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Predictions 2024

Updated: Jan 3

Everything going on is connected directly or indirectly to the cold civil war in progress in the United States. Thus the election, the courts, the espionage, and the finances of the United States are controlling factors in what will happen in globally 2024.

Ukraine, Russia and WW3

Ukraine hs lost the war. Like a chicken with its head cut off - it just hasn't stopped moving yet. As a result, its only hope of survival as a nation is to get NATO involved directly and publicly. This is why they repeatedly tried to bomb the ZNPP nuclear power plant. They also repeatedly bombed civilian areas, and used cluster bombs (which are banned in almost all countries) as well as small scale chemical weapons in attempts to goad the Russians into something that would justify a NATO entry into the war. The Russians resolutely refused the bait.

A short time ago the Ukrainians attempted a massive war crime: The center of Belgorod was full of families celebrating with the New Year tree (like our Christmas Tree) with a skating rink etc in the center of town. The Ukrainians launched two cluster bomb missiles at the center of the city during the day when it was fully populated. There were no military targets there. Several Vampire missiles were also launched to blitz the air defense systems.

It could have been a catastrophic loss of civilian life, but the Russian air defense was able to take out the cluster bombs as well as most of the Vampires:

Russian Ministry of Defense about the attack on Belgorod:

Today, the Kiev regime attempted an indiscriminate combined strike on the city of Belgorod with two Vilkha missiles in prohibited cluster ammunition , as well as Czech-made Vampire MLRS rockets.

Air defense systems intercepted the Alder missiles and most of the Vampire MLRS rockets.

Several rockets and cluster parts from the downed Vilkha missiles hit the city of Belgorod.

As a result , 12 adults and two children have been killed so far, and 108 people have been injured.

In the event of a direct hit by Vilkha missiles with cluster munitions on the city, the consequences would be immeasurably more severe.

The Kiev regime, which committed this crime, is trying to distract attention from defeats at the front, and also provoke us to similar actions.

We emphasize that the Russian Armed Forces work only on military facilities and the infrastructure directly associated with them.

We will continue to do so. This crime will not go unpunished.

The Russians did retaliate within hours by bombing the heck out of military targets they had reason to believe were involved in the decision and execution of the bombing of Belgorod.

Arestovich is the only candidate that is plausibly acceptable to both Russia and the Ukrainian people. Zaluzny is both a total lech as well as a guy who calls for genocide of Russians - as his picture wearing a t shirt that basically says "The only Russian is a dead Russian and I kill Russians." Zelensky has totally discredited himself to both the Ukrainians and the Russians.

Financially Ukraine will fall apart. The legislated raising a 28% tax on bank card use will lead to a run on the banks. The lack of salary to police and other government employees will lead to widespread theft of cash and property by warlords/gangs. Men will be afraid to be seized for the war and will not protect their towns and families effectively. It will be a chaotic violent mess.


The Russian forces will continue to methodically destroy those poor untrained souls who are being conscripted off the street by force. Ukraine will continue to commit war crimes against Russia of increasing horror in an attempt to force the Russians to commit a war crime. Ukrainians will also commit atrocities against their own people in attempts to frame Russia for a war crime to justify the entry of NATO publicly into the war theatre.

The demographic disaster of the lost series of generations will continue in Ukraine until Kiev falls. The NAZIs in WW2 did not quit until Berlin fell and Hitler was believed to be dead. So it will be in Ukraine. Those in control will continue the war until they cannot.

Sometime in 2024 Odessa, Karkov, Zaporhizia, Nicolaev, Karkiv, and Kiev will fall to Russian forces. Neighboring countries (Romania, Hungary, and Poland) will likely annex parts of Ukraine with "peacekeepers" under the pretense of restoring order. What is left of Ukraine will have Arestovich as its president.

Russia will wait until there is a change of administration in the White House before they have fruitful peace negotiations.

The Middle East

The attack on Israel by Hamas was made possible by a 7 hour stand down on what is perhaps the best instrumented and protected border in the world. If you don't smell a rat in Israel there is something wrong with your nose. Netanyahu and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) did this intentionally as a pretext to seize the land in Gaza and remove the people in it. Netanyahu has plainly said this when in a speech he invoked Amelek as the divine example approved by God to commit genocide (kill the men, their wives, their children - sucklings and infants, and their livestock.).

