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Fight! Here's how:

You can help!

Here are several ways to help now.

Urge Pence to reject the fraud! President Trump asked us to:

Click here:

and here - leave a comment:

and here - leave a comment:

For Congress:

Click here for all of Congress!:

All you have to do is open the links below and copy the list to your email, draft your message and send. You can send these to any state – you don’t need to reside in that state.

  1. AZ House eMails:

  2. AZ Senate eMails:

  3. GA House eMails:

  4. GA Senate eMails:

  5. MI House eMails:

  6. MI Senate eMails:

  7. NV House eMails:

  8. NV Senate eMails:

  9. PA House eMails: <All Hidden>

  10. PA Senate eMails:

  11. WI House eMails:

  12. WI Senate eMails:

.@realdonaldtrump deserves his day in court, AND we are definitely going to give him his day in Congress. We have a rapidly growing group of House Members and Senators. Jan 6 challenge is on.

Call your Rep: 202-225-3121 Call your Senators: 202-224-3121 #FightForTrump!

Below is also a list of state legislatures in five of the key swing states the Biden gang is trying to steal:

Arizona Legislature

Georgia General Assembly

Michigan Legislature

Pennsylvania Senate

Pennsylvania House

Wisconsin Senate

Wisconsin House

Please contact the Republican congressmen and women across America and let them know your concerns and demand they stop Big Tech, Big Media, Foreign Countries and the corrupt Democrats from stealing this election.

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