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"If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it." ― Julius Caesar

"If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it." 

― Julius Caesar

The U.S. House’s CBDC Ban

In the name of financial privacy, the U.S. House of Representatives (the House) passed a bill banning CBDCs (central bank digital currency) in the United States. This has implications across many financial areas, affecting investors as well. The official name of this landmark decision, written to protect American financial privacy, is the CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act. The legislation would prohibit the Federal Reserve from issuing a CBDC without explicit Congressional authorization.

This is not a law, as the Senate would also need to pass the legislation, but since it has moved through Congress this far, it is likely to tamp down any CBDC efforts for now.

Republicans expressed concerns that a U.S. CBDC could be used to control Americans.  Democrats said during debate before Thursday's vote that the concerns were overblown and a ban would block public sector innovation and research.  Overall, 213 Republicans and three Democrats voted for the bill, while 192 Democrats voted against it. The anti-CBDC bill seems headed toward going nowhere in the Senate given that half of congress does not have a counterpart for either piece of legislation.

Supreme Court rules ban on gun bump stocks is unlawful

The ban was imposed by the Trump administration after the accessory was used during the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas.

"Learning starts at home. Every one of the items he listed is taught in public school, I teach them. You're kid's nose is too far up that phone you won't let me confiscate. Public school is definitely trash, but so is the average modern parent."

If we are going to use it as a history lesson, we should announce:

  • The slave trade saw only 3% of the black Africans going to America

  • 97% of the slave trade was worldwide, elsewhere

  • The black tribal chiefs were the ones who sold their fellow blacks into slavery

  • Whites were not the ones who brought black slaves to America

  • Jews ran the slave trade, and slave auctions were closed on jewish holidays

  • The Emancipation Proclamation was a political move, and had no legal effect

  • The war ended April 9, 1865

  • The 13th Amendment (not counting the first two 13th Amendments) passed on December 6, 1866

  • These would be better dates to celebrate something, based on real world events

  • Since the woke crowd constantly needs something to stir up, we can talk about real world events, rather than a makebelieve Juneteenth.

A Reason for Hope

We're all gonna get massively rug-pulled soon, to hear some tell it, as they finally put their boots on Trump's neck and step down...HARD...and make an example out of him for the rest of us.

Here's what the blackpillers miss, as we pass the NINE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of these people desperately trying to TAKE TRUMP OUT:


He'd be a distant memory at this point.


The problem with blackpilling is that they cant see the current situation accurately.

We broke their Matrix. Trump and us. We broke it. And there's no fixing it. There's no going back.

There's no putting the people who woke up back inside it. What would be the point of that, anyway? IT'S NOT WORKING ANY LONGER. It can't cast the proper illusions to lull the awakened back to sleep so they can be reprogrammed.

These blackpilling accounts have no real explanation as to how Trump is growing richer, stronger, more influential and politically powerful by the day...AS THE DEEP STATE SYSTEM CONTINUES TO FULLY EXPOSE ITSELF WHILE TRYING TO DESTROY HIM.

He's literally like Godzilla in that movie at this point. They hit him with a powerful attack...AND HE JUST GETS BIGGER AND MEANER AND COMES AT THEM FASTER.

Any account NOT factoring these easily observable factoids into its analysis of current events and projections for the next five months is pretty much useless.

After all, if you can't accurately see what's happening, why should anybody be listening to you?

This is what the Washington Post is Pusing:

IMPORTANT: New Bill S.3589 would outlaw militias, martial arts classes and many form of protest. 

👉🏻 New bill up for vote: S.3589

It would outlaw:

  • Militias (a literal Constitutional right)

  • Boxing and/or martial arts classes

  • Speaking out of turn in any governmental assembly, including local townhall meetings

  • Protesting governmental functions

Consider Hunter Biden as a CIA Operative:

Mike Benz: Once you understand that Hunter Biden was a CIA intelligence asset, everything makes sense…If you take a step back and look at things from a different angle, everything starts to make a lot more sense. Instead of just seeing Hunter Biden as some perverted crackhead who grew up with a silver crack pipe in his mouth, what if we saw him as something more sophisticated, like a well-groomed CIA asset? This twist adds a whole new layer to the long-standing drama around the Biden crime family..............

Scott Adams asks the simple question 'What's the point of voting machines?':

"Does it make things more secure? No. 

Does it give you results faster? No.

Does it reduce your costs? Obviously not. 

You tell me why we have them. Do you know why Fox News can't do that story? I think you do.

In April 2024, the Biden regime announced that women will be forced to allow men in their locker rooms and bathrooms with a new 1577-page Title IX ruling.

Women will be forced to compete against men, and accept men on their sports teams. Women and young girls will be required to share locker rooms and bathrooms based on gender identity rather than biological sex.

Now, the court has ruled in favor of Paxton, stating that the “Department lacks authority to redefine “sex” in a way that conflicts with Title IX.”

