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Updated: May 17, 2023

Yesterday the flag was upside down at the US Capitol.

2022: FBI arrested Bannon and Navarro for defying a Trump-related House subpoena. 2023: FBI ignores a Biden-related House subpoena. How does the FBI justify its actions against Trump supporters while protecting Joe Biden?

Rep. Matt Gaetz demanded that the FBI be defunded and its agents criminally indicted after a report found that the bureau lacked evidence to launch an investigation into former President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia in 2016. “If that had been a Republican operation --- an operation to help a Republican candidate — it wouldn’t have ended in a report. It would have ended with real significant indictments,” the congressman added. Gaetz said Durham’s review should result in “firings” and a bipartisan reform of the FBI. “And I think we should claw back the $325 million that Nancy Pelosi had gifted for the new FBI headquarters in the DC area,” he added.

QUOTE: An FBI surveillance contractor infiltrated the chatrooms of two airline industry groups opposed to vaccine mandates to collect intelligence on the groups' organizing activities, investigative journalist Lee Fang reported. The contractor, Flashpoint, which in the past infiltrated Islamic terror groups, now focuses on "anti-vaccine" groups and other domestic political organizations, according to Fang. In a webinar presentation for clients last year, which Fang analyzed on his Substack, Flashpoint analyst Vlad Cuiujuclu demonstrated his company's methods for identifying and entering encrypted Telegram chat groups. He explained how the company attempted to join chatrooms of transportation workers resisting the COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Fang described the presentation: "'In this case, we're searching for a closed channel of U.S. Freedom Flyers,' said Cuiujuclu. 'It's basically a group that opposed vaccination and masks.' "Tradecraft and other strategies are often used to gain inside knowledge of conservative organizations with the intent to disrupt, mislead and otherwise thwart effective campaigns. "Infiltration is a tactic used by the deep state to prevent the truth from being told by attempting to destroy the advancement of the message. The team at US Freedom Flyers has been successful in recognizing these attacks and we have taken decisive actions to protect the organization and our members." Aviation industry workers were some of the most vocal and organized against COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Fang also spoke to Jay Bhattacharya, M.D., Ph.D., professor of medicine at Stanford University, research associate at the National Bureau of Economics Research and one of the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration. Bhattacharya said:"This kind of domestic spying violates the implicit protection Americans have in these kinds of settings.

QUOTE: The broadcast network morning and evening news shows devoted precisely zero seconds to the House Oversight and Accountability Committee's stunning interim report detailing the Biden family's corrupt influence-peddling operation, according to a Newsbusters analysis of the Big Three networks' news coverage.

Hunter Biden Complained That He Had To Give Joe Biden ‘Half His Salary’ For 30 Years

Durham elegantly lays out the case that the entire government colluded to rig an election. The report reveals that the CIA, FBI, and justice department with help from the NSA and FISA court (under the purview of SCOTUS) basically took the muck and propaganda of one campaign (the one holding power), and attempted to orchestrate and manufacture a coup d’etat against their political opponents with help from 99% of media outlets and even the establishment of the same party as Trump (McCain, Graham, et al).

There is no other word for this but "treason"....and at the highest levels.

It seems that the very PURPOSE of the Durham Report is -- since our government is incapable of doing anything about it -- to trigger a response from the only institution left in America with ANY credibility left that can do anything about it, THE MILITARY.

I know saying this is highly controversial, and I’m not saying this means everything Q ever said came true, or that all Q followers were right. I’m saying that the general foundation of the Q theory was that there is an existence of a Deep State, that the Russia/Mueller investigation was a hoax, and that Trump was at war with a massive corrupt establishment who were all in a seditious and treasonous conspiracy to do anything necessary to prevent Trump from getting into power, and then obstruct and remove him once he got into power. And frankly, that’s exactly what happened. We as a public can ignore this reality, or we can be adults and acknowledge that at least some of the Q stuff was correct. We now have proof that factions within the US government concocted a lie to interfere in federal elections, brainwash the American People, and attempt to overthrow the sitting President of the United States. Ultimately, this plan failed. But did the Deep State stop there? Is it too far of a stretch to consider the same exact entities would be willing to create and release a human-engineered pathogen prior to the 2020 election, to implement mass mail-in voting, in order to steal the election via fraud, in a new, more insidious plot to remove Trump? Down the rabbit hole we go.

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if Durham = Start (same day Q started posting)

What does Durham ending mean?

Letter from AG Garland to 4 members of Congressional leadership

Here's another link to the full interview if needed:

“The View” co-host Joy Behar melted down Thursday following a CNN town hall featuring former President Donald Trump, saying the network shouldn’t have had the event. “I have to say, I was wrong. She said they shouldn’t show him,” Behar said, referring to co-host Sunny Hostin. “And I said they should, because I’m a big defender of the First Amendment, and everybody should show who they are, and let’s vote accordingly, but what I didn’t know was that the audience would be filled with his cult. I would like to know if CNN was passing out Kool-Aid before the event started.”

FLORIDA – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law Thursday that would hide records about his past and future travel, as well as powerful people he meets with, at a time when he’s widely expected to be on the cusp of announcing he’ll run for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

DeSantis signed the bill into law unceremoniously on Thursday afternoon, among more than 35 other bills. His office sent an email to the press that listed the bills that were now law.

Under the new law, details about the governor’s trips — whether on state planes or private, chartered flights — will be retracted, including names of staff and family members that travel with DeSantis. Visitor logs to the governor’s mansion and his office also will be hidden.

