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Fake War. Real War.

This is a joke, but perhaps it is funny because it is true:


The Inspector General was working for the Cabal:

The guilty Marc Elias grasps at straws to save himself:

"Punishable by death"

Meanwhile the evidence against the Vote Fraud Perps in Wisconsin is mounting:

Wisconsin Election Commission's Voter ID numbers, which are used to keep track of who voted after the election, are totally random. Some identified by a single apostrophe [video]

Wisconsin Election Commission Voter ID database designed to be impossible to audit. If there was a system like Wisconsin's state voter database in the corporate world, the CEO and the CFO "would go to jail" -- "Why would we apply a lesser standard to voter integrity?" [video]

The Wisconsin Election Commission database is "a voting system where nobody can see what [they're] doing" with "no audit trail of who did what and when they did it." [video]

Thousands of phantom voters discovered in Wisconsin "who did vote" in the 2020 election [video]

Official explanation for why there are 119,283 "active voters" in WI who have been registered for over 100 years "does not hold water" -- 569,277 voters have 1/1/1918 registration date, amounting to 1 out of every 14 voters in the system -- 115,252 of them voted in November 2020 [video]

Wisconsin Election Commission Voter ID database has 145,000 duplicate voter registrations -- "Why would anybody use a numbering system that is inherently unable to be audited by humans or computers?" [video]

World Renowned Forensic Chemist and Forensic Document Analyst Erich Speckin who has testified on over 2,000 cases spanning 33 states and 5 Continents confirms that there are 25000 counterfeit ballots that were counted at the Maricopa County, AZ Audit.

Erich Speckin also confirms, as many eyewitnesses who worked the Arizona Audit were affiant to, that it was statistically impossible for the batches of Biden ballots to be random. They were sorted. Ballots were 90% Biden in a row in in 58 of 61 batches.

The crimes are proven.

Well... almost everything. I disagree on the vaccine...

Trump is usually right:

Saharan sand dunes have been coated in a rare dusting of snow a few weeks ago, and temperatures have plunged to -2C (28.4F) near the town of Ain Sefra, located in northeast Algeria.

This section of the Sahara has witnessed snow before, due to it being surrounded by the Atlas Mountains, but only on a handful of occasions — just five times in the last 43 years, in fact: in 1979, 2016, 2018, 2021 and now 2022.


California children were forced to chant human sacrificing Aztec God Prayers.

California Department of Education has settled a lawsuit centered around the inclusion of Aztec religious chants in a mandatory ethnic studies course.

The lawsuit was filed by Thomas More Society attorneys on behalf of a coalition of angry parents and the Californians for Equal Rights Foundation.

“We filed the lawsuit after we discovered that California’s Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum, a resource guide for local school districts, included prayer to Aztec gods — the same deities that were invoked when the Aztecs worshipped with human sacrifices,” Thomas More Society special counsel Paul Jonna said in a statement on Sunday.

“The Aztec prayers at issue — which seek blessings from and the intercession of these demonic forces — were not being taught as poetry or history,” he continued. “Rather, the curriculum instructed students to chant the prayers for emotional nourishment after a ‘lesson that may be emotionally taxing or even when student engagement may appear to be low.’ The idea was to use them as prayers.”

A draft of the curriculum predating the September lawsuit against the state Education Department can be found on the government agency’s website.

One chant, the “In Lak Ech Affirmation,” mentions five different gods. The first is Tezkatlipoka, who, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, was the deity who supposedly oversaw the introduction of human sacrifice to ancient Mexico. As for other deities, there’s an invocation of Xipe Totek, a bloody death and regeneration god also known as “the flayed one.” The infamous Mesoamerican winged serpent and “Ancient Aliens” fan favorite Quetzalcoatl is called upon in the chant. Huitzilopochtli, an Aztec god of the sun, war and human sacrifice (sensing a theme here?), is also mentioned.

And speaking of human sacrifice... and evil:

Dr. Li-Meng Yan Reveals CCP Plans to Spread Hemorrhagic Fever Bioweapon Via Olympics, and She Shares the Cure

Already alternative medicine is seeking out alternatives and defenses. Example:

Tangeretin, an extract from Citrus peels, blocks cellular entry of arenaviruses that cause viral hemorrhagic fever

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