“Joe Biden’s unlawful effort to weaponize Title IX for his extremist agenda has been stopped in its tracks,” said Attorney General Paxton. “Threatening to withhold education funding by forcing states to accept ‘transgender’ policies that put women in danger was plainly illegal. Texas has prevailed on behalf of the entire Nation.”

The court order explains: “[The Biden Administration] failed to follow the proper procedures here. Rather than promote the equal opportunity, dignity, and respect that Title IX demands for both biological sexes, [the DOE’s] Guidance Documents do the opposite in an effort to advance an agenda wholly divorced from the text, structure, and contemporary context of Title IX.… Thus, to allow [the Biden Administration’s] unlawful action to stand would be to functionally rewrite Title IX in a way that shockingly transforms American education and usurps a major question from Congress. That is not how our democratic system functions.”

To read the order, click here.

🚨 NEW: Joe Rogan now questions if elections are even “real.”

TIM DILLON: “Trump will beat him [Biden], I think, from jail.”

ROGAN: “Yeah, 100%.”

TIM DILLON: “Trump will win.”

ROGAN: “But I don’t know if it’s real. I mean, look, I don’t want to cry election fraud, but why would I imagine that they would manipulate EVERYTHING openly except the election?”

KJP now blaming the damning videos of Biden on the “desperate Republicans” using “deep fakes”… 

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” -1984

You best start believing in Orwellian dystopias… you’re in one.

Sabo Strikes Again!

Hey Biden voters, 

Once there are no Ukrainians left to fight Russia, who do you think Biden and NATO intend to send over there?

The House just passed a bill to automatically register males 18-25 for the draft, and they are working on adding females to the list too.

Awake yet?

If the Biden regime think American citizens are going to comply with a draft and fight in Ukraine, they are mistaken.

The majority of us would rather die fighting the US government, than die in a trench in Ukraine, fighting a rich man’s war.

That’s not a threat. It’s a promise.


Remember they will have no one left before the end of the year.


In a groundbreaking announcement made last Friday in Detroit, Michigan, Lara Trump, the co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), revealed plans to build a formidable watchdog army. This force will be tasked with safeguarding the integrity of our elections this coming November.

“Our other top priority is election integrity,” said Lara Trump. “If we don’t have free, fair, and transparent elections, nothing else matters. That is our goal at the RNC. Every single person in this country, regardless of how you vote, should want free and fair elections.”

Joined by RNC Chairman Michael Watley, she detailed the plans to mobilize an ‘election watchdog army’ that will operate across the United States in November.

“[Whatley and I started here in the state of Michigan, launching our election integrity program. What we want to do is train 100,000 people all across this country to be part of that team. Now, what does that mean? That means we want poll watchers, but not just that; we want poll workers. We have a unique opportunity right now that we have not had in 40 years as a party. For 40 years, there was a consent decree placed upon the RNC that did not allow us to train people to work as poll workers,” said Lara.

The RNC’s plan also includes training individuals to work in tabulation centers where mail-in ballots are processed. They are seeking attorneys who can be present at every major polling location to proactively address any issues that arise.

Lara called for any lawyers listening to join the effort, emphasizing that they do not have to be trained in election law. “We will train you on exactly what you need to be looking out for,” she said.

The RNC has set up a website,, for those interested in joining the team. The RNC will provide training in each state to equip team members with everything they need to know.

Another Opinion:

This is not the solution: "Trump campaign, RNC aims to deploy 100,000 volunteer vote-counting monitors for the presidential election" CBS News headline. It is going to fail. See the brilliant Conservative Treehouse article at link below for how one of the major election fraud cheats takes place. The headline above however, shows the RNC and their fifty state organizations don't understand how the election frauds are taking place. I'll tell you RNC: one way is for the bad guys to use the names and addresses of people registered to vote to fill out and send in an absentee ballot, without those real people knowing about it. 100,000 observers is not going to stop this. The liberals already know which names, addresses they are going to use to cast fraudulent absentee ballots. Hey RNC, how are the observers going to spot those? The voter rolls are being inflated right now, I can see it in the state numbers. The RNC is ignoring all this. Call to citizens: email the RNC as to why there are two electronic files in the software of the tabulators. That is just like having two ballot boxes for your paper ballot to be placed into - but you're not told there are two ballot boxes. And you nor the local clerk knows which ballot box your ballot is dropped into. Then some unknow person "adjudicates" (meaning decides who you voted for) the next day. How RNC are observers going to spot those? Ask the RNC why was a legal challenge recently submitted to the city of Milwaukee against 55,000 actively registered voters by six citizens - and not the RNC? Those 55,000: the vast majority no longer live in the city. Laura Trump did you know this? Josh Felton - the supposed RNC data guy, who I recently learned is just an attorney in Washington DC - did you know this? The election fraud is in or about the data. You're not stopping the data by having 100,000 observers, that is only a feel good 'rally the troops'. Pls citizens, don't fall for this 100,000 gimmick. It is not going to work. Have the RNC explain to you how an observer is going to "see" a fraudulent absentee ballot. Have the RNC explain to you how observers are going to "see" inside the tabulators, and inside the epolling books.

