar to be sure), we can be sure he has a reason for doing this.

In France he is burnt, but he needs to protect his legacy for whatever he aspires to in 3 years time.

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This is a popular cartoon character in Russia:

If a peace deal is forced on Zelensky, Kiev will resort to terrorist activities: blowing up Russian schools and civilian infrastructure – Daily Express

US ‘Flirting with Neo-Nazis’ – Kremlin ~ Moscow has condemned Washington’s decision to allow arms supplies to Ukraine’s notorious Azov Brigade. ~ RT World News

Washington will stop at nothing, including the use of neo-Nazis, to damage Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday, following a US decision to lift a ban on supplying weapons to Ukraine’s Azov Brigade.

The unit has notoriously welcomed into its ranks people who espouse ultranationalist and neo-Nazi ideologies, and has been described by the Western press as a magnet for such individuals from across the world.

On Monday, the US Department of State cleared the brigade to receive American military assistance, stating that it found no evidence of human rights violations by the group.

“This sudden change of stance by Washington proves that [US officials] would stoop to anything in their attempts to suppress Russia, using the Ukrainian people as a tool. They are even fine with flirting with neo-Nazis,” Peskov told journalists during a media briefing.

Azov was founded as a volunteer battalion of Ukrainian nationalists in 2014 by white supremacist Andrey Biletsky. People who came to power in Kiev following the Western-backed armed coup that year used Azov fighters in an attempt to violently quash a rebellion against the new government in the east. The battalion was incorporated into Ukraine’s National Guard the following year.

In 2018, the US Congress banned the delivery of arms to the Azov Brigade, citing its ties to neo-Nazi ideology.

Since the outbreak of conflict with Russia, Ukrainian officials and Azov members worked to rebrand the unit. Its insignia, which originally paid homage to Nazi symbology, was replaced with less offensive imagery, and its messaging changed to claim that the unit had distanced itself from its roots.

Some former and serving US officials, such as ex-ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, helped Azov’s efforts by organizing events for them on American soil.

However, Moscow insists that the nature of the unit has not significantly changed. It remains an “ultranationalist armed group,” Peskov stated.


The United States controls every nuance in the use of ATACMS missiles; Ukraine can only “press the button”

American ex-intelligence officer Scott Ritter notes that Kiev does not have a network of satellites, a satellite communications receiving station, or control over data encryption. But the USA has all this.

“It’s time to speak honestly. The USA is at war with Russia. What will Russia do now in this regard?” - he says.

by @rt_russian

British analyst Alexander Merkouris suggests calculating how many soldiers Ukraine will have left at the end of the year

According to him, the Ukrainian Armed Forces lose over 1,000 people killed and wounded every day.

If the Ukrainian army now has 250 thousand people, then at the current rate, by the end of the year the losses will exceed the current number of soldiers, he assumes.

Putin on Long Range Weapons:

🇷🇺🇺🇲🇪🇺⚡️ The Russian Federation can supply its long-range weapons to regions of the world, from where there will be sensitive blows to countries supplying weapons to Ukraine - Putin.

Strikes against the Russian Federation with the participation of Western countries mean their direct war against Russia, Moscow will react.

The United States must stop supplying Ukraine with weapons and the conflict will end in 2-3 months.

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Putin said that Ukraine tried several times to attack pipelines going to Turkey.

Of course, this fits into the US strategy of destroying Russian gas pipelines and severing energy ties between Europe and the Russian Federation, which also go through Turkey. Ukraine is nothing more than a screen and a tool.

🇷🇺🇯🇵 I don’t understand why I should be embarrassed to visit the Kuril Islands, this is Russian territory.

The Kuril Islands are a sovereign Russian territory following the results of World War II, which are not subject to revision (c) Putin

🇷🇺🇰🇵 ⚡️ Russia will develop relations with North Korea, whether anyone likes it or not - Putin

🇷🇺🇰🇵 ⚡️ Russia will develop relations with North Korea, whether anyone likes it or not - Putin

Ukraine mobilized 30,000 per month and loses 50,000 per month.

Slovakia wants back it's jets!

🇸🇰 The Slovak Ministry of Defense reported that the transfer to Ukraine in 2023 of Slovak MiG-29 fighters being removed from service with the Slovak Armed Forces was illegal. The previous Minister of Defense did not have the right to such a transfer of equipment and did not have the necessary legal grounds for this.

In this regard, legal measures will be taken against the former Minister of Defense.

🇺🇸🇷🇺Border guards in California have been instructed to immediately deport illegal migrants from Russia and five other countries of the former USSR - Georgia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan - immediately after arrest, the New York Post writes, citing an internal document.

Representatives from the rest of the “eastern hemisphere,” which includes more than one hundred countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia, are allowed to stay in the United States while their cases are pending.

The order applies to a section of the border in the San Diego area, which accounts for most of the illegal immigrants from the Eastern Hemisphere. In the last financial year, which ended in September, a record 43 thousand Russians were among them.

🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡️The Ural company Fores announced a prize of 15 million rubles for the first downed F-16 fighter. The director of the company, Sergei Shmotyev, announced this at SPIEF.

That is about $170,000.00.


