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Reality and games of illusion...

A statement of hope, commons sense, logic and reason:

Even through there was no evidence of Trump's guilt whatsoever, they were pushing this big impeachment lie just like they pushed every other hoax designed to delay and destroy Trump.

Did you notice how the Democrats reacted to the acquittal? This time when they lost they were very upset. Pelosi and Shumer lost it. McConnell lost it and was finally clearly revealed to be a foaming at the mouth traitor.

The Deep State threw everything they had at this. They revealed their sleepers like Liz Cheney, Ted Cruz, and Nikki Haley. These were people who had been kept in reserve for years. They were important assets, yet they were used up now. Every hidden adversary was put on the field.

Why now? Because they were desperate for a win here. Only a win here would keep Trump from being president in reality. President Trump won the election and he is our president. They failed to change that reality.

The Democrats, Deep State, and foreign enemy agents have no defense now if the Supreme Court actually hears the evidence.

All of the sleepers have been revealed because the bad guys just gave it their all. It was sleepers with an R next to their name that made draining the swamp so terribly slow and difficult.

On this Friday 19th the Supreme Court will finally be taking up the Election Fraud cases in conference.

The bad guys know they aren't supposed to be there. They know that we know. They know we are angry. They know that a patriot sea of humanity showed up on the 6th.

They believe that sea of patriots not only hate them but they love Trump and would do just about anything for him. They cannot forgive Trump for that. They are not loved by very many. They are politicians scorned. They are jealous of that honest power Trump has earned fair and square.

Remember in their mental world people that are angry use guns to kill people they do not like. People who have been abused lash out like animals in their world. They have trouble understanding that good patriots, conservatives with guns, have restraint. That is why they are now going after 2nd Amendment rights. They expect we conservatives and patriots, who have been so abused in so many ways, to show no restraint.

They are afraid so they have the National Guard on permanent station protecting them. Even that is little comfort since about 86% of the guard were pro-Trump and 75% believed crucial election fraud happened. The percentage number of those that know about the fraud is ever increasing thanks to people like the Pillow Man and his Absolute Proof and more.

Victimhood, such as racial victimhood, is just a pretend absolution and an excuse for failure and sin. It is a pretend absolution for crime. They say they can do whatever they want if it's "for the children" or because they were "discriminated against". Any lie is "justified". Such a racist/sexist/etc. claim of absolution justifies all manner of evil deeds in their socially constructed world.

Do not fall for their constructed illusions. They are not supposed to be there and they know it.

Judge the actual beliefs of the Democrats et al by what they do, not what they say. They are acting like Trump is our president, Trump will be retaking the White House, and that justice grinds slow but it grinds exceedingly fine...

They know they are defying gravity and that gravity can only be denied for so long....

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