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Legal and Spiritual Crimes Exposed

The Biden regime are making a serious case for Trump to justify going scorched-earth if he wins.

The tyrannical establishment have proven they are domestic enemies of the US Constitution and its People.

The US MIL are bound by Oath to defend this nation from such a threat.

NEW: Eric Trump reveals that the Trump campaign has raised $200 million since he was convicted in New York City.

"In terms of small dollar, we're well over $70 million... If you add the large dollar donations to it, you're over 200 million."

For comparison, in the last 6 months of 2023, Trump's "main fund-raising arm" raised $58 million. (NYT)

In the day period after his mugshot was taken in Georgia, Trump raised $4 million.

The people are awake.


1. Presidents and Former Presidents can be impeached

2. Presidents and Former Presidents can be forced to reveal tax and business records

3. Presidents and Former Presidents lose executive privilege

4. Presidents and Former Presidents lose attorney-client privilege

5. Presidents and Former Presidents can be forced to release private phone records and text messages 6. Presidents and Former Presidents can have their homes raided by the FBI

7. Presidents and Former Presidents can be subpoenaed by partisan committees

8. Presidents and Former Presidents can be repeatedly indicted and arrested

9. Presidents and Former Presidents lose their First Amendment right to free speech

10. Presidents and Former Presidents lose the right to a jury trial

11. VP no longer has authority to question validity of disputed electoral votes

12. The losing party no longer has authority to submit contingent electors when results are disputed

13. Presidents and Former Presidents don't have Presidential Immunity

Trump will be fine. However, the country may not. 

But damn…

They’ve impeached him twice, shut down the entire country, stole an election, took away hundreds of millions dollars and his business license, accused him of rape (and produced NO evidence) and then completely twisted any shred of faith in our judicial system to convict him of 34 felonies that they pumped up from misdemeanors and provided no evidence beyond testimony of a twice- convicted perjurer. 

And they’re still chasing him over inciting an insurrection when NO ONE has been charged under 18 USC 2383 and classified documents…that we now know where SHIPPED TO HIM by the GSA.

They spied on his campaign, arrested his NSA Director, raided his home, lied to him about troop movements in Syria, had discussions with a foreign adversary behind his back to subvert his authority, 93% negative news coverage from our CIA-media

And he’s still the front-runner. Because while they’re doing all that, gas is $4/gallon. Groceries are up 30%. Mortgage rates are over 7%. The world is burning and we’re funding both sides in it. 

Other "randomly assigned" cases that Acting Judge Merchan presided over

Case against Trump Organisation: 17 charges.

Case against Trump's CFO Allen Weisselberg: Pleaded guilty to $1.7 million compensation off the books.

And now with Trump: 34 (17 x 2) charges

How many coincidences before ...

🇺🇲 Donald Trump said that if he is elected president, he will completely declassify materials on the murders of Kennedy and Epstein (which was presented as a suicide).

The latter is very dangerous for the current democratic establishment, which made frequent trips to Epstein’s pedophile island and which, of course, was interested in Epstein being silent forever.

How do you get out of a Debate? Get a judge to put your opponent under house arrest for 6months.

Hunter Biden to sue FOX for calling him a "degenerate crackhead"

Hunter's lawyers sent a letter to Fox News several weeks ago, threatening legal action for allegedly collaborating with Trump operatives and pro-Russia nationals to defame him for profit. The letter demanded retractions, corrections, and on-air apologies from the network.

Shit, I'm worried now. I called him that AND much worse. Calling Hunter Biden a degenerate crackhead is an offence to degenerate crackheads. Maybe degenerate crackheads should sue FOX for defamation. Do degenerate crackheads like Hunter Biden have a union or something? I guess funding would be a problem, since they spend all their money on degeneracy and crack. But maybe Hunter can help his comrades in drugs and withdraw some of that Burisma cash. I mean, sure, fewer terrorists will get paid, but come on! This is important!

