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Foreign Machinations

"America goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy lest she involve herself beyond power of extrication, in all wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standard of freedom. The fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to force. The United States might become the dictatress of the world, but she would be no longer the ruler of her own spirit."

John Quincy Adams

🇸🇦 🇷🇺 Saudi Arabia “hinted” to the European Union that it would sell Western bonds if the G7 countries confiscated $300 billion in Russian assets, Bloomberg writes, citing sources.

The Saudis specifically mentioned debt issued by the French finance ministry, according to two people, one of whom called it a "veiled threat."

"The kingdom's holdings of euros and French bonds could amount to tens of billions of euros. This is not much, but European officials are concerned that other countries could then follow the example of Saudi Arabia."

– noted in the material.

On 6-7th July

1) There was a rumor of a medical emergency on Air Force One. Yet Biden walked off under his own power.

2) shortly thereafter it was revealed that a Parkinson's specialist had been making multiple trips to the White House.

3) Doomsday American aircraft were in the air over the west and eastern coast of the United States.

5) Symptoms of Parkinson's include hallucinations and delusions.

Are these things connected and did we just dodge a bullet from a hallucinating and/or delusional Biden?

NATO AWACS Activity Report

12:30 Moscow time


Special activity of the special DOOMS aircraft in US airspace

Three US Navy Boeing E6B Mercury "Doomsday" aircraft fly in US airspace on the East and West Coasts.

Registration number, call sign, location

163918, DERRY33, New York, USA

164405, AKINS31, Virginia, USA

164404, MALVA31, California, USA

France gets Shafted for now...

The French election results showed that the “alliance of dishonour” between President Emmanuel Macron and the far left effectively blocked the populist National Rally from gaining a majority despite the Le Pen party having won the most votes.

According to the French Interior Ministry, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) won the most votes of any party during Sunday’s second round of the snap legislative elections at over 8.7 million, good for 32.05 per cent of the vote.

In comparison, the far-left New Popular Front alliance of communists, socialists, and environmentalists led by radical leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon only received around seven million votes or around 25.7 per cent and Emmanuel Macron’s neo-liberal centrist coalition received 6.3 million votes or 23.15 per cent of the vote.

However, despite receiving 1.7 million fewer votes than RN, the New Popular Front was awarded the most seats of any party, currently projected by Le Monde at 182. Macron’s coalition won an estimated 168 seats, and despite coming in first in terms of vote share, the RN and its partners were awarded the third most seats at a projected 143.

The disparity between votes and seats in the National Assembly came as a result of the backroom deal struck between President Macron and the New Popular Front, in which each side agreed to drop out in favour of the candidate with the best chance of beating out the populist party in over 200 legislative districts.

France's triumphant left-wing coalition unveils its radical plans for government including a 90 per cent tax rate on the rich, lowering the retirement age and huge spending

The programme includes a 90 per cent tax rate on any annual income above €400,000, a reduction in the retirement age from 64 to 60, a block on the price of essential goods, a 14 per cent increase in minimum wage and spending commitments of at least €150 billion over three years. 

🇫🇷 "Macron will have to eat the frog that he prepared for himself: he implemented only part of his plan - he did not allow the far right to prevail in parliament - but instead of Le Pen, Mélenchon became the problem. He says things even more “unpleasant” for Macron than the far right.

As for the upcoming presidential elections in France, in which “absolute” votes will be counted, Marine Le Pen is currently the clear favorite."

It‘s time to talk to Putin - Melenchon 🇫🇷 

"It is absurd to think that by scaring Putin, we will force him to retreat," Jean—Luc Melenchon. "We are not in a position to threaten Russia,"

 "No one can conquer a country with seven time zones and which has already defeated both Napoleon and Hitler." 

Explaining his decision to vote against the cooperation agreement with Ukraine, Melenchon recalled that the document provides for Kiev's membership in NATO, "which means that no peace with Russia will be possible." 

