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Domestic Consequences

Wake up call for leftists:

Black Lives Matter Grassroots recently released a statement expressing solidarity with “our Palestinian family,” drawing parallels between the struggles faced by Black Americans and those faced by Palestinians and calling for a decolonization of America.

Black Lives Matter Grassroots (BLM Grassroots) is a non-profit organization that supports Black Lives Matter (BLM) chapters, partnering organizations, groups, and people.

The statement, which was shared on social media, reads as follows:

Black Lives Matter Grassroots stands in solidarity with our Palestinian family who are currently resisting 57 years of settler colonialism and apartheid. As Black people continue the fight to end militarism and mass incarceration in our own communities, let us understand the resistance in Palestine as an attempt to tear down the gates of the world’s largest open-air prison. As a radical Black organization grounded in abolitionist ideals, we see clear parallels between Black and Palestinian people.

We, too, understand what it means to be surveilled, dehumanized, property seized, families separated, our people criminalized and slaughtered with impunity, locked up in droves, and when we resist they call us terrorists. We, too, dream of a world where our people may live freely on decolonized land. May the borders, checkpoints, prisons, police, and watchlists that terrorize our communities crumble and may the world we build from their ashes honor those who have fallen in struggle.

Steve Bannon: You want Gaza? I got Gaza, baby. It’s called Southern Arizona. It’s the Rio Grande Valley. It’s South Texas. You want Gaza? I got it all up in these major cities. New York, Detroit, Chicago. You want Gaza, it’s all over. And you see the Israelis in there. That bombing. What? They bombed the Beverly Hills of Gaza yesterday, back like Dresden in 1945.

Multiple Utah synagogues receive bomb threats

Flashback to August:

Israel has ordered tens of thousands of 155mm artillery shells through a $60 million contract with Elbit Systems amid tension on the country’s northern border.

The government and the company this week announced the deal for the M107-A3 projectiles for the Israel Defense Forces’ artillery corps. The order follows a move by the U.S. to withdraw 300,000 shells stored in the country to transfer them to Ukraine, according to a January report in The New York Times. Israel had an agreement with the U.S. under which the former could use the ammunition for military campaigns.

- Defense News

US Gives More Than $4.1 Billion in Grants for LGBT and Transgender Initiatives Worldwide 10 comments | Share | Flag Excerpt: "Of grants connected to the keyword "LGBT," individual payouts of at least $1 million totaled more than $3.7 billion combined. Many additional smaller grants also were awarded for LGBT initiatives but were not reviewed. When the list was filtered for grants including the word "transgender," 574 were listed. In that category, grants that paid out at least $1 million totaled nearly $478 million. Seven direct payments and nine loans with the keyword "transgender" also were issued by the U.S. government."

The GOP isn’t divided over whether to fund protection for Israel — all of them, and most Democrats, want to send Israel a $1 billion replenishment for its Iron Dome missile defense system. The schism among Republicans instead centers on how to deliver those funds, with a bill to do just that stalling out as lawmakers fight over who’s at fault.

Paul frequently draws the ire of his fellow Republicans, especially on matters related to foreign policy. But this time, his objections stem not from his anti-interventionist streak but from his long-standing fiscal conservatism. He’s offered an alternative proposal that would fund the Iron Dome using foreign aid already appropriated for Afghanistan.

Clandestine: Who benefits most from the terror in the Middle East?

The Deep State.

They have a new media distraction. Now they don’t have to report on their colossal failure in Ukraine. The sheep will soon forget about Ukraine, just like they forgot about the Russia Hoax, BLM, C19, etc.

Public support for Ukraine had wained past the point of return. America First GOP ousted Speaker McCarthy over funding for Ukraine. The American People put their foot down. The Deep State were struggling to maintain the lie, and desperately needed an off-ramp.

Lo and behold, a week later, the terror in Israel unfolds. The horrific images incite an emotional response from the public, and poof, the Deep State have instantaneously rekindled the American public’s desire to fund war on the other side of the globe.

The Deep State don’t care which war-torn countries they funnel the money from, so long as the money flows. They will gladly use this catastrophe to their advance their geopolitical agenda.

Given the Deep State are the main benefactors of this situation, they are suspect #1. Then if you follow the money, it leads back to US Deep State politicians. Obama’s Iran Deal.

All roads lead back to Obama.



Tino Chrupalla, the co-chairman of ‘Alternative for Germany’ (the only ‘true’ right-wing party in Germany), has been hospitalized after an assassination attempt with a syringe before he was due to speak at an election rally in Bavaria today.

Another suspected assassination attempt on his co-chairwoman, Alice Weidel, has recently been thwarted. The authorities took her out of her apartment last weekend to ensure her safety.

A few weeks ago, Andreas Jurca, another politician from the same political party, was rushed to the hospital after being beaten to a pulp in an organized attack on his life by a group of migrants who recognized him.

All of this is extremely shocking, but unsurprising. It is the result of the extremely hostile narrative that is created by the media and the establishment surrounding right wing politicians and dissidents. It reminds me of what happened back in 2002 in The Netherlands, when climate activist Volkert van der Graaf shot right wing politician Pim Fortuyn in the head in broad daylight. Van der Graaf – mind you -is already freely walking the streets again.

AfD Co-Chair Tino Chrupalla is in intensive care after an attack on him with a syringe in the Bavarian town of Ingolstadt, as Gateway Pundit reported. While the leftist German media attempted to ignore the attack, Elon Musk chimed in and was seen by 280,000 users.

Alternative for Germany (AfD) party chair Tino Chrupalla was attacked with an unidentified object before a rally in Ingolstadt while taking selfies with two young men he later pointed out to police as the culprits, who were photographed grinning as trhey were detained by police. Antifa terrorists are rarely or never arrested or tired in Germany, since they are protected by the leftist government.

