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Critical Timing for Action

It may well come down to our Congressmen showing some backbone. Thus every call to them to hold the line and reject fraud is vitally important.

Please contact your congressmen now and give him or her a good talking to! It may be one of the most important groups of calls you make in your life:

It is easy!

Simply click here:

If you can't go to DC on 6 January, please consider sponsoring a patriot you know to go by paying for their airline tickets.

Trump: "Biden supporters seem to be really losing their minds at how angry they get when you tell them that Biden “won” only 16% of the counties. They get even angry about that, than the fact that they are all supporting a cheater—who’s ok with the cheating."

America is 50 states. Minus the states in question Trump won 25, Biden won 16. Those states house 2974 counties. Even with the “votes in question” Trump won 2496, Biden on 477. Trump won 84% of America, Biden “won” 16%.

Retweeted by Trump:

Biden won in a record low 17% of US counties.

He lost support among Black & Hispanic communities.

He lost 18 out of 19 Bellwether Counties.

He lost Ohio, Florida, & Iowa.

The Democrats lost all 27 out of 27 House “toss-up” seats.

But The Democrats want you to believe Biden shattered the popular vote record.

Trump Tweets:


“Conservatives Call on State Legislators to Appoint New Electors, in Accordance with the Constitution”

Governor BrianKempGA and his puppet GeoffDuncanGA together with the Secretary of State of Georgia, are very slow on Signature Verification, and won’t allow Fulton County to be examined. What are these RINOS hiding? We will easily win Presidential State race. KLoeffler and sen david perdue will not be able to win on January 5th. unless these people allow Signature Verification in presidential race. K & D need it for their race also, & Georgia spirit will rise to such a high that they will easily bring home a great victory. Move fast BrianKempGA.

In Arizona:

Ron Codemonkey:

Dec 23: Pence is expected to tell state legislatures with dueling electors to immediately address the convention in their states to a resolution. States may: split electors, certify contested electors, conduct forensic studies, etc Jan 6: Not resolved? Throw out their electors.

Bill Barr - the Attorney General who never indicted anyone that mattered - is leaving TOMORROW and being replaced by a Trump loyalist as acting Attorney General.

Sidney Powell has been seen at the White House last Friday, Sunday, and Monday.

The meeting on Sunday was to discuss appointing her as a Special Prosecutor.

Will she be promptly appointed as a Special Prosecutor and will she bring charges against the guilty in time?

Fake Republicans are being revealed:

Chris Christie - the same Christie who pushed the Useless Wray as FBI Director...

Christie said on CNN’s “Situation Room” that he has long thought Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was “dangerous,” adding this report shows why he “never belongs near the White House.” He added that Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell also needs to stay out of the Oval Office to keep “bad ideas” out of there.

Was the SolarWinds hack really just from Russia - or was it a team effort with the Deep State? It was conveniently timed to interfere with any round-up of traitors by crippling our military.

“I would say is SolarWinds is an entry point into the rest of our entire U.S. critical infrastructure,” Flynn added. “So everything that touches the United States government, if you enter through this SolarWinds attack that we perceive you basically have keys to the vault.”

Mysteriously the most useful forum for Q and the Anons is being taken down permanently on Christmas. The circumstances are very suspicious - with most thinking the owner had his family threatened. This is another major blow to the good guys. Workarounds are in progress with migrations to other sites... VOAT the GreatAwakening will be history on the 25th. It feels like a cross between a diaspora and the rollup of a MASH unit.

..So you can see why you are needed to contact your government representatives and tell them where you stand - while you still have a choice on where to stand!

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