Gaza has extensive oil and gas deposits, with the British leases on the gas expiring in 2024. This may be why the Hamas attack occurred now. Recall that Hamas was originally created by Israeli politicians, and it may be a mere pawn in the struggle there.

While Iran and the other Arab states have declined to get involved directly, they do use proxy states to wage war. Another example of this is the Houthis who are proxies for Iran. This is very similar to the war in Ukraine with NATO states supporting Ukraine as a proxy war with Russia. This is making it harder than expected for the celebrated Israeli military and is severely damaging the Israeli logistics and economy.

The coalition of ships from 20 countries that came together to battle the Houthis appears to have fallen apart after the French refused to operate under US command. After the historic scale of a military disaster in Ukraine the military command capability is no longer respected. Israel's military intelligence, which was highly respected for many decades is also now no longer trusted. Massive corruption or incompetence has ruined the reputations of both, and this will have many consequences on the balance of power and alliances world wide.

The Hamas attack pre-empted the massive Israeli demonstrations against the power grab by Netanyahu's party. Those demonstrations are resuming in spite of the war. Netanyahu's people are threatening to send demonstrators to the front where they will be killed. Israel is a sick country in chaos with a religious dementia.


The carnage in Gaza will continue until the United States election, at which point funding will be cut to Israel. Netanyahu is kept in power by funding from the US, and the cuts in support will be his downfall. A new government may negotiate a peace treaty and/or a two-state solution with the Palestinians.

Israeli businessmen will claim most of Gaza for themselves, as they have been doing illegitimately throughout Israel for decades.

The Leftist press and Israel will continue to fight each other as the Israeli reputation for moral high ground is irretrievably lost. Never again will they be able to play the Holocaust card. This will negatively impact their influence operations around the world.


Historically China has preferred to use its main strengths in warfare against foreign powers: Bribery (Bidens), Brainwashing (TikTok), and Proxy warfare (North Korea). China has every intention of bringing Taiwan into their Communist system, however they intend to do it without open warfare. There are two reasons for this: 1) The 3 Gorges Dam is vulnerable to attack with catastrophic consequences if Taiwan chooses to bomb it, and 2) Taiwan's valuable chip manufacturing facilities would be scuttled in the event of a successful attack.

Thousands of military age Chinese men have been smuggled into the United States as part of the Bidens' open border treason. TikTok has hired numerous officials from the DHS, FBI and military and placed them in high positions at TikTok. Illegal Chinese immigrants secretly built a biological laboratory in California which was doing something with potential biological weapons. Chinese are also the ultimate sources of fentanyl into the United States in an apparent reverse of the Opium Wars. Taken together it is clear that a massive amount of sabotage could be done and perhaps has been done by China in the United States. Examples of this in the last year include possibly the attacks on food production facilities, riot encouragement through social media, and the disastrous Biden economic and military policies.


China will probably not attack Taiwan. It will use subversion of the political system in Taiwan and bribery, combined with patience, to get what they want. China will continue to bribe American politicians like the Bidens to get what they want which is a weakened United States and favorable financial concessions. They will continue to buy up physical resources in the United States wherever they can get enough political leverage to do so.

In the event of a hot war with China we can expect extensive sabotage, arson, riots, biological weapons, chemical weapons on vital logistics, and perhaps even a nuclear attack within America.

The American Election

We are already seeing unscrupulous politicians checking the way the political winds are blowing and are switching sides publicly to support President Trump and voter integrity. They know Trump will win.

The Democrats/Deep State's only hope of political survival is to convince the short memoried public that they are MAGA, or to get Trump excluded from running by finding him guilty of a felony etc. . Since he is innocent the show trials are just a delay tactic, as courts sooner or later overturn the absurd decisions by lower courts on appeal. This only builds his support, which is fueled by outrage at the absurd charges and arrests.

The Democrats are desperate to not have President Trump be on the ballot. There have been failed attempts to assassinate him which the public has not been made aware of. These attempts will escalate to ones that involve greater loss of life by bystanders. Only a larger scale atrocity would be able to get him, as the previous ones have failed. So far the good guys have been alert to attempts and prevented harm to President Trump.


Trump will survive various clandestine attempts to kill him and will win in a landslide, as will additional MAGA candidates. This is in spite of massive cheating by the Democrats. Many races will not be certified and left in limbo. The nation will be in chaos which will come close to a hot civil war (unlike the cold war we are now in).

