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Fraud will not Stand. Trump Won.

Rudy Guiliani made a brilliant statement of what has happened and what we are doing about it. We watched it and were amazed by how clear, moving, and on target he was. I shared it with my spouse and best friend. Then before I could post it, it disappeared...

I was eventually able to find an intact video 15 minutes long here including the intro from Eric Trump and good work by Pam Bondi afterward:


A shortened version, just part of the original is still here, as done by The Independent in Britain. It's only a minute long, while the original was 7 minutes. The Big Tech censors could not let something that good stand and be heard. Here is the 1 minute of it they would allow:

There are numbers supporting the idea that far more than 100% voted in 8 Democrat controlled states, however, the numbers posted by the Democrat controlled Secretary of State in at least one has been changing the numbers. Thus I can't be sure which is true...

Well, well, well. Look at which state is changing their voter registration numbers as of about 30 minutes ago

This guy set a record for votes? Declaring victory and calling for us to come together?

Come on man! How stupid do you think Americans are? There aren't enough appropriate adjectives to describe this guy adequately.

He definitely set the record for fraudulent votes. Not for real ones.

Remember this?

Biden couldn't even get a few dozen people. Neither could Obama campaigning for him.

Biden was the worst candidate ever. Perverted, demented, sick, addled, confused, criminal, disgusting, weak, hiding, drugged up, racist, lying, bought off, traitorous, on and on... still not enough adjectives... He wasn't fooling anyone but the most overtly stupid or mentally twisted.

Who do you believe? The Establishment News Media or your own eyes and common sense?

Project Veritas:

See it here:

More than seven million people have watched the USPS Insider video so far, on Twitter alone. 

As a result of this investigation, the USPS Inspector General’s office has reached out to Project Veritas and are looking into the situation:

This story is just the beginning of Project Veritas’ investigation into Voter Fraud in contested states.

Our journalists are spread out across the country doing the work that the Mainstream Media refuses to do.

Of course, this story has national implications. Take a look at what Donald Trump Jr. said:

Great question.

Where is the Department of Justice in all of this? Will they be investigating Voter Fraud or is it up to Project Veritas to do all the work?

These are just the ballots lost while in the Democrat controlled Post Offices:

This is in addition to the ones thrown away by Biden voting postmen, boxes of ballots delivered to Democrat controlled clerk's offices, ones taken home by county officials overnight and messed with in Virginia, and so on...

From President Trump:

All of the recent Biden claimed States will be legally challenged by us for Voter Fraud and State Election Fraud. Plenty of proof - just check out the Media. WE WILL WIN! America First!

Big legal win in Pennsylvania!




I've activated the Official Election Defense Fund and I need EVERY PATRIOT, including YOU, to step up and make sure we have enough resources to PROTECT THE INTEGRITY OF OUR ELECTION. Step up IMMEDIATELY and increase your impact by 1000%.

Q knew and warned us about the voter fraud far in advance: June 22 2020

What happens if China successfully duplicates [clones] select ballots [battleground states]? What happens if coordination exists with select states to deliver 'printing' and 'paper' ballot recipe(s)? [secrets] to select [F] adversaries? 20 Sept 2020

How do you 'extend' lockdown(s) [economic hardship(s), unemployment, fear, death count, dementia Joe, etc.] in order to paint narrative mail-in voting [when did narrative start (March?_early?_planned?)] needed to 'save' lives [+ballot harvesting] in order to generate a future narrative election day +1 which casts doubt as to legitimacy of POTUS win [Constitutional Crisis]["not all mail-in ballots counted" "how many mail-in ballots lost or did not arrive in key battleground states which could have returned a different result" "we must investigate who cast a vote but it did not register" "we must go door-to-door if needed [ballot harvest]" "our lives are at stake" "the sky is falling" in order to legally challenge, delay results, enact riots and chaos in an attempt to overturn [coup d'etat]. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY? Nov 11 2018

WHAT IF THE BELOW COULD BE PROVEN? 1-Election + D party officials filled out many thousands of blank ballots? 2-Election + D party officials removed and destroyed 'legal' ballots? 3-Election + D party officials deliberately organized non-citizen voting? 4-Election + D party officials in [XX] locations across the US [under lock & key] stored many thousands of 'blank' ballots for purposes of 'altering the vote total'? Who safeguards 'blank' ballots? Who issues 'blank' ballots? Who controls 'blank' ballots? How many 'blank' ballots are generated vs. total county pop? THE CONTROL AND ISSUANCE OF BLANK BALLOTS IS KEY
Why did the same counties [under dispute today] REFUSE to turn over voter registration information upon request to the Voter Fraud Commission?
Why was the Voter Fraud Commission disbanded and turned over to DHS?
What vested auth does DHS have compared to a commission body? 25 March 2019


Were the fraudulent votes a sting operation by homeland security designed to catch the culprits both here and overseas? That is the "watermark" rumor going around.... time will tell. We have documents regarding that but are unable to verify them at this time. Developing story...

For breaking egregious events on Voter Fraud see

More to come in a later post.

Consider this:

What allowing the fraud to go forward and catching them red handed was the only way to bring it to public awareness of the scale and treachery of the voter fraud problem? What if Trump now can win fair and square, and have an enraged public demanded mandate to fix the voting system forever?

This may have been the only way to get to that...

And then there are the numerous little frauds perpetrated by Biden folks around the country...

No such thing as voter fraud? Here is an incomplete list of just the little stuff. That does not include the big voter fraud operations:

Hundreds of uncounted ballots discovered in Grafton town clerk’s vault

Discarded Mail-in Ballots Found Outside ATM in California

Dozens (est 40) ballots go missing in Contra Costa county

FBI investigates ballot drop box set on fire at Boston public library, est 35 ballots destroyed

Burned/Destroyed mail found in boston Copley Square , 2nd arson instance

Mail & Absentee ballots stolen in Baton Rouge found open and thrown in houston trash

Video out of Miami postal center where numerous bins filled with mail, including ballots discovered sitting for more than a week [Embed]

3 tubs of absentee ballots discovered in Wisconsin processing center for Oshkosh and Appleton after primary

California Kern County sees hundreds of residents receiving damaged , ripped and destroyed ballots

Parolled cop killer busted attempting to obtain voter registration in Rochester NY

Fayette county Pittsburg, pre filled out democrat ballots sent to registered voters + 2 tampered with

Florida man arrested for changing address in voting database for governor Ron Desantis

Florida Election Official foil plot to register 50 dead people as democrats

Thieves steal mail from two usps trucks in Far south side Chicago

2 men charged in stealing ballots from post office boxes in light house point West Palm Beach

Almost a dozen people in NY busted for plot to conceal identity / shave heads and vote multiple times

Woman arrested in Vanderburgh county for pre checking boxes on 400+ ballots

Butler county Pennsylvania loses untold number of mail in ballots

Ballots stolen from mail boxes and discarded on roadsides in Washington town

Group claims 400,000 ballots sent to residents who moved out of state or died in California

Texas officer & poll watcher testifies on 2020 Houston Voting Fraud Using stacks of drivers licenses , (has photos)

West Palm Beach residents receive duplicate ballots and ballots for dead relatives

Pennsylvania postal employee on leave and now fired after bags of mail discovered outside of home put out for trash pickup

25,263 ballots rejected in Colorado primary

Double absentee ballots sent to residents in Henrico county

Pa rejects 336,000 duplicate ballot requests 34,000 rejected for other reasons . Many voters request ballots up to 11 times

Mecklenburg residents receiving double ballots due to labelling glitch

San Mateo residents receive multiple ballots

Multiple absentee ballot applications showing up at Flint Michigan homes

Florida man arrested for obtaining dead wife's ballot and forging signature to "test the system"

Also these are all coming from a massive compilation

Election officials ask voters to not disinfect their mail in ballots as handfulls have already arrived destroyed and unable to be tabulated

400 duplicate ballots sent to local voters in Richmond

Duplicate ballots sent to "some" in North Carolina. How many? Who knows.

Placer county residents receiving duplicate ballots

Bay area voters receive multiple ballots

USPS confirms missing ballots, never made it to residents of Seminole county. How many? Who knows

Board of elections resends 99,000+ ballots in Brooklyn . Officials worry numerous originals already filled out and sent off

50,000 ballots in Ohio sent to wrong addresses

500,000 ballots in Virginia labelled with wrong return address

Glitch sends duplicate ballots to Needham town residents

Detroit elections, where 72% of absentee votes do not match registered voters

80,000 ballots dissappeared in baltimore

New York voting official warns people will use dead people to vote, and a few have

Michigan secretary misprinted military absentee ballots . 400 already issued

Mail in ballots found in road ditch in Wisconsin

4 officials arrested in ballot harvesting scheme

9 military mail in ballots thrown in dumpster in PA

134 felony voter fraud charges announced in Dem primary

New Yorkers receiving ballots with wrong names and adresses

Queens voters receiving military ballots

Sun sentinel detailing Florida voting fraud

Ballot harvesting scam exposed in minneapolis

1 in 4 " A Quarter" of election officials quit due to the new election law and chaos of mail in ballots

Texas Official arrested on felony election fraud charges

Patterson city council official arrested along with 4 others in ballot fraud scheme

Yes America! Plenty of voter fraud

D.C voters receiving ballots for ex residents with some receiving up to 5 multiple ballots

Numerous reports of people going door to door illegally collecting ballots

Project Veritas uncovers ballot fraud in San Antonio . 7,000 ballots compromised , likely up to 14,000

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