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Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Among other outcomes, Washington is reportedly including the hypothetical deaths of presidents Putin and Zelensky

The Pentagon has gamed out four “wild card” scenarios that could affect the conflict in Ukraine, including the sudden deaths of the presidents of Russia or Ukraine, the New York Times reported on Tuesday, citing a leaked document.

According to the NYT, the document was compiled by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in February and published on social media in recent weeks, along with a trove of other classified files, most relating to the US’ involvement in the Ukraine conflict.

The four outcomes considered by the DIA are the deaths of either Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky or Russian President Vladimir Putin, the removal of leadership within the Russian Armed Forces, or a Ukrainian strike on the Kremlin.

The DIA reportedly believes that a Ukrainian strike on the Kremlin could lead to “a full-scale military mobilization” in Russia or a threat by Putin to use tactical nuclear weapons.

Alternately, the American planners think that such a brazen escalation by Kiev could force Putin “to negotiate a settlement to the war.”

Seymour Hersh on Corruption!

🇺🇦 Seymour Hersh drops new insights on war in Ukraine

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh shared new insights on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Main ideas from his new Substack release:

▪️Zelensky and his entourage illegally embezzled at least $400 million from funds transferred to Ukraine for the purchase of diesel. The diesel that ended up being purchased was most likely supplied from Russia at a discounted price.

▪️multiple Ukrainian government ministries are “competing,” to set up front companies for export contracts for weapons and ammunition with private arms dealers around the world.

▪️U.S. curators are frustrated with the corruption in Ukraine. CIA Director William Burns presented Zelensky with a list of 35 generals and senior officials who, according to the CIA, were involved in corruption schemes.

▪️U.S. military is preparing a draft agreement to end the conflict in Ukraine, which will be offered to Russia "in case of defeat."

Major media prefer not to cover Seymour Hersh's investigations, despite his expertise, reputation and wide network of sources in government and business.


The Ukraine government, headed by Volodymyr Zelensky, has been using American taxpayers’ funds to pay dearly for the vitally needed diesel fuel that is keeping the Ukrainian army on the move in its war with Russia. It is unknown how much the Zelensky government is paying per gallon for the fuel, but the Pentagon was paying as much as $400 per gallon to transport gasoline from a port in Pakistan, via truck or parachute, into Afghanistan during the decades-long American war there.

What also is unknown is that Zelensky has been buying the fuel from Russia, the country with which it, and Washington, are at war, and the Ukrainian president and many in his entourage have been skimming untold millions from the American dollars earmarked for diesel fuel payments. One estimate by analysts from the Central Intelligence Agency put the embezzled funds at $400 million last year, at least; another expert compared the level of corruption in Kiev as approaching that of the Afghan war, “although there will be no professional audit reports emerging from the Ukraine.”

“Zelensky’s been buying discount diesel from the Russians,” one knowledgeable American intelligence official told me. “And who’s paying for the gas and oil? We are. Putin and his oligarchs are making millions” on it.

Many government ministries in Kiev have been literally “competing,” I was told, to set up front companies for export contracts for weapons and ammunition with private arms dealers around the world, all of which provide kickbacks. Many of those companies are in Poland and Czechia, but others are thought to exist in the Persian Gulf and Israel. “I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that there are others in places like the Cayman Islands and Panama, and there are lots of Americans involved,” an American expert on international trade told me.

The issue of corruption was directly raised with Zelensky in a meeting last January in Kiev with CIA Director William Burns. His message to the Ukrainian president, I was told by an intelligence official with direct knowledge of the meeting, was out of a 1950s mob movie. The senior generals and government officials in Kiev were angry at what they saw as Zelensky’s greed, so Burns told the Ukrainian president, because “he was taking a larger share of the skim money than was going to the generals.”

Burns also presented Zelensky with a list of thirty-five generals and senior officials whose corruption was known to the CIA and others in the American government. Zelensky responded to the American pressure ten days later by publicly dismissing ten of the most ostentatious officials on the list and doing little else. “The ten he got rid of were brazenly bragging about the money they had—driving around Kiev in their new Mercedes,” the intelligence official told me.

The head of the ECB, Christine Lagarde, fell for a prank and told that the digital euro was created for total control of payments.

Her words have already caused alarm in Europe. Lagarde thought she was talking to Zelensky, but she was talking to famous Russian prankers Vovan and Lexus.