~ Peter Bernegger

Sixty-six percent (66%) of Likely U.S. voters are concerned that the outcome of the presidential election will be affected by cheating, including 40% who are Very Concerned. Thirty-one percent (31%) aren’t concerned, including 14% who are Not At All Concerned about cheating in the election.Belief that electronic voting machines may be vulnerable to online hacking – which has been the subject of coverage by the New York Times, NBC News, National Public Radio and other news organizations – remains widespread.Forty-four percent (44%) of voters think it’s likely that many electronic voting machines are connected to the Internet during elections, including 21% who consider it Very Likely. Thirty-five percent (35%) don’t believe it’s likely voting machines are connected to the Internet during elections, including 23% who say it’s Not At Likely. Another 20% are not sure.

From the Bee...

The US Company Arcturus have injected 4200 Japanese people with the world’s first self replicating shots.

The results will be dire warns Professor Yasufumi Murakami as it will cause a tsunami of spike protein which could very well be passed on to others 😳

The US Company Arcturus have injected 4200 Japanese people with the world’s first self replicating shots.

The results will be dire warns Professor Yasufumi Murakami as it will cause a tsunami of spike protein which could very well be passed on to others 😳

It’s not just the spike protein but the entire MRNA that is replicated, multiplied, encapsulated in exosomes which are released to the outer cells. Hence shedding cannot be ruled out.

The horror! The horror!

Kansas sues Pfizer over 'misrepresentations' and 'adverse events' of COVID-19 vaccine

The state of Kansas has filed a lawsuit against pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Inc. for alleged consumer protection violations related to the company's manufacturing of the COVID-19 vaccine, saying the company marketed the shot as "safe" even though it "knew" the vaccine was connected to "serious adverse events." 

"Pfizer misled the public that it had a ‘safe and effective’ COVID-19 vaccine," the 69-page lawsuit filed Monday in the District Court of Thomas County alleges.

"Pfizer said its COVID-19 vaccine was safe even though it knew its COVID-19 vaccine was connected to serious adverse events, including myocarditis and pericarditis, failed pregnancies, and deaths. Pfizer concealed this critical safety information from the public," the suit alleges. 

"Pfizer said its COVID-19 vaccine was effective even though it knew its COVID-19 vaccine waned over time and did not protect against COVID-19 variants. Pfizer concealed this critical effectiveness information from the public," it says. 

I think they are intentionally trying to occupy the mental space where, for Christians, the Virgin Mary dwells. They want lesbians to be hallowed, worshipped, and obeyed. An immaculate conception that shows no man is needed for anything.

Oh, Art twitter is FUMING WITH RAGE over this decision!

Adobe just alienated a majority of their userbase, but luckily there are plenty of open source drawing programs for aspiring digital artists floating around the internet

SUPERSTORM ZAPS THE GLOBAL ELECTRIC CIRCUIT: The geomagnetic superstorm of May 10, 2024, did more than spark some of the best auroras in 500 years. It also electrified our planet. 

"Our sensors measured a significant change in atmospheric electricity," reports Prof. Gang Li, a space physicist at the University of Alabama. "Earth's entire global electrical circuit was affected by the storm." 

Credit: K. A. Nicoll's 2014 review paper "Space Weather influences on Atmospheric Electricity" [ref]

Yes, Earth has a "global electrical circuit." It is created by thunderstorms, which build up a charge difference between the ground and the ionosphere 50 km overhead. There are about 40,000 thunderstorms per day all over the Earth, and we can think of them as batteries pumping the electricity to the top of the atmosphere. The resulting voltage drop is a staggering 250,000 volts. 

On its own, air is not a great conductor of electricity. However, cosmic rays from deep space ionize our atmosphere, creating just enough conductivity for currents to flow in response to those 250,000 volts. The very air you breath is thus electrified. In April 2024, Li and colleagues published a paper in the journal Space Weather about solar storms and the global electric circuit. They described how CMEs approaching Earth sweep aside cosmic rays, decreasing their intensity. This is called a "Forbush Decrease," named after American physicist Scott Forbush who studied cosmic rays in the early 20th century. During a Forbush Decrease, fewer cosmic rays are available to ionize Earth's atmosphere; this, in turn, changes the conductivity of the entire global electrical circuit. Li's team found that large Forbush Decreases boosted electric fields in the atmosphere. 

The CME that hit Earth on May 10, 2024, caused a very large Forbush Decrease. "It was a boon to our research," says Li. 

Li and colleagues checked two electric field monitoring stations at the CASLEO observatory in Argentina--a site they often use to monitor the global electrical circuit. During the May 10th superstorm, electric fields jumped 10% to 15%, an increase that lasted for more than four days. "This is in good accord with what we would have predicted based on our paper," he says.

Such changes in atmospheric electricity can affect many things ranging from the probability of rain and lightning to the flight paths of ballooning spiders, which ride electric fields through the air. Indeed, arachnids may have known of this phenomenon all along, but humans are only learning about it now. 

Read Li's original research here.

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