Conservative Columnist Sean Davis Calls on Republicans to Start Creating Lists of Democrats to Prosecute and Put in Prison

Judge Kollar-Kotelly sentenced Paula Paulette Harlow, 75, of Kingston, Massachusetts, today to 24 months incarceration for praying outside an abortion clinic. (

Collected by Richard Emmonds of the JoCo Eagle:

The Nevada Globe reported, “In a email to supporters, President Trump says: "Our whole country is being rigged right now...we have a divided mess. We are a nation in serious decline.." and vows, "This is long from over."”

Robert Barnes: “I respect impartial juries fairly representative of the defendant's community, a right that stems from the Magna Carta. Trump's jury was a lynching jury deserving neither respect nor deference.”

Tucker Carlson: “Import the Third World, become the Third World. That’s what we just saw. This won’t stop Trump. He’ll win the election if he’s not killed first. But it does mark the end of the fairest justice system in the world. Anyone who defends this verdict is a danger to you and your family.”

Rob Wood: “Patriotism will be off the charts for the next few months. July 4th is going to be lit.”

Tristan Tate: “1776-2024. RIP USA.”

Eric Trump: “May 30th, 2024 might be remembered as the day Donald J. Trump won the 2024 Presidential Election.”

Jordan Sather: “Precedent set for former presidents to get prosecuted. Looking at you, Clinton, Bush, and Obama!”

Brian Cates: “I'd like to congratulate Donald J. Trump for winning the 2024 Presidential election today.”

Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy: “President Trump’s only “crime” is running against Joe Biden in 2024. The American people see right through this weaponization of the legal system.”

Vivek Ganapathy: “They've ignited a flame in everyone, proving they're not to be trusted. Trump will expose them, so they resort to everything, including bogus charges, to halt him. Pathetic.”

Tulsi Gabbard responded with this about President Joe Biden:

Biden: GUILTY of abuse of power.

Biden: GUILTY of turning our country into a banana republic where those in power use the law to go after their political opponents.

Biden: GUILTY of undermining our Constitution and the freedoms guaranteed therein.

Biden has proven he is unfit for the office of the presidency.

Dan Scavino reports “WinRed is down due to the overwhelming amount of support out there, all across America! Stay strong, and thank you. The site will be up and running again soon!

Jeff Carlson: “Dems are now going to have to face the precedent they just set.”

Dr. Roger Marshall: “The political persecution of Donald Trump is the most egregious miscarriage of justice in our nation’s history. This happens in banana republics, under authoritarian regimes, not here in America. The true judge and jury will speak loudly in November, and Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States.”

And this was before the conviction:

Move On Alert!

Dear MoveOn member,

Basically every news outlet is posting poll numbers that are looking quite terrifying. Trump leading in the general election. Trump leading in the swing states. Trump leading with Gen Z.1

But the reporting on these polls is leaving out a very important point, Jerry: Polls are not crystal balls.

Polls give us a snapshot of how voters are thinking in this particular moment in time—they give us a direction, not a prediction! Just look at summer 2020 polls: Biden and Trump were separated by 10 points.2 The final election was decided by less than half that.

When it comes to next steps for defeating Trump and the MAGA Republicans, here are some numbers that are really catching our attention right now: Disinformation is rampant, as 17% of voters believe President Biden is responsible for the fall of Roe v. Wade, and twice as many people think that the economy was better under Trump, despite record job growth under Biden.

So we know that Trump's lead is due partly to people's misconceptions, which gives us a huge opportunity—if we can get through to enough of those people, we can change the course of this election.

Sorry, America, your right to a fair election is overruled by the treasonous SCOTUS again.


"In the unorthodox lawsuit, Mr. Brunson argued that avoiding an investigation “of how Biden won the election, is an act of treason and an act of levying war against the U.S. Constitution which violated Brunson’s unfettered right to vote in an honest and fair election and as such it wrongfully invalidated his vote.”

In that appeal, the Supreme Court denied the petition for certiorari, or review, in an unsigned order on Jan. 9, 2023. No justices dissented. No reason was provided for the decision. At least four of the nine justices have to vote to approve a petition for certiorari for it to advance to the oral argument stage.

