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International Power Games

Will Ukraine still be around then?

Ukrainian media, citing the office of the President of Ukraine: F-16 deliveries to Kiev are being postponed again - now they promise to deliver the fighters in the fall (although this was originally planned to be done before the end of 2023)

– Russia has dropped to 3rd place among arms suppliers in the world. France is in 2nd place, and the USA is in 1st place – SIPRI

– Sweden does not want permanent NATO bases in the country – FM

– The Pentagon will need $10 billion to replace the weapons sent to Ukraine, but so far it does not have the necessary funds – Politico

– 300,000 NATO soldiers are preparing to arrive in Poland – Deputy Chief of the Polish General Staff Dymanowski

A missile strike hit Zelensky's motorcade in Odessa before his meeting with Greek Prime Minister 

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Greek newspaper Prototema claims, citing anonymous sources in the Greek government.

The publication indicates that the explosion occurred shortly before the meeting between Kyriakos and Zelensky - 150 meters from the place where the Greek mission was located. No one from the Greek delegation was injured, the media indicate.

Officials of Ukraine did not comment on the information.

RUSSIA READY FOR NEGOTIATIONS WITH UKRAINE but must be based on reality on ground and not wishes after using some substances - Russian President reaffirms readiness for peace talks, while cautious of Zelensky's drug problem. 

 It is easier to negotiate with those with a cocaine nose than with smart and dangerous people who influence the consciousness of society.

Negotiations should not be a pause to rearm Kiev, but a serious conversation with security guarantees for Russia - Putin.

Putin said that Russia is allegedly ready for a peaceful solution to the war in Ukraine, but only with the territories it has seized and with guarantees for Moscow.

"Are we ready for negotiations? Yes, we are, but we are only ready for negotiations that are not based on some kind of wishful thinking after the use of psychotropic drugs, but are based on the realities that have developed, as they say in such cases, on the ground."

 Putin in an interview with Kiselev:

– Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons if the question is about the existence of the Russian state

– From a military-technical point of view, the Russian Federation is ready for a nuclear war, but I don’t think everything is rushing so head-on

– The presence of foreign troops in Ukraine and the supply of weapons will not change anything on the battlefield.

The Ukrainians have pushed their information warfare to new levels of cringe.

They published a fake "order by Putin" to withdraw troops from Belgorod region and "recognize the region as temporarily lost"

Supporting Trump in the US presidential election means “voting for Putin’s team” - Hillary Clinton. This is how she reacted to Orban’s words that Trump, if he wins, will not give money to Ukraine.

If Trump wins the 2024 election, 57 percent of Democrat voters would oppose certifying the election, according to new polling from Rasmussen.

For all of their talk about how sacred ‘our democracy’ is over the last several years, Democrat voters don’t seem too keen on the idea of actual democracy.

China could use Tik Tok to influence US elections, the Democrats have Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, 90% of TV channels and newspapers and Soros on their side.

Also the US uses alleged NGOs funded by the State Department, Soros and Bill Gates to manipulate elections in dozens of countries across the globe, and when that doesn't work they impose sanctions and forced other countries to abide by them, and as a last resort they can always invade sovereign nations in the name of democracy. -Nebulator

Rand Paul, Vivek, Trump, Elon, Mike Lee, Massie, Amash


Crenshaw, Biden, Uniparty Team.

Dilley Team for Trump Releases “If I Were the Deep State” Spinoff of Paul Harvey’s Classic Speech on Satan’s Ambitions

Batya Ungar-Sargon a Liberal from New York Explains the MAGA Philosophy Like No One Else Ever! – BRILLIANT! (VIDEO)

Steve Bannon: I want to talk about, you say you’re a liberal or progressive, yet this book is, I know you’re going to come out with a bigger media campaign later, but Second Class is one of the definitive works out there. It’s about to come out. How do you say you’re a liberal? When I read it, and I feel like I’m reading a MAGA writer?

Batya Ungar-Sargon: Well, to me, Donald Trump is kind of like a New Deal Democrat. And this is something I tried to explain to Bill Maher, as well. To Democrats and liberals, Trump is an extremist, but to Trump supporters, he is a moderate, if not a liberal. His view on abortion, 16 weeks, right? That was the Democrats view until the 90s. His view on immigration, that mass migration is class warfare against the working class. That was the view of the Democrats until the 90s. Bernie Sanders in 2015, open borders. That’s a Koch brothers proposal. Right? You remember that Trump is pro-black. He’s courting black voters. He’s pro-gay. I hear that from his supporters all the time, and they love that about him. That is who the Democrats used to be, and now it is who MAGA is. And I say that with a lot of love and respect.

Steve Bannon: So how talk about that as a liberal, you’ve been outcast because you take the side of the working class. So how can that be? The Democrats tell us all the time they’re a working class party.


Batya Ungar-Sargon: No, that’s complete nonsense. The Democrats are the party of the college credentialed elites and the dependent poor. So all of their policies are either about flattering the vanity of the rich or sustaining the poor. That won’t work. And meanwhile, everybody in the middle, the hardworking people who listen to your show, who you know about and who you respect, they were not represented by either party until Trump came along. And Trump showed up and said, wait a minute. Why is no one standing up for the hardworking American? And what I did for this book is I traveled around the country and interviewed working class Americans. And let me tell you something, Steve, and you know this. Working class Americans, whether they vote for Democrat or Republican, whether they’re liberal or conservative, they all have the same views. Like, neither party is really speaking to them. They all agree by and large about the most important issues. Polarization is a totally elite phenomenon…

…So the elites are very, very polarized. If you talk to someone who’s been to college, conservative or liberal, somebody who works in the media elites, somebody who works in the political elites, they look at the party platform, whether it’s the GOP platform or the democratic platform, and they’re like, check, check. Whatever the party tells them is the good and the right they agree with. So there’s no natural connection between supporting abortion on demand and believing in climate change and supporting an open border. Those things were cobbled together because they are all in the interests of the leftist elites. And so if you’re in those leftist elites, you’re like, oh, these are all my priorities. If you are a hardworking american, those are not your priorities. You go issue by issue and say, well, I’m a Christian, so I would never get an abortion, but I know somebody who was raped, so I don’t want it to be banned. You say, well, I have a family member who’s gay, and I want them to be treated with dignity, but I have a child school and I’m terrified of the trans agenda. Right. You have this because the american working class is deeply tolerant, and so that is how they approach the world…

…Let me tell you something. 97% of donations coming out of Silicon Valley go to Democrats. The majority of Americans making over $500,000 a year are Democrats. Nine of the ten richest counties in this country now vote for Democrats. And the majority of donations coming out of Wall Street went to Joe Biden and not to Donald Trump because these elites hate Trump because he represents the return of the middle class, the rise of the working class, and the pride of the working class. That’s what they hate and why they write this stuff, this drivel. They cannot stand the idea that people who work with their hands for a living should have dignity.

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