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Amazon wants to (Bed)rock AI

It’s official. Amazon is in the generative AI game, joining Big Tech players Microsoft (via OpenAI) and Alphabet (via Google), among others. Amazon launched Bedrock, calling it “the easiest way for customers to build and scale generative AI-based applications.” AI developers can access the foundational models of top AI services and then customize them models for their needs.

Thousands of Google employees tried to warn the company that its AI chatbot, Bard, is not just a “pathological liar,” but potentially a murderer, offering advice that could lead to death, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday. 18 current and former Google staff who spoke to the outlet added that the company did not listen.

One employee claimed they informed Google management that Bard’s tips on scuba diving would “likely result in serious injury or death,” while another said its description of how to land a plane would almost certainly result in a crash.

A third employee, in a note that was seen by 7,000 Google users, described Bard as “worse than useless,” and begged the company not to launch it. Others called the AI “cringeworthy.”

Ethics specialists were told to step down as the company rushed Bard to the market, the sources told Bloomberg. Meredith Whittaker, a former manager at the company, said, “AI ethics has taken a back seat” to profit and growth, and two other workers said ethics reviews are almost entirely optional.

TikTok bends at the knee to Censorship

It is fascinating how the company has reacted to Western government pressure: exactly the same away as American Big Tech, by embracing censorship.

Namely, TikTok is going to crack down on "climate change denial" and promote "authoritative content" as established by "independent fact-checkers." One look at their list of "partners" reveals the usual coterie of Approved Narrative-enforcing "nonprofits."

This is exactly what every other social media company has done. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, all of them deferred to the "fact-checkers" (i.e. narrative enforcers) as the result of pressure from — what Taibbi and Shellenberger called the "censorship-industrial complex". The pretexts were fabricated by the politicians, media and "NGOs" — and Silicon Valley went along, partly out of fear, partly out of partisanship. They "fortified" the Narrative, but lost all trust in the process.

Now, TikTok's US critics claim they are run by Chinese spies to harvest Americans' data (with the unspoken codicil that only Big Tech is supposed to do that, on behalf of the Party). But if they're going to behave the exact same way... what difference does it make?

Elon Tweeted

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) confirmed federal officials searched a Biden administration official’s Washington, D.C. office, with the official being placed on administrative leave.

DHS confirmed to Fox News Digital that Transnational Organized Crime Mission Center executive director Brian Sulc’s office was searched and sealed with tape on Monday.

A DHS spokesperson confirmed the investigation into Sulc in a statement to Fox News Digital.

Biden Family Took Tens of Millions from Entities Directly Connected to the CCP, China Military, and Ukraine

The Bidens got big money from foreign adversaries. Monica Crowley was on the War Room last week right after she spoke with Rep. Comer about the Biden crime family. She shared a number of unbelievable items from the discussion.

Here is a partial list:

  1. The Hunter Biden laptop investigation and related criminal actions have been ongoing for more than two years and Merrick Garland and his gang are slow-walking the investigation. The latest IRS whistleblower has evidence to prove this.

  2. About 9 Biden crime family members have been on the take.

  3. One ‘suspicious activity report’ flagged by a bank is bad, the Bidens have perhaps 250 of these reports.

  4. Estimates of this really corrupt activity is in the tens of millions of dollars.

  5. Entities included in the list are from Ukraine but also entities directly connected to the CCP and Chinese military.

60% of Likely U.S. voters think cheating likely affected the outcomes of some races in last year’s midterm elections


60% of Likely Voters say it’s more important to make sure there is no cheating in elections

53% say mail-in ballots make it easier to cheat

62% say federal and state officials are ignoring evidence of widespread election fraud

78% of Republicans say it is likely cheating affected races in 2022

48% of DEMOCRATS say it is likely cheating affected races in 2022

53% of Independents say it is likely cheating affected races in 2022

This issue is NOT going away until we FIX our elections!


Links between the clot shots and p53 mediated cancer (pancreas, lymphoma, ovary, breast) are being suppressed

Eric Freed of the NIH (an agency which apparently owns patents to Moderna products) allegedly suppressed a very important paper showing that the mRNA vaccines were carcinogenic.

So concerned researchers and scientists filed a FOI for Eric Freed’s emails. And guess what? The NIH has the emails, but is refusing to release them.

Dr. Ah Kahn Syed has written a stunning article on Substack which claims that two well-known scientists working for the NIH and Big Pharma actually got a research article removed from publication because it showed a link between the mRNA vaccines and breast cancer as well as ovarian cancer.

There’s 490 pages of records that the NIH doesn’t want anyone to read. I take this as confirmation that the mRNA vaccines are carcinogenic — after all, the U.S. federal government would willingly release records that cleared its employees of wrong-doing.

In other news - the documentary archive room of the Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Madrid has mysteriously burned down. What did it contain? Among other things, it held the records related to Spain’s vaccination policies apparently.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke yesterday saying he never forced anyone to get vaccinated.

Misinformation and disinformation is carrying people to believe things that are untrue. Vaccinations is a perfect example of it. Like any modern bit of medical advancements, there are potential side effects in vaccinations. And there are people who've probably gotten very sick from vaccinations….Individuals are allowed to make their own choices… And all of the scientists and the medical experts and the researchers, not just in Canada but around the world, understood that vaccination was going to be the way through this. And therefore while not forcing anyone to get vaccinated, I chose to make sure all the incentives and all the protections were there to encourage Canadians to get vaccinated. And that’s exactly what they did. We got vaccinated to a higher level than just about any other of our peer countries….

The Only American Gun Powder Factory is Gone

April 26, 2023 9:34 am ET MINDEN, La.—Nearly two years ago, an errant spark inside a mill caused an explosion so big it destroyed all the building’s equipment and blew a corrugated fiberglass wall 100 feet.

It also shut down the sole domestic source of an explosive the Department of Defense relies on to produce bullets, mortar shells, artillery rounds and Tomahawk missiles.

The U.S. military needs black powder to produce bullets, mortar shells and Tomahawk missiles. It’s made in one Louisiana factory. It blew up nearly two years ago and remains offline.

September 28, 2021 NEWS

Hodgdon Powder Company announced it would cease manufacturing operations at the GOEX blackpowder manufacturing facility in Camp Minden, La., effective immediately. The closure eliminates the only domestic source of blackpowder in the United States. According to a company press release, Hodgdon will evaluate "strategic options for the blackpowder business," including a potential sale of the company.

The Camp Minden facility will wind down operations during the evaluation process. All affected employees will be retained through Dec. 31, 2021, to assist during the closure of the facility and will receive severance commensurate with their years of service. "The Hodgdon Powder Co., Inc has been honored to have been a part of the GOEX Powder legacy and sustains a fond appreciation for sporting customers who have enjoyed shooting GOEX Powders," the release reads.


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