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New Medical Lies and Vindication

Pfizer claims "No one was forced to get the shot" This guy had a pretty good analogy for Pfizer's 'logic': Not forced in the same way a man who handed his wallet to a robber wasn't forced, because, after all, he did 'hand' the wallet to the robber threatening him. It wasn't removed from his trousers by 'force'.

BTW: There's video of people in Australia being grabbed, forced to the ground and given a covid shot.

Important 77 Authors Paper just Released Revealing Damning Evidence

A preprint was published to MedRxIV on July 31st, titled “SARS-CoV-2 Uses CD4 to Infect T Helper Lymphocytes.” Although “just” a preprint, it features no fewer than seventy-seven authors. And it has already gathered three positive peer reviews. Let’s start with their conclusion, and then try to unpack what it means. The study’s admittedly obscure conclusion: We demonstrated that SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein (S) directly binds to the CD4 molecule, which in turn mediates the entry of SARS-CoV-2 in T helper cells. This leads to impaired CD4 T cell function and may cause cell death.SARS-CoV-2-infected T helper cells express higher levels of IL-10, which is associated with viral persistence and disease severity. Thus, CD4-mediated SARS-CoV-2 infection of T helper cells may contribute to a poor immune response in COVID-19 patients.

CD4 cells are especially important in coordinating the immune response against infections, and they are central to the body's ability to remember and respond to specific pathogens. However, certain viruses, like HIV, specifically target and infect CD4 cells themselves, thereby knocking out the frontline immune response and weakening the overall immune system — which alarmingly creates increased vulnerability to other opportunistic infections.

Opportunistic infections like monkeypox, Hansen’s disease, RSV, and so on. Just to name a few, at random.

So what does all this mean, beyond a weakened immune system? The researchers speculated:

Infection of CD4+ T cells by SARS-CoV-2 could explain lymphocytopenia and dysregulated inflammatory response in severe COVID-19 patients. Moreover, from an evolutionary perspective, infection of CD4+ T cells represents an effective mechanism for viruses to escape the immune response.

In other words, the spike protein’s CD4-attacking feature seems almost designed to avoid the human immune response. Just what you’d want in a bioweapon, for example.

Fauci and the NIH knew all along. On January 30th of 2020 — right at the start of the pandemic — a group of Indian researchers published a study, which was nearly immediately forced to be withdrawn, that claimed HIV genes were found inserted into covid’s RNA. HIV also targets the CD4 cell.

if the pandemic had been avoided, mass mail-in ballots wouldn’t have been authorized, Trump would have been re-elected, the NIH would never have earned billions, and millions of costly social security recipients would still be alive. Not to mention the losses to all the downstream pandemic beneficiaries like Amazon, Bill Gates, corporate media, social media, hospitals, military bio-contractors, and local governments that would never had gotten paid.

Here’s the bottom line. The decision to include spike protein in the experimental shots may wind up being the most deadly, recklessly negligent, reprehensible, and ultimately horrifying decision ever to emerge from fevered imaginations of mediocre government scientists. Spike’s mechanism of attacking CD4 cells — directly attacking the immune system itself — should have been an absolute dissqualifier for inclusion of spike protein in the jabs.

In poor taste maybe but worthy of censorship?

Comment: Update from my BIL retired Navy Commander. He's participated in LSE's but nothing this big. D-Day would the only comparison but he described that as being "one theatre of operations" and said 22 time zones is huge.

LSE 2023 brings together the combined firepower of the Navy and Marine Corps team across six maritime component commands, seven numbered fleets, and 22 time zones. The exercise is scheduled to run from Aug 9-18. “The ability to command and control our operations across 22 time zones is how we will fight and win in a global environment against our competitors,” said Caudle. “To do so, we have to globally synchronize precision and timing in order to conduct high-end modern warfare.”

Sounds about right /sarc

Insightful Clandestine Summary:

It’s official. The DNC were running an armed covert election fraud operation in the swing States to take advantage of mail-in voting, to steal the election.
This is why the Dems pushed so hard for mail-in voting.
This is why the MSM/CDC/NIH over-exaggerated Covid deaths.
This is why Deep State actors created and released SARS-CoV-2.
All of it was one massive coordination to steal the 2020 election. They released the virus to make the “pandemic”. Then they exaggerate the virus to make everyone afraid to be close to each other, thus the public accept mass mail-in voting. Then they use the excess ballots and fake registrations to commit voter fraud in all the swing States by ballot dumping at 3:00 AM once they know how many ballots they need to win.
On top of this, they used the intelligence community and Fascistic control over Big Tech to censor anyone who talked about the Hunter Biden Laptop, covid “disinformation”, or election “disinformation”. Anything that got too close to their plan to use a bioweapon to steal the election, they banned it from the Internet.
This was the most sinister crime in history. Genocide, treason, global psychological manipulation.
It’s time to put Trump back in office and begin the reckoning. I believe the People have seen enough.

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