The election results will be overshadowed by extensive civil unrest - particularly in the cities run by Democrats. Democrats will claim voter fraud, stage race and gender riots, and refuse to accept the election results. Cartels and foreign enemies (China and Ukraine) will assist and supercharge those riots with military grade weaponry. A state of emergency will be declared, making it hard to get the country on a sound political and economic footing.

Rural areas will be safe havens ("Try that in a small town."). No go zones in cities will enlarge, in some cases taking over most of the city.

Global Finance

There is no doubt that digital currencies (CBDC) are a goal of numerous central banks, including the US central banking system. The excuse for enacting it will be that it helps detect and remove crime. It could create a government system of complete control - an all encompassing social credit system. This, coupled with seizure of Russian individuals' assets, has reduced trust in the American dollar.

Beyond the state control aspects, the full digitalization of a currency makes it possible to inflate and loot at will. Given that the Bidens etc. are passing money to their associates as fast as possible, imagine how fast they can divert a digital currency.


In this election year, with criminal convictions in the balance, it is possible that the US dollar may be destroyed by the losers as they loot and are forced to abandon it, leaving a financially destroyed system in its wake.

Faced with this imminent situation, converting dollar assets to hard currency such as gold, silver, and hard assets such as commodities and real estate has new urgency. Even paper dollars will be preferable if and when they enact such a fluid digital system.

When the Soviet Union fell its currency also inflated. If the US dollar falls, the ramifications will be all over the world because it is used as a reserve currency in numerous central banks. BRICS countries are working to provide an alternative which will soften the blow around the world,

The US is headed for an experience very similar to what the Soviet Union went through at its end. It wasn't so much a matter of outspending the Soviet Union. It was the truth about their corruption and evil that broke through the information wall created by the Soviet State. Technology allowed the truth to break through. Glasnost (openness) was their giving in and allowing the freedom of speech to come in since it was breaking through anyway.

Similarly, the shocking truth about so many things is now breaking through the layers of propaganda we all were raised under. Technology made it possible. The Deep State is fighting for censorship and using their power to push false narratives. These false narratives touch every part of our lives: our health, wealth, family, desires, hopes and fears. It changes what we see as our roles in the world.

Mankind has progressed in technology to the point where information is available to anyone on pretty much anything from just about anyone.

Because of this monopolies on the truth - the narratives - are falling apart in cases where they are based on lies. 2024 is the year when a major part of our mankind wakes up from the illusions foisted upon us for generations. We didn't know it but much of what we believed were lies, and that web of lies held the power structures of the world in place. Mankind was mostly manageable before. Everyone could see the same information and believe the same narratives. They all had defined roles to play in the narratives.

If you can control people with lies you don't need chains. People drugged on lies are controlled. Domesticated.

Now as the chains of narrative no longer hold, the people and entities in positions of power have to resort to real chains - where they can - to keep power.

When the narratives fail the things that bind us are finally seen as chains instead of unreal beliefs and narratives pushed by those who wield the power. The power brokers try desperately - pathetically- even comically - failing to keep the lies going.

...and then when the narratives break they resort to force. Fraud is no longer enough.

That is where we are now. The lies are failing. Those we trusted most have been found to be profitable liars: medical industry, defense industry, entertainment industry, the government agencies, even our own military...

They censor, and then when even that doesn't work they resort to force - law fare, criminal charges, assassinations - black ops.

Turning and turning in the widening gyre

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

-From The Second Coming by WB Yeats

Like the Soviet Union, order eventually arose from the disorder but then based on a more realistic foundation. Religious guidance, sound money, freedom of speech, and a humanity that makes more sense will arise.

Here are some Predictions from our Frequent Co-Host AJ:

2024 Predictions

If you think 2023 was a wild ride - hold on to your hats. This year promises to be one that you will not soon forget. I meditated on these predictions, but realistically, anyone paying attention would come to a similar conclusion.

Overall Impression-

This year (2024) will be known as the year the worldwide immigration crisis came to a head, continuing war, a rise in crime and shortages, and weather problems.

The Year of Immigration!

In 2024, many countries will be experiencing illegal immigration and government-imposed legal immigration. According to several government sources, in 2023- 2.8 million illegal immigrants crossed the US southern border. I believe that this number is artificially low for the border and does not take other forms of illegal immigration into account. For example, the Chicagoland area adsorbs the equivalent of approximately 350 illegal immigrants from Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and elsewhere daily (equivalent to a loaded 747). These people arrive via visitor visa to visit local families, blend into the community, and never leave. These people somehow apply for and get government assistance and work in the underground economy. Please note* that this problem does not include the illegal immigrants that are brought by bus from the border in massive numbers.

