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Time is short so I will try extra hard to just post the most important things...

The FBI has information that confirms evidence that the Biden’s took $10 million from Ukraine to remove the prosecutor investigating Burisma, the firm that hired Hunter to their Board.

Last week, after FBI whistleblowers shared evidence that the Bidens made $17 million in Ukraine, Senator Grassley shared evidence that the Bidens made $10 million for removing an investigator investigating Burisma, the firm that hired Hunter to its Board. Rudy Giuliani said yesterday that this is the strongest case he has ever seen.

Rudy Giuliani shares: This is probably the most verified, informative information I’ve ever seen. It’s been verified by about three years of disclosures, including actual testimony that people have seen or can see that’s been tape recorded…Biden confessed to it when he was in front of the Atlantic Council. The harddrive includes at least 5 texts that you would use in a trial, the best one being that Hunter text his daughter straight out that he had to give half his income over the past 30 years to pop [Joe Biden]…I’ve never had better evidence than that.

This is like Alice in Wonderland….Without exageration, Steve, this would be the strongest case I’ve ever seen!”

The DailyMail reports that the FBI has information that corroborates the $10 million to the Bidens.

Here is the Biden damning document they tried to hide:

Hunter Biden’s former business partner is expected to testify that Hunter called his dad Joe Biden at least 24 times during business meeting with clients when his dad was in office as Vice President.

Devon archer to rat on Hunter:

Celebrity Chef Deaths:

Anthony Bourdain (The Clintons)

Tafari Campbell (The Obamas)

Gary Rhodes (The Queen)

Johnathan Gold (Steven Spielberg)

Aaron Grissom (Unknown)

Gray Kunz cooked for "The Clintons" He died in 2020. Benoît Violier cooked for Clintons, Clooney, and Oprah Winfrey. He died in 2016. Homaru Cantu cooked for Stephen Colbert & Bill Clinton. He died in 2015.

These shows are produced to find chefs who would know how to create a dish that combines human & animal recipes. Sounds strange? Go read my Anthony Bourdain threads. He was hired to cook human flesh.

More listed here:

So the Pizza thing went back all the way to the Clintons...

The Federalist 13 AGs Put Corporations On Notice After Affirmative-Action Ruling: No More Racial Discrimination QUOTE: Following the Supreme Court ruling against affirmative-action programs, 13 state attorneys general sent a letter to all Fortune 100 companies to put them on notice that racial discrimination is not only wrong but illegal. The AGs' rationale is simple: Discrimination on the basis of skin color is habitual among America's largest companies, but under both state and federal law, it is also illegal. For example, the attorneys general cite reports demonstratingthat "racial quotas and other explicitly race-based practices in recruitment, hiring, promotion, and/or contracting" have been adopted by banks, consulting firms, and tech companies on and off the Fortune 100 list, including "Airbnb, Apple, Cisco, Facebook, Google, Intel, Lyft, Microsoft, Netflix, Paypal, Snapchat, TikTok, Uber, and others." Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach told The Federalist that the Supreme Court's recent Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard decision "precipitated the letter," as the court made clear that "race-based admissions" and "so-called benign explanations for discriminating" violate the law.

The Diversity Equity Fad is Over

According to a study cited by Blaze Media, the DEI industry ballooned to $3.4 billion in 2020. Since then, chief diversity officers have experienced 40 percent higher turnovers than their human resources counterparts. Another study found that searches for chief diversity officers dropped by 75 percent over the last year. According to Blaze, a human resources expert claimed it was the lowest demand he’d witnessed in 30 years. Corporate entities like Bud Light and Target must have been blinded by the noxious fumes of progressive excrement accumulating in their midst. They lost billions of dollars in revenue by continuing to push the progressive agenda this year. It appears the DEI craze is fizzling out in the corporate world, a major nesting spot of progressive pests. Thank goodness. Why did it take so long?

The best way to get rid of ants is to kill the queen. The most effective way to do away with the spread of toxic progressive ideology is to eliminate its advocates from positions of power. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion officers are like queens in the progressive anthills of corporations and universities. The good news? They’re beginning to die off. The Wall Street Journal published an article by Te-Ping Chen and Lauren Weber this month entitled, “The Rise and Fall of the Chief Diversity Officer.” The findings will enrage leftist ideologues. Those who have been wondering what happened to common sense can sigh a breath of relief. Conservatives are likely to cheer.

Excerpt: "Biden's move took many observers by surprise, as Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had recommended Admiral Samuel Paparo for the position. Paparo is TOPGUN graduate with more than 6,000 hours in F-14s, F-15s and F/A-18s, 1,100 carrier landings and experience commanding forces in war zones. However, with the Biden administration obsessed with diversity hires, Paparo's bid was likely doomed by the fact that he's a white man. " -----------------------------------------

Top 10

Here are the top 10 methods “they” are using to reduce human population down to a “manageable” amount, at which point those remaining (apparently including the heirs to the fortunes of those driving this bus) will all live in a “utopian society”. Personally, I suspect that the result will be more akin to the dystopia of “Mad Max” than enlightened Athenian Democracy or Platos Republic.

Method 10: Targeted sterilization

Throughout history, and still today, people have used the philosophy of Eugenics to “improve” the human population by deciding who shouldn’t be allowed to have children. Oftentimes this means sterilizing the Sick and/or Poor.

