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Democrat Destruction

🇺🇸❗️Biden “absolutely” is not considering withdrawing from the election - White House

Biden does not plan to step down!

The Dems intend to move forward with the child-sniffing vegetable as their candidate!

This is our best case scenario. The MSM have already jumped ship on Biden. There is no getting this cat back in the bag.

This is an absolute DISASTER! 😭

“The View” host Alyssa Farah Griffin says after watching President Biden’s shaky debate against former President Trump, she feels deceived by the White House about his fitness for office. 

“I feel duped,” she said Friday

Jan 6 was an attempted coup

The Hunter Biden's laptop story is fake

Russiagate was real

And Biden just had a bad debate.

Some liberals will go down fighting reality to the bitter end.


“In the end we all come to be cured of our sentiments. Those whom life does not cure, death will. The world is quite ruthless in selecting between the dream and the reality even where we will not.”

― Cormac McCarthy, “All the Pretty Horses”

Checking in on America... Oh. 

This seems to have been written by someone named Tim Wu, "a law professor at Columbia" (?!!?!) who was on the National Economic Council as a special adviser to Biden "for competition and tech policy from 2021 to 2023."


The Democratic National Committee will consider the possibility of officially nominating Joe Biden as a candidate for the presidential election as early as July, Bloomberg writes.

This could happen on the 21st, so Democrats want to “put an end to internal party talk about replacing him after the unsuccessful debate.”

Must See this short video. The day after the debate when the drugs wore off. Shocking:

Why was Biden's debate performance so bad? 

Aside from the obvious "he has dementia" answer.

Why was it so bad?

Many many people believe there are body doubles, actors in masks, and CGI that are all filling in for Joe.

So WHY couldn't they have sent out an actor in a mask and had him at least be coherent?


  1. there are no doubles. It's just all Joe all the time, he's doing his best, the dems screwed up and Jill is making him stay in it till the bitter end.

  2. the doubles, actors etc are controlled by the good guys and the feebleness must be portrayed as-is because a) humiliate and punish the dems b) the people have to see c) other reasons?

  3. #1 or even #2 but intentional the other way because "they" hate us and want to rub it in our faces that "the"y are in control, they don't even need a good candidate, they don't care, we deserve Biden's trouser chili that's all we're worth. The destruction of the USA on full display for all the world to see.

If the election was today:

Just look at the state of the Democrat Party.

Their candidate is a mumbling meat-puppet, that led us into global conflict on the verge of WW3.

Their only policy ideas are killing babies, men in dresses, and open borders.

They resort to violence when they don’t get their way.

They have infiltrated the media, academia, and tech, using their power to lie, censor, omit, deceive, manipulate, and brainwash.

They have weaponized all levers of government and the private sector to go after their political opponents and citizens who oppose their rule.

They actively interfere in elections, encourage illegals to vote, and outright cheat with harvesting mail-in ballots.

They defend and encourage pedophilia and sexualization of children.

And now they are calling for Biden to go full-totalitarian military dictatorship, and use force to take out Trump and his allies.

The Democrat Party have become all the evil things they claim to fight.


8 brilliant Tucker Minutes of Insight

Americans don't trust their media - The Washington Post

▪️Americans, especially in politically swing states, do not trust the media. A poll conducted by The Washington Post and the Schar School at George Mason University found that only 30% of residents in these states believe in objective coverage of political events.

▪️ Main survey results:

➖70% of respondents do not believe in the honesty of the press or have never trusted the media.

➖Many Americans prefer to get information from social networks or podcasts.

➖Democratic Party supporters and voters planning to vote for Joe Biden tend to trust the media more.

▪️In addition, three quarters of respondents said they were tired of covering political news.

Surprised even 30% of people believe US media. 

Inflation in the Debate:

Excerpt:"The most startling moment in the CNN debate last week between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump was not from the candidates. It was from moderator Jake Tapper, who said with a straight face as if it were just the science that grocery prices were up by 20 percent since President Biden was elected.I had a hard time getting past that moment, and I suspect that many watchers did too. Just by the way, even if the current rate is lower than the past rate, that doesn’t mean that prices are falling. It means that they are rising more slowly.

For some reason, maybe people, even professional journalists, don’t seem to understand that point.

Millions were watching. Intuition tells me that millions of people were stunned and thought to themselves or said out loud: no way. Truly, is there a single living soul in America who lives on a budget, watches their spending, and who believes that their grocery bills are only up by 20 percent in three years?Well, as it turns out, Mr. Tapper could have cited the leading authority on that statistic. It’s the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as reported by the Federal Reserve. The precise number is 20.8 percent.