Immigration Caused by Ongoing War

The ongoing wars are going to cause "Imposed Legal Immigration." The US and other European countries will legally accept Palestinians, Ukrainians, Russians, Africans, etc. The Russian war (or perception) will cause people to spread to surrounding countries, which will cause a surge of immigration into European countries. I also see massive immigration from the African continent into Europe. I am unsure why this would be the case.


China will be relatively quiet this year! As a country, they are suffering from internal problems, which are capturing the attention of top officials. They will still have a very active biological program, hacking program, and psychological warfare program. Their psychological program will target platforms such as Tick Tock. There may be a skirmish between the US and China around Aril over Taiwan, but it will be minor. China will eventually make a move, but I am seeing 2025 and beyond.


I know many people on the show are not in agreement, with my assessment of Russia, so you do not have to publish this part. President Putin will be reelected for a fifth term. This is not because anyone wants him as their President, but because they are afraid of retaliation. The Russian people are so beaten down from years of mistreatment by their government that they are unable to do something as simple as vote for their chosen candidate. There may be an attempt to relieve Putin of his position by oligarchs or other countries. The Russian/Ukraine war will continue but will slow down a bit, due to heavy losses on both sides. I do not believe there will be a resolution until after November and a new US president is chosen. Meanwhile, surrounding countries' perception is that Putin is not going to stop with Ukraine, so they will start the process of getting ready for war. That's what we need more countries with major weapons.

Israel/Hamas conflict-

I do not think that this conflict is going to end well for anyone, including the United States. Israel needs to be very careful. They are going to realize that Hamas and other countries have been plotting against them for years. A good example is the vast terrorist network of tunnels that were just discovered in Gaza. It is surprising to many of my "woke" friends that a "Woke" America seems to have forgotten the Jews. This situation seems to have made some of these people reconsider their stance on being "woke" in general, which may be one of the better outcomes of the war


Immigration Crime

In America, one of the main themes of the year is going to be the increase in crime. Particularly petty crime is going to be on the rise in places that have not had to deal with this situation in the past. Blue cities that already have a major crime problem are going to see an escalation in major crime. The suburban areas are going to increasingly have a bigger problem. A weak economy increases immigration and lazy people are to blame.


America is going to be experiencing food and hard goods shortages along with price escalation. Shortages of car parts and computer parts are going to be an ongoing problem. The tensions with China and the American supply chain breaking down will be a large part of the problem. One of the surprising causes will be that truck drivers will simply not be willing to make deliveries to blue cities. Many transportation companies are already having trouble attracting qualified people.

The 2024 Election

The addition of a third party has caused the 2024 election to take a weird energetic turn- almost anything could happen.

President Biden will be replaced at the last minute. I believe this will be by Gavin Newsom There is going to be an attempt to make Carmella Harris more appealing to the public, I think this will work in some circles, but she will not be appealing enough to be a presidential contender.

President Trump/ Nikki Haley ticket-

This is advantageous to both parties. Nikki Haley picks up a segment of the population that would never vote for Trump, it adds a woman to the ticket. Nikki Haley gets the foreign experience that she needs for future presidential runs.

Trump will win the 2024 election (it's going to be a fight), although there are going to be problems that will end up in the Supreme Court. I believe in the end we will have President Donald Trump. If the other party decided to cheat- all bets could be off. It does not matter who wins or loses- the outcome will cause riots and public disobedience. I feel pent-up energy in some populations that just needs to be released and this is a good excuse.


Kennedy gains in popularity and is a formidable third-party candidate. He will not win this time but may be a good contender for the next presidency.

Note* A false flag, plague, attack by another country, or something on that level could prevent the elections from being held. In this case, we could end up with President Newsom or President Harris for some time. This is not permanent but will tweak all the American Patriots.

Pakistan and India- I have said for many years that if any country releases an atomic bomb, it would be one of these two countries. If for some reason they get into a conflict it will escalate quite rapidly, maybe into a real serious conflict that will cause problems for everyone.


The most dangerous months will be in April and November. In April we may see weather problems, such as, tornadoes or flooding. It is my feeling that the weather situation will cause some early crop failure, but there will be time to replant. Please note of these predictions may happen in early 2025.

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