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Turkeys only get "elected" with massive fraud!

You can now listen to podcasts of Intel Warriors free of charge. Go here to listen to shows archived from last week all the way back to May 2020:

We are on every Wednesday from 3-5 Pacific time at Revolution Radio Studio B:

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Lin Wood Announces Sidney Powell Will File Major Lawsuit in Georgia Tomorrow!

I have worked closely with @SidneyPowell1 & others over recent weeks. The lawsuit Sidney will be filing tomorrow in GA speaks TRUTH. Enemies of America will deny its allegations. Do NOT believe them. Believe Sidney & me. We love America & freedom. Our enemies do not. — Lin Wood (@LLinWood) November 24, 2020

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is setting up “COVID Checkpoints” to find and fine people violating his holiday lockdown order.

New York City Sheriff Joseph Fucito said that they will be conducting spot checks when out-of-state buses drop riders off at the curb and will be checking cars with out of state and New York licenses plates.

Your papers please.....

One upstate company wants Gov. Andrew Cuomo to be the biggest turkey at your Thanksgiving dinner this year.

The Buffalo-based design firm Custom 716 is selling stickers of the governor’s face that can be put on a window to make it look like Cuomo is peering inside — presumably to make sure not too many people are there to celebrate the holiday this year.

The sticker is a clear way of ripping Cuomo for demanding that New York families avoid gathering in large groups for the holiday out of fears of spreading COVID-19.

“Great for all gatherings, sure to get laughs, great for your business or your home!” they write about the $10 sticker on their firm’s website.

SCOTUS Judges have ben reassingned to circuit districts oversight::

Note how convenient the assignments are for Trump people:

Circuit Courts have been Reassigned Effective November 20, 2020, ordered pursuant to Title 28, United States Code, Section 42. Look who is in charge of MI, WI, PA, and GA:

MI - Brett M. Kavanaugh

WI - Amy Coney Barrett

PA - Samuel A. Alito

GA - Clarence Thomas

Judge Roberts did the assignments. He seems to be acting as if he was a conservative again for some reason... hmm.

Lawyer Who Represented Trump in Pennsylvania Placed Under Protection After 'Threats of Harm'

[The media tells you lawyers are dropping out so they can demoralize you. The fact of the matter is they are being threatened. People looking for free and fair elections don't threaten a legal team. The MOB threatens a legal team.

A Philadelphia lawyer who had represented the Trump campaign was placed under official protection after receiving “threats of harm,” according to court papers that were filed Nov. 18.

The attorney, Linda Kerns, was “the subject of threats of harm, to the point at which the involvement of police and US Marshals has been necessary to provide for her safety,” the filing stated (pdf).

Judge Matthew Brann allowed Kerns to be “withdrawn as counsel” for the Trump campaign, according to a court filing.

Earlier this week, Kerns sought sanctions against a lawyer working for a law firm representing Democratic Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar after Kerns received harassment and a threatening phone call over the weekend in connection to her representation of President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Kerns wrote on Nov. 16 that she had “been subjected to continuous harassment in the form of abusive emails, phone calls, physical and economic threats, and even accusations of treason—all for representing the President of the United States’ campaign in this litigation.” Campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh also confirmed the development.

If you haven't seen this historic Press Conference by the Trump legal team, you really should:


Start at 58:00

A whopping 17 percent of Joe Biden’s voters said that they would not have voted for him if they were aware of various scandals that were hidden by the mainstream media.

“One of every six Biden voters we surveyed (17%) said they would have abandoned the Democratic candidate had they known the facts about one or more of these news stories. A shift of this magnitude would have changed the outcome in all six of the swing states won by Joe Biden, and Donald Trump would have comfortably won a second term as president,” MRC reports.

Only 3% of President Donald Trump voters believe that Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 election.

Additionally, 72% said they would leave the GOP if Trump started his own party.

Special Forces takes a more crucial role going forward...

Christopher C. Miller directed the assistant secretary of defense for special operations/low-intensity conflict to report directly to him. His announcement was made today to troops at Fort Bragg, N.C.

Ezra Cohen-Watnick, acting under secretary of defense for intelligence and security, who also spoke, noted that President John F. Kennedy predicted the need for special operations forces, which are particularly suited to unconventional warfare.

"The global demands for special operations forces, then and now has confirmed President Kennedy's foresight. And now under the leadership of President [Donald J.] Trump, we are fully realizing President Kennedy's prescient view of special operations forces," he said.