The retraction will shield information not just from journalists but from DeSantis’s political opponents, who would likely compile droves of research to use against the governor for public scrutiny. Chief among these could be instances in which DeSantis traveled with lobbyists or others who might have been trying to curry favor with him. (read more)

The DeSantis team posted comments following the debate where they revealed their support for the Democrats and administrative state. The DeSantis team came out in support of: ** politically motivated prosecutions ** FBI-DOJ interference in elections ** lawfare by the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and deep state against undesirable political opponents ** Blaming Trump for the fedsurrection ** Support for E. Jean Carroll the crazy cat lady who lied about being raped by President Trump ** support for stuffing drop boxes, late night ballot drops on election night, locking doors on voter counting rooms, supplying unlimited boxes of ballots until Democrats pull ahead, mail-in voting and Zuckerbucks in elections

The substance, which is called xylazine, is a sedative generally used by veterinarians to anesthetize animals. Its effect on humans is horrifying, however.

Xylazine often completely disfigures users. The drug often causes users to develop sores, can result in leg amputation, and cause death from overdosing. When combined with a deadly opioid like fentanyl, xylazine exacerbates the risk of “respiratory depression” meaning users stop breathing and die.

“It’s really gruesomely disfiguring people,” Bill Bodner, a DEA special agent, told KTLA on Thursday. “It’s much more likely to stop someone from breathing and the things that come along with xylazine, it’s a vasoconstrictor. So when you’re injecting it, it’s actually reducing the blood circulation.”

Local news crews have captured the impact on individuals after they have consumed xylazine. As one can see, the users look like literal zombies.

The Gateway Pundit will not be showing photos illustrating the effect xylazine has on skin because the images may be too gruesome for readers.


EXCLUSIVE: Republicans will take legal action against a Secretary of State for first time in HISTORY on May 24 after Antony Blinken refused to hand over Afghanistan withdrawal memo warning Taliban would rapidly take Kabul when troops withdrew

  • McCaul is specifically seeking a classified dissenting cable that U.S. State Department employees sent prior to the Taliban's takeover of Kabul. The committee is specifically seeking a classified dissenting cable that U.S. State Department employees sent prior to the Taliban's takeover on July 13, 2021. The cable warned about a 'deteriorating' security situation' and urged the immediate evacuation of allies, a warning that the Biden administration did not heed, say Republicans.

  • Sec. Blinken is expected to miss a 6 p.m. ET deadline Thursday to turn over the memo

  • McCaul told that action on contempt of Congress charges against Antony Blinken will begin on May 24

E. Jean Carroll’s weird obsession with former President Donald Trump was revealed by internet sleuths who dug up her old online posts.

In a post that Carroll made on Facebook in August 2012, she indulged her sexual fantasies by pondering the question, “Would you have sex with Donald Trump for $17,000?” (Even if you could A) give the money to Charity? B) Close your eyes? And he’s not allowed to speak?)”.

It seems weird that you’re so into a show which entirely centered on your alleged rapist. “Two many good TV shows on Sunday Night! My God! What do YOU watch?” Carroll posted on Facebook in 2012.

She then answered her own question by declaring, “I’m a MASSIVE Apprentice fan.”

A year after she tweeted her plot, Carroll accused Trump of sexually assaulting her in early 1996.

Back in June 2019, E. Jean Carroll sat down for an interview with Vanity Fair following her accusations against Trump. The article paints Carroll as a complete lunatic who painted her trees outside her log cabin and traveled the country with her blue-dyed poodle but not her cat, Vagina T. Fireball, who she left back home.

Trump has denied the allegations and called E. Jean Carroll a “whack job” who’s “not my type.”

“Does anybody believe that I would take a then almost 60-year-old woman that I didn’t know, from the front door of a very crowded department store, (with me being very well known, to put it mildly!), into a tiny dressing room, and …. her? She didn’t scream? There are no witnesses? Nobody saw this? She never made a police complaint? If I was seen there with a woman-BIG PRESS. SCAM!” Trump wrote on his social media Truth Social.

Richard Emmons <>:

House Republicans are pushing for the debt limit proposal they passed last month to serve as a blueprint for the talks. The bill proposed rescinding at least $90.5 billion in unspent coronavirus relief, expanding work requirements for welfare and capping federal spending. They also want the final product to include an overhaul of the permitting process for energy projects.

“If you look at this package, it represents the most commonsense, straightforward approach to addressing the spending problem that got us here as we confront the debt ceiling,” said House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, Louisiana Republican.

The Republicans included the REINS Act in their debt cap increase bill. Getting this passed would be HUGE in reducing the level of bureaucracy in the federal government. All significant regulations would need to be approved by Congress and signed into law by the President. This opinion piece in the Washington Examiner has more on this important legislation: The REINS Act would pare back the administrative state.

One of the very best ways to protect representative government is by making the REINS Act into law . Introduced by Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL), “REINS” is short for " Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny." The REINS Act helps give lawmaking power back to Congress instead of the unelected bureaucracy that operates outside the bounds of our Constitution and democratic principles.

The legislation would require Congress to approve by vote any regulation with an economic impact of over $100 million. More than 30 organizations, including several state-based groups, also recently sent a letter to Congress, encouraging leadership to pass the REINS Act. Proponents argue it will increase cooperation between government agencies and accountability for members of Congress.

The founders were keenly aware of the history of extralegal maneuvers to bypass parliamentary authority. Article I of the Constitution explicitly states that "all legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress."

The Biden administration has finalized a sweeping restriction on asylum that it plans to use to ramp up swift deportations of migrants who cross the U.S.-Mexico border after the Title 42 pandemic-era emergency policy sunsets on Thursday, according to internal documents obtained by CBS News.

The regulation, which is expected to be challenged in federal court, will be a dramatic shift in asylum policy, disqualifying migrants from U.S. protection if they fail to request refugee status in another country, such as Mexico, on their journey to the southern border.

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