Admitted cases of targeted sterilization include some 33 States of the United States from the 1930’s-1980’s. In the case of North Carolina they even apologized and established the N.C. Justice for Sterilization Victims Foundation in 2010 to compensate victims.

Other cases of forced sterilization include Nazi Germany and rumored immunization vaccines laced with antibodies to render woman sterile in the Philippines and in Africa. In China’s totalitarian system the Elites directly implement their famous single child quota.

Sterilization ploys throughout history usually end up playing out as some sort of racists scheme. But the ultimate goal is self-administered population reduction methods such as abortion.

Method 9: Wars

Wars have the obvious effect of reducing human population, and what may not be so obvious is the benefit that comes to international bankers who fund both sides of wars through central banks.

Wars accomplish population reduction while at the same time enriching war profiteers. The world has always managed several fronts of wars at any given time. However, the war on terrorism promises perpetual wars with no end in sight and a rising death toll that comes with it.

Method 8: No cures for diseases

Today’s doctors are drug dealers for the large and powerful pharmaceutical companies. Human doctors might replaced by Artificially Intelligent machines.

Doctors remain powerless against Big Pharma, government regulatory bodies such as the FDA,

Any doctor who tries to be a real Doctor and actually cures people is discredited out of the profession.

Method 7: Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) such as HIV reduce human reproduction, shorten lifespan while creating a drug-dependent patient forced to buy treatments since cures are purposely withheld. The main goal of STD’s is to discourage pregnancies and create self-inflicted population control, which is a lot more efficient than forced population control.

Method 6: Environmental Manipulation

Pesticides and other chemical agents in the air that cause cancers, asthma, allergies and other sicknesses are very effective at making people sick and requiring them to buy medical treatments that make them even sicker.

Meanwhile, weather manipulation by DARPA and other agencies around the world directly result in disasters that appear natural and kill thousands of people at a time.

Method 5: Abortions

Abortions is the result of a perfectly executed population reduction campaign that resulted in self-execution. According to the World Health Organization, there are 40-50 million abortions per year worldwide, or about 125,000 abortions per day.

Method 4: Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) such as insects, plants and animals is the future.

These GMO’s do all sorts of interesting new things such as mating with natural organisms to prevent them from producing natural seeds, using them as bioweapons and merging them with technology to carry out even more impressive missions against the human population.

Method 3: Same sex relationships

The explosion of same sex images in the media and Hollywood content is a planned and executed psychological operation (psyop).

This psyop conducted over the last 10 years on the human population has accomplished its mission of creating a self-executing population reduction paradigm.

Same sex relationships promise to be the most efficient human population reduction tool that ever existed.

Method 2: The food supply

If you control the food supply for any living organism, you control the organism, and humans are no different. The powerful have been slowly modifying the food of humans with all sorts of hormones, antibiotics and God knows what else for both profit and to affect physical change in the human body.

The most evident effect of food source manipulation is obesity, early menstruation in females, reduction of testosterone levels in men, and overall hormonal imbalance that causes sexual confusion and gender dyslexia. The combination of all this feeds right into the same sex relationship psychological operation against the human population to ultimately reduce the human reproduction rate.

Method 1: Transhumanism

— the merging of humans with sophisticated technologies that greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. Transhumanism would completely eliminate the need for human population control or reduction by other means, since the technological enhancements would allow the creators and administrators of the “transhumans” to literally control their body and mind.

Rep. Plaskett's aide lip-synced her boss's entire speech with crazy eyes (then corrected her) and it's giving me real puppet-master vibes:

Drugs Or Demonic Possession? After Plaskett’s Aide Went Viral Another Creepy Man Is Seen Behind Senator Chuck Grassley With Almost The Same Behavior (Video)

View it here:

U.S. DOJ Suing Texas Over Border Enforcement⚖️⛓🇺🇸

On Monday, the Biden administration filed a lawsuit against Texas and its governor, Greg Abbott, regarding the barrier of buoys placed in the Rio Grande. These buoys were intended to prevent migrants from crossing into the United States from Mexico. The legal action came just days after the administration warned of such measures if the state officials did not take action to remove the barriers.

The lawsuit, as reported by Politico, aims to prevent the placement of additional barriers in the river and mandates that Texas state officials remove all existing obstructions and structures "at their own expense and cost."

“Texas will fully utilize its constitutional authority to deal with the crisis you have caused,” Abbott wrote. “Texas will see you in court, Mr. President.”

Something you can apply to your own local elections:

UnDeliverable Ballot Database™

In 2024, and all subsequent elections, mail-in ballots will determine the outcome. The Undeliverable Ballot Database can identify who gets a legitimate mail-in ballot and what addresses can be flagged, in advance, because they should not get a ballot. Government and election integrity industry databases are dormant, stale with zero ability to deal with the waves of fake voters bad actors may add – as they do every election cycle – to voter rolls.

These databases are not real time.

The Undeliverable Ballot Database – a key deliverable of the Omega team – is an important tool to keep honest voters from being disenfranchised. It is REAL TIME.

The Undeliverable Ballot Database ingests county property tax rolls and cross checks them with corresponding election rolls. Here is what you are going to find (if you don’t believe us, we can show it to you with live data):\

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