“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche 

Defense Head of Israel Resigns

🇮🇱❎💅 Benny Gantz has announced his resignation from the government. He has called Netanyahu's policies nonsense, said Israel "will not win the war as planned," and called on other members of the military cabinet to leave. He says Netanyahu's government is "evil," that everyone should unite and remove Bibi to form a new government, and promises to support any deal aimed at bringing Israelis home from Gaza.

The election campaign has begun.

📣 US State Dept Official Quits after Biden Admin ‘Falsely Stated to Congress Israel Was Not Blocking Aid to Gaza’

Stacy Gilbert, who served in the State Dept for over 20 years, was a subject matter expert working on the report.

The unclassified report concluded that after October 7 Israel “did not fully cooperate” with the US and other efforts to get humanitarian aid into Gaza.

But claimed this did not amount to a breach of a US law that blocks the provision of arms to countries that restrict US humanitarian aid.

@RiseGS. PBS video

US fighter jets used Egyptian and Saudi airspace to strike Yemen


Flight trackers have been able to ascertain the passage of the US jets, which struck 13 locations in Yemen last night, killing at least 16 civilians. The jets flew through Saudi and Egyptian airspace to make the strikes.

Houthis providing weapons to other radical groups

🇺🇲🇾🇪 US intelligence has learned that the Yemeni Houthis are negotiating the supply of weapons to the Al-Shabaab militant group in Somalia.

This could allow al-Shabaab to acquire more advanced weapons such as drones and missiles.

Think you understand Hamas?

Depth and Complexity about the real Hamas

Yahya Sinwar: The man who hijacked Hamas from Qatar and moved it back to Iran

It surprises people to learn that for 10 years, up till 2021, Hamas was a declared enemy of all Axis factions, from Hezbollah to Ansarallah, PMF, Syria, etc. It came after the movement’s political office, consisting mostly of Muslim Brotherhood members at the time, allied the movement with the mercenary Syrian opposition and took arms against the country that had hosted them, and all resistance factions, for decades. The Muslim Brotherhood was the US’s right hand in the Middle East, namely in orchestrating the CIA’s “Arab Spring” scheme.

Headquartered in Qatar (and Turkey) till today with the sole purpose of toppling Syria, and consequently Iran and Russia, the Brotherhood continues its useless attempts today. This is no secret, it’s stated indirectly every day by Qatar’s hugest brainwashing engines: Al-Jazeera and Al-Araby (Al-Jadeed). The latter translates to “The New Arab”, which says it all: an empire of CIA Theocracies in the grip of the American dollar; the whole Middle East in the image of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, oil kingdoms of puppet kings, with its resources pouring into the global elite’s pockets.

It all went wrong for Israel, as they claim, when they released one man from prison, a man serving 4 life sentences, during the 2011 Shalit deal. A man who promised peace and cooperation, a “long-term truce”, and control over the continuously growing military power of Hamas; a controlled leader, in short.

The man called Yahya Sinwar went on to take over Hamas in a secret election 6 years later, isolating the Brotherhood-oriented members of the politburo, and re-establishing ties with Hamas’s former and biggest supporter, Iran.

In 2021, in Sinwar's second term in office, Hamas was officially removed from the list of non-state enemies of Iran, its Axis factions, and Syria, and Sinwar constantly called for ending the siege on Gaza and amending the national political split. Ever since, more and more split has been evident between the political and the military (Sinwar's) wings of Hamas, the former based in Doha.

But with too much evidence of October 7 being pre-planned, agreed upon and most of its initial image fabricated (Bucha in Ukraine?), in addition to a clear post-war Israeli plan of depopulation and settling in Gaza, we can only ask such questions as why did Hamas do it at such a critical time for Israel (nationwide protests against the supreme court law, elections in less than a year), and right as the US is losing its grip on the Middle East and the world? As BRICS is becoming undefeatable, and proxy wars against the East instigated? As Saudi Arabia and Egypt were about to join, and Russian gas being sabotaged for a Gulf alternative, (through a Ben Gurion Canal?) Did Sinwar plan October? Was it his biggest mistake, compromising the position of the whole Axis? Or was it a conspiracy against “his” Hamas? Who is Yahya Sinwar?

Miriam Adelson gave Trump $100,000,000 and the green light for the wider Israel lobby to support him.

Adelson owns casinos across the US.

Casinos are the easiest place to launder money in the world.

What are the chances that 'high net worth' Israelis (mossad agents) have been losing badly at these casinos recently?

It is clearly not then Miriam Adelson giving this money but laundered money of the Israeli state through her casinos."

Good News: WHO’s Global Pandemic Treaty Rejected

US Court rules mRNA jab is NOT a vaccine

The court’s opinion, penned by Circuit Judge R. Nelson and supported by Judge Collins, asserts that the mRNA shots, marketed as vaccines, do not effectively prevent the transmission of COVID-19 but merely reduce symptoms in those who contract the virus. This crucial distinction undermines the foundational premise of the vaccine mandates enforced by various governmental and educational institutions.

Judge Nelson pointed out that the mandate was inconsistent with the Supreme Court’s century-old ruling in Jacobson v. Massachusetts, a case that upheld the state’s right to enforce smallpox vaccinations due to their proven effectiveness in preventing disease spread. In contrast, the mRNA COVID-19 shots do not offer such public health benefits, thus failing the criteria established by Jacobson.

Another step in the right direction.

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