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Freedom from COVID

Republican Govenors Free their People from the Tyranny of COVID Witch Doctors:

Utah’s statewide mask order is scheduled to end April 10 under a law that was approved on March 5, and Gov. Spencer Cox, a Republican, told Fox News on March 6 that he won’t veto it.

“We anticipate that by April 1, every adult in the state of Utah will be eligible for the vaccine,” Cox said. Utah, he said will “have about 1.5 million vaccines in the state by April 10, when that mandate goes away.”

Meanwhile, Texas, Mississippi, Iowa, Montana, and North Dakota have now ended, or soon will end, statewide face coverings amid the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) viruspandemic. Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee never required face coverings.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, a Republican, said March 4 that the state will end its mandate in about a month, saying that starting April 9, wearing face coverings will be “a matter of personal responsibility and not a government mandate.”

On March 2, Mississippi and Texas both ended their requirements for masks and allowed businesses to operate at full capacity. The move drew condemnation from President Joe Biden and other White House officials.

“Starting tomorrow, we are lifting all of our county mask mandates and businesses will be able to operate at full capacity without any state-imposed rules,” Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves, a Republican, said in a Facebook post last week. “Our hospitalizations and case numbers have plummeted, and the vaccine is being rapidly distributed. It is time!”

And Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, also a Republican, said the state is “100 percent open.”

“Too many Texans have been sidelined from employment opportunities,” Abbott said. “Too many small business owners have struggled to pay their bills. This must end.”

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont, a Democrat, also announced that some CCP virus rules will be rescinded, including capacity limits that were placed on businesses and sporting events. Amusement parks, he said, can also open. But Lamont said the state’s mask mandate will remain in place.

In February, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, a Republican, lifted the mask requirement, saying, “We know what we need to do, and it doesn’t require a government mandate to do it,” while Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte, also a Republican, allowed the state’s mask rule to expire last month.

Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey announced recently that he will implement the “next phase of business and safety protocols,” which includes removing the limits for capacity on businesses and the return of major sporting events. Ducey said that face coverings and social distancing would be required, however.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, a Republican, said he would lift capacity restrictions on restaurants, bars, and other businesses. Masks would still have to be worn.

True sex scandal to distract from the COVID grandma murder scandal. Remember Bill Clinton's blue dress problem? That was a distraction from the bribery, Rose Law firm scandals, and whistleblower murders back then. It's an old trick.

COVID Warfare in progress?

Setting a precedent for Cuomo, in spite of the sex scandal distractions...

Finally a criminal Governor who is not above the Law? Maybe.

A county prosecutor in Michigan says charges against Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer could be in the making related to the deaths of nursing home residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido said that as of now, he has suspicions, but he needs evidence, according to WXYZ-TV in Detroit.

Lucido is urging Michigan residents who lost family members who were in nursing homes at the time of their death to make a wrongful death complaint with a local police agency because privacy laws otherwise block him from acting on specific cases.

“If we find there’s been willful neglect of office, if we find there’s been reckless endangerment of a person’s life by bringing them in, then we would move forward with charges against the governor. Of course, we would. Nobody’s above the law in this state,” he told WXYZ.

Lucido said he will meet with police in Macomb County to instruct them on how to process and verify the information and bring it to the prosecutor’s office.

Vaccine Disaster Predicted:

An Example:

Expert on Health?

Confused about Gender? They are really confused...

I believe in science which has established that there are normally two gender chromosome sets: XY and XX. There are a few very unusual variants on that such as XYY, XXYY and XXX but the gender justice warriors don't seem to be thinking about that at all.

More Suess!

Who is this guy?

Top two from Obama era, Bottom left after election, bottom right from last night. Ears?

Fighting with the 1st Amendment instead of the 2nd?

From Michael Flynn: Excerpted and Edited

You do not have to watch the news for long to see that America is rapidly changing. The downward slide can be found not only in our leadership but also in the shifting definitions of right and wrong blindly accepted by many Americans today.

Sadly, some will allow this alarm to grow into defeatism. They will turn their faces away from the battle before us in hopes of finding a position to retreat to.

To those who would prefer retreat or surrender rather than the fight, I ask you one simple question:

If America falls, where will you go?

Where will you go to find another nation that provides the opportunities and individual guarantees of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Where will you find a nation whose founding documents guarantee a government of, by and for the people?

Name a place that offers you and your family the same or more than our United States of America.

The answer is simple: There is no such place.