In addition, the agreement speaks of support for Ukraine's membership in the EU, which will harm France.


‘Patriots for Europe’ — Le Pen-Orbán Alliance Becomes Third Largest in EU Parliament, Biggest Populist Group in History

Hungarian leader Orbán said: “We don’t want a European empire, we don’t want a European United States, we don’t want gray mass control from Brussels, we don’t want a command-and-control system. We want national sovereignty and independence under our own national flags.”

A new European parliamentary alliance between Marine Le Pen, Viktor Orbán, and other leading populists — the ‘Patriots for Europe’ — is now the third largest group in the EU Parliament and the biggest populist group in the history of the bloc.

Off the back of large gains across the continent in last month’s EU Parliament elections, a new populist grouping has leapfrogged Giorgia Meloni’s centre-right European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) and Emmanuel Macron’s neo-liberal Renew Europe (RE) to become the third-largest faction in Brussels.

If you are editing a radical Trotskyist magazine, then it’s fair to assume that you are a radical Trotskyist. To my knowledge, he hasn’t renounced those beliefs.

His predecessor Tony Blair was also a radical Trotskyist though in 1997, it appears that keeping that under wraps was considered politic.

Apparently, in 2024, it isn’t.

Another aspect of yesterday that is being largely ignored by the MSM is the absolutely miserable voter turnout, the lowest since 1945. Exact numbers not in yet but it will almost certainly be below 60%. 

Which is to say, the Labour "landslide" comes from about 20% of eligible voters. Let that sink in, 20%!

And on top of that, a very, very significant percentage of that 20% voted Labour simply out of disgust for Sunak and the Tories, and a desire for change, any change. 

Unfortunately that "change" is paedo protecting, whistle blower prosecuting, genocide supporting, Trilateral Commission member and WEF puppet Keir Starmer. 

Paraphrasing from the Holy Grail: “Listen. less than 20% of the vote is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical mediatic ceremony.” 

Just kidding?

🇩🇪🇺🇦 The article from Die Welt reports that Ukrainians allegedly planned to sabotage the "Nord Stream" even before Russia annexed Crimea. This could significantly affect Berlin's stance on aiding Kiev, according to a German investigative group.

Germany, unlike other countries, continues to investigate pipeline sabotage. The main suspects remain a Ukrainian group, with ties to the ship "Andromeda," whose crew visited Ukraine before the incident.

New evidence has emerged linking Ukrainians to the case, writes Die Welt. If confirmed that the sabotage planning began a decade ago and involved state actors, "this could seriously impact Germans' willingness to support Ukraine."

🇱🇧 🇰🇵Crazy Fact of the Day: Hezbollah tunnels were built by North Korea 

- (photo cred: The Cradle)

"Hezbollah has built a vast tunnel network far more sophisticated than Hamas’s" - The Times of Israel

“Hezbollah's tunnel network in Lebanon reaches into Israel and possibly Syria, and poses a strategic threat” - The Jerusalem Post

According to US warmongering experts, the “vast network of underground tunnels and bunkers is among the best-fortified in the world and stretches across much of southern Lebanon. This network was key to Hezbollah’s ability to effectively counter Israeli forces during their month-long conflict in July-August 2006, which is considered the only military defeat Israel has suffered in its 75-year history”

Zionist researchers referred to Hezbollah’s war performance in 2006 as “a defensive guerrilla force organized along North Korean lines; all the underground facilities, including arms dumps, food stocks, dispensaries for the wounded, were put in place primarily in 2003–2004 under the supervision of North Korean instructors”, and that Hezbollah was “believed to be benefiting from assistance provided by North Korean advisers on ground”

Tal Beeri, head of the Zionist Alma research center, says the tunnels “allow Hezbollah to provide security to its mobile ballistic missile launchers much as North Korean forces do” 

What is the reason for the strange link then?

