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Merry Christmas!

Things that will make you laugh, and thinks that will make you go WOW! Also Christmas Cheer to share and amaze...

This will definitely cause a lot of Leftist brains to explode and will likely make you laugh.

Merry Christmas to all the children of the world from some Pro-Russian folks:

This is for real. Verified:

Pelosi: "His Excellency Volodymyr Zelenskyy"

She actually kissed his hand and then he kissed her:

Another shock they are not reporting...

Zelensky in his speech: "I hope Congress approves financial aid for our country "

Socialist Christmas: Venezuela Gives Users of Its Social Credit System Card $2.67

11 Men work on the installation of a Christmas sign in Caracas on November 2, 2017. Venezuela will put into circulation a new bank note of 100,000 Bolivars, which multiplies by five the current largest denomination, and will move towards the massive use of electronic money to avoid what President Nicolas … Venezuela’s socialist regime distributed a “Hope is Reborn” Christmas bonus stipend this week to users of its Chinese social credit system-inspired Fatherland platform.

The “generous” gift of 44 Venezuelan Bolivars was worth $2.84 on Monday and is now worth $2.67 as of Friday’s official exchange rate.

The $2.67 is far short of being able to cover the cost of any of the ingredients in the nation’s traditional Christmas dish, hallaca, which cooks now require at least $68 to make 58 of the corn cakes. The socialist nation’s minimum wage of 130 bolivars a month ($7.90 as of Friday) cannot begin to cover a basic family serving of the dish.

“The delivery of the Hope Reborn Bonus sent by our President Nicolás Maduro through the Patria Platform has begun. The delivery will take place between December 19-23, 2022,” a message on the Fatherland platform’s website (only accessible from Venezuela) read.

Venezuela socialist Christmas bonus 2022 Venezuela socialist Christmas bonus 2022 (Photo: Christian K. Caruzo/Breitbart News)

The message also tells users of the platform that those fortunate enough to have become recipients of the socialist regime’s generosity will receive a text message on their phones that reads, “we feel joy and optimism for the blessings that the Child God will bring us. At Christmas, hope and the spirit of union are reborn.”

The Fatherland platform is a system that the Maduro regime built with the help of the Chinese company ZTE and is heavily inspired by communist China’s social credit system. The platform — the functionality of which has been gradually expanded throughout the years — contains a substantial amount of information on every Venezuelan citizen registered on it, such as their personal information and that of their families, any health conditions that they may suffer from, work information, and their Chinese coronavirus vaccination status.

President Bolsonaro has signed an order elevating the Superior Military Court over The Supreme Court in Brazil!!! “From now on, the Ministry of Defense will officially exercise the function of interpreting The Constitution” (Da Silva is scheduled to take office on January 1st

Judge rules on Kari Lake lawsuit

The Kari Lake lawyers made a solid and irrefutable case and the judge still tossed out the case. After his willingness to look at the evidence, and the over-the-top convincing evidence, it is unreasonable to think he had a free hand to make the decision. It is kind of obvious he was coerced in some way - a threat to his family or somethingl ike that.

Nevertheless the case is made, and it will be appealed by Kari Lake.

It is now obvious to anyone looking at it that the crime occurred and judges are either bought or cowering. This is all about organized crime taking over America.

Dome of the hard evidence:

"19" vs 20" ballots. I took a pic of my completed Pima County ballot before I turned it in. Curious about "fit to print" effects,I reduced the image by 5% to make a 19" version and flipped it on the vertical access. The blue ovals on the 19" version line up with the DEM candidate on the 20" version."

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer testified under oath today that he did not create a PAC that opposed Kari Lake.... However, there are screenshots of now-deleted tweets from Richer announcing the PAC, as well as news articles reporting it.

Looks like Stephen Richer may have perjured himself 💣

Elon is on the case...

Russian Ukraine and Western Ukraine: Natural Boundaries?

On the horizon.. They did another of those pandemic exercises, which in the past were rather prophetic:

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