The trouble is that this fits with no one’s experiences. People on social media are posting receipts showing grocery prices up by anywhere between two and 10 times that rate.In one viral video that offered receipts, a man bought 45 items (he says a full month of groceries) two years ago for $145. WalMart’s software allows him to reorder that now. He tried it just as a test. The new price: $414.That’s an increase in two years of 185 percent! If we stretch that to three years assuming no inflation in the first, that’s an annualized increase of 61 percent. Over two years, it’s 92.5 percent." 

There ain’t no way to hide your Biden lies.

Kamala is obviously playing the race card as she literally has no other card (except the woman card of course). Such is the state of western, especially American, politics. 

I am fairly certain the Dems would be more than happy to have a black candidate, but they would also prefer to have a candidate who is not a useless birdbrain. Unfortunately for Kamala,  she only fulfils one of those two conditions. 

If they were fine with having a candidate who seems unaware of their surroundings and incapable of speaking in coherent sentences, they would probably just stick with Joe.

Major Democrat donors are beginning to turn on Joe Biden‘s 2024 re-election campaign after the 81-year-old incumbent appeared cognitively impaired during last Thursday’s presidential debate with former President Donald J. Trump. Concerned that Biden will be unable to hold on to the White House, some donors are askingthe campaign to refund their contributions so they can redirect the money to down-ballot races.

Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden’s campaign manager, attempted to reassure donors in a private call over the weekend, claiming that the campaign had raised over $33 million since the debate. However, the call revealed a sense of unease among donors. One participant shared that many attendees expressed fear and frustration, noting that some had inquired about the possibility of refunds. Rodriguez emphasized that should Bidenwithdraw, only Vice President Kamala Harris could access the campaign’s funds, complicating any potential shift in the Democratic ticket.

DEI as driving profits for individual companies was always ridiculous, more about being seen to be good, rather than being profitable. 

One of the big hobby horses of the DEI crowd is "unconscious bias". 2 of the 3 authors of the original McKinsey report were doubly diverse. But that couldn't have influenced their assumptions, data choices or conclusions, could it?

Read more here: qK8CR


Every Leftist Cause Begins as Humanitarianism and Ends as Terrorism leftist cause is founded on empathy.The quintessential leftist, no matter how much blood eventually spatters his hands, starts off by caring a great deal about other people. ......

Genuine humanitarians can exhaust themselves caring too much. But those are the types of people who stay up nights helping others. Some of this type can be recruited into leftist movements, but the average leftist is a deeply insincere humanitarian who cares about others only as a vehicle for developing an identity and asserting it on a public stage.Leftists genuinely do care a lot. ...

As long as it fits the larger agenda of asserting their will over society from a moral high ground.To a genuine humanitarian, the oppressed are an end, but to a leftist they are a means. A leftist cares a great deal about a coal miner until he votes for Trump or a black man until he runs as a Republican. ...

It is not truly the workers and peasants, the transgenders and the terrorists, whom the leftist cares about. They humanize, articulate and personalize the revolutionary mandate whose purpose is not to save, but to destroy everything about a world that doesn't care as much.The more the leftist cares, the worse the atrocities he can justify with his boundless caring. ...

This is very accurate.It's how the left recruits the idealistic young: by weaponizing their natural human compassion for others.It's quite evil.

Report Says Pentagon-Funded Hunt For ‘White Supremacists’ In U.S. Military Led Nowhere

... It also revealed that the efforts to “search for ‘violent extremists’ in the military,” have yielded rare and infrequent results. ...... According to the report, “Spending on DEI programming is increasing. The DOD’s allocation for DEI projects jumped from $68 million in fiscal year 2022 to $86.5 million in fiscal year 2023. The Pentagon is requesting $114.7 million for fiscal year 2024.”... The report also details how military personnel were encouraged to turn each other in if it was believed the DEI protocol was violated. ...

“Efforts to root out white supremacy involve not only training but appointing service members to act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the bureaucracy to turn in suspects,” the report reads. “Suspicion replaces trust, understanding, and teamwork.US is not alone: Trudeau went all in for the woke shit, putting tampon dispensers in mens' rooms on military bases and all the rest.If the government were actually trying to reduce recruitment, destroy morale, and impair readiness, would they have done any different? At some point you have to conclude that its not stupidity.

Biden White House published 'classified implementation plan' against domestic wrongthink

Fifth release in America First Legal's #DeepStateDiaries from DHS's since-disbanded Homeland Intelligence Experts Group.

