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Did the Devil settle in Georgia?

Highly recommended link to take a break for commie humor and insightful satire:

President Trump this morning:

The Republican Governor of Georgia refuses to do signature verification, which would give us an easy win. What’s wrong with this guy? What is he hiding?

Kemp lies about calling for signature audit:

Kemp lies about the Constitution:

No special session for the Georgia General Assembly. Governor @BrianKempGA says it would be unconstitutional to appoint Trump electors, “doing this in order to select a separate slate of presidential electors is not an option that is allowed under state or federal law.”

Who was the mysterious man in red talking to? Whoever was on the phone with him seemed to be calling the shots on the fraud.

According to the composite, the man in red makes two phone calls on Election Night at 10:58pm which then triggers the removal of the ballot cases from under the table covered in black material. Within a couple minutes four boxes of ballots are wheeled out from under the table.

The unique thing about these ballots is that they had already been pre-processed. They had already been taken out of the envelope, unfolded, inspected and placed in a pile for scanning (If they had ever been in envelopes in the first place). During this entire process the man in the red shirt receives numerous calls from someone.

We now believe the man taking the calls and organizing the massive “suitcase” scandal that night is Ralph Jones.

Ralph Jones is the registrations chief at Fulton County Government.

We have video of Ralph Jones taking time out to speak with Ruby Freeman while she was filmed counting ballots.

Ralph Jones Jr. has his own consulting firm and did work for Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Mayor Bottoms paid Ralph Jones Jr’s consulting firm $3,600 during her runoff last year and then she won her runoff!

The AJC reported on Keisha and Ralph in 2018.

According to records obtained by Channel 2 Action News and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the campaign paid more than $3,600 to RJ Mays Consulting, whose registered agent is Ralph Jones Sr., registration chief of the county’s election department. The filings raise questions about potential conflicts of interest and what experts called an alarming lack of separation between a top election employee and active political campaign.

And Ralph’s son Ralph Jones Jr. was Keisha’s online social media director.

What are these two Georgia State Senators doing handling ballots in Pennsylvania on Election night?

Is fear a motivation for Governor Kemp of Georgia to throw the election to his Democrat handlers?

What if I told you BrianKempGA was bought and I showed you the meetings, transcripts, and the financial compensation his family received to attempt to hide this transaction?

Here is a long long analysis and evidence:

A few of the most interesting parts:

Every precinct is electronic voting? That may explain the fake votes at the precinct level:

Additional fraud at the precinct level:

Data Expert Edward Solomon analyzed the 2020 election results in Georgia and identified another pattern in the data showing ultimately 200,000 votes transferred from President Trump to Joe Biden at the precinct level.

President Trump was reportedly ahead in the 2020 election in Georgia on Election night by over 100,000 votes. But within hours his lead was diminished. It’s likely even when President Trump was hundreds of thousands of votes ahead, he had already had 200,000 votes (net) moved from his totals to Joe Biden.

Then when this was not enough to steal the election for Biden, the Democrats implemented emergency measures in Atlanta, making up a water main break story in an effort to vacate the State Farm Center where absentee ballots were being counted. Once alone, a few individuals stuck around and pulled suitcases full of ballots out from under a table and added thousands of ballots for Joe Biden to the system. Eventually the election was stolen for Biden in Georgia by 10,000 votes.

SidneyPowell: "There is no telling how many Congressional & Senate seats, and even Governorships, we've lost because of this [election fraud]. They've been telling us that the country has been trending blue. It has not. That is an abject lie. We've collected the data

When asked whether there is enough time to win the election and whether the President can win, Powell said this:

Well actually with the fraud case, December 8th, the deadline doesn’t comply. We have at least until December 14th. We might file more suits but a court in Michigan and Wisconsin today just gave us a great order recognizing that. These are not pure election contest we are fighting, these are massive fraud suits that can set aside the results of the election due to this fraud at any time.

Republican legislative leaders discovered that the MI Board of Elections (BOE) ordered all county clerks to delete election-related data from government computers.

On December 1, the BOE, which is under the auspices of Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D), sent a memo to all clerks about recounts and the “release of voting equipment.”

One section, titled, “E-Pollbook laptops and flash drives,” read:

The EPB software and associated files must be deleted from all devices by the seventh calendar day following the final canvass and certification of the election (November 30, 2020) unless a petition for recount has been filed and the recount has not been completed, a post-election audit is planned but has not yet been completed, or the deletion of the data has been stayed by an order of the court or the Secretary of State.

That raised the ire of state Rep. Matt Hall (R) and state Sen. Ed McBroom (R), chairmen of their respective oversight committees, who indicated the memo violated an order by House Speaker Lee Chatfield (R) and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R) for election data to be preserved.

Chatfield and Shirkey issued a directive on November 6, “which served as a notice of the Michigan Legislature’s plans to conduct an inquiry into the general election,” a release from Hall said.

“Because of that inquiry, Detroit city clerk and BOE offices were directed to preserve certain materials, including relevant electronic information. The inquiry also demands all surveillance video recordings that were taken at the TCF Center in Detroit from Nov. 3-5 be kept,” it continued.

Last night, Michigan residents took their fight to the home of radical leftist Secretary of State Benson, where they shouted, “Stop the Steal” and “You’re a felon!” from the sidewalk in front of her home.

Interesting point:

If China did create a biological weapon and release it to control their population's access to information, and/or to interfere in our elections, and it killed people world-wide, then isn't it a "crime against humanity" and thus suitable for a Nuremberg-type international trial?

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