In spite of our downward slide, America is still the best nation on the face of the earth. This is our land, these are our people, these are our cities, neighborhoods, and streets. This is our country.

Though the battle for the soul of America is fierce before us, we cannot afford to look away in hopes of finding retreat. There will be none.

But being hopeful is not a survival plan. Hope has never won a war, nor will it win peace on the home front. In this article, it is my intention today to share with you a few lessons I learned in my battle against the dark forces that still threaten our nation today.

I must confess that I am rarely one to wear my faith on my sleeve, but fighting with the deep state taught me just how faithful our God is. Even when so many of my friends and colleagues abandoned me, God never did. In fact, going through those trials only brought him closer. Make faith an essential part of your battle strategy today.

As we root ourselves in faith, we must also root ourselves in the writings of our Founding Fathers. If we are to preserve the legacy of such great men as George Washington, John Adams and Patrick Henry, we must know what they stood for.

Anyone can learn more about our nation’s founding. Start simple. When was the last time you read the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence?

We tend to forget just how easy it is to read the Constitution from cover to cover. President Obama’s Affordable Care Act was more than 314,000 words long, but the document that frames our entire system of government is only 4,500 words in length. The average American can read it in half an hour.

America’s conception was indeed miraculous, but it was far from accidental. The men who met in Philadelphia were bold men of faith and character who risked everything to “secure the blessings of liberty.”

The great pamphleteer Thomas Paine eloquently wrote in his “The American Crisis” that “What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.”

Those words were read to the entire Continental Army by order of General George Washington, but they still apply equally to us today. Freedom requires the sacrifices of every generation.

As we build upon our faith and a clear understanding of our founding documents, we must never forget the importance of our family in the stand for truth.

There is a reason why the forces of darkness are trying so hard to eradicate the family as we know it. They see how powerful the bond of family can be, so they want to redefine it, water it down and replace it with a dependency on the state.

We cannot allow them to destroy the family. As long as marriages and families are strong, freedom will always have a fighting chance. Never concede to those who say they know how to raise your children better than you do. God entrusted the care of children to parents, not to governments.

Benjamin Franklin urged ratification of the U.S. Constitution with the reasoning that “For the sake of our Posterity we shall act heartily and unanimously in recommending this Constitution, wherever our Influence may extend, and turn our future thoughts and endeavors to the means of having it well administered.” When you fight for America, remember that you are fighting for your family (moms, dads). Make that a guiding light when you do battle against the forces of darkness.

After building the importance of family upon the foundation of faith and the founding, patriots must come to see the importance of true friendship.

When I became the favorite target of the left for the crime of helping candidate Trump win the presidency of the United States and then serving as his first national security advisor, I was abandoned by many who said they were my friends.

Those who I had previously spent time with suddenly stopped calling, texting and engaging with me and my family. Only when I needed them most did they reveal their true colors.

To be honest, I felt betrayed. Yet, it was during these dark days that I discovered that I had more friends than I ever realized. Letters began pouring in from every corner of the nation, and in some cases, from around the world.

These letters, many of them from Christians and patriots I had never met, contained words of encouragement, funds for my legal defense and offerings of prayers on my behalf in my darkest hours. These were the expressions of true friends.

You should think now about who your true friends are. If you are going to fight the battle for liberty, you must ask yourself whether the people you depend on are going to be with you when the going gets tough.

Remember, you are not alone. There are many other Americans like us who want to defend our great national heritage, but those who stand against us want to divide in order to conquer us. Don’t let them get away with it. Find your true friends and stand with them boldly. We can win this fight if we work together.

Now I would like to talk about the fight.

America needs fighters today. We need those who will say as President Andrew Jackson did, “I was born for a storm, and a calm does not suit me.” We need those who will stand against failed Marxist ideologies that have invaded the mainstream of our consciousness like a network of choking vines seeking to strangle the mighty American oak tree.

These vines manifest themselves through:

  • Social media censorship of the free exchange of ideas

  • Mainstream messaging that drives toward thought control

  • Political correctness designed to force behavioral compliance

  • The selective application and weaponization of the very ideals, laws and institutions designed to protect us

  • Large-scale attacks on the family and on patriotism itself

These problems are big problems, but you do not have to be some D.C. superstar to be a part of the solution. Victory can be achieved through the coordinated efforts of many people doing small but courageous acts of patriotism.

Start by reaching out to those around you. Be an outspoken voice in your church and community. You will be amazed how many hearts and minds can be swayed just by calmly, intelligently and respectfully presenting a viewpoint outside of what is said in mainstream news.

