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News: Wow. It keeps getting more outrageous!

All those emails from Hunter Biden's laptop are getting interesting!:

NEW: Emails appear to show Joe Biden using the pseudonym "Peter Henderson" to communicate with Hunter:

So why would Joe Biden use Peter Henderson as a secret name? Who is Peter Henderson?

In Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series, “Peter Henderson” is the name of a KGB mole that infiltrated the United States government.

"Peter Henderson is a KGB mole that infiltrated the US Government. In 1970, he was working as a minor Senate aide. During the planning of Boxwood Green, a secret operation to rescue Robin Zacharias and other POWs from a camp in Vietnam, Henderson outed the mission to the Soviet Union. ...

Henderson was later caught by the CIA in 1984 and made a double agent. In 1986, Henderson was offered his freedom due to his extensive knowledge of secret information on the Soviet Union."

Peter Henderson appeared in several novels including the Hunt for Red October.

It is the name Joe Biden chose. In effect what we are seeing from the "laptop from hell" is that Biden was and is in fact a functioning mole working for a foreign enemy, so it actually is a fitting name.

Pennsylvania set for massive fraud in voting:

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court on Friday prohibited counties from rejecting ballots if the voter’s signature doesn’t match the signature on their voter registration.

This is another win for Democrats, who now have until 3 days after the election to count mail-in and absentee ballots with questionable signatures and no postmark thanks to Chief Justice Roberts’ ruling earlier this week.

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court is prohibiting counties from rejecting ballots because the voter’s signature on it may not resemble their signature on their registration form. Two Republican justices joined five Democratic justices in Friday’s decision, which addresses a key concern surrounding an avalanche of mail-in ballots in the presidential battleground state. The verdict was a victory for the state’s top election official, Kathy Boockvar, a Democrat who had asked the court to back her up in a legal dispute with President Donald Trump’s campaign and Republican lawmakers. Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are locked in a battle to win Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes.

President Trump won Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes in 2016 and he is doing very well in the battleground state this year. Joe Biden cannot win Pennsylvania in a free and fair election because he has repeatedly vowed to end fracking which would result in tens of thousands of lost jobs in The Keystone State.

Biden promised to shut down the oil industry and destroy millions of jobs during last night’s debate which pretty much ended his chances of winning Pennsylvania, Ohio and other states.

Were Obama's people and Adam Schiff involved in a criminal money laundering operation with the Templeton Funds?

Code Name ‘Project Hanson’: Insider Documents Reveal How Hunter Biden Associates Helped Chinese Military Contractor Acquire Michigan Dual-Use Manufacturer

In September 2015, the Obama-Biden administration approved the sale of a strategically sensitive Michigan manufacturer, Henniges Automotive, to a firm connected to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and a Chinese military contractor that was on an American watch list because of its close ties to the People’s Liberation Army. Hunter Biden’s equity fund, backed by the Communist Chinese government, and the Chinese contractor, Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC), needed special approval for the deal from the Committee of Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CIFIUS) because Henniges produced technology with potential military use.

AVIC entities have been sanctioned by the United States on five separate occasions since 1993 and the addition to the watch list–a major red flag—occurred less than a year-and-a-half before they co-purchased Henniges with Hunter Biden’s BHR. The fact that CFIUS approved the deal is alarming given that Henniges owns numerous facilities in the United States that are now controlled by a Chinese military front company.

Internal BHR documents show exactly how the Chinese military contractor was able to disguise its ownership via shell corporations and formed a joint-venture with the son of the vice president to facilitate the Chinese takeover of an American dual-use technology supplier. Additional documents suggest that Hunter Biden’s Chinese-backed venture funneled money to an entity controlled by Vanessa Kerry, the daughter of then-Secretary of State John Kerry, just one month before CFIUS approved the takeover. At the time, Secretary Kerry played a lead role on the Obama-Biden CFIUS committee.

Chinese Billionaire To Drop " Biden FIles " : Drops Every Hour On The Hour For 13 Days ! : Overview : OUCH

This comes from a website/network owned by ex-pat Chinese Billionaire Guo Wengui, who is out to expose the Chinese Communist Party. Here is his website: He is working with Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon. Guo Wengui is not only dropping files of interest to the US but is showing who inside China was helping bribe etc. Hunter Biden (who where etc...)

This is being monitored and reported on here:

Fair warning: Guo Wengui is making things public that have been under wraps, and it includes some really nasty sexual violence against children. He will be making it very difficult for the pedos to cover this up.

(I read some of the verbal description here: but you don't have to. Really you don't. It's beyond awful. Just skip it. I include it as proof only that I am not exaggerating.)

Just as the information is being made public to destroy the corrupt people in the US, Guo Wengui is no doubt making big waves in China for the powers that be - especially the ones who were in league with the Democrats. In reality this cleaning up of and exposure of corruption is a chain reaction world wide - Ukraine, Canada, China...

Here is more from Guo:

A report out of Asia claims that Hunter Biden met with a CCP spy in Beijing and asked for millions for a house and for women. reports that Hunter Biden engaged in illicit actions in Beijing with the CCP.  Reporters in Asia discussed Hunter Biden’s actions in Beijing.

When Hunter Biden went with Joe for the first time [to Beijing] guess who they met with?  He met with Che Feng in Pangu Hotel.  Che Feng went to meet with Hunter with assigned task which was to befriend Hunter.  To Che’s total surprise, the first word Hunter said when he sat down was, “I am so poor.  How can I get money? I need money.  I wanted a house but it costs 100-200 million dollars.” Something like this.  Hunter also told Che that he was interested in hot girls and asked if Che could introduce some to him.  In the end, just that cost over 1 million RMB (150,000USD Equivalent).  Che Feng later recalled that he was very surprised by how easy it was to compromise Hunter.

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