The Trudeau Foundation owns a company that makes the lipid microspheres that are used in the mRNA vaccines. Thus money flowed back to the foundation for even person injected. Turdeau controls the money and thus it flows to him.

In effect Trudeau got paid every time someone was injected with the mRNA vaccine. This was laundered through the Trudeau Foundation.

DNA of the Spike Protein found in the mRNA Vaccine

Random samples of the COVID vaccine have terrible lab results — according to Kevin McKernan, the R&D lead of the Human Genome Project at MIT. McKernan is an expert in genomics and sequencing, and his independent analysis of the actual contents of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines is important work that deserves more attention.

The RNA and DNA contamination inside the actual vaccine shots is a disaster that very few people even know about at the moment.

Just read what McKernan found in his testing of the Pfizer vaccine.

The slightly less technical explanation is that Kevin McKernan discovered the bivalent booster samples were contaminated with DNA that contained the spike protein gene. (Here’s Kevin McKernan in an interview explaining the manufacturing process of these vaccines.) In other words, plasmid DNA with the spike gene was present in the vaccines.

Been using it in pigs since 2018...

Merck Animal Health Introduces SEQUIVITY™ Technology Merck Animal Health, a global leader in vaccine development, is excited to deliver SEQUIVITY™ Technology. This innovative and highly advanced RNA Particle Technology is used to create flexible, safe and precise vaccine solutions to new and evolving disease challenges

Robert KennedyJr on the Origins of the Bioweapons Program w/ Operation Paperclip

1.“They did 200 outdoor tests on Americans…and they developed bioweapons that by 1969 had a nuclear equivalent. They could kill people at $0.29 per death according to a CIA study.”

2. Traces the U.S. Government's Bioweapons Program Over Several Decades Leading Up to Event 201 & COVID-19 “[Event 201] was not a one-off. I found about 20 of these that they had been doing since 2001 and they’re all scripted by the CIA…each one of them is drilling the imposition of totalitarian controls.”

3. RFK on the CIA’s First Pandemic Simulation in 2001 & How the Patriot Act Was Passed “When the Patriot Act was being debated and it was being held up by two Senators, there was an Anthrax attack on the U.S. Capitol…Who got the Anthrax? Two Senate offices…the two Senators who… Show more 4. RFK on How Fauci Became the ‘Bioweapons Czar’ and Why He Offshored GoF Research to China & Ukraine “Tony Fauci became the bioweapons czar in 2001…He was personally given a 68% raise from the military. That’s why he was the highest paid individual in the federal… Show more 5. RFK on How the CIA Used Simulations & Mind-Control Experiments to Learn How to Control Populations “If you look at what they do in these simulations, they’re using all of these techniques they developed to…impose centralized foreign control on indigenous populations” 6. RFK on the Milgram Experiment & What It Means For Today “The people in this room are the 33% who wouldn’t be told what to do. What our job is now is to fight for the 67% until they wake up and are able to fight for themselves to restore the freedoms that all of us believe… Show more : “I’ll leave you with three thoughts: 1. Any power that government takes from the people, it will never return voluntarily 2. Every power that government takes, it will ultimately be abused to the maximum extent possible 3. Nobody ever complied their way out of… Show more Full Video:

He is being very helpful but he didn't understand gun control in 2018:

Somebody needs to educate him on this.

Yes, the Dalai Lama did ask/order the little Indian boy to suck his tongue. It was caught on video. The Dalai Lama admitted it and apologized for it.

There is more history there...

The reality is that the CIA funded the Dalai Lama for decades:

From the article: Ghandi had teenage girls sleep naked in his bed, as they warmed his decrepit body, and he rubbed against them, and touched their privates, trying to avoid an erection, although, as he said on one occasion,

"Despite my best efforts, the organ remained aroused…."

One of his victims was his own grand-niece, Manu, whom he required to sleep naked with him, in what he called “nightly cuddles,” when she was seventeen and he was in his seventies, after her mother died.

Another victim was his grand-nephew’s wife, Abha, whom he required to share his bed, sometimes also with his adopted daughter, Manu, as their naked bodies lay together.

Not very sensible or pleasant...

This below is really to the point and accurate but gross... so don't scroll down if you don't want to see it... or you plan on eating chicken anytime soon...

It just seemed to sum it up so well I had to include it...

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