The Homeland Intelligence Experts Group convened by the Department of Homeland Security, disbanded under a settlement with America First Legal, referred to a Biden White House "classified implementation plan" to accompany its public National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism, according to internal meeting notes obtained by AFL under the settlement.

The legal group founded by Trump White House advisor Stephen Miller posted a screenshot from those notes Thursday for the fifth release of its #DeepStateDiaries, saying it confirms a secret plan to "expand monitoring of political dissent."

Previous releases suggest the Biden administration saw Donald Trump supporters, "the religious" and members of the military as potential "domestic violent extremists" worthy of surveillance and intelligence collection.

The experts group included two Obama administration proponents of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and 98% of its members' political donations went to Democrats, AFL claims.

The U.S. Justice Department is creating a new unit to counter domestic terrorism following the 2021 U.S. Capitol attack, a senior official said on Tuesday, as it faces a growing threat from white supremacists and anti-government activists.

The move reflects a growing realization by U.S. national security officials that domestic extremists represent a threat on par with that posed by foreign militant groups, opens new tab such as Islamic State.

Email From Move On:

"What a night. 

Last night’s presidential debate was abysmal. Horrible. Embarrassing. Nauseating. Panic-inducing. There are more things to say, but I’ll just leave it there. Here’s what I know, though. Joe Biden was never coming to save us; this election is not about him. It is about us. 

It is also about the myriad of ways that all of us at M+R, alongside our clients and community, are trying to bend the arc of justice in our time here together, doing this work, in this fraught moment. We cannot allow ourselves to spiral and lose focus on what wins elections. It’s not debates, not yard signs, and often not even the candidates. It’s people. 

PeopleAnd what moves those people? Their people and the issues that they hold dear. We know what is on the ballot — democracy and a chance at saving the Courts from the damage done by Trump and his judges, our last-ditch attempt at reversing the impacts of climate change, reproductive freedom, criminal justice and legal system reform, workers’ rights and the ability earn a fair wage that can support yourself and grow your family’s economic progress, equality and progress for LGBTQIA+ folx, a just and fair immigration system, and on and on. This is all too important to leave to a few dudes who couldn’t get it together to have a coherent and cohesive debate (and/or who chose to, you know, lie with impunity). 

I often participate in shared strategy sessions with other progressive consultants, funders, and advocates where we dig into narratives and strategies to meet voters’ shared emotional needs and ideas. We know, anecdotally and because we have the data to prove it, that voters want to believe in something, and have those beliefs animate their choices at the polls. 

Time and again, a few key themes surface as primary concerns and/or particularly motivating for voters: Corporate Greed, Freedom(s), Collective Power, Family, the Future.

Last night did not represent the motivation around these themes that we could have used for our people. OH WELL. Middle finger up to that and them. We are going to move forward, we always do. We are going to fight on, we always do. We have to draw a contrast between two possible futures: one in which MAGA Republicans try to control our lives, and one in which we protect our freedom

That’s it. The choice is not Trump or Biden — it is Trump or us. That’s the game. 

As for me and my M+R colleagues: we are going to work with our clients to define the stakes, tell the story of progressive power, mobilize them to use that power at the polls, and then hold all of these jokers accountable (in the streets, on campuses, and in legislatures, of course) to create the future that we want for ourselves and our families and neighbors.I am angry that we are here, yet again. But I’m going to use that anger to fuel my fight. I hope you will too. And we have a whole movement of folks who are with us. Including you. Thanks. Let’s get to work. "

Christian LoBue is the Executive Vice President of M+R Wina campaigner and strategist who has spent the last two decades working across progressive movements to build power, shape public opinion, and mobilize folks to WIN. 

Regardless of who the Democrat nominee ends up being, the Dems appear unorganized, incompetent, and untrustworthy.

If this was the Deep State’s plan, it’s a terrible one. Whatever they hoped to accomplish, they’ve squandered it with abysmal optics.

If they stick with Biden, the MSM are going to have to walk back all their recent negative press about him, and go back to bootlicking for Biden, which will be a nearly impossible sell to the public, and Trump will win.

If they go with another candidate, the Dems/MSM will have limited time to prop up the new ticket, they will be essentially circumventing the democratic process by selecting a nominee instead of holding a primary, and all their viable replacements are polling worse than Joe the vegetable.

The Dems are between a rock and a hard place. Their optics are terrible no matter what they do, they don’t have a candidate that can compete with Trump, and they are almost out of time.

The Deep State have three options:


-cancel election

-remove Trump


And Julian Assange is free:

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