POTUS reorganized the elite of the elite military special operations forces and placed them under the direct over-site of TRUMP loyalists in the administration, completely bypassing General Milley and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This re-structuring makes the special operations forces EQUAL to the other branches of the military.

If you recall, back in June when the White House was besieged by rioters threatening to storm the building, POTUS wanted to use the military to quell the uprising and neutralize the threat. It was General Milley, Chairmain of the Chief Joints who refused to intervene. Later in August, Milley went on the record saying he would steer the military clear of the election, a pledge that came amid fears that President Trump may not accept the election results and refuse to leave office.

With this reorganization, the Special Ops will be 100% under the control and command of TRUMP and those loyal to him. The timing is noteworthy and coincides with POTUS pledging to bring home other overseas military by Christmas. It seems key pieces are being set in place for what's coming. Any foreign and domestic insurrectionists who participate in post election chaos, who threaten the President and his family, or who try to undermine transition to a 2nd TRUMP term will be dealt with by the ELITE of the ELITE, outside of swamp rat interference.

China is patient and takes the long view in plans..

IIn 2005, THE EPOCH TIMES acquired a secret speech given by Defense Minister Chi Haotian to high-level Communist Party Cadres sometime before his retirement in 2003. Details given in Chi’s speech coincide with previously unpublished defector testimony on Sino-Russian military plans. While this document has not been fully verified, this level of verification may not be possible. In any case it is very eye-opening and thought provoking:

Here are a few excerpts:

"Only countries like the United States have the vast land to serve our need for mass colonization. Only by using special means to “clean up” America will we be able to lead the Chinese people there……We are not so foolish as to perish together with America by using nuclear weapons…Only by using non-destructive weapons that kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves. We have mastered modern biological weapons…It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans. But that is the only path that will secure the CCP leadership of the world. Therefore, our military preparation appears to aim at Taiwan but in fact is aimed at the United States.

Our Chinese people are wiser than the Germans because, fundamentally, our race is superior to theirs. As a result, we have a longer history, more people, and larger land area. On this basis our ancestors left us with the two most essential heritages, which are atheism and great unity. It was Confucius, the founder of our Chinese culture, who gave us these heritages.

This heritage determined that we have a stronger ability to survive than the West. That is why the Chinese race has been able to prosper for so long. We are destined “not to be buried by either heaven or earth” no matter how severe the natural, man-made, and national disasters. This is our advantage.

Take response to war as an example. The reason that the United States remains today is that it has never seen war on its mainland. Once its enemies aim at the mainland, these enemies would reach Washington before its congress finishes debating and authorizes the president to declare war. But for us, we don’t waste time on these trivial things.

So, the fundamental reason for the defeats of Germany and Japan is that history did not arrange them to be the “lords of the earth,” for they are, after all, not the most superior race.

Ostensibly, in comparison, today’s China is alarmingly similar to Germany back then. Both of them regard themselves as the most superior races; both of them have a history of being exploited by foreign powers and are therefore vindictive; both of them have the tradition of worshipping their own authorities; both of them feel that they have seriously insufficient living space; both of them raise high the two banners of nationalism and socialism and label themselves as “national socialism”; both of them worship “one state, one party, one leader, and one doctrine.”

Maybe you have now come to understand why we recently decided to further promulgate atheism. If we let theology from the West into China and empty us from the inside, if we let all Chinese people listen to God and follow God, who will obediently listen to us and follow us?

Trump Tweet:

Look at this in Wisconsin! A day AFTER the election, Biden receives a dump of 143,379 votes at 3:42AM, when they learned he was losing badly. This is unbelievable!

Massive voter fraud reports are coming in from Maryland, and Kim Klacik is not conceding:

Kim Klacik tweets:

Reports include:

Homeless people being paid $2 per ballot they can "acquire".

USPS employees selling entire stacks of ballots at one time.

Ballots destined for Republican households were seriously delayed.

Ballots returned for Republican candidates were destroyed, placed outside for people to steal.

During the actual election counting Republican ballots were taken off to the side and not counted while Democrat ballots were counted. The Republican ballots were then

Stacked against the wall as counted when they had not been.

Obviously fraudulent ballots were counted including, sample ballots, ballots without signatures, Xerox copies of ballots, obviously forged ballots. and in some cases ballots that simply said Biden Harris on a blank piece of paper.

Multiple ballots sent to homeless shelters for the same people.

Multiple ballots for underaged people unable to vote.

Families requesting ballots for all their children.

USPS employees collecting return ballots and destroying or discarding them.

Ballots being incinerated now inside Baltimore, ballots discarded in landfills.

And on and on.

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