Ukraine's SBU May be behind the attack on the leader of the Alternative for Germany party

A former head of the German secret service, whose name has not been disclosed, told the Deutschland-Kurier that Ukraine clearly had the intention of attacking Tino Khrupalla, since he was included in the “Peacemaker” (Myrotvorets) database.

The politician was attacked with a syringe, but no traces of poison were found in the blood, the source claims. According to him, as a rule, only intelligence services have access to substances that cannot be detected.

Japan Releases Evidence That ALL COVID Variants Were Engineered in Biolabs

An official new study out of Japan has concluded that all Covid variants were engineered in biolabs and intentionally released into the public.

A recent Japanese study suggests that the plot to lockdown the public again may be part of a sinister plan to take away more of our personal freedoms.

NN reports: The study found that all previous variants of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, were not naturally occurring but were, in fact, made in a laboratory.

Presumably, the latest EG.5.1 and BA.X variants were also engineered in a lab, according to the study.

The study was led by renowned Japanese Professors Atsuki Tanaka and Takayuki Miyazawa of Osaka Medical University and Kyoto University.

Tanaka and Miyazawa wanted to trace the historical evolution of the omicron variant of SARS-CoV2.

To trace the variant’s origins, they studied viral sequences found “in the wild” and deposited in public databases.

In doing this they found around 100 separate omicron subvariants that could not conceivably have arisen through natural processes.

The existence of these variants seems to provide definitive proof of large-scale lab creation and release of COVID-19 viruses.

Moreover, the variants appear to form comprehensive panels of mutations typical of those used in “reverse genetics” experiments to systematically test the properties of different parts of viruses, Substacker PSMI wrote.

Unhinged Former CIA Director Michael Hayden Calls for Assassination of GOP Sen. Tommy Tuberville

Segregated Emergency response:

California Rolls Out New ‘Ebony Alert’ to Prioritize Search for Missing Black Children

Scalise new Speaker?

Scalise won the nominee. The full House vote will reportedly take place Wednesday afternoon. “House Republicans voted behind closed doors to select Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana as their nominee for speaker, according to multiple sources familiar, paving the way for a floor vote to elect a new speaker after Kevin McCarthy’s abrupt ouster.” CNN reported. The vote for House Speaker was underway on Wednesday. House Republicans held a closed vote for speakership. Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise are both vying for support.

First Major World Politician Apologizes To the Unvaccinated: ‘You Were Right, We Were Wrong’

Danielle Smith, the premier of Alberta, Canada, is the first major elected politician in the world to issue a heartfelt apology to the unvaccinated for crimes perpetrated against their human rights by the government during Covid lockdowns.

“I can apologize right now. I’m deeply sorry,” she said, “for anyone who was inappropriately subjected to discrimination as a result of their vaccine status, I’m deeply sorry. For any government employee that was fired from their job, because of their vaccine status, and I welcome them back if they want to come back.”

America First Legal: Our FOIA lawsuit against the National Archives has now revealed that then-Vice President Biden's Office had:

🚨19,335 emails with Rosemont Seneca

🚨4,243 emails with Hunter Biden

🚨1,751 emails with Jim Biden

🚨3,738 emails with Jim’s Lion Hall Group

Censor in Chief complains about Censorship:

Yoel Roth, Twitter's former 'Censor-in-Chief,' renowned for censoring the Biden laptop story, President Trump, and the political right during the 2020 election, is now complaining that the right is censoring his censorship industry via lawsuits and congressional investigations.

In a New York Times op-ed, Roth laments investigations aimed at his beloved censorship industry:

"Private individuals from academic researchers to employees and tech companies are increasingly the target of lawsuits, congressional hearings, and vicious online attacks. These efforts, largely staged by the right, are having their desired effect."

"We've stopped having a conversation about the facts. We've stopped having a debate about which ideas are good, which ideas are bad, good research, bad research.

We've sort of entered this phase where silencing people has become the de facto way to advance your interests."

The irony here is palpable.

Roth, who not only silenced dissent during the 2020 election but also suppressed doctors, scientists, and professors during the COVID pandemic, appears oddly unaware of the irony that he's complaining about investigations silencing his own censorship empire.

Numerous defense attorneys representing January 6 defendants are perplexed in discovering that potential jurors are being recalled or “recycled.”

On Sept. 5, a day after Labor Day, defense attorneys discovered their potential jury pool consisted of jurors who were excused the week before.

“I have never seen this in all my years of practicing law.” defense attorney Steven Metcalf fumed while exiting the federal courthouse after jury selection of Zachary Alam’s trial.”Are there any jurors left in DC? What is going on here?”

The Gateway Pundit sat as the lone observer in the courtroom for nearly the entire duration of Alam’s 8-day trial and spent hours talking with Metcalf about this peculiar jury selection.

Repeatedly throughout Alam’s jury selection, Metcalf asked each potential juror that he was allowed to vet whether they recognized anyone else in the room.

By day 2, dozens of the potential jurors answered in the affirmative, referencing other individuals they convened with at the federal courthouse just a week prior when they were struck down for jury duty in other J6 cases.

The District of Columbia is obviously running out of jurors, Metcalf surmised, calling attention to yet another smoking gun showcasing why every J6 trial should be relocated to a different jurisdiction. In the District of Columbia, the jury pool is already tainted with a 96 percent voting rate for Joe Biden, government employees and Antifa ideologues. “They don’t have anyone else to call!” Metcalf admonished. “The Clerk’s office is not even going back a couple of years or months to find jurors — they have been going back to last week!

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