Next, make it your goal to be where the action is taking place. It is commonly said that “history is made by those who show up.” Take the time to go to meetings at city hall. Be a presence at your local school board meetings. Get to know your state’s legislators and keep on top of what is going on at your state’s capitol.

Don’t just complain about how elections are not conducted fairly. Be a part of the solution by petitioning or lobbying at whatever political level that suits you to strengthen election integrity laws. Contact your local party precinct about volunteering as a poll watcher. Remember, the most powerful office in the world is not the President of the United States but, on any given election day, it is a determined and patriotic precinct volunteer.

If your local officials refuse to stand for what is right, employ the ultimate weapon of the grassroots activist. Tell them that you will run against them and follow through on it.

Every politician at every level fears nothing more than the possibility of losing their power. Even if the odds are stacked against you in your township or district, a strong showing from conservatives can keep your officials from straying too far to the left in the future.

However you decide to get involved, make the decision today. America needs soldiers in the fight for freedom.

No one is coming to rescue us from our problems. Some think that the judiciary will solve all of our problems, but they have proven themselves to be unreliable at best. Rather than waiting for someone else to fight for us, we must be willing to do the hard work ourselves.

The forces arrayed against us are great. They have money, power and privilege on their side.

They want to force the neck of every hardworking American into the yoke of servitude and taxation.

They want to force our mouths into the muzzle of Big Tech censorship and cancel culture.

They want to take our children from us, forcing them to look to Big Brother government rather than those who truly love them.

Yet, for all their plans and power, the forces of darkness can still be defeated.

A friend recently gave me an interesting new perspective on a familiar chapter in American history. Remember that General George Washington commanded a small band of patriots against the greatest military force on the planet. My friend said “His Continental Army was out-trained, out-gunned, and out-numbered by the British Regulars. The Red Coats were a hardened and well-disciplined army against whom Washington’s rag-tag volunteers were no match. “The colonies were divided over the war. Congress was practically dysfunctional during the most critical period. And in the infamous 1778 winter encampment at Valley Forge, Washington’s 11,000[-man] army nearly dissolved from starvation, disease, and discouragement among the ranks!”

We all know how the story ended. Against all odds, the Americans beat the British and formed the greatest nation in world history.As today’s patriots, we fight for those same “eternal rules of order and right.” No matter what anyone says, the character of righteousness has not changed.

Those rules were established before the foundation of the world, affirmed by our great Founding Fathers and maintained by every American generation up to this critical chapter in our history.

There can be no retreat and no surrender. As I asked before, where will you go if America falls?

Our battleground is here. Our shield is faith. Our sword is truth.

Victory is ours if we do not cower in the face of evil and oppression.

Will you join the fight?

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, I pray you will.

God bless America.

Michael Flynn

Mostly good news for us from the Deep Leftist MoveOn:

"Dear MoveOn member,

Loyalists of Donald Trump are using the Big Lie of a stolen election to advance more than 250 bills at the state level to restrict access to voting. And right-wing groups are planning to spend $10 million to pass the bills.

Voting rights expert Michael McDonald calls the tsunami of GOP bills "the greatest roll back of voting rights in this country since the Jim Crow era."3 And The New York Times calls the Republican effort "extraordinary."

The state bills would do everything from banning early voting on Sundays in Georgia, a direct attack on the "Souls to the Polls" get-out-the-vote efforts at Black churches, to allowing the GOP-controlled state legislature in Arizona to ignore the will of voters and themselves select the winners of elections.

With the ultraconservative U.S. Supreme Court expected to allow state voting restrictions to stand, the only way to stop the right-wing's assault on voting rights, while also fixing other major ways our democracy is broken, such as stopping partisan gerrymandering and getting Big Money out of politics, is through federal legislation.

That's why last week the House passed H.R. 1, the For the People Act, a sweeping voting rights and democracy reform bill that makes Election Day a holiday, creates new national automatic voter registration, requires at least 15 consecutive days of early voting, prohibits states from restricting vote-by-mail, ends partisan gerrymandering, establishes public financing of campaigns, and more.

But passing the bill in the Senate will mean keeping up our huge grassroots effort to win the votes of swing Democrats like Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. The good news is that our pressure is working. Over the weekend, Senator Manchin signaled he is open to amending the filibuster—a critical breakthrough essential to passing this legislation."

Then they ask for money of course...

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