Digging tunnels was assisted by North Korea as far back as the 1980s and end of the ‘90s. Korea has historic expertise in the digging of tunnels in mountainous and rocky areas; this expertise in tunneling and underground fortifications has its origins in the Korean War, when the US dropped 635,000 tons of bombs across the peninsula. An estimated 20-30 percent of the northern population died in the war. After the war, N-Korea moved opposite of building air defense capabilities; all key military and industrial sites including entire airfields were built deep underground to prepare for the possibility of a similar air assault

In the war of 2006, there were already fortified command bunkers constructed to a depth of 40 meters using poured concrete. By that time there were at least ten Korean-built tunnel and bunker networks in southern Lebanon – each with dozens of command bunkers, which in turn were each divided into several rooms

All of this information is according to Yankee and Zionist sources; the only people who know the extent of Hezbollah’s tunnel system are… Hezbollah:)

▪️A shortage of toilet paper is predicted for Ukrainians

As explained at the Kiev Cardboard and Paper Mill, total mobilization is to blame.

Now every 10th employee of the plant is in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and now women work in areas where previously predominantly men had been employed.


Chief of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Protection Troops of Armed Forces of Russian Federation Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov:

Special emphasis has been placed on expanding military biological research in Africa. For example, the Daily Telegraph notes: 

'As Russia managed to halt biological warfare programs in Ukraine's territory, the Pentagon is forced to transfer incomplete research from Ukrainian projects to other regions'...

In addition, a number of publications have expressed concern about Ukraine's creating a 'dirty bomb' using radiochemicals. The import of spent nuclear fuel and by-products of hazardous chemical plants continues through Poland and Romania, leading to Ukraine's becoming a high-risk waste dump. This process is overseen by Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andrei Ermak and sponsored by the Soros Foundation'.

🔹 Russian Defence Ministry

So very much more at the link!

‘You’re safe here in Russia’: Palestinian refugees find new home in Chechen Republic

Palestinians seeking refuge from the war in Gaza are finding a haven in southern Russia, where authorities have taken the initiative to build them a settlement and provide them with a new home.



⚡️NATO to create an integrated border security system on the eastern flank

In late May 2024, the EU project "Border: UAS" developed a concept for using unmanned systems, AI, and smart sensors to guard the EU's eastern borders. The project involves rigid airship UAVs for long-range patrols with heavy equipment.

The companies involved were from Romania, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Cyprus, Greece, and Malta. The border services and ministries of Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Moldova tested the system, but Ukraine's participation was canceled due to the war.

The drone used synthetic aperture radar, infrared cameras, and mapping to detect and track border violators in hard-to-reach areas. The airship integrates with ground sensors and is controlled by an AI-powered command center.

Despite the stated goal of curbing illegal migration, the system has a dual purpose. Deploying it on the borders with Russia and Belarus will allow continuous monitoring and reconnaissance, enabling NATO to insert troops through vulnerable areas in the event of military action.

Two Majors Original msg

Ozempic and Wegovy weight loss drugs are injectable LIZARD VENOM PEPTIDES that may unleash a devastating wave of organ failure

According to a Newsweek poll published in May, 2024, there are now 15.5 million Americans who have used or are using Ozempic, Wegovy or Saxenda, all of which are injectable "weight loss medications" that actually consists of synthesized peptides originally patterned from the venom of the Gila Monster reptile. See, "We wouldn't have Ozempic without Gila monsters — their hunger-regulating venom inspired weight-loss drugs" from which states:

Gila monsters' venom has a compound in it that can regulate hunger. It's similar to a hormone people produce in our intestines — but the lizard version is longer-acting. The find led to the development of a new class of obesity and diabetes drugs, including Ozempic.

These drugs achieve their weight loss results by paralyzing the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is the longest and single most important nerve in the human body, originating in the brain and attaching to many major organs in the body to coordinate organ stimuli for proper organ function such as digestion, circulation, respiration, cognitive function and more. The reason these reptile venom drugs make people lose weight is because they interfere with hunger signals which are communicated from the brain to the digestive system, including the stomach.