The court denied a petition for rehearing on Feb. 21, 2023, in an unsigned order without providing a reason. No justices dissented.

This week, the Supreme Court denied the petition for certiorari in Brunson v. Sotomayor in an unsigned order without providing a reason. No justices dissented, but Justices Sotomayor, Kagan, and Jackson did not participate in the ruling.

The petition had been docketed with the high court on March 29, with Mr. Brunson serving as his own counsel.

Mr. Brunson argued in the second lawsuit that the justices violated their judicial oath in Brunson v. Adams." 

Now this is a crime:

Exclusive: I accuse United States Senator Tammy Baldwin of criminally laundering $27,850,750 into her campaigns since 2017, including the current one. She is committing illegal Smurfing, i.e. structured money laundering. We have documented this in extreme detail using state and federal government data. Baldwin has numerous campaign committees, PACS, and other sources funding her campaigns. This is pure election fraud by Baldwin and all those participating with her. She is stealing from the elderly their identities to use in laundering money into her campaign. Baldwin is committing identity theft and elderly financial abuse.  One specific example is Baldwin using the name of a real person called Sonia (so are many other liberals using this same person), where Sonia has been making 69,433 contributions since 2017. This means Sonia - who is in assisted living, as confirmed by her daughter - has made 7.5 contributions per day on average, every day of the year, for 7.5 years. But, Sonia did not make these contributions. It was ActBlue and its former corrupt founders Ben Rahn, Matt DeBergalis and Jonathan Zucker. Zucker is now running the very corrupt Democracy Engine - a PAC also committing Smurfing on a massive scale to fund liberal campaigns. Joe Biden is protecting this entire racket, and yes his campaign is into smurfing big time. Late last year Biden put Dara Lindenbaum on as a Commissioner of the FEC (federal election commission overseas campaign finance). Not long after we broke the whole smurfing scheme with James O'Keefe. Dara was an attorney on Stacy Abrams campaign, the Abrams campaign was into Smurfing big time. This is all election fraud, on a massive scale. This is why campaigns have skyrocketed in spending to unreal heights. The money is coming in from China, from the US Treasury and other unlawful places. Yet no attorney or law enforcement will step up to bring justice.

Peter Bernegger

The Kids Are… ‘Far Right?’

QUOTE: Young European voters are increasingly identifying with right-wing populist and nationalist parties ahead of the June 6-9 European Parliament elections, according to analysis conducted by POLITICO Europe. The surge in support for these parties, which predominantly oppose mass legal and illegal immigration, could portend a serious shift in the European Union‘s approach to the ongoing migrant crisis across the continent.

Young voters have apparently established parity with the so-called “Boomer” generation in terms of backing “anti-immigration and anti-establishment parties” in Belgium, France, Portugal, Germany, and Finland. In the Netherlands, the anti-establishment Freedom Party led by Geert Wilders was swept into leadership of a coalition government on a campaign tying high housing costs to unchecked immigration. This message saw a significant appeal among young voters in the country.

Like the Freedom Party in the Netherlands, Portugal’s populist and nationalist Chega rode a wave of youth votes to power. Again, like in the Dutch elections, the political right in Portugal found connecting mass immigration with the country’s housing crisis a formidable campaign message.

The Greens and other left-leaning parties are losing ground among young voters in Germany and Finland. Increasingly, young males in both European countries are backing parties that oppose mass immigration and support the preservation of native customers and cultures. Meanwhile, young female voters are increasingly scattered among various political movements, causing a dilution of support among left-wing political parties.

“AfD in Germany doesn’t even have to grow to become the largest because [the Socialists] and the [Christian Democrats] will naturally shrink, and the young voters are scattered across all parties,” said Dutch political researcher Josse de Voogd, in a recent interview. Meanwhile, in France, the National Rally — a nationalist political party — sits at 32 percent support among 18-to-25-year-olds, partly on the leadership of 28-year-old Jordan Bardella.

“Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions.”

― G.K. Chesterton

Tucker on the Spiritual War

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