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How you can help fight voter fraud (Time critical - Cast Vote Records)

This is a Daily Call To Action until September 3 when the data can be deleted legally by the Elections/Secretary of State and County Offices.

The plan is to get Sheriffs to start investigations & force all machines to not be used during the election as a result. Data we collect can be probably be run against multiple TB of data Lindell has.

Lindell has many Sheriffs ready, to teach other unaware Sheriffs, how to find/verify the fraud themselves so they can take the machines before the machines can be used in elections.

They showed machine fraud in every single county so far that used machines (even Trump won counties & states).

Step 1 Check this site to see if your county is already listed.

If your county is listed, skip to Step 3.

Step 2 We must get these Cast Vote Records immediately in every single county. You can can either review Lone Racoon's in depth guide, in the link, or you can read the basics that I have laid out:

This is the link to Lindell's site to find info yourself with an email & phone request-

Screenshot of that page:

Lindell's site text:


The Cast Vote Records are the clearest indicators of whether or not there is machine-based election fraud. On September 3, 2022, federal protections for these records under Title 52 Section 20701 comes to an end allowing the legal destruction of these records. Don’t let these records disappear from the public conscience. Please use the following form language to request the Cast Vote Records for the 2020 General Election from your county and municipal clerks before it is too late. Copy and paste the template below and supply the value for your jurisdiction and send to your county and municipal clerks.

(copy & paste the form below, update the jurisdiction with your county)


Pursuant to our state’s freedom of information law, please remit the Cast Vote Records [insert jurisdiction] from the 2020 General Election. These records should include the following fields as a minimum:

  • CVR Record #

  • Timestamp

  • Tabulator ID

  • Municipality

  • Precinct

  • Batch ID

  • Record ID

  • Counting Group

  • Session Type

  • Ballot Type ID

  • Paper Index

  • Contest

  • Candidate

  • Undervotes

  • Overvotes

  • Mark Density

Lone Racoon has some tips for getting those records here:

There was an organization ready to help anyone who gets pushback from their county clerks. The Cause of America is the group name I heard listening to the Lindell event. I think this is their site-

  • If you are sending info about a rejection, please send it to

If they refuse to give you the information (thanks u/TRYNEIN ):

A clerk is a 'Public Servant' and they are required to have a surety bond in order to hold that position.

Demand they give you a copy of their surety bond and a copy of her financial statement.

Tell them if they do not want to perform their duties as a public servant that you will file a complaint against their bond.

Take a witness or two with you, if you can, who will be willing to file affidavits that she isn't doing her duty.

Also, you should be able to get a copy from the county recorders office if needed. (context found here

Step 3

When you get your Cast Vote Records (assuming they are not in the system above already) email that file to

(Lindell just said on his interview that they will put the data together for easy Sheriff use:

Aug 30 Alabama judge is looking at the evidence in this video link about 13:14). UPDATE * If you are sending a Cast Vote Record file or files, send it to I would send it to every email & let's watch the telegram channel to see if they want it ONLY to one of those emails. Likely Lindell auto forwards to the proper Racoon email.

Step 4

Start digging for fraud. I am looking into how to do this myself, I believe Lone Racoon had some info on on how to do it. has a wealth of information & I am still digging into it. I will put highlights here as I find them. Always grateful for suggestions & pointers. If you have a question, please continue to send it to and/or

Step 5

Report fraud to Sheriffs & share with local friends so they can tell Sheriffs too.

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