Unfortunately, as we are about to find out, these venom peptides, when repeatedly taken over a long duration, can also cause extreme, permanent damage to the vagus nerve, impacting the normal function of all the major organ systems in the body. The resulting symptoms almost perfectly resemble the systemic damage caused by venomous snake bites.

Study Indicates COVID Spike Proteins May Influence Cancer Cell Survival and Resistance to Chemotherapy

Recent research from Brown University, detailed in a preprint paper, explores the potential effects of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein on cancer cells, particularly its interaction with the p53 gene, a crucial regulator of cancer cell growth and DNA repair.

Led by Dr. Wafik El-Deiry, director of the Cancer Center at Brown University, the study found that spike protein subunits might inhibit the p53 gene, thereby potentially enhancing the survival and proliferation of cancer cells. This interference could also reduce the efficacy of chemotherapy treatments, as demonstrated in the study where cancer cells exposed to the spike subunits showed greater viability post-chemotherapy.

In an interview with The Epoch Times, Dr. El-Deiry explained the implications of these findings, stating, “Interfering with p53 can promote cancer development as well as aid cancer growth.” He further noted that the research tested the spike protein’s S2 subunit across different human cancer cell lines including lung, breast, colorectal, and sarcoma.

The implications of this study extend beyond natural infection to potentially include SARS-CoV-2 therapeutics and COVID-19 vaccines, as these too utilize the spike protein. Dr. El-Deiry emphasized the preliminary nature of the results and the necessity for more comprehensive studies, including animal models, to better understand the mechanisms involved and their implications for cancer treatment and prevention.

Meanwhile in Russia:

Today (July 8), people of all religions and backgrounds in Russia celebrate the Day of Family, Love, and Fidelity

This holiday is dedicated to the values of strong family bonds, enduring love, and faithful relationships. This special day, observed on July 8th, honors Saints Peter and Fevronia, the patrons of marriage and family in Russian Orthodox tradition. Their story of devotion, perseverance, and mutual respect has inspired this celebration, making it a cherished event across the country.

The Day of Family, Love, and Fidelity was established in 2008, reflecting the importance of family values in Russian culture. It aims to promote the ideals of love, loyalty, and family unity, encouraging people to appreciate and strengthen their familial relationships. This holiday serves as a reminder of the profound impact that a supportive and loving family can have on individuals and society as a whole.

On this day, various events and activities are held throughout Russia, including family gatherings, concerts, and community festivals. Couples who have demonstrated remarkable devotion and longevity in their marriages are often honored with medals and awards, symbolizing the respect and admiration for their commitment. These celebrations not only bring families closer but also foster a sense of community and shared values.

The Day of Family, Love, and Fidelity is a beautiful testament to the enduring power of love and the importance of family values. It highlights the virtues of loyalty and fidelity, reminding everyone of the fundamental role that these qualities play in building a harmonious and compassionate society. By celebrating this day, Russians reaffirm their commitment to nurturing and cherishing their loved ones, ensuring that the bonds of family remain strong and resilient.

📱 InfoDefenseENGLISH

What names mean:

Donald: “great chief” and “ruler or king of the world.”

Trump: derived from occupational names referring to "trumpet", either for trumpeters or trumpet-makers.

Taken together, Donald Trump's name literally tells the story of a "great chief" who will have the quality of a "trumpet." Also related to the word "triumph" and "triumphant"

Fun fact: Joe Biden's name means "God shall add from the shadow valley" whatever that means.

According to the Germans:

It turns out that the greatest threat to the world (according to the Germans) is not Putin or Xi Jinping, but Trump! The American television channel Fox News showed shocking results of a survey of German residents.

As it turned out, when asked who you consider the greatest threat to the world, 41% answered: Donald Trump. In second place is Kim Jong-un, with 17% voting for him.

Only 8% of respondents named Vladimir Putin and the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ali Khamenei, as the main threat. And Xi Jinping - 7%.

Something clearly went wrong in German propaganda.

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