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Foreign News over the Holidays

It looks like the United States, along with 9 allies — Great Britain, Italy, Bahrain, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Seychelles and Spain — are on the verge of entangling itself in a new Middle East quagmire as an international armada assembles in the international waters around Yemen. The mission? Stop Yemen from threatening cargo and oil tankers headed to Israel.Tiny Yemen has surprised the West with its tenacity and ferocity in attacking ships trying to ferry containers and fuel to Israel. Yes, this is a violation of international law and the West is fully justified in trying to thwart Yemen. On paper it would appear that Yemen is outnumbered and seriously outgunned. A sure loser? Not so fast. The U.S. Navy, which constitutes the majority of the fleet sailing against Yemen, has some real vulnerabilities that will limit its actions.

They not only let it happen, they made it happen.

The demands/ embargo they put on the Japanese forced them to attack us. I don't blame them one bit.

The commies in the state dept. were desperate to get us into the war. Once the Japanese attacked us, the russians could move the army they had facing the Japanese back west to save Moscow.

There were two different chains of intel that reached FDR - both providing very accurate details of the attack.

However, stand down was issued so that not only would the attack not be thwarted, but the base would not be alerted.

The goal was to drag US into the war.

This was not only from the US side, even the Japan side was controlled by the Cabal puppets.

Latest research has uncovered that the Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto who was a vocal opponent to engage US directly was possible compromised by CIA.

He spent his early years of his career in US and had supposedly seen the true extent of its power and had always maintained the doctrine of not attacking US directly, and was a very popular admiral. Suddenly he did a U-turn and not only did he decide to attack Pearl Harbor, but after that mysteriously disappeared for some 24 - 48 hours or so, without giving orders for the Navy to start heading to the theatre and capitalizing on the successful attack.

The researchers claim that he was compromised by CIA during his years in US, and forced him to do the U-turn right on schedule.

The entire Pearl Harbour was mother of all false flags

Chinese brain warfare includes sleep weapons, thought control

Border Patrol recorded 4,767 encounters with migrants from China crossing the border illegally in November alone.

According to Customs and Border Patrol data, 24,000 encounters of Chinese migrants crossing the southern border illegally were recorded in fiscal year 2023. There were 1,970 encounters in the fiscal year 2022 and 323 in the fiscal year 2021.

The Times’ report included recent studies by the Chinese Communist Party on biological weapons. These weapons include those designed to induce sleep or sleep-related disturbances in enemy troops, those that would create a connection between the brain and external devices, and pharmaceuticals designed to impair people genetically and physiologically.

Chang explained, “These are biological weapons, and China is a party to the Biological Weapons Convention that would outlaw this.”

detailed in a report by The Washington Times.

China‘s military is developing advanced psychological warfare and brain-influencing weapons as part of a new warfighting strategy, according to a report on People’s Liberation Army cognitive warfare.The report, “Warfare in the Cognitive Age: NeuroStrike and the PLA’s Advanced Psychological Weapons and Tactics,” was published earlier this month by The CCP Biothreats Initiative, a research group.

The Chinese army is working on “genetic drugs” — pharmaceuticals designed to modify the genetic and physiological makeup of people and seek to impact cognitive, emotional, and behavioral traits.

Mohammed Al-Alawi, reporter who investigated the purchase of a luxury villa by the family of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, was killed in Egypt. The report was published by Clear Story News, citing local sources.

According to the report, Egyptian journalist Mohammed Al-Alawi was found dead near a road in Hurghada. Numerous abrasions, bruises and fractures were found on his body, and death occurred as a result of severe traumatic brain injury.

“Mohammed Al-Alawi, a dedicated independent investigative journalist, was found with numerous abrasions, fractures, and bruises on his body, leading to a fatal cerebral hemorrhage stemming from severe traumatic brain injury, as reported by According to an insider from the Hurghada police department, Al-Alawi appears to have been brutally beaten by a group of assailants,” the report reads.

The new bill provides for the conscription of citizens with III disability group into the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At the same time, those who have already been recognized as partially fit for military service will have to undergo a medical examination again. Here is the list of diseases that in Ukraine will no longer be a reason not to go to the front 😳

😩 absence of one eye, blindness in one eye;

- paralysis of the hand, stump of the upper limb, absence of fingers;

- stump of the thigh or lower leg. Shortening of the leg by 7 centimeters or more;

- absence of a kidney, lung or bladder;

- castration in men;

- inoperable jaw defect, in which a person cannot chew normally and loses weight;

- dwarfism with height below 130 centimeters in men.


📃 During the New Year holidays, the command of the AFU planned the transfer of poisoned alcohol to the servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation by harvesting individual batches for sale, adding poisons when buying or giving it as present. The action is planned to be carried out through pro-Ukrainian locals in the liberated territories to reduce the combat capability of the units.

Interception material:

Good day, Sir! The command decided to help our friends in organizing New Year's holidays. Since the consumption of alcoholic beverages is an integral part of their highly spiritual culture, we must arrange for them to supply the highest quality product. If someone has relatives, friends, or acquaintances on the other side, commanders need to organize work to prepare lists of such persons with the task of offering and delivering alcohol with food additives.

We will sell and give them specially prepared hot drinks so that our friends' holidays will be bright and memorable. Let those fags reduce their own population themselves. Let's poison them!Al-Alawi was the author of an investigation of the purchase of expensive real estate, which was bought to the mother-in-law of the President of Ukraine, Olga Kiyashko. Many saw corruption motives in this deal. LINK

The victim’s relatives say that after the publication of his investigation, Mohammed began to receive threats. According to them, law enforcement agencies are investigating the involvement of several Ukrainian citizens in the murder of the journalist.

Al-Alawi was the author of an investigation of the purchase of expensive real estate, which was bought to the mother-in-law of the President of Ukraine, Olga Kiyashko. Many saw corruption motives in this deal. LINKAl-Alawi was the author of an investigation of the purchase of expensive real estate, which was bought to the mother-in-law of the President of Ukraine, Olga Kiyashko. Many saw corruption motives in this deal. LINK

The victim’s relatives say that after the publication of his investigation, Mohammed began to receive threats. According to them, law enforcement agencies are investigating the involvement of several Ukrainian citizens in the murder of the journalist.

Just a thousand hryvnia - and your phone has no Internet, no e-documents app, and nowhere to send a summons to.

More than 20 countries have joined the United States-led coalition to protect Red Sea shipping from attacks by Yemen’s Houthis (Ansar Allah), the Pentagon revealed on December 21. 

The Houthis, who control much of Yemen’s Red Sea coast, are a part of the so-called Axis of Resistance that is backed by Iran and opposes Israel. The group has fired several missiles and drones at the southernmost Israeli city of Eilat since the beginning of the Israeli war on the Palestinian Gaza Strip. It also assaulted a number of Israeli-owned ships and announced a blockade on all ships heading to Israel.

“We’ve had over 20 nations now sign on to participate” in the coalition, Pentagon spokesman Major General Pat Ryder told journalists.

A senior commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) warned that the Mediterranean Sea could be closed if the United States and its allies continued to commit “crimes” in the Gaza Strip, Iranian media reported on December 23. 

Iran backs the Hamas Movement that rules Gaza and it accuses the United States of supporting the Israeli war on the Strip, which has so far claimed the lives of more than 20,000 Palestinians most of whom were reportedly women and children.

“They shall soon await the closure of the Mediterranean Sea, (the Strait of) Gibraltar and other waterways,” Tasnim quoted Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi, coordinating commander of the Guards, as saying.

An Israel-affiliated tanker sailing in the Arabian Sea off India’s west coast was struck by a drone, causing a fire, British military’s United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) and maritime security firm Ambrey said on December 23.

Ambrey said that the fire on the Liberian-flagged chemical products tanker was extinguished without crew casualties in the incident.

This was confirmed by UKMTO which said the incident took place some 200 kilometers southwest of the Indian city of Veraval.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq (IRI) announced on December 22 that it had attacked a “vital target” of Israel in the Mediterranean Sea.

In a statement, the IRI said that the attack is a continuation of their resistance to the Israeli occupation as well as to support the people of the Gaza Strip in response to “the massacres committed by the usurping entity against Palestinian civilians”.

The target was the Karish gas rig off Israel’s northern coast, a source in the IRI told Al Jazeera, adding that a suicide drone was used in the attack.

Earlier, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) revealed in a statement that an Air Force fighter jet, in collaboration with the Navy, downed a drone off the coast of Lebanon that was making its way to Israeli territory last week. According to the IDF, the drone did not cross into Israeli airspace.

Meanwhile in Yemen:

As the year closes you may be wondering, "What do we do now?"

The deep-state has been exposed. We now know the facts about social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, MailChimp, and Google. We know about state and federal actors that are increasing their efforts to censor us and our common-sense, our traditional and  religious values, and our conservative viewpoints. While doing this, they continually "protect" and amplifying their own brands, turning a blind-eye to the most deviant and totalitarian voices. 

We both know that we face tough odds. 

We know the corruption and dishonesty run deep.  We know the forces of destructionism are always waiting for an opportunity to exploit a crisis, deny our inalienable rights and rob us of the blessings of our American heritage.   

You may feel like living in Oregon has destined us to be the playthings of the "big monied" and the politically corrupt.

But, this is not true!

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