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Now the Legal War and the SCOTUS

Trump won in a landslide and that forced the Democrats and their allies to cheat way over the top. It was so blatant that now everyone knows. Trump has a mandate for finally fixing the crooked elections we have had for decades, and the case for the Supreme Court is clear.

The last time I checked my Constitution, I couldn't find anything in there that says that unelected news media celebrities get to choose who wins the Presidency in an election. Don't let their delusions of grandeur define your vision!

President Trump:

I easily WIN the Presidency of the United States with LEGAL VOTES CAST. The OBSERVERS were not allowed, in any way, shape, or form, to do their job and therefore, votes accepted during this period must be determined to be ILLEGAL VOTES. U.S. Supreme Court should decide!

“This is what we know. We have to go back to the state level and how this morass came to be in the first instance. The Governor, Wolf, and the State Supreme Court, flagrantly violated the Constitution of the U.S. The power to set these rules and regulations is vested in the ...Legislature. They just ignored that, ignored the Constitution. Now we bring it down to the counting houses, and outrageously, observers, who are the sentinels of integrity & transparency, were excluded. Pennsylvania has conducted itself in a horrible lawless way, and........hopefully this will be corrected at the Supreme Court of the United States. Also, these late ballots past Election Day are illegal, exactly what the President has been saying. The Supreme Court, in extraordinary circumstances,.......has been able to render decisions in a matter of days.” Ken Starr, former Independent Counsel

“Philadelpiha has got a rotten history on election integrity.”

So now the Democrats are working to gain control of the U.S. Senate through their actions on John James, David Perdue, and more. Would End the Filibuster, “Life”, 2A, and would Pack and Rotate the Court. Presidency becomes even more important. We will win!

Twitter is out of control, made possible through the government gift of Section 230!

Trump Jr:

You didn’t see all of these games, statistical impossibilities, and magic ballots in 2016 because the Democrats figured they had it in the bag and wouldn’t have to break out all the stops.

Nevada GOP:

Our lawyers just sent a criminal referral to AG Barr regarding at least 3,062 instances of voter fraud. We expect that number to grow substantially. Thousands of individuals have been identified who appear to have violated the law by casting ballots after they moved from NV.

Note that this is just the current lawsuits shown. There may be more...

We saw it coming... President Trump saw it coming:

Remember this? From June 22, 2020:

Remember the Chinese Consulates in Houston and San Francisco being shut down and desperately burning paper documents earlier this year? This is asymmetric warfare.

A woman monitoring the ballot counting in Detroit has asserted that at least 130,000 ballots, all for Joe Biden, were brought to the center in three vehicles at 4 a.m.

In the testimonial, originally posted to Facebook Live, Connie Johnson says that people who were there counting ballots throughout the evening were ready to shut down when suddenly a white van, a Chrysler 300 and a Ferarri, pulled up with over 130,000 additional ballots.

“As they started counting the ballots, he was astonished that every single ballot, literally 100 percent of 130,000 ballots, were all Biden ballots that hadn’t been delivered to the precinct before the cut off time,” she explained.

“We literally have people that watched it happen,” she continued. “We have poll challengers that have been barred from being able to go into this room to challenge ballots. We’ve had GOP members removed from the room.”

Johnson explained that there is a large disparity between Democrats and Republicans being allowed into the ballot counting room, ever since the mystery ballots showed up.

Part 4 — 🐇🐇🙉🙈🙊🦅Ivy (@Amberfiremusic) November 5, 2020

Additionally, Johnson said that she has seen and heard about poll contesters that are being harassed and intimidated.

The Democrats swing states stopped counting & went home the moment they realized Trump had won. ALL OF THEM. At once=planned.

They did THE most harmful & divisive thing possible.

The Democrats took this quote from Stalinist Russia as a playbook:

"Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything."

-Joseph Stalin.

They seem to think they are back in the USSR or China...

Fortunately this is America and we have the Constitution and we have the SCOTUS and we have the guns. ... so it's not going to work out well for them.

90% voter turnout in Wisconsin explained as seven Milwaukee districts report higher than 100%

Two districts in Milwaukee had over 200% voter turnout.

Two districts in Milwaukee had over 200% voter turnout.

The original data pulled from the county’s voter registration data has been “updated” to reverse the narrative that some voting wards reported more votes than registered voters. This, folks, is a cover up.

How do we know this wasn’t just some clerical error? Because the portal is used to match voter data for projecting resources. These numbers are invariably higher than reality, not lower, because they do not take into account those who have moved or died. New registrations, on the other hand, are added instantly.

Part of “the fix” is retroactively changing data to disguise the agenda.

Since Tuesday several internet sleuths were using a Michigan government website to check for dead Democrat voters.

4chan users came up with a list of names from a Michigan government website.

Since Tuesday the Michigan government shut down the website.

You cannot access it:

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