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Fake Votes

The only surprise has been the scale of their criminality - both in terms of bribery and treason, and now in massive vote fraud.

We have now reported on several “glitches” in the ballot counting this year.

Every single “glitch” resulted in Donald Trump losing votes and Joe Biden gaining votes.

We have now witnessed these “glitches” in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan and Wisconsin.

At this point there is no way to know how many times this occurred or in how many states. Only an audit of the votes in each state will reveal the abnormalities in the voter counts.

William Briggs found an unusual drop in President Trump’s total votes in THREE DIFFERENT COUNTIES at the same time period. President Trump lost -1,063 in Allegheny; -2,972 in Bucks; -7,135 in Chester Counties at the same time period.

Joe Biden did not lose any votes.

There have also been apparently large scale illegal voting behavior in Nevada, Georgia and others.

The list of absurd voting phenomena goes on and on.... It's too long to list...

While the media pretends they are the final arbiters of the election...

And Biden pretends he is the president elect...

Remember when Al Gore pretended to be president for weeks?

The media is sticking with their story, no matter how embarassingly fake it is. They are preparing the pretext for a violent uprising by their shock troops Antifa, BLM etc. It is a "Color Revolution" patterned after those orchestrated overseas with decades of practice at foreign manipulation by our rogue intelligence agencies.

Indeed, America is just one part of their global plan to select and put their people in power world wide. Controlling the voting apparatus and the media, they thought they had it under their control. What they didn't count on was the freedom side of the internet and those pesky free thinking Americans, and other pesky freedom loving rebels world wide.

A second post "Dominion" will be forthcoming detailing the global power play using technology to take over.

Here is an assortment of relevant news, but it is incomplete as evidence of vote fraud and legal warfare battles keep coming in:

BTW: is doing a good job of covering the myriad fake vote scams going on.

The Big Tech is doing all it can to hide this march! Sending false notices of cancellation, blocking on Twitter etc:

Stop The Steal March on DC This Saturday

November 14th

Patriots, This Saturday November 14th We March On Washington DC. If you haven't already made plans to join the hundreds of thousands of other patriots this Saturday - Please do and make your voice heard! Thank you for supporting us at and for attending your state’s #StopTheSteal rally. See more at where you can find a march in your area.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell:

“Notably, the Constitution gives no role in this process to wealthy media corporations,”

“The projections and commentary of the press do not get veto power over the legal rights of any citizen, including the president of the United States.”

DECLASSIFY EVERYTHING!!! We can’t let the bad actors get away with it.

here is mp4 :

Vote Flipping has been happening:

Start of video PA total votes are:

Trump 1,690,589

Biden 1,252,537

At the end of the video the totals on the screen are for PA are:

Trump 1,670,631. -19,958 votes

Biden 1,272,495. +19,958 What a coincidence!

We already know there were at least two system ‘glitches’ in Michigan during the 2020 election.  First in Antrim County and then in Oakland Countyvotes were switched between the Republican and Democrat candidates always in favor of the Democrats.

Same thing happened in the Kentucky gov’s race in an earlier election. And what a coincidence, the vote loss for the leader equals the vote gain for the one trailing.

Also Fraction Magic that arises when the software is set to force a certain ratio between votes:

Fraction Magic Votes are instantly redistributed to match the planned result with no need to reprogram for different elections, races, precincts, candidates or voting methods. This demonstrates that the fractional vote capability. How it works:

Dateline Nevada:

“There have been a number of mail ballots turned in to Clark County Department of Elections that are being processed without meaningful observation. Ballots are continuing to be processed in this same manner,” the party said.

Nevada’s Trump campaign co-chair Adam Laxalt said the lack of transparency is frightening.

“The fact remains that hundreds of thousands of ballots have been counted in Clark County and as a Judge and the Secretary of State have confirmed we have not been allowed to observe or challenge a single signature match for these votes,” he said in the statement.

Nevada’s Republican Party says a whistleblower is claiming that elections officials willingly violated the rules for handling mail-in ballots.

“A whistleblower has come forward in Clark County saying they witnessed mail ballots being counted without signatures being verified,” the Nevada Republican Party wrote in a Twitter post Saturday.

The party included a Fox News clip from Saturday that reported that the whistleblower has completed a sworn affidavit that is being forwarded to the Department of Justice for potential prosecution.

According to the clip, the employee alleges he was told to overlook cases in which addresses did not match.

The report quoted a lawyer affiliated with the Trump campaign as saying, “The affidavit makes clear that we’re not dealing with oversights or sloppiness, this was intentional criminal conduct.”

Dateline Portland Oregon aka LOLville:

The *mostly peaceful* rioters in Portland have taken their rage out on their enablers by targeting and attacking the Multnomah County Democrats headquarters. Apparently not content with what they believe to be Trump’s defeat, they also want to defeat the party that has stood back and allowed them to destroy the city nearly ever night over the past 5 1/2 months. There are initial reports of upwards of 10 windows smashed out, with “no presidents” and “ACAB” spray painted on the building.

*Note the “Hate Not Welcome” sign.

#Portland #PDX “EMPOWERING PEOPLE” Atleast 10 broken windows with additional “BLM” and “ACAB” graffiti; with more on other side of the building such as: “f*ck Biden” and “No Presidents.” — Shane B. Murphy (@shanermurph) November 9, 2020

“No Presidents” – Portland protesters tonight move from Laurelhurst Park to the Multnomah County Democrats building. Multiple windows were damaged. #PortlandProtests #Portland #Protest

— Independent Media PDX (@NDpendentPDX) November 9, 2020

The movie - The Plot Against the President, has recently been released and it is a must-watch for all Americans. 

This movie is an on-film account of Lee Smith’s 2019 book and sheds light on Devin’s work uncovering the Democrats’ operation to bring down President Trump. The movie contains exclusive interviews that expose the deep state’s web of lies.

(We saw it earlier and paid $5, and it was well worth it. It's